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u/LyleGately · 2 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

My name is Lyle and here is my buttwink. Pause it when I get into the hole. Ouch. It was these videos that got me working on my lumbar arch again.

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide has a flexibility section all the way in the back. I got this book for Christmas, right around the same time I filmed my squats and realized my lower back was still rounding.

Here is the first part of that section. You can read it, but he says his standards for flexibility for Oly lifting are these three positions. I decided that working on that second position would help with my back rounding. I took photos/videos of myself trying to hit that position and I came no where close. (I can't even do the first position due to ankle flexibility. The third position I'm 95% okay on)

Here's a (sexy) still of a video I took of myself on Feb 7 after I stretched.

Here is a (sexy) picture with before stretching on the left and after stretching on the right.

I don't have it down perfectly, but I have made progress. I've only done one stretch the past month to try address this.

I put my foot on a raised surface. I try to angle my thigh out to the same angle as it would be when I squat, so about 30 degrees from straight ahead. Then, WITH A BENT KNEE, I lean towards my leg and try to rotate my hips forward/arch my lower back. Some (sexy) photos of me doing this on my couch. I also do this on my bed. Both are around knee high.

From the side.

Ass shot from behind.

Why bent knee? Are your knees bent when your back rounds during the squat? Yup. With a straight knee you feel all this stretch pain behind your knee. Once you unlock your knee, though, you get more ROM and you begin to feel it all up in your hamstrings and adductors.

I do these isometric/PNF style. I get into position and just kind of hang out for 20-30 seconds until it loosens up. I then lean into the stretch passively for a 10 count. I contract the hamstrings (push foot down and try to bring it towards you) for a 5 count, relax, and then immediately lean into the stretch for another 10 count. I do maybe 4-6 contract/relax cycles until I get no more mobility out of the stretch. Then I hold the last passive stretch for a 30 count. I do that once per leg and I'm done. I try to do it twice a night, but I hate stretching so much (I really do) I probably average out to something less than once per day.

That's about it for the stretch (ha, only like 1,000 words to explain it). I haven't filmed my squats since that video, but if it has helped at all I'm planning on posting something similar to all of this to /r/weightroom. Ya know, once I've proven to myself that it works. I'm kind of putting my trust in the guy who wrote that book, but the book seems legit. That second position is the same as Pendlay Rows. You can see how flat this guy's back is. A couple months back I couldn't even come close to that.

You have four options with butt wink, which the other replies to this all hit:

  1. You don't know how to actively arch your back / your back is too weak.
  2. Not enough abdominal pressure/stability.
  3. Knees not far enough out which makes your femur impinge on your hips.
  4. Hamstring flexibility.

    I've pretty much ruled out 1-3 which is why I'm working on #4.
u/PanTardovski · 4 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Dunno if it would be amusingly familiar to you or just rubbing salt in the wound but this amused the shit out of me. Good job getting out.

u/herman_gill · 2 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

As you Americans say, that shit's pretty "low yield".

I'd buy this book if you haven't already.

Also clinical physio wouldn't be a bad bet, but I dunno if you need to go that in depth? They also have a clinical renal phys (shit's super duper important), but again, probably don't think you'd need that?

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

I'm familiar with those dudes. If you haven't read this book, it's worth your time.

u/MyNameIsDan_ · 2 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk


Flavours like cookies and cream, rocky road and extreme milk choco are cheaper than usual!

Pic of the deal you missed out on if you checked the link too late:

u/Chemicalmachine · 3 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Try this. It really helped me develop my stopping skills.

u/Strikerrjones · 3 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

> looking at muscle performance in the presence of chronic spinal cord injury.

Have you read this textbook, by any chance? It has a big chapter at the end devoted to nervous system injury models.

u/Nerdlinger · 6 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Or possibly because bad writers misunderstand atheists' understanding of christians.

Seriously, Grantrand is a shithole of bad sportswriters who think that reading McSweeney's once or twice means they can throw whatever long-form free-thought bullshit on the web (unedited, mind you) and it will suddenly make them into the love-child of Herman Wouk and Ambrose Bierce. Let me drink enough to turn this rambling paragraph into a poorly formatted 3000 word article and Grantland will probably snap it up faster than Andrew Golota will go for your nuts.


  1. No really
  2. I mean I appreciate Bill Simmons for what he is.
  3. But good lord, I have yet to read an article there that didn't make me want to ask Bill James what the likelihood of me bashing his skull in is if I were to use a Remington typewriter on a Thursday night after a Wednesday night where the temperature had fallen below 60ºF.
  4. And I'm a man that loves shitty writing.
  5. Just not when shitty writing is passed off as something of quality.
  6. Read it, motherfuckers
  7. Am I hired yet, Bill? You and I can sip root beers and talk about the fall of Inari Vachs sometime.
u/super_luminal · 3 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

People that know just enough about me to know I read a lot keep recommending these damn things to me. As if those of us that like to read will read any damn thing; cereal boxes, airplane seat-back safety cards (admittedly, I love these), and shitty immature porn.

I also have this terrible habit of listening to people's awful book recommendations when I am drunk. This is exacerbated by my kindle, which is always with me. So drunken super_luminal will IMMEDIATELY PURCHASE horrible books on the recommendation of drunken strangers she meets at bars with wild abandon.

I woke up one morning with a terrible hangover and a copy of The Shack blinking back at me.

So much shame.

u/gzcl · 10 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Something something my rant about Crossfitters thinking they're "warriors."

Edit: I would further like to add to that rant the following:

Just because someone is physically strong or a trained "martial artist" doesn't mean they're capable of stopping any sort of violence; either before or during it occurring. With the thousands of dojos around America you would think that there would be a greater amount of citizen intervention in day to day crimes. But there isn't. Why? Because being physically able to stop or prevent something is entirely different than being mentally capable of it. Sure, someone can be a "trained" fighter, carry with them all sorts of skills and wear a fancy colored belt in the ring, but when there isn't a judge or ref around it changes the situation quite a bit.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who know violence and those who know of it. They are not one in the same. People who know violence can use it on demand for the benefit of themselves or others; or for the destruction thereof.

Those who know of violence cannot bring themselves mentally close enough to that edge of brutality where self destruction and self defense are often one in the same.

For a little taste of this concept read the following: