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Wellgo RC-5 Road Cleats (54g)
Look "Arc" - compatibleNine degrees of lateral float
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3 Reddit comments about Wellgo RC-5 Road Cleats (54g):

u/miasmic · 8 pointsr/bicycling

They are older Look Arc compatible cleats made by Wellgo

They are not compatible with Look Keo pedals that are the standard Look road pedal now, so not sure how much use these would be, I think you'd have to find compatible pedals used or NOS

Most retail pedals come with cleats if you weren't aware

u/rnienke · 2 pointsr/cycling

So... this is something kinda interesting to be honest. My wife ended up with some wellgo pedals that are only Look Arc compatible.

The pedals she has are these

The cleats that I ordered that work are these which look the same as your picture.

If you don't use amazon prime I'd order a couple sets just to have spares on hand as they are a bit fragile in my experiences.

It's a strange older style that is rarely used, but for some reason a few bikes from Performance come with Wellgo pedals that use them.

All-in-all I'd suggest looking into something like Look Keo or SPD-SL cleats and pedals so that it's less of an issue in the future.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/bikewrench

The Rc7b is a cleat made for a specific pedal. Id go with something like this.

I think these are the pedals you have meaning they dont require a specific cleat. I have a very similar pair of Wellgo pedals and cleats on my road bike. Id go with the cleats I linked you to earlier. Im pretty confident those would fit.