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u/DepressionHoarder · 43 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

360 wired and still works like a champ. Play it with Clone Hero sometimes. That's wild that ol' hunk of plastic is worth money.


I just looked it up on Amazon. Wtf?!

u/spookthesunset · 1 pointr/NeckbeardNests

I mentioned this in another post, but I highly recommend getting this book. Really makes you rethink what you should toss and what you should keep. It is a positive way to look at all the "stuff" you have in your life.

u/cheezbergher · 5 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

I used to drink several liters of diet coke every day as well, so I get where you're coming from. You should check your blood pressure though because if you drink that much, it will always be insanely high. It started giving me problems, headaches all the time, low energy, etc.

I still drink a ton of soda, but I switched to Stevia based soda instead. This shit, and this shit is the bomb! More expensive, but you can drink it all you want guilt-free.

u/partisan98 · 2 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

In that case i am 90% sure its this [one. Its only $88 but that is just the frame no mattress.]

Edit: If you just want a bedframe where you dont need a box spring and like the metal look i suggest the Zinus platforms from Amazon. It is less than a $100 for a queen size and its high enough you can easily store stuff under it. And if you ever decide you dont like the look a $20 bed skirt will hide the frame and make your bed look nice.

u/JuanOnlyJuan · 1 pointr/NeckbeardNests

Pretty sure those are wire strippers, which raises more questions imho

Wire Stripper/Cutter (10-18 AWG Solid) Klein Tools 11045

u/Thetacoseer · 5 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

Bed in a box from Amazon. This is a full size for $250, I've had the queen size for just over 4 years and it's still going strong

u/AnxiousBanshee · 2 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

I got mine at the Container Store over four years ago. I found a very similar one on Amazon and it looks good!

u/JinpingWinniethePooh · 2 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

I have this one well, not exactly, but same size and features with induction. It claims 12 hours guaranteed. I don't see temperature in degrees for the function, but I'm going to see if I can test it with a thermometer and post back.

u/SirDipShittington · 1 pointr/NeckbeardNests

Dude, just get yourself one of those 'sodastream' things. Carb up your own water. You could add premade flavor or make your own. I boil down ginger root with stevia into a syrup and add that to carbed water.



u/Tacticallinkage · 2 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

It does, but I totally wouldn't recommend the model I have. If I were buying another one, I'd go with this model personally.

VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2/Two Screens up to 27" (STAND-V002)

u/cvance10 · 3 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

That poor Silverstone TJ11 $600 case. May it one day rest in piece.

u/ohheckyeah · 6 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

Get a floor standing clothes rack. I passionately hate folding and I just hang everything. I got this one and it's study as hell

edit: sturdy*

u/joethepaper · 2 pointsr/NeckbeardNests

The trick to remembering your ADHD meds is

  1. Always take them right when you wake up every single day.
  2. Either get one of those daily pill containers (example) or leave the bottle out on the counter after you take it and then put it away later on in the day.

    Always take it immediately after waking up--don't let yourself get distracted because otherwise you'll forget! Take them right away!! This is a very important routine.

    If you screw this up (and believe me, I do sometimes) you'll forget to take them. Then later on in the day you'll be doing random things and it will hit you "did I take my vyvanse in the morning?" If you aren't using a pill box or leaving the bottle out on the counter, you'll have no way to tell if you took them or not. Then you'll go "well shit, since I'm not sure if I did or didn't take them, should I risk taking them twice in a day?".

    So yeah, I've been taking this shit for more than a decade and I couldn't be where I'm at in life without my meds. I've had to evolve this routine with taking them so I don't forget to take them or accidentally take two of them. Always take them first thing in the morning and try to leave some kind of reminder to yourself that you actually did take them.