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u/fastfrequency · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

This is a good book to get a hang on the basics of growing mushrooms:

However the techniques have advanced over time and I would suggest checking the Shroomery forum guides as well, it's the best place for beginners and advanced growers alike:

If you want to start growing psilocybe mushrooms, the best and easiest technique is called PF Tek and you'll find instructions at Shroomery. All you need is to buy some spores online (which are lega), brown rice flour and vermiculite then you're set for growing your first magical friends

It's a great hobby, whether you are growing active or edible mushrooms

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

Much appreciation! How did your brf cakes go? Whole oats 50lb bag from feed store. Like $16. Substrate was made from a coir/vermeculite mix. Some compost w/ earthworm castings, used coffee grounds got thrown in as well. Oh yeah, PES or PESA is the strain.

Next time, horse poo!

I glanced THIS over. Even though it isn't exactly the method I use, it's a great simple starting point.

Also, get THIS book. It will help you immensely.

Hope all this helps ✌🍄❤

u/kalenugz · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

Here’s the two different kinds I was mentioning, from amazon.

Disco Ball Party Lights Portable Rotating Lights Sound Activated LED Strobe Light 7 Color with Remote and USB plug in for Car Home Room Parties Kids Birthday Dance Wedding Show (RGBP 7 mode)

Party lights Strobe Stage Lights Disco DJ Lights Sound Activated with Remote Control great for Karaoke KTV Club Parties Wedding Bar Christmas Festivals

Also check out TripCity store online. I bought an expensive laser from here for house parties and it was pretty badass. They have tons of other trippy stuff besides lights.

u/NeuronsToNirvana · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

Paul Stamets was on the Joe Rogan podcast a few days ago saying that actually microdosing maybe more effective than macrodosing (which was the opposite of my thinking): The Benefits of Micro-dosing Mushrooms w/Paul Stamets | Joe Rogan

if you decide on this route, here's a long reply I wrote on r/Psychonaut yesterday for someone who was looking into microdosing to help with some long-term mental health issues:

Maybe you should post over at r/microdosing and read through the wiki at

Also lots of comprehensive free info at: (IMHO you don't need to sign up for any training unless you want to become a psychedelic therapist)

  • A video from the BBC which is nearly a few years old (plenty of more videos on YouTube about microdosing): Microdosing: People who take LSD with breakfast (cutting tabs which is featured on the video is not recommended as it's not accurate; volumetric microdosing is a better method - see wiki/thirdwave links above for more info)
  • Ayelet Waldman who is featured on the BBC video talks about her depression and how microdosing helped her and saved her from suicide and wrote this book about it: A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life
  • If you are taking any meds you may want to check for drug interactions which you can do so at by entering 'lsd' (also 'cannabis' or 'cannabidiol' but no 'psilocybin') and any other meds you are taking.
  • Also check Dr. James Fadiman's website as that contains some meds (based on anecdotal reports) that you can combine with microdosing:

    Probably need to take extra caution (or ask at r/microdosing) if there is any conflicting info between the medscape and Fadiman's website especially for those drugs that increase serotonin levels. The medscape site is probably more if you macrodose or take large doses of pharma meds.

    Other things I've read that could be linked to depression is magnesium deficiency (which does not show up on standard blood tests) and is becoming more prevalent due to modern intensive farming methods or due to taking PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) and any gut/microbiome issues as the majority of serotonin is produced in the gut (where kefir and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi seem to help).

    Why magnesium is so good for you: (and can also decrease vasoconstriction which can occur when taking psychedelics). There are a few anecdotal reports at r/microdosing of people getting headaches (probably due to vasoconstriction) after microdosing where magnesium supplements offered them relief. As caffeine is also a vasoconstrictor it maybe worthwhile avoiding this on microdosing days. (EDIT: )

    Psychedelics are one tool in your toolbox along with things like meditation, breathwork, exercise, healthy diet, etc. for achieving a better quality of life.

    Good luck.

    Also maybe worth a read:

    EDIT: Currently there is very limited research on microdosing but I did find "A systematic study of microdosing psychedelics":
u/Werecow19 · 3 pointsr/Psychedelics

Thank you for sharing your story. I would suggest reading the Psychedelic Experience by Tim Leary, Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner (link below). In its comparison of the psychedelic experience to the philosophies of Tibetian Buddhism, the book provides a good explaination of the experience you had and why you are stuck there.

The Psychedelic Explorers Guide is also a modern work that explains things from a more Western clinical perspective. When you better understand how different personalities and neurosis then you may experience a beneficial change in perspective for what you went through during and after those trips.

I don' think you are dealing with a slip in reality, it is a slip in identity and you havn't fully reclaimed your grip. Beyond that book, I urge you to go deep into the Eastern philosophies surrounding identity - that is the direction you need to go.

Take care, I hope you begin to heal soon. Feel free to PM me with questions/concerns.

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Citadel Underground)

The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys

u/Throwbahlay · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

Reality probably isn't what you think it is. If you truly know what reality is then you might be the only person in the universe with the answer.

Basically this is a case of your ego or your thinking mind that has become too dominant in your life. There are ways to fix this, which is what Buddhism, Tantra, Yoga and pretty much any spiritual practice is trying to teach you.

If you were like me then even just the word "spiritual" makes you cringe because you can't help but think of weird hippies claiming that you will die if you don't go vegan while they are trying to sell you special healing crystals that will help you with your vibration field.

This is not at all what spirituality is about. Pro tip: If someone tries to sell you something or tell you to do something and says it's absolutely necessary for your spiritual journey, then they are full of shit. There are infinite different spiritual paths and no one takes exactly the same path. Spirituality is essentially just investigating the nature of the mind and your subjective reality through things such as meditation. Don't believe anything you hear from others about the nature of reality or stuff like that. You can use it as a map for where to go but don't believe until you experience it for yourself. This is what spirituality is really about and on that journey towards self realization you will find that you have to gain an extreme control over your thoughts and your mind.

I really recommend taking up a meditation practice and in doing so I recommend the book The mind illuminated. It teaches you step by step how to meditate, the common pitfalls and how to develop your meditation practice further so you get the most out of it. When you get good at meditation it really becomes strangely psychedelic and sometimes even more intense than tripping.

Good luck!

u/CuriousIndividual0 · 3 pointsr/Psychedelics

Link to the MAPS store.

I just started reading The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience: The First Comprehensive Guide to the Effects of LSD on Human Personality, which has some great reviews on amazon but also from people who are in, or used to be in the field. Timothy Leary said of it, for example:

>A wonderful book...the best book ever written in this complicated field.

u/mothdna · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

sounds a lot like panic disorder. i developed PD unrelated to drugs. drugs (of all kind) just seem to be your particular trigger. (triggering is a real thing, despite all the jokes about it on the internet lately. i don't really have a less socially loaded term to use though.) i get it from heights, hospitals, social situations, even just falling asleep. etc. basically, it's your brain thinking you're in danger of dying, even when you perhaps are not.

i don't know where you're located, so apologies if this stuff isn't accessible or realistic in your region.

first, get medically cleared. go to a cardiologist. do an ECG, do a stress test. wear a 24 monitor. get a heart ultrasound. when i first started having panic symptoms, i was sure my heart was fucked and going through these tests helped me (mostly) get over heart attack fears.

try talking to a doctor about anxiety and panic disorder.

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is a great, and medically legit way to try to retrain your brain not to panic in trigger situations. it is serious work though. i went through a 12 week program, one 2-hour session a week, with homework in between. it's not easy. exposure therapy is a big part of it. that might look something like "take a multivitamin, let the panic wash over you. note your brain's automatic reactions to it. (i'm gonna die, my heart is speeding up etc) try to break the connection between the action and these automatic thoughts (my heart is speeding up because i have triggered a fight or flight response within myself. this is not a sign of imminent death, but rather a natural response to perceived danger)" i'm not doctor, don't just do this stuff on your own. i encourage you to find a real, medically supervised program. i just want to give you an idea about what is involved.

anti-depressants and benzos can help, if the symptoms are really acute and preventing you from living life normally.

daily meditation, frequent exercise (cardio and strength) both really help too. good for heart health too. just make sure you get yourself checked before anything strenuous.

medical marijuana (high CBD) might be worth a shot, but depends on how you react to it (not so great if it makes you paranoid)

i understand and share your trip anxiety. though, i have actually been looking to psychedelics as a potential therapeutic aid. i have to do a lot of planning and be very careful to avoid stirring up panic symptoms. proper set + setting etc.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

edit: added some more CBT info. edit2: added some heart-attack fear stuff

u/electric_body_song · 9 pointsr/Psychedelics

Please go to r/headphones, they can give real advice. Avoid Beats, Bose, Scullcandy--these are not audiophile brands and are truly not worth their price. Sub par build quality and sound for the price when compared to other headphone brands.

I recommend a set of Audio-Technica phones (such as the M50-X). But AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheizer, Grado etc all make excellent phones.

A set of m50-x headphones can last 10 years or more if taken care of

u/Psynatron · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

I heard the book "How to Change Your Mind" is very good and might be what you need to convince your friend. :)

Amazon link:

u/YourHumanStory · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

You must read the Amazon reviews of morning glory seed packets:


Half of them are trip reports.

u/TDowhan · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

I think you would be fine with LSD or psilocybin. Always start with a low dose and I highly recommend this book as a guide to the loss of ego.

u/daemoncode · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

First find out if they grow where you live. Then start by "acquiring" books such as this one:

u/Elation31 · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

One of these head/scalp massagers always do the job for me:

Head massager

The sensations of it transform into crazy images for me.

u/caltrain208 · 3 pointsr/Psychedelics

People will forage for as long as mushrooms continue to grow in the wild. You could probably order them too through the dark net, but I’d be more inclined to order 4-aco-DMT personally. You can also grow them yourself at home. For the record I live in Oakland and have no clue where to buy mushrooms so I wouldn’t suggest coming here for that purpose.

u/ChrisRich81 · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions

u/Ethan_1001 · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

Maybe I ordered bad seeds? I got them from Amazon..

Hmm. Oh well. Awful experience, worse diarrhea then when I had the Norovirus (which is saying a lot)