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u/neko_nero · 3 pointsr/belgium

Not sure if you've played then, but haven't: Kerbal Space Program is the best way to get an intuitive understanding of orbital mechanics. If you like to play God you should also try the Universe Sandbox, and if you want a really really hardcore space sim you should play (or wait, it's still in alpha) for Rogue System.

As for actual books, OpenStax recently published their free astronomy book, and it's quite good for an introduction. From there, it depends entirely on what you're interested in, there's literally a universe's worth of information about
Astrometry and
Orbital mechanics (for the aspiring galactic navigator),
Planetary geology and
Cosmochemistry (careful, these last two lead to geology and meteorology which are equally disastrously addictive fields!)

Also, feel free to follow NASA's, ESA's, and JAXA's blogs. And spend a minute each morning checking the astronomy picture of the day.

Just don't end up llike me and annoy all your friends.

u/Syracuss · 1 pointr/belgium

Yes, they have more power than their seats suggest, I agree with that, but the monumental chance of having this backfire when voters are told you are the problem because of sabotaging the big party (and can be blamed for the shortcomings of the coalition) is a risk that has to be considered low enough to make it worthwhile. Because, then not only, will the current voters believe the bigger party did their best, but will have an easy scapegoat to blame all the problems on (even if it wouldn't be true, people go through amazing lengths to find "explanations" after the fact, I recommend The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt that shows this phenomenon).

Besides that, NVA avoids controversy (as best as possible), Forza happily provokes it (and seemingly acts incredulous afterwards). A coalition between the two would mean NVA would have to defend itself against the controversy created by Forza. Even if Forza does this accidentally, NVA isn't exactly prepared to deal with it judging by how De Wever has responded to Forza's controversies, which I can understand and is their right.

u/Iceon · 1 pointr/belgium

> I know that every piece a lot of legislation they pushed through was in the interest of the diamant sector not in the public interest. So why?

Got me there, better?

Let's be clear, the diamond sector is a mafia organisation that deals in blood money.

Do you need more sources, read this:

Another source:

If all the streets in a city are wet it has rained. You either accept that or you go running around that the sky has been clear all day and that it's your neighbours fault. Have fun with that.

u/Skallywagwindorr · 2 pointsr/belgium

> Serious question here and I really don't mean any offense. Are you authistic?

i never got tested so i can't say for sure, but i do not think so.

> I'm asking because you seem to be unable to relate to other human being

Why do you think this? It is true that i see no gains in empathy but i truly feel compassion for people, i align for the most part with the view of Paul Bloom on this.

> abstract concept of ideology

can you tell me what you mean with this?

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u/k995 · 0 pointsr/belgium

> You've now handwaived my entire response, the question I posed is one neither one of us can answer, so I'm a little bit confused at how you came to a conclusion.

Because we were talking about de roover not about hedebouw. So either de rover made a comparison and then laughed with himself as everyone wrongly saw that as a joke, or he made a joke where people and himself laughed with.


> This might be a bit too forward of me, but if you ever have the time, I'd highly recommend this book. It doesn't take political stances, instead it showcases research on why political debates never end. I massively enjoyed reading it years ago, and gave me some introspection into why I took the positions I did back then, and my immobility of changing my point of view at times.

Recomending a book is never "too forward in my opnion.


And i'll check it out, thx.

u/KimJongUnchained · 1 pointr/belgium

How can you live without those? I had sort of figured that they had them in Europe since they're in literally every store in in the US/Canada, but that really sucks. They're probably the best snack food in the world.

Anyway, it looks like you can order them on Amazon, but I don't know if they ship them to Belgium.

u/CopperSulfateII · 21 pointsr/belgium

A party that considers communism as part of it's core message isn't one I would be hesitant to call extreme. What that effectively means is that they consider the abolition of the market economy (or the travesty of a market economy that we currently have) to be the ultimate goal of the party. And for anyone who thinks an economic model other than one involving at least marginally free markets works, please consult your nearest primer on economics such as:

u/Rhadjaz · 2 pointsr/belgium

Anybody know a way to order the witcher book collection in English?

I know that they sell them in This: bundle but for some reason amazon uk and DE won't ship it to Belgium. Shipping from US would double the price and ordering the separate books from Bol would also increase the price.

Any idea's?

u/Tajil · 1 pointr/belgium

Well the Poetic Edda would be where you start. It's all the stories of the norse mythology. I bought two transcripts of two texts that were written in old icelandic and in arabic. Book 1 was about the discovery of Vinland (North America) by the vikings. Book 2 one is about an Arab who wrote down what he saw when he met Vikings. This is the only detailed account that we have about a viking burial.

I recommend them very highly, but the Poetic Edda would be what you're looking for ;)

u/Kingfisher_ybw · 2 pointsr/belgium

King Leopolds Ghost 3 books in one: rivetting Indiana Jones about the Stanley-Watson expedition, history politicial, how Belgium got this enourmous colony, and a detective story on how the world discovered Leo's atrocities (a lowly clerk in an Antwerp shipping company wants to know why full ships come in and empty ships go back) or anything by Stephen E Ambrose (also great is his history of the first railway through the US, or the Lewis expedition.

u/batlock666 · 1 pointr/belgium
  • Have you tried the other buying options?
  • Try contacting the seller. Sometimes they can be convinced to sell it anyway.
u/smosjos · 11 pointsr/belgium

> "Quality" means nothing without privacy and comfort.
> This just feels like separating the rich from the poor even further.

Indeed, just take a standard dystopian sci-fi book and you will notice the poor people living in a container.

Have a little ambition, please.

u/General_Awesome · 1 pointr/belgium

Well, I tried to take a course on transportation economics and the exam question for 2013 was on the Oosterweel. During the first class the professor mentioned the Oosterweelverbinding would not be worth it, but that the government never listens to experts in the field. I ended up choosing another class because it seemed too hard and I expected something else from it.

Here's the book that was used:

u/e-jazzer · 0 pointsr/belgium

>primer on economics

All is see is Austrian School nonsense. Even neoliberal economists consider them a joke.

u/nickismynickname · 6 pointsr/belgium

If you want to learn about our colonial history in the Congo you should read "King Leopold's Ghost" by Adam Hochschild.

Amazon Link.

u/GVerhofstadt · 5 pointsr/belgium

>My Friends all got children last year and this year... They practically gonna live in underground caves by the time they're 30. And we could be with 10 billion people by then.

Such ridiculous hyperbole. If nothing changes Belgium will have the climate of Southern France. How will we ever survive this?!!?

You're right that changing peoples behavior isn't the answer. Startups focused on carbon removal, otherwise known as carbon sequestration, are working on technologies that range from biology to geology:

  • Swiss startup ClimeWorks uses something called “Direct Air Capture” to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with what is, essentially, a large air filter that bonds to carbon dioxide.
  • Newlight and Carbicrete manufacture building materials—bioplastics and cement-free concrete, respectively—that are carbon negative, meaning the process to manufacture them removes carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Large-scale environmental initiatives are also underway. Project Vesta aims to cover shelf seas with volcanic rock, the weathering of which will, in theory, remove carbon from the atmosphere.

    Just a small sample of companies working on the problem.

    Stop being a prophet and start thinking like a wizard.