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u/JetsBackupQB · 323 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents

40 G is $15 on Amazon


u/QuasarsRcool · 20 pointsr/woahdude

I don't know what it's primarily used for, but it's a metal that melts at just above room temperature. You can play with a solid piece in your hands and it will melt into a puddle in seconds, it's also non-toxic (to touch at least) and you can buy it online. It will also eat through certain kinds of other metals like aluminum, if you put some on a can of soda for a while it'll go right through it. It's an interesting metal for sure.

u/ultimatetrekkie · 11 pointsr/chemistry

First search result on Amazon is 40 g for $16.

u/Large_Dr_Pepper · 11 pointsr/WatchandLearn

Indium is expensive. This ingot seems to be similar to the one used in the video (size) and costs $40.

u/secretWolfMan · 7 pointsr/MineralPorn

I wasn't expecting it to be this easy.
You can buy a kg of bismuth for $30 with Prime shipping.

u/phyllotaxis · 7 pointsr/MineralPorn

This is the listing I used when I purchased it in 2013 (the price and quality were fine for me, I'd probably buy this again if I wanted to experiment more).

Granted, I'm a geologist that works in the metal's mining industry, so my idea of what is "cheap" for a metal ingot might be a little skewed, as I'm comparing it to the prices of other metal ingots like platinum, silver, zinc, etc.

u/Sylamatek · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

Gallium. It's like mercury, but it is safe. Melting point of 85 degrees so it will liquefy in your hands but then solidify on a regular surface. One thing you can do with it is pour it on a table and let it dry flat like a mirror

u/Josh6889 · 5 pointsr/woahdude

> Gallium

Now I kind of want to buy some. I expected it to be irrationally expensive, but it's not.

u/horrorshow · 5 pointsr/science

It's available on amazon. I'm all over it.

u/Halfawake · 4 pointsr/Unexpected

It might be gallium which is pretty much non-toxic and can be bought on amazon

u/ftc08 · 4 pointsr/chemicalreactiongifs

Every now and then you'll find 100g for less than $20 on Amazon, and 100g ain't a small amount. You could fill your little container thing for maybe $160-200

u/hotshowerscene · 4 pointsr/chemicalreactiongifs

Nope, very easy by the sounds of it (I haven't tried). It's non toxic so not too many issues getting it.

First search on amazon, 15g for $26

u/DrIblis · 4 pointsr/atheism

a cross necklace made of gallium

gallium is a metal with a curious melting point at 30 degrees Celsius. This means that it will melt when it touches skin.

It's also nontoxic and relatively cheap.

get him 40grams and let him have a blast

u/xoNightshade · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gallium. I have no use for this but I think it's freaking cool.

u/Thistlebalm · 3 pointsr/pics

This site says it's about as common as silver. Here's a chart that seems to confirm. (Ag-silver, Au-gold, Bi-bismuth) You can definitely make your own bismuth crystals at home, and can buy it from amazon.(not a referral link)

u/BackOfTheHearse · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind
u/Asliceofpizza · 3 pointsr/woahdude


I bought it in preparation for an experiment that I was going to run on making some very large lab-grown samples of my own.

u/Piratestoat · 3 pointsr/stevenuniverse

Hold up. So you're saying non-crystalline, amorphous bismuth? Like this? That's what you've been talking about this whole time? Why did you not say that at the beginning?

Because you've been talking in other threads about the metal under the surface of a bismuth crystal. . . which IS crystalline.

u/neuquino · 2 pointsr/science

$14.99 + $7.70 shipping from [RotoMetals via Amazon]( "shipping in the U.S. I think")

$12.99 + $6.38 shipping (to Utah) directly from [RotoMetals]( "not sure about shipping rates to other places")

u/wetanwild99 · 2 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents

After a quick search i found some on amazon. Even has a few people who say they made the crystals from it

u/JD_and_ChocolateBear · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gallium for $68

u/UROBONAR · 2 pointsr/askscience

This guy is right.

Do this outside. Maybe set up a fan blowing this shit away from you.

A cursory search says muriatic acid from the store is around 10M which is dangerous. Skin burns would suck, but accidentally inhaling a bit too much of the fumes will burn your lungs and send you to the hospital.

Dilute the stuff down before use. Use a glass beer bottle since hydrochloric acid seems to attack a variety of plastics. Measure out nine parts of water then add one part acid to it. Measure out water. Add acid. ORDER MATTERS. If you do this in the opposite order, the acid could boil and splash.

In my opinion, you guys should just source the bismuth from an online supply store. That acid is dangerous shit. (

u/KingLuxor · 2 pointsr/pics

You purchase Bismuth Here

Then you watch These videos

u/paulfromatlanta · 2 pointsr/chemicalreactiongifs

And you can buy both gallium and a spoon mold on Amazon (and probably other places)

u/Grumplogic · 2 pointsr/woahdude

Buy some and do it yourself:

^(kids these days I tell yah hwat.)

Be the change you wanna see. Yesterday you said tomorrow.

u/scienceonly · 2 pointsr/homechemistry

Here is an Ebay link at $30/lb +$9 shipping. That's just from a google search, I'm sure you can find it cheaper.

Edit: Of course it's cheaper at Amazon

u/lastpulley · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

Here's free shipping on amazon.

100g for $23.70 is a good deal.

u/MissingNebula · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My first instinct was to link to the textbooks on my list I need for my internship. But they're more something I really need, rather than really want lol. So something I really want is Gallium! Because I'm a chemistry nerd!

u/Entheogenic84 · 2 pointsr/trees

it looks like its not that difficult to make your own crystals. amazon even sells pure bismuth by the pound! Gotta try this sometime

u/AzizBlink · 2 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Try gallium. A safer alternative, looks the same and melts just about room temperature; melts in your hand. Amazon ships it

u/ChilledButter13 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This Zombie Plant is pretty awesome. Galluim has an extremely low melting point for a metal and will turn to liquid in your hand! This Stegosaurus Skeleton plush is one of my favorites. I love stegosauruses and skeletons and plushes, so its a godly combination. Hopefully you're a dinosaur fan!

u/xX_Justin_Xx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gallium. The metal that melts in your hands. Not really related to your wishlist, but definitely cool. This is my item.

u/wombatcombat11 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
its called gallium, its a metal that's when its at room temperature its a solid, but at body temperature is turns to a liquid. so you can make molds and fill them up with gallium then when someone picks it up it melts all over them, and you can do lots more with it!
for the games, i would love medal of honor, i have never played it and it looks like a lot of fun.

u/m_733 · 1 pointr/pics

you can buy a pound of bismuth on for 20 bucks and make dozens and dozens of your own on a kitchen stove. You can google up directions, but a basic summary. 1) melt all your bismuth in one container, pour into a second (leave the silvery oxidized film behind) 2)cool as slowly as possible 3) as it begins to turn solid again pour off the liquid, leaving crystals formed around your container.

u/funinnewyork · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Amazon Prime has free-one day shipping, though it is 100 grams for $70. here

u/Mycd · 1 pointr/BISMUTH

fishing sinkers advertsied as 'lead free' are a cheap source these days.

Looks like $<10US on amazon or try a site like!shop/cqae

u/RandomStranger456123 · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Oh I was just finishing a quote. As to what one does with gallium, that’s up to the user. And you can buy it here.

u/Cannabat · 1 pointr/Psychonaut

Besides fix as many world problems fixable by money (hunger, shelter, health) as possible, which I don't think is what you are asking about...

  • Buy some land and build an earthship community, make it a place where anybody is welcome

  • Grow many, many plants - fruits, veggies, ornamental plants (including bonsai), some psychonautical plants, trees, grasses, shrubberies, lichens, fungi farm, you get the idea

  • Buy a crapton of bismuth and grow ginormo bismuth crystals, a new hobby of mine

  • Buy the rest of my dream music equipment and record lots of music, invite people to come and play along

  • Create a videogame studio and make a game I've been creating in my mind for years that chronicles an epic war of love, so to speak, between two souls who continually reincarnate in different times to learn from each other in battle, romance, philosophical discussion, psychonautical antics, and general saving-the-world type things

  • Write a book on the same videogame idea, maybe do the book first

  • Dance

  • Buy a building in somewhere and make it a psychonaut's wet dream hangout/safe spot where anybody can go to trip (or be sober) and be safe with therapists, yoga instructors, meditation guides, art/music/light rooms, fruits and veggies, tea and coffee, trippy books, quiet zones, tooooyyysss!, friendly people