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The Myth of Sex Addiction
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Sex addiction theory is pushed by Patric Carnes, who is downstream of Mary Koss. It is NOT in the DSM5 or ICD10. It's also been debunked.

Koss erased me as a male victim of female perpetrated sexual abuse. She is directly linked to me suicidally eating for 30 years as I internalised the highly toxic Dworkin/Mackinnon/Koss "you are an evil subhuman rapemonster because penis - and you weren't raped" alongside my abuse in 1984. I have no time for her.

A radio interview from 2015 -

I almost died in 2011 - it took till 2013 to decouple the eating...

As a virgin, I can hardly be a sex addict.

One book that did help me was one on sexual anorexia (Patric Carnes- early 2000s) - the only problem was that support was only available through sex ADDICT groups... it was set up in a similar manner to how Duluth erases male victims of female perpetrators - and forces the male victim to parrot a lie - "I am a male abuser". Int he same manner of a Vietcong prisoner having to parrot "I am a Yankee imperialist oppressor" in a show trial.