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We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love
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4 Reddit comments about We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love:

u/TheIcelander · 7 pointsr/niceguys

I bet that the DSM-VI will have "media overexposure personality disorder" in it, because that's what these guys (and girls) have. They consume so much media that they lack experience and examples of real relationships, and they don't know how to reprogram themselves to get out of it.

It's been a problem since we started having widespread media access, and a great book that delves into the origin of this is "We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love" by Robert Johnson

u/iminthesafe · 2 pointsr/confession

Bah this sucks. Going though it as well and have been for about 2 years. Don't want to say get over it, or find a new girl, or whatever, because none of that shit works. You've got a long road ahead for sure, and a lot of work to do. And believe me it is WORK. I've been going to counselling recently due to just this issue, and my therapist recommended this book, which I just finished reading. It deals with these exact feelings, and it really opened my eyes. Instead of dying, try giving this a read first.

"We: Understanding the psycology of romantic love"

Its a good, easy read. It will give you something to do when you're lonely, and what the hell, you may get something out of it.

PM if you need to, and good luck!

u/Garden_Weasel · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I'm a married guy and here's my take on stomach butterflies:
Everyone knows that feeling so I won't get into the feeling itself, but more of what it represents to me. It is good, fun, and temporary, and should be used as a tool for growth, not relied upon and at its mercy. It WILL go away after a certain amount of time. Within 1 month or 10 years, it does go away, and therefore, should not be relied upon as an indicator of true/real love and health in a relationship.

I believe the feeling is derived from your own psyche. I think you get butterflies around certain people very quickly because you see in them a shadow version of yourself. Perhaps you idealize the "hero" or "the hard worker" and don't perceive yourself as either of these. So when you meet someone who does embody this achetype, you regard them as perfect. They can do no wrong (the 'love is blind' phase) and it is manifested by your sympathetic response: butterflies, infatuation, nausea, syncope, whatever.

Many people think something is wrong with the relationship when these feelings go away, but really they were revering the feeling in the wrong way to begin with. The feeling is a byproduct or your own perception of the ideal, as seem in another. It is not real love. Real love, I believe, is enduring and long-lasting, and has nothing to do with feeling.

If achieved (obtained?), this type of love allows for personal growth beyond just the achetype you see in your partner. It allows for personal growth in yourself, with the help of your partner. Use the feeling to benefit yourself - to teach, grow, and mature yourself about how you regard others.

I know this doesn't help these guys who are turning you down, but maybe it will help you see a different side of the situation.

Check this book out. Its a Jungian approach to romantic love and expands on what I said, in a much clearer, professional-writer sort of way.

u/nofapkev · 0 pointsr/NoFap

Hey brother,

Thanks for the update, you're doing awesome and spreading good word to everyone on their journey!

There is a book I may recommend, called "We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love"

It may help in turning your attention to other things than looking for sex.