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u/Night_Eye · 5 pointsr/dbfz

Using numpad notation: (5 = neutral, 6 is toward the opponent, 8 up, etc.)


IAD: 8 6 6 and 8 4 4 are pretty inefficient try:


IAD forward: 9->6 (wait a little in between, going back to neutral before 6. the cleaner/faster you get with this the closer to the ground you'll be when you dash - which is preferable because it gives less time for the opponent to react)


IAD backward: 7->4 (again neutral in between)


Other people have pointed out the shortcut for airdashing - I've always found those kinda hit or miss, so i prefer the above. Up to you though.


Long Jump: input: 2 8 (neutral) or 2 9 (forward) or 2 7 (backward)


TBH i don't really use this as much as I should(? idk i just play for fun and self-improvement, i'm not competitive), but it's just a practice thing - getting used to your controller. To practice, a good setup is to see if you can do a move/combo (or in this case jump) all the way from one side of the screen to the other (multiple times if it's a far-moving move) without messing up. IAD is the perfect example, start from one corner and IAD repeatedly until you get to the other corner. Do it until you can go the whole screen without missing the input. (don't just grind for it though, probably best to do this as a warm-up for 20 mins or less per day for a bit)


If you're open to getting a different controller (it's not required at all, but it may be more comfortable or more consistent for you, it is for me), I really like [this one for ps4]( and while i don't personally use the xbox variant [here it is]( Fightsticks are really nice too, but they're expensive.


Let me know if you have any other questions or if I didn't explain something properly, i'm happy to help.




Edit: Idk what's happening with the formatting, that usually works :/

u/rmeds · 1 pointr/dbfz

People who use stick are usually the guys who grew up playing fighting games in the arcade- so it's something they are used to. However not all notable pros use stick- sonicfox for example uses pad, and he won winterbrawltwith with it. So I guess if you feel like you will be more comfortable using a stick, then go with it- but don't think that it's required to play well.

Personally, I use The hori fighting commander . This works for both pc and ps4- they have an Xbox version as well. I chose this as my input device because I grew up playing fighting games on a pad and because it's easy to transport.

I don't know much about sticks, but look into hori and qanba brands. What I do know about sticks is their users recommend spending a bit more rather than buy a cheap stick and needing to replace it other on.

Here's some vids that can help you decide

Just remember- it all comes down to personal preference. Good luck on you're choice and maybe we'll run into each other in ranked

u/StatSemita · 4 pointsr/dbfz

Find one of these.

I particularly like the 4 over the newer version. I hold the controller with my left hand normally, but rest my right hand on my leg and use the face buttons like a stick. Best of all worlds, imo.

u/RumpleCragstan · 2 pointsr/dbfz

I 100% agree. Mine is pretty budget, spent half of what it looks like you did, and even with that step down it's better than a controller.

Personally I find that the double taps for IADs and such are infinitely easier on a stick. Plus I like the button arrangement better, especially for assists. It's so easy to forget about trigger buttons when you're learning the game.

u/ChuckieFister · 18 pointsr/dbfz

Yes! The Brook super converter has always worked for me. You just need to be sure to keep the firmware on it up to date or it will randomly disconnect. They're pretty good at keeping up with the PS4s updates.

u/YMB9Shinzou · 4 pointsr/dbfz

Ummm what system is it you are playing on because any stick you can get that worked with all 3 is most likely going to be very expensive.

Edit: I see you said about your XBO pad not being responsive so I am going to assume you are playing on that. If you are playing on XBO then you should get a stick that works with that and then it will work also on PC.

I don't think with the lack of fighting games that the XBO has a great choice of sticks but this would maybe be a good buy

Personally though I have big hands and find that the stick and buttons are slightly too close on the Hori stick so if you're the same and want something with weight to it I'd go for this

Both are quite pricy but if you are really committed to playing fighting games on stick it'll save you money overall because a really budget stick you will quickly outgrow or wear out... or put your fist through.

u/huxt592 · 3 pointsr/dbfz

I see that you're not having a good time with the PS4 controllers although they are toted as one of the better controllers for fighting games. If you're looking to get a more serious controller, something custom could be what you're looking for. I've personally never gone that route so I don't have any personal suggestions. I do know that SonicFox uses Battle Beaver Customs so do what you will with that information.


I first bought a fightstick because I thought it would be more fun to use than a controller. To an extent, it is. There is a whole learning curve that goes into it. If you think you're half decent now, you'll be trash on the stick until it becomes as comfortable as using a controller. It took me a month to be able to play semi-efficiently and another 2 weeks after to get back to my previous playing level. I researched a bit and picked up a Hori RAP N from Amazon because the NOIR button layout better accommodates large hands. I suggest you don't skimp out and buy a really cheap stick. The parts matter a lot. The cheapest I would suggest would be the F300 Elite since it still uses Sanwa parts. My issue ended up being not able to consistently hit diagonals.


I then discovered the hitbox after purchasing the RAP N and being a keyboard warrior / PC gamer, I had to try it. I checked out both the hitbox and the mixbox and without trying them out, I didn't know which one I'd prefer. I reached out to Aaron from AllFightSticks and he made me a custom layout that includes both the WASD layout from the mixbox and the "space bar" from the hitbox. I also managed to maintain the NOIR layout and keep the larger button size (official hitbox uses smaller buttons). It wasn't cheap but it's been well worth every dollar spent on it. I can use it on any system without added accessories, it's completely metal so it's durable, and it was made to my exact specifications. Ever since I got my hitbox, I haven't gone back. Added caveat of a hitbox / mixbox is that to do an IAD is essentially pressing WD>D or spaceD>D on your keyboard.


If you have any questions or want to see pictures of the box, let me know and I'll send you a link

u/Kana-ti · 3 pointsr/dbfz

This is the one I have it comes with a 4 way restriction plate, and I am modding it to an 8-gate tonight. That is the only thing I really wanted to change. Hori did a great job over all. I might eventually change it to Sanwa, but for now it works great.

u/AGreatOldOne · 1 pointr/dbfz

I much perfer the d-pad over the analogue stick. However, I don't really like the Xbox or PS4 controllers, I personally use a Hori Fighting Commander. I've been using it since I started playing and I feel like it's a very well made controller for people who like to use the d-pad for fighting games.

Amazon link

There is nothing wrong with using whatever controller is comfortable for you.

u/SifTheAbyss · 1 pointr/dbfz

Sorry, didn't reread the ones above.

In that case, definitely try out other controllers when you get the chance. Individual controllers can get finicky over time as well, try out another ds4 as well, it might be simply worn.

There are rubber disks like these and similar ones that improve the area you can effectively press down on:

I don't have any experience with them, but I imagine they would be the smallest investment if any is made at all.

u/Iceman2357 · 2 pointsr/dbfz

So nothing exists but like the other guy said the brooks adapter is your best option really
PS3/PS4 to Xbox One Controller Adapter

u/Zarantyr · 1 pointr/dbfz

Update for you, if you want to shell out the 40 dollars and get that, it works fantastic, every button works and no re-wiring, like KeytarsRus said!

u/drtycho · 1 pointr/dbfz

then start by doing the two actions slowly, then speeding up incrementally until it works, then practice that timing until its memorized. also consider switching to a different controller, consider this, i've had one for months now and its great

u/Manic1081 · 4 pointsr/dbfz

qanba drone, it’s like 60$ on amazon

Edit: Qanba Drone - PlayStation 4

here’s a link bud

u/Ctrl-Break · 2 pointsr/dbfz

Here is what I use:

Never used the RAP 4, but the RAP N looks a little heavier and I like the button placement and cord stash.

u/Genostigma · 3 pointsr/dbfz

I got the fastsnail one on Amazon. And it has worked wonders for me.

u/The_GreatGonzales · 1 pointr/dbfz

This one?

AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter - White

u/ycz6 · 1 pointr/dbfz

Apologies if you've tried this already, but have you looked into using an Ethernet-to-USB adapter such as this one?

u/Khromi · 2 pointsr/dbfz

Ye, most people use a Brook Universal Board which works with all platforms (except Nintendo). Only tools you'll need are a screwdriver, allen keys and any decent wire stripper.

You'd pay about the same for a prebuilt one for all the parts so it's up to you.

u/TarantulaG · 17 pointsr/dbfz

4th thing to add ethernet cables are extremely cheap so yeah wire your shit up!!!