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u/klausbaudelaire1 · 9 pointsr/OSU

I love this question!

To me, being yourself means being completely honest with other people about what you think and believe, and also having the courage to act on what believe. If you are unsure about certain beliefs, then I believe one should also be unafraid to preface what they say about their certain thoughts/beliefs with "I may be wrong about this, but..." or "I'm still thinking about this one, but...".

For example, Ray Dalio's Principles: Life and Work begins with the following line: "Before I begin telling you what I think, I want to establish that I'm a 'dumb shit' who doesn't know much relative to how much I need to know. Whatever success I've had in life has had more to do with my knowing how to deal with my not knowing than anything I know."

I think the condition of not knowing as much as you need to know in order to make a decision is relatively close to the condition of all of us. There is always more for us to know, and we don't have enough time to learn everything we need to know about the world. Accordingly, I think the most productive outcome and strategy for everyone is one in which we are all honest about what we believe. I also believe that what is most beneficial for humans is often rewarded in the long run, which is why strategies like reciprocal altruism, tit for tat, forgiving tit for tat, and tit for two tats have been proven to be more evolutionarily beneficial than those in which we repeatedly stab each other in our backs.

Neuroscientist Sam Harris also wrote about this in his book Lying, in which he very strongly defends the idea and importance of persistent honesty.

u/Brutusismyhomeboy · 6 pointsr/OSU

So, you can do this yourself. I don't think it's going to work all that well though. I lived through the late 80's and early 90's personalization of all the things craze and for this task, I'd use paint pens. I'm not terribly familiar with the hydroflask brand, but from a google it looks like it would work. A rougher texture to the outside would hold paint better.

I'm assuming you aren't planning on putting this in the dishwasher, merely rinsing it out. If you're planning to do that, or put it in the sink with other dishes, to soak, doing anything outside of simply rinsing the inside, don't do that. This is not food safe paint and unless you're doing ceramics and baking all that in, there's no such thing that will do what you want it to.

You can get the paint pens at Michaels or Hobby Lobby probably 2 bucks a pen or so. You can also get some on amazon:

I don't have any experience with the latter, so I'd read reviews.

As to the artistic point. You can print out clouds, tape them to the water bottle and trace them. You could do some parting clouds over your name/initials/monogram a la the Simpsons. Maybe a rainbow? I'd love a rainbow aesthetic in kind of a 70's way- like it winds itself around the bottle being funky. We made 70s funky letters back in the day by writing bubble letters and then tracing around them with all the colors.

Or, you could just buy some cool stickers like the Nalgene contingent and call it a day. I really don't think the paint is going to hold up.

u/mundred · 2 pointsr/OSU

If you get high marks (3.7+) it's not really that hard to get an internship as a freshman. Just be prepared to deal with a ton of reject. But you will get one. Doing your own projects is the real winner, but if you are sufficiently charismatic you can talk your way into research or take some project based courses at ACCAD. Obviously don't bullshit--just show off how passionate you and that you can learn (nobody expects you to already know). I did the research route but a friend of mine went ACCAD and got a much better internship than I did.

If you are planning on going for one of the very selective internships (Google freshman engineering practicum/Microsoft explorer etc) then you should probably buy yourself a copy of Cracking the Coding Interview and just do them all. High rank on TopCoder will also help. Go to a lot of hackathons if you want to get really into the tech atmosphere (but you may just not like it that much).

u/misteryub · 1 pointr/OSU

So, depending on how technical you are, I'd go with this plan:

Buy a couple of these suckers: Ubiquti Unifi AC Pro These are semi-enterprise grade wireless access points: convert wired Ethernet to Wi-Fi only. One might be enough, or you might need two or three, depending on how well the signal travels.

To use this, you'll need a couple things, some you might have, some you might not:

Cat6 cable and connectors: the Ethernet cable to connect these APs. This link is for bulk cable, to make your own cabling. Keep in mind you'll want to mount these APs to a wall or ceiling. I have mine taped on the wall in the middle of my house.

Router: just use a router you already have, just turn off the Wi-Fi broadcasting on the router. Leave the Wi-Fi to the APs. The box WOW gives you will either be a modem only or a gateway (modem + router). If that's a gateway, you can use that, otherwise, just use an old router, or buy a cheap one if you don't.

Switch: if your router doesn't have enough LAN Ethernet ports to send to the APs, connect the switch to the router via one Ethernet line, and plug the APs to the switch. This is a 5 port gigabit switch, so you'd have room for 4 APs or devices. Make sure you buy Gigabit Ethernet or 10/100/1000. Don't buy Fast Ethernet or 10/100: at these speeds, you'd be limited to 100Mb/s, instead of 1000Mb/s (this WOW plan is 600Mb/s, faster than the Fast Ethernet spec).

u/The64only · 2 pointsr/OSU

I just wanted to emphasize that you should get a U-lock and lights. The majority of bikes that get stolen had cables locking them.

This headlight and tail light are extraordinarily bright and well priced. It's worth your safety to spend thirty dollars for these, they're durable and easily attached and removed.

u/eritain · 6 pointsr/OSU

Sounds very familiar. Turned out I had chronic depression. Operating my mind was like driving a car with the parking brake on.

Counseling Services will hook you up with a one-two punch of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and antidepressants. They work together better than alone.

If you're shy about that, you can CBT yourself online instead. I recommend supplementing it with mindfulness meditation (there's also lots of info about this online for free). Or use CCS's excellent self-help.

u/WaltMitty · 1 pointr/OSU

I just took 1250 and 1251. What the bookstore tried to sell me is not a traditional book but a stack of three-ring punched sheets. It's cheaper than a bound book and you can carry in a binder only the chapters you currently need. It comes bundled with WebAssign access codes and those are only good once.

You can purchase WebAssign separately and after you do that you can download the book as a pdf. In my class some students used their laptops during class to access both the book and homework.

I prefer a traditional textbook. They were using the 8th edition last year but I bought Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics 9th Ed.; it cost less at the time. The page and problems numbers were the only difference I noticed. Your homework will be online so the changed problem numbers (not different problems, just changed order!) won't be a problem. The book is huge but I still like it better than the sheets.

u/trianglesAreMyFav · 3 pointsr/OSU

Please don't spend $300 on a text book... It's $45 to rent on amazon. Also just wait until classes start, for classes like biology it's likely the professor will say that everything you need to know is in the powerpoint.

u/wafflequeene · 3 pointsr/OSU

I heard he's doing a layman's overview of string theory, general relativity, and quantum mechanics, which is similar to what he did in his book The Elegant Universe.

u/grah8303 · 2 pointsr/OSU

Those little badboys are lifesavers for people who need to block out noise to sleep. You'll hear nothing and be out like a light if you're tired. The ones above are much better than other brands I've tried. I just recently bought 100 pair. ha

u/nordicskier17 · 1 pointr/OSU

Preparing for Your ACS Examination in General Chemistry: The Official Guide

u/Zigran7 · 2 pointsr/OSU

Your link isn't working for me.

He's right about the book, here's an example

(I didn't buy it from amazon)

I assume it's either this or possibly a new 3rd edition that will be used.

u/Milhouz · 2 pointsr/OSU

Does it have to be a specific year because I found this on amazon with a quick google search

u/EatUrVeggies · 1 pointr/OSU

You can rent it from amazon for 48$. Also, there is a torrent for the PDF. I really want to get the loose leaf version though just because it is so much lighter.

u/Noob-Ranch · 1 pointr/OSU

Text: Introduction to Algorithms. You'll use the same book in Foundations II.

Some of the Course Topics:

  • Propositional Logic
  • Predicate Logic
  • Asymptotic Analysis: Loops and Recurrence Relations, Bounding
  • Graph Theory
  • Hamiltonian/Eulerian Cycles & Paths
  • Depth/Breadth First Search Algorithms using Adjacency Matrix/Lists
  • Other stuff I've forgotten