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u/walkej · 24 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

There's another option! Look for a push from behind walker. We have this one and it's wonderful. It's stable enough that they can pull to stand on the handle, then walk being it in a totally normal stance. It has lights and sounds and fun stuff on the front so they can sit in front of it and play, too.

Walkers are banned for sale here in Canada, and every time it comes up in conversation someone says "oh, yeah, my uncle/dad/cousin fell down the stairs in one of those".

u/babyblanka · 5 pointsr/beyondthebump

Mine loved her walker and her door. Now at 11 months she still uses both, the door in particular has a lot of areas to explore. She also started to discover books around that age (the tough and feel kind, or crinkle kind). She's VERY active as well, it's hard to keep her entertained :/

u/DontToewsMeBro · 2 pointsr/Mommit
u/aleii1 · 2 pointsr/Parenting

I'm so sorry your daughter is going through this. I am wondering if a baby walker (something like this that she sits in) would work for her/make her happy? It would support most of her weight and give her a bit of mobility when she's able to withstand a small amount of pressure on her feet.

u/Andyouknowthat1 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

My daughter ate in one of these:

The toy part comes off and it’s just a tray. She used it between like 8-14 months and ate so great in it but was still contained while moving around!

Edit: now she’s 18 months and we put her in the high chair while everyone eats and then move her food down to her little desk thing and she eats more while running around after dinner. This way she still gets enough food but also knows to sit at the table when it’s dinner time.

u/geekyearthmomma · 1 pointr/fosterit
u/tigerinthezoo79 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We used this Fisher Price one and it was an instant hit. He’s 16 months, has been walking on his own since 10 months, and will still push it around/play with it sometime. And like others mentioned, it doesn’t have the annoying songs most V-Tech products have (my kid has their activity cube; he loves it but sometimes I just want to take a hammer to it).

u/bannysfanny · 0 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

I agree with everyone else here but my 10 month old uses a walker occasionally (mostly so I can clean or do dishes) and she’s started walking independently already. I think it’s ok if it’s occasional and you’re practicing walking without it because it can make them lean forward more trying to push it. We have this one and she really loves it. Although, she still gets into everything but at least she can’t leave the kitchen so I can keep track of her easier