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15 Reddit comments about Ravelli APLT2 50" Light Weight Aluminum Tripod with Bag:

u/Scurrin · 10 pointsr/guns

You could also clamp a fishing net on a camera tripod and angle it to catch your brass.

Handy part being you can use it for most any rifle, pistol or shotgun.

u/forceduse · 8 pointsr/Filmmakers

Data card case like this

Cheap emergency tripod like this

Surge protectors/power squids/extension cords

Gaffer tape

u/schorhr · 5 pointsr/telescopes

Hello :-)

As /u/sflamel wrote -> For hand-held, <=10x magnification is recommended.

20x isn't overly high, so you can probably get away with any camera tripod.

  • Cheap tripods 1 2 - Random links. These are not very rigid. I have a cheap one somewhat similar like these, and it works, even with my smaller spotting scope. But if you invest a bit more, they will be of noticeably better build quality.

  • Binocular/Tripod adapter 1 - Random link, you can get them cheaper off ebay; 2^(YMMV/Long shipping times)

    Another alternative could be a mono-pod. 12345. Monopods are better for lower magnifications though; Also see this forum topic.

    The deluxe solution is THIS of course ;-)


    In the summer, when the ground isn't cold, you can also lay down and just rest them against your head.

    With these binoculars you'll going to be able to see the Gallilean moon's of Jupiter, Saturn will be a bit elongated 'dot', and of course many star clusters and a bunch of nebulae and galaxies will be visible as faint glow.

    Have fun!

    //edit: Added links
u/Perils · 3 pointsr/OkCupid

got 12 bucks?

I own this tripod. Super light and portable. Will get the job done for sure!

u/GreatGreenGeek · 2 pointsr/Lighting
u/Linxysnacks · 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

Hard to tell much from the pictures. Miniatures photophraphy is tricky. Here is an awesome tutorial on how to do it to a level of near perfection. But I have some tips from when I started out with just a point-and-shoot camera that might be useful:

Lighting - Someone already mentioned to disable the flash. That's absolutely the right thing to do unless you have a little photo studio setup with seperate flashes setup to key off the camera. Since 99% of the people here don't, what you should use are just some regular lamps. Two lamps slightly above your subject, offset to the left and right, and positioned far enough away to minimize shadows is a great setup. Make sure that they have the same type of bulb that gives off the same color. You can certainly get by with just one light, sometimes even just a room light, but avoid the flash.

Background - Clear backgrounds are best, as it allows the viewers to really just focus on the miniature(s). I used a few clean sheets of printer paper, curving the background sheet so it reduced shadows. The white paper gives the added benefit of "bouncing" light on the model, lighting up the model and reducing shadows.

Camera mode and focusing - Many people use macro mode on their point-and-shoot cameras, but this doesn't always work. Typically this mode is noted by an icon of a flower (for some reason a tulip). Macro mode typically changes a few automatic settings, each camera tends to be slightly different. Play around with this mode and others on your camera to see which one focuses better. Remember that getting close to your mini doesn't make it easier for your camera to focus. The camera has an minimum range on focusing, so you need to find the sweet spot. Cropping a well focused picture is better than trying to fill the frame with out-of-focus subjects.

Tripod - Cheap tripods are awesome for miniatures photography. Even if you're just getting a small desk tripod, a gorillapod, a large sized tripod, or even a phone tripod it doesn't need to be expensive. Expensive tripods are built to be tough for travel, you're likely not doing that, you just need to keep the camera stable and off the floor. You can certainly even get by without a tripod at all if you just stack a few books up or whatever. Really what you need is a way to take a picture with your hands off the camera. Typically all cameras, even phone cameras have a timed shot. Set the timer for the lowest setting, typically 2 seconds. After setting up your shot, and pressing the shutter, you can take your hands off the camera and make sure it doesn't shake or screw up the focus.

Color or White Balance - This can be a bit tricky. Cameras try to automatically adjust to get optimal color from a photo, but sometimes, when lighting or background or subject matter is dominant in color, the pictures end up looking weird. People sometimes describe this as the photo looking too cool/cold (blue hues) or too warm/hot (red hues) and that's usually a sign that the white balance is dorked up. When you take a picture as I recommended with a white sheet of paper as the background, you might see this blue or red hue shift that I'm talking about. You can use a number of free photography editors (like Pixlr) to help you with adjusting this after you've taken the picture. Essentially you're trying to adjust the picture to return white to being white. Trick here is that "white" paper is rarely "pure white" so this complicates matters. Fancier cameras (DSLRs typically) have settings to help adjust and take pictures that are properly balanced, sometimes requiring the photographer to have a reference card to show the camera what white, grey, or black should look like in a photo. Refer to the tutorial I linked at the top of this post for more information on how to achieve this balance using those cards and a DSLR.

That's all I have for photography. Your models look pretty good from what I can see, my one thing... ONE thing would be to drill your weapon barrels, or at the very least paint a little black dot there. Sorry, it's a personal hang-up. As I am a fellow Ork player, I might be able to give you more advice should you need it. Let me know. Here are some of my old blog posts talking about my Orks.

u/Arve · 1 pointr/audiophile

The one projector I looked at for this thread, Optoma PK120 seems to be using a standard camera tripod mount thread. Considered getting a cheap tripod like this, which seems to have an adjustable head, and would achieve the exact same as a mic stand, and costs less than $15..

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Please excuse the length, I love making lists.

Video Production

Green Screen




Dining with Dr Who

Writing movies for fun and profit This is a great book. I have it, absolutely hysterical.


Ink quill

TARDIS Deluxe Journal


Street Signs


Eiffel Tower Chocolate Mold

Little Window Beach

17th century world map

Watercolor World Map

Universal world wide adapter plug

Hidden pocket wallet


Liquid Gold Plating Kit

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This one also works for gardening:
Moons and Blooms lunar calender

Inflatable earth with glow in the dark cities

Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock

Glow in the dark lunar calender!


Sunprint Kit

Scrapper tool set


LOTR inspired necklace

Another LOTR inspired necklace

Dragon necklace

Dragon JEwerly box

These/this are/is a book, but Mercedes Lackey is a FANTASTIC fantasy writer. I'd start with the Mage Winds trilogy or Mage Wars series.


Portal-able Speakers If you want to listen to relaxing music (or just music) while reading or chilling outside, this is the perfect speaker. It goes pretty loud, my bro has one, I steal if to make my showers musical.

Solar power LED Water proof color changing globes

Ball lanterns!


Math clock

Mental Math

Pi ice cube shape tray

Mini Abacus pendant keychain

And it was delicious

Math jokes

Math/science ice cube tray

Rubik's Cube office thingy

Abacus-they have these in all colors and shapes and what have you.


Wasn't quite sure what you're looking for, but these things are pretty relaxing and some of them are used in meditation or for relaxation/de-stress so I figured I could put 'em here.

[LED mini waterfall)(

Zen reflection bonzai tree with a little pond

Candle and water fountain

Five tier illuminated fountain

Other random fun things!

DR Who Projector clock

Sherlock season one Dunno but I feel you might like this show.

Giant Nail polish set

Nail art brushes

LED faucet water glow thing

Alright! I think I'll stop there before this becomes a novel xD

u/ZacharyRD · 1 pointr/AskPhotography

What other said; no matter what, at about 1/10th a second, best case scenario, you're no longer able to hand-hold any camera, any situation. (Yes, there are exceptions; maybe you can get to a half a second in some weird hypothetical world, but it's usually much faster).

Tripods aren't this huge luxury item. For example, is $13 from Amazon, light, and will do the job for you to start out.

u/awkwardlittleturtle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks, UPS! I'm glad they sent a refund. Hopefully the birthday gift will arrive soon as well!

Tripod! (just had a price drop of 50%... if for some reason it increases in price, just surprise me with something else! \^.^ )

u/Abcdqfr · 1 pointr/oculus

I ordered this, should be versatile enough to work on the floor or on the desk.
Ravelli APLT2 50" Light Weight Aluminum Tripod with Bag

u/GIS-Rockstar · 1 pointr/photography
  • The center post on cheap $15-30 clones like this are 1" wide

  • The even cheaper versions like this are around 3/4"

  • I have a nicer $150 range tripod with legs/center column diameters of 3/4"

    3/4" to 1" range - give or take - will be a good estimate for intro level tripods, but it looks like it'll vary around here from model to model. B&H looks like it tries to provide a "leg diameter" stat in the Specs section. Maybe browse through a few popular models at various price ranges.