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Sony VCTAMK1 Arm Kit for Action Cam (Black)
Secure Action Cam to your arm for versatile use3-way adjustable (Tilt, Roll, Pan) for interesting anglesTilt, Pan and Roll adjustments allow for flexible angle shooting, Light Weight 1.9oz
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u/I_am_Nic · 2 pointsr/sonyactioncam

Now I have time to present you my idea :D

There are so called "Stereo rails" (sorry, couldn't find it on the American amazon), which are meant to mount two shotgun-microphones on them to create stereo audio on a film set.

I personally use one of these rails to film 3D.

By getting 4 rails you can create a square.

All the bolts on these rails have a quarter inch screw on the top and a quarter inch thread on the bottom, so you can easily adjust it to you liking.

On this square you can mount the 4 cameras for the "horizontal 360" view.

By getting two quarter inch screws with a big head you can easily add two arms, which you can then tilt back, so the camera looks 90 degrees up/down (depending on how you mount it). Then you already have your 360 mount.

By getting a third arm you can mount the whole thing to a tripod if you attach it to one of the threads on a corner and then tilt it, so every camera is pointed like in the buyable GoPro 360 mounts.

u/enterprise-psi · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam

I already have the VCTAMK1 Arm Kit so i can use it with the VCTHM2 if necessary. Thanks a lot guys!

Edit This looks pretty cool.