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u/mastercraftsportstar · 8 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

I don't even think we'll get that far. I honestly believe that once we create proper A.I. it will snowball out of control in a matter of months and it will turn against us. Their communist plans are mere fever dream when it comes to A.I. "Well, if the robots are nice to us, don't destroy the human species, and actually are subservient to us, then our Communist fever dream could work"

Yeah, okay, it's like trying to decide whether you want chicken or fish for the in-flight meal while the plane is going down.

I recommend reading Superintelligence if you want to get more theroies about it.

u/neonoir · 11 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

Anyone who wants a fairly short, fun-to-read book about how the Church kept literacy and the written heritage of Greece and Rome alive during the Dark Ages should read "How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe". It's a tremendously inspiring and uplifting true story about people persevering as their world collapsed around them - great for these black-pilled times. There's an Audible version, too.

u/thermoroach · 10 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

Anyone going to buy Hillary's explanation for the 2016 campaign 'What Happened'?

Looks like it'll be really great to read, I'm sure it'll be completely honest and not at all a blame fest.

Better is Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign.

Actually discusses some of the hubris and poor strategy employed during the campaign. Would recommend reading, even if you're pro-Trump (which I think a good portion of this subreddit is, or at least conservative-leaning) it's a good look at what actually happened.

u/-absolutego- · 2 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

>For some reason they went absolutely insane when he won.

I can't speak to why the base lost their minds in such a drastic fashion (outside of just regurgitating the hysteria they get from the media), but the party leadership is losing it because Trump winning put a pretty big dent in the whole Demographic Destiny idea that they've been building up for the last 15 years. They honestly thought by now they'd be ruling a 1 party state in all but name, at least at the federal level.

You can track the Democrat strategy of silent approval of increasing illegal immigration and doing everything they can to appeal to ethnic minorities to riiiight around the time this trash was published.

u/mulch17 · 17 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

Asking redditors to explain conservative goals and values is the perfect political Turing test. The answers are always awful.

The more time I spend online, the more I keep agreeing with Jon Haidt's research. He's a self-described liberal that uses his moral foundation theory to explain the underlying moral values of each party, and why it leads to the "Conservative Advantage" - that conservatives are way better at understanding liberals than vice versa. In other words, conservatives generally think liberals are naive and misguided, while liberals generally think conservatives are evil, insane, etc.

He wrote a whole book about it called The Righteous Mind, but this is a good intro if you're interested in learning more. I've never been able to look at politics the same way after reading Haidt's work. He was a life-changer for me.

u/[deleted] · 15 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

The lie started taking over the party when this book was published. After 2004 they more-or-less gave up reaching out to the white working class in favor of trying to turn growing minority communities (Muslims, Latinos) into another captive Democrat voting bloc like the black community.

u/Zach_Braffs_Chin · 10 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

> If you are an Amazon prime member, buy a $50 Amazon gift card and you get $10 for free. One book I really recommend buying with that $10 is Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief


u/dmstewar2 · 2 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

It's not about morals at all. All insurance does this and in many non-complicated insurance systems like cars, you can choose your deductible quite easily because people don't actually get any "utility" from having their broken car fixed other than the fixing of the car.

With health insurance, especially with health insurance, people will do retarded shit like go see the doctor 3x a month because they're lonely or will imagine things are wrong with them that aren't really an issue, doctors have to treat/diagnose them any way driving up overall costs to higher than it would otherwise be on average for a total population with a co-pay/deductible system.

I could probably find a bunch of studies on the topic, but I can assure you it's well documented and has nothing to with "morals". "Moral hazard" is a technical term, it just refers to the person bearing the risk/benefit being separated from the party bearing the cost.

If you really want to understand the insurance market this book is a good start, but you don't, no one does, that's the problem.

u/IBiteYou · 2 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

> Memphis barbecue is the best.


Them's fighting words!

I'm not originally Texan... but I took up the barbeque when I moved here, because it's so good.

Good guide. Also have Raichlen's Project Smoke book.

I should get that one.

u/alecbenzer · 8 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

I wouldn't claim that conservatives are universally logical and rational, but all people resort to emotion. We're more or less built to deal with morality and politics via intuition, not reasoning (see The Righteous Mind). And I'd say this applies to liberals quite a lot as well.

u/FreedomFromIgnorance · 18 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

I took a women’s studies class in college (curiosity, not to get pussy). It was absolutely worthless. We spent half the semester discussing a book about Brazilian transgender prostitutes. No joke.

This was the book: It was interesting, but not the type of thing I envisioned studying in college.

u/400lbsofautism · -17 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

> Israel is an actual ally


> continuing to exist in their ancestral Homeland

oh man, let's try that line with the palestinians they displaced, or better yet, white swedes

i can't believe i have to clarify white swedes. I wonder what group was behind the big push for perpetual war in the Middle East and then pushed for refugee settlement in europe

u/itsrattlesnake · 5 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

I remember when that book came out detailing the insider trading and horrible corruption going on in the halls of Congress. As I recall, 75% of the politicians mentioned negatively in the book are Democrats with the remainder obviously being Republicans. Guess who /r/politics ragged on . . .

u/blake1988 · 26 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

Also no mention of studies and credible books of how FDR's policies prolonged Depression by 7 years or more.

Thomas Sowell

u/RedditJusticeWarrior · 3 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

This may not be the exact one I'm looking for, but it looks close thumbing through it.

The works of Jonathan Haidt are what you wanna focus on though. As he said in his book, The Righteous Mind,

> In a study I did with Jesse Graham and Brian Nosek, we tested how well liberals and conservatives could understand each other. We asked more than two thousand American visitors to fill out the Moral Foundations Qyestionnaire. One-third of the time they were asked to fill it out normally, answering as themselves. One-third of the time they were asked to fill it out as they think a “typical liberal” would respond. One-third of the time they were asked to fill it out as a “typical conservative” would respond. This design allowed us to examine the stereotypes that each side held about the other. More important, it allowed us to assess how accurate they were by comparing people’s expectations about “typical” partisans to the actual responses from partisans on the left and the right)’ Who was best able to pretend to be the other?

> The results were clear and consistent. Moderates and conservatives were most accurate in their predictions, whether they were pretending to be liberals or conservatives. Liberals were the least accurate, especially those who described themselves as “very liberal.” The biggest errors in the whole study came when liberals answered the Care and Fairness questions while pretending to be conservatives. When faced with questions such as “One of the worst things a person could do is hurt a defenseless animal” or ”Justice is the most important requirement for a society,” liberals assumed that conservatives would disagree. If you have a moral matrix built primarily on intuitions about care and fairness (as equality), and you listen to the Reagan [i.e., conservative] narrative, what else could you think? Reagan seems completely unconcerned about the welfare of drug addicts, poor people, and gay people. He’s more interested in fighting wars and telling people how to run their sex lives.

u/dval92 · 4 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

> Do you know what organization David Duke is closely associated with?

We know what you're pulling here and it's stupid.

Duke hasn't been involved with the Klan for nearly 40 years, and when he was a part of that organization that he eventually left his goal was reforming the organization into a non-violent activist movement. His organization, the KKKK, was never accused of or faced charges for acts of violence. His intentions ill-founded or not, his association with the KKK is no more than Barack Obama's association with the Weather Underground via Bill Ayers, which actually did commit several acts of violence.

Further reading

u/DDE93 · 14 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

That, too, comes out of the MiniTru handbook. "Conspiracy theory" is a pejorative was proliferated by the CIA via its press contacts in the wake of JFK's killing in order to lump anyone doubting the official position in with complete crackpots. Thus implying the murder of Seth Rich is just as a ridiculous idea as a flying saucer hiding behind Halley's Comet, for example.

u/InformalEffort · 132 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

> The fact that the Daily Mail's story proved to be defamatory is irrelevant

This is liberals folks. The court of law is a fucking joke to them. No wonder they can't figure anything out. They're so based in the "feels" world that real stats, real laws, and real ANYTHING is a fucking scary insurmountable obstacle to them.

Any idea how many books Obama and Michelle slung while in office, shit for brains?

Any idea how they managed to grow their net worth to the tune of MILLIONS while in office ?!

Eat a fucking cock dude. You got grifted by the First Man.

Meanwhile the Trumps are dumping everything they got into the US and little trolls like you who couldn't pay taxes if your life depended on it are literally mocking immigrants with your greasy racist hands all a twitter.