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u/ToniJabroni · 10 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I use a super cheap tension curtain rod that adjusts to fit any space anywhere- like this.

I set it up high between a bookcase and a wall where cats can't get to it- it stores anywhere when not in use.

u/CyberTractor · 6 pointsr/legaladvice

If it is between cupboards, then an adjustable short curtain rod and something small might work best. Something like this.. A quick search found some as small as 16 inches.

Then get a curtain/sheet/whatever.

u/cantthinkkangaroo · 5 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Ikea sells these things. I used one at my last house to hang curtain across a large opening. (7+ feet.) They would work for you, though I would suggest not hanging very heavy curtains from it or it will sag.

u/starstough · 4 pointsr/BroMoHousekeeping

Some blackout curtains are better than others, to start (Navy or black work best).

That there are curtain rods that exist that wrap around so that you can easily pull the curtains all way the way to the wall on either side and then to the middle.

You may need an extra panel to hang in the center so that there is enough overlap, and if you really want zero light, you can hang a cornice or even a valance curtain, or build a box cornice that sits flush against the wall on the top of the window which would block the light from the top.

I have, in the past, gone so far as to tape the curtains all around the top and sides, but you can't really do that over and over without damaging the wall and gumming up the fabric lol... but I was desperate. My kids slept on sun time and that was unbearable in the summer.

u/akwhitacre · 4 pointsr/howto

Could you hang soundproofing curtains from a tension rod? That's what we did to hang a heavyweight curtain in our baby's room when it turned out the blinds weren't dark enough for bright summer early mornings.

u/scootter82 · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

I'm thinking 45" blackout curtains. This would cover the whole window and the bottom of the curtains would be 3" above the lip in the middle of the wall. My TV is on the opposite wall.

I'm looking at these wrap-around curtain rods and these curtains

Or something similar if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

u/thekhor · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

I myself use the drill paddle. Works pretty damn good. Usually fermentation takes off within 12 hours (sometimes within 4 even) and almost always have to use a blow off tube otherwise I blow out my air lock. Actually just did a batch and used an airlock and I have to clean a mess when I get home from work. Thought I was safe on my 1.040 mild, oh well.

The only way I’d replace it is with pure oxygen which I am considering soon.

This is the one I use:

Mix-Stir Agitator Rod

u/Whambamthkumaam · 3 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Can you remove them all together or to be able to install curtain rods? If not, you could always buy short tension rods (like this) to hang curtains from behind the valence.

u/mh_ccl · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Perhaps ceiling mount a curtain rod? However, if you need to locate studs to screw into, you may end up not being able to push the curtain all the way open. Something like this

u/changsdrapery · 3 pointsr/InteriorDesign

It looks like you've got 3 or 4 inches of space above the window frame and below the ceiling. That should be enough space. You can buy wall brackets that will fit that space.

Ceiling/Wall Brackets

I would always recommend getting hardware from your local curtain/drapery store. I always feel bad when customers come into my shop and their hardware from homedepot or bedbathandbeyond or ikea are weak/broken/overpriced.

If the concern is that the end of the rod will be too tight against the other wall, you can get a smaller end cap for the rod on that side.

Did that help?

u/944tim · 3 pointsr/Tools

curtain hook. they also make 3/4 finger types for pleated curtains

u/RollingOven · 2 pointsr/foodtrucks
u/dippocrite · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I use spring loaded tension rods to counteract the tent wall concave:

Typically I cut little notches in the rubber ends so they sit nicely against the tent frame.

u/abitbatty · 2 pointsr/GoRVing

I'm sorry if this is long, but

Tarps! If you're going to be in a hot area, you'll quickly find which areas of your RV will heat up the most. If you put tarps in strategic places around the outside of your RV, you can create shade and prevent it from heating up, which means not having to run the AC all the time.

If you can afford it, get a dehumidifier machine and put it in a dedicated spot! I live in a stationary 5th wheel and it gets super humid in here sometimes. If not, they sell these damp rid buckets that you can use for a while before you need to replace 'em--they work pretty well for the most part, but I think a dehumidifier would work best.

You may want to replace the locks on all your storage bay thingies (the ones that open from the outside), those use a stock key most people who own rvs have. To save on propane, you can get a little toaster oven with two burners! or just some standalone hotplates!

Make sure your toilet paper is septic safe (doesn't have to be RV specific! I use Charmin or the walmart version) and that you keep your black water tank

  • Partially full of water all the time (like 1/4 the way full) so stuff breaks down properly and you don't get TP clogs
  • The draining valve never gets left open even if you're permanently hosed into a sewer connection! This causes baaad clogs that are gross and hard to get rid of.
  • You should use the sewage tank treatment stuff so it doesn't get stinky and everything breaks down properly so you can dump the tank with ease! Definitely get these or something similar in large amounts and probably when you buy your toilet paper. They sell this stuff at Walmart!

  • You can replace your bathroom vent so sewage gas doesn't get blown back into your RV in windy conditions. That is not fun!

    These kind of tension rods can be used for anything from storing pot and pan lids, to making a little makeshift towel rod in the bathroom or shower.

    I recommend finding a good but decently large dish rack to dry dishes on that fits near your sink. I had a hard time finding one that fit so I got two small ones instead! They both sit in both/either sides of my kitchen sink so when I'm done with dishes, they actually don't take up counter space.

    Good luck! It's interesting to live in a 5th wheel for sure!
u/catiebug · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

[This](Z-COLOR Alloy Plastic Windows And Balcony Curtain Track Soft Curved Track Curved Track Rail Slide Rail Accessories (5 Meters) was not expensive and shockingly effective at hanging our floor-to-ceiling living room blackout curtains. Would definitely hold something substantial for OP to divide the room. Was surprised by how well it did considering the next affordable option was like 3 times as much.

u/WinNicely · 2 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Here you go! Thanks

Homesupplier Smart Home Curtain...

u/summerofevidence · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Cieling mounted curtain rods. Assuming you have basic drywall cielings, just make sure to use toggle anchors, as regular wall anchors aren't rated for vertical hanging. $10 on Amazon.

AmazonBasics Ceiling-Mount Bracket, Set of 2, Nickel

u/carissalf · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This bird made me laugh a lot more than it probably should have.


This curtain rod would certainly help class up mi casa a wee bit.

Thanks for the contest!

u/apathetic-panda · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

She has so many curtain rails on her WL - I am intrigued! I like this one.

u/mrdpt98 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Tension mount curtain rod?

Kind of like a shower curtain rod. Idk about the gif though.

u/BakuretsuMahou · 2 pointsr/pics

Have you tried putting a tension curtain rod like this behind the normal curtain and putting the blackout that way?

u/arizona-lad · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Pinch pleat will be affordable and look great. All you need is the hooks:

There are four styles shown on that page, so you have a lot of latitude adapting any drape you choose.

u/serotonin_flood · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I have a porch window like that and I installed curtain rods above and below the window pane and then slid on a curtain shade. Works perfectly.

u/val319 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Hospital track systems are another option. Edit:like this. Alwaysuc 5 Meters / 16.5 Foot Bendable Straight Windows & Balcony Slide Rail Top Mounting Ceilling Installation just another option.

u/broken_thought · 1 pointr/mead
u/eekasaur · 1 pointr/Teachers

I was a first year elementary teacher last August! I bought a TON of stuff on Amazon. I pulled up all of my old are some of my favorites that I use daily in my classroom. These are not affiliate links, I just added links for quick wishlist adding for you :)

OH, and as far as things like books, manipulatives, school supplies...WAIT and see what you are provided with, first. Once I got into my classroom, I had a TON of things waiting for me like rulers, glue, a globe...things I probably would have bought, had I had all summer to shop (I got hired a week before school started). I was surprised to learn that my school didn't provide me with supplies like staples or paper clips (I had these things when I student taught elsewhere), so I had to run out and get those. Oh, and an actual stapler and tape dispenser! I forgot about those and when I needed those in the first week, I made a trip to Staples that night!

magnetic hooks- for the whiteboard...I hang bathroom passes, keys, etc. on them

magnetic clips- I clip SO MUCH stuff to my whiteboard, so these are awesome

magnetic pen cup- for whiteboard markers and eraser, keeps them out of reach for my first graders! This one is PERFECT because the eraser fits on the one side, and expos on the other. I added little cardboard dividers on the inside so the markers don't fall over (only a problem if you don't have it full of markers)

magnetic storage pocket- my classroom has a lot of magnetic surfaces, so I love the magnetic stuff...I keep my pointers in here

magnetic holders- these babies are STRONG! I keep supplies in these for math that we use during our daily morning math routines (math manipulatives and stuff).

I got a few posters like these for tracking reading points, etc.

tension rods- I use one under my sink to hang spray bottles (febreeze, non-hazardous cleaner, etc.) and one between the air conditioner unit and my wall to hang anchor charts, which I have clipped onto hangers with clips like these Seriously, hang your anchor charts. Find a way to do it and you'll LOVE it, I promise! So much better than laying them flat and having to sort through them when you need a certain one.

sheet protectors- Need cheap whiteboards? Pop a white piece of paper inside and voila. I use 99 cent store 4-pack markers, which have held up surprisingly well, for the kids (the tips also don't seem to "squish" in like the expos, so bonus!) If you're doing something like a math worksheet or handwriting practice, you can insert printed paper for kids to write on...the possibilities are endless here!

pocket charts- I teach first, so it's pocket chart central over here, but even older grades could utilize this awesome schedule pocket it's black, I love that it's not blue or red! I actually bought a second one of these after I got the first because I liked it so much. Oh, and my black calendar pocket this, too!

stickers- Kids love stickers. End of story. I bought a ton in bulk.

Fan for my desk - Small and powerful!

Birthday prizes and certificates, like these -

my favorite thing, a laminator! I laminate EVERYTHING...charts, nametags, word wall words, game boards, anything. There are different sizes of laminators that you can buy, I just have the standard one that fits normal sized sheets of paper, and it's served me very well! I also buy the refill pouches on Amazon because they are WAY cheaper than at Staples

this is optional, but sticky hands- these make GREAT prizes and the kids love them more than any other prize or incentive I've offered (I teach first grade). I get these ones:

I also wanted to add...since I have primary, I wanted to make them "spots" to sit on for carpet time. A carpet wasn't provided to me (you know, the Lakeshore one with colored squares), so I went cheap and bought a few feet of carpet tape from They have cute actual spots, too, but I was cheap and bought the tape, cut it into 3x3" squares, and slapped those on the classroom carpet. They're holding up great (I'll be able to reuse them next year for sure) and my custodian loves them because it's not actual adhesive tape on the carpet. I just got a new student, so I had to rearrange the spots...they peel up and stick back down PERFECTLY (they're velcro). If you have the need for something like this, I HIGHLY recommend the velcro tape stuff!

OH, and when it came to book boxes and book bins, 99 cent store, dollar tree, big lots are your friends! If you have a little more cash, I got some from Target in the dollar section, too. But, they only have theirs during June I believe (they're super strong, $3 a pop but I'll be able to reuse all of mine next year).

BEST pencil sharpener around is the one from It is amazing. PERFECT points every time, and it even gets through those cheap novelty wrapped pencils. I love it. My kids broke the electric one I bought, so I got this one and now just use it myself, although older kids would be able to learn it (I subbed in a 3rd grade class that had one and they used it just fine with some training).

I LOVE folders for things like an unfinished work folder, homework folder, writing folder, etc. The cheapest place I found was Staples...over summer they were selling boxes of 25 for $4. I got a ton of them in different colors. Made color coding easy!

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help navigating your first year. I'm a month away from being done with my first year, and it's still very fresh in my mind how stressful, fun, aggravating, exciting, exhausting, confusing, and rewarding it all is!

u/jhoff80 · 1 pointr/Vive

Not all that mobile though. Plus, if someone has 10 foot ceilings, the smaller one won't be enough.

Edit: Sorry, I was looking at two similar threads simultaneously and it was the other one looking for a mobile solution.

Though I wonder if that's the route one is going, if this might be a little more inconspicuous and it has more reach (though a little more expensive):

u/purplekoolaidguy · 1 pointr/Twitch

You might want to add what you purchased exactly to your post.

I bought one of these prefer it over anything. I use the green screen like a curtain and got some hooks for the screen to clip on. It works amazingly well and very convenient. and

u/TheCyclingAdmin · 1 pointr/LifeProTips Blackout curtain rods will help if you use some heavy thermal curtains, also check if air is coming in and properly apply some weather stripping. Might even be able to apply some door sweep type of weather stripping where the sliding door slides so that when it closes it forms a seal. If you've got a thick door you can put stripping on the edges of one side and a small strip down the middle of the other side so when it shuts it's super tight. It won't look pretty though.

Window film is also a thing my boss has tried, but he said it's hard to get it just right so be prepared to take your time with it.

u/pj530i · 1 pointr/Vive

I've been using tension curtain rods for over 2 years, no issues.

I can't find the exact model I had, there's probably ones cheaper than the above. I think they're smaller and less ugly than the other things people use

u/inantbh · 1 pointr/oculus

That's right for the retractable cables!



Key rings:

Spring (cannibalized from a curtain rod):

Spring support (brazing rods I happened to have lying around):

*edit: a lot of this is just stuff I had lying around, I'm pretty sure the amazon links are the same thing, but they may not be the actual items I used.

u/justinmillerco · 0 pointsr/homeautomation

An easier solution can be getting a Beme powered curtain rod and IR blaster module to be able to control from your phone.

Should be about $140:

BEME International erod Side-Opening Telescoping Motorized Drapery Rod with Nickel Finish, 40 to 68-Inch


u/FalconLorenzo · 0 pointsr/malelivingspace

Lots of potential!

If I were you, I would prioritize curtains and youtubing how to remove the miniblinds. I hate them so much. Take a look at at these, for drilling-free installation:

I also heavily suggest that you think about framing those flags, or else taking them down entirely. It’s a tough look, as-is, I’m sorry to say.