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Tech Tools Flying Alarm Clock, Black
INTERESTING way of waking up. Every morning comes with the challenge of finding the key once the alarm goes off.LARGE font and neat backlit display so you can easily read the time.INCLUDES snooze function and off settings.USER FRIENDLY; easy to set time and alarm.DIGITAL alarm clock.
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23 Reddit comments about Tech Tools Flying Alarm Clock, Black:

u/Spaceguy5 · 42 pointsr/CrazyIdeas

My favorite alarm clock design is one that, if you wait too long to hit snooze, launches a disk into the air, and the only way to turn the alarm off is to re-insert the disk.

Although it has really shitty reviews, lol

And then there's this one that jumps off your nightstand and rolls around the room until you catch it and turn it off o.-;

u/cypressgreen · 32 pointsr/LifeProTips

We just bought my husband's nephew a flying alarm clock. boy, are they going to hate us!

u/m1asma · 5 pointsr/GetMotivated

Well first off, there's this
Secondly, there's this
Third, and my personal favorite is this

u/gengengis · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/crspphoto · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I don't own one of these, but I've read they can be pretty obnoxious. Goes along the same lines as the one that drives away from you, but you can't turn this one off until you dock the copter part of it back on the base.

u/EducatedRetard · 2 pointsr/funny

I got an alarm clock for Christmas that when it goes off it launches it a little plastic helicopter blade into the air, and the only way to silence the alarm is to get up and find it and replace it. It is truly horrible.

Edit: Here it is

u/Kvothe24 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

This is a similar option. Evil genius at it's best.

u/Panguin · 1 pointr/AskReddit

This is the one I use. It's super loud, and having to walk around and find the damn thing helps me wake up. So does dealing with the cat who just jumped on my face trying to catch it.

u/knoxville1915 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I'll tell you what NOT to do: program your alarm to play Pink Floyd. You won't be able to tell if you're awake or not.

Otherwise, try getting your roommate to punch you in the face until you get up.

Though I've always wanted to try this.

u/Watawkichaw · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/definitely_not_david · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

or get this or this

u/Boobies_4_Prez · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Try This for 12 bucks

Then hit the shower, shave up, and delete your facebook.

u/ForeverARedditer · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Well then...



And Here

u/halfbaked04 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

This thing is pretty cool and useful in this situation.

u/The_KaoS · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

Here's the helicopter one, pretty cheap too. I'm sure you could find higher quality ones if you did a bit of searching.

Tech Tools Flying Alarm Clock

u/cheesewilliams · 1 pointr/comics

Man, I literally change alarm clocks every four months or so because of this. My friends even buy me strange ones. Here are some examples:

Clocky and Flying Alarm Clock

u/SarahJaneThePain · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/ClimbingC · 1 pointr/funny

They are not exactly helicopters, but I knew what he was on about.

Had similar things as toys growing up.

u/CloakNStagger · 1 pointr/AskReddit

An equally motivating/annoying product.

u/Choosing_is_a_sin · 1 pointr/CrazyIdeas
u/cube5000 · 1 pointr/gadgets

Look here. Please consider all of the alarms on the page. :-)