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u/Loud_Volume · 1 pointr/drunk

Hey man, wishing you the best, and letting you know a random stranger loves ya and cares for ya!

My dad was a pretty bad alcoholic and I felt pretty alone most of my life. Something that has helped me is reading and I just wanted to share this book with you because it's really powerful and helped me personally overcome and recognize buried emotional pain and other guilt and fear within myself.

Wishing you the best.

You can also get it for free on audible if you download the app and get this book as your first free trial.

Hope you have a great life!

u/c1e0c72c69e5406abf55 · 1 pointr/drunk

This thing always seemed like something awesome for my whiskey.

u/uncle_moe · 0 pointsr/drunk

I got curious of the Sphere ice molds so I found it here if anyone else like a gander. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be slipping back to /r/all and you'll likely never see me again...

u/madducks · 3 pointsr/drunk

Unrelated: Have you read Moscow to the End of the Line? It's awesome. Let me know if you haven't, I will find a way to get you a copy, seriously.

u/FapFapLulz · 0 pointsr/drunk

Damn, they're giving them out for free now? I got mine here.

u/engebre5 · 3 pointsr/drunk

I got this book for Christmas and made a mulled wine recipe out of it. Delicious, and no one else wanted any so it was all mine!.

u/Redstrawberry35 · 3 pointsr/drunk

I prefer this wine glass. Then when I finish one glass I don't feel so bad.

u/Calcufactor · 1 pointr/drunk

This is a thing that exists.

u/HighPinkiePie · 1 pointr/drunk

im guessing that it works similar to a these.. so as you're drinking, the glass refills at the same time.

u/Ice-veins · 2 pointsr/drunk

I just purchased this. I doubt I'm the "my salary is high enough to purchase expensive comic books" kind of person, but hey, drunk me has good taste.

u/jagershotzz · 12 pointsr/drunk

[Buskers: The On-the-Streets, In-the-Trains, Off-the-Grid Memoir of Two New York City Street Musicians] ( It follows my rise from suburban stoner to NYC musician dirt bag.

u/drewbeta · 3 pointsr/drunk

I started the drinking man's diet, which evolved into lazy keto. I lost 75lbs in under a year, and the diet causes you to become a complete lightweight, so you get drunk faster.

u/npurcell8 · 15 pointsr/drunk

Here's a 2 liter version that I bought as a trophy, ~$30 on Amazon.

And just until you finish. One day I'd like to do it ad fundum, but Beerfest lies, the difficulty isn't the rotation (though it is important), it's ingesting 9 beers at the same damn time nonstop it's borderline painful.