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6 Reddit comments about Woman: An Intimate Geography:

u/_Kita_ · 14 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

For most women, it's simply a pH issue. Check out "Woman: An intimate geography." It can probably be helped only the slightest bit when he changes his diet (avoiding fruit and veg isn't good for anyone anyway).

When he's not cumming inside you, your vag, as you know, is a pretty clean, balanced place. Smells fine or has a clean, yogurt-ish tang. However, throw in that very alkaline cum and the whole system gets thrown out of whack. Unfortunately, that allows anaerobic bacteria to flourish.

From her book (I just happen to be reading it now).

> Distressingly the microbes make trimethylamine, which is the same substance that gives day-old fish its fishy odor. They make putrescine, a compound found in purifying meat. They make cadaverine, and I need not tell you from whence that chemical was named.

Your only real solution is to stop having sex regularly where he comes inside you. It will give your vagina a chance to reobtain it's homeostasis.

edited to add: Your vagina is normally fairly acidic, with a pH of 3.8 to 4.5, so it's more acidic than black coffee. His ejaculate is 7.2-8. Those are extremely different.

u/MissCherryPi · 6 pointsr/TheBluePill

Well in "Woman: An Intimate Geography" Natalie Angier explains it that mammals traditionally had sex with the man entering from behind the woman ("doggy style", etc.) and so men associated the shape of women's buttocks with sex.

The idea is that women who had large breasts were more likely to have intercourse with men in face to face positions, because the men liked the look of breasts because they reminded them of buttocks. Having sex in face to face positions included more eye contact, which lead to more oxytocin release upon orgasm which lead to stronger pair bonding and love which created a more stable bond between parents and more involvement in children's lives from their father because he was so in love with the mother.

The other hypothesis Angier covers is that breasts are so aesthetically pleasing that women who had spare food or supplies were more likely to give it to the women with bigger breasts.

This sounds goofy, but it's still a really good book.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

>the inherent nature of nurturing in women and protectiveness in men

Ew also I want to vomit because of views like this. Pop psuedo evolutionary psychology is my largest pet peeve. Go read some critiques of the sexism in evolutionary psychology and the challenging theories that get ignored. I recommend Woman: An Intimate Geography as a good starter.

u/gameboycolor · 2 pointsr/OkCupid

Your anthropology professor was regurgitating "evolutionary psychology," which is widespread folk-knowledge bullshit.

There's tons of great resources that show how the "Battle of the Sexes" narrative is misleading, but there's a really great one that tackles the evolutionary psychology theory in this book by Natalie Angier:

(see chapter "Of Hoggamus and Hogwash" if you're interested).

u/nongermanejackson · 1 pointr/todayilearned

The Houghton-Mifflin blurb compares it to Natalie Angier's "Woman", but your critique tells me enough to know that Angier's book is far better in its coverage of its own topic.

She is a good writer, and her book, while dated, is still worth reading.

u/jrrl · 0 pointsr/pics

Never saw the cover of Woman: An Intimate Geography, I take it?

(And, yes, that is an affiliate link. Google it yourself, if you'd rather.)