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u/DROAWT17 · 1 pointr/intrusivethoughts

I took accutane for about a year to clean up my Back acne, it worked wonders.

I didnt get off it like I should have and a few months later my face broke out like crazy.

I started taking
-A probiotic complex: kills the crap in today's food in your stomach that creates acne. I buy super asodopholis complex from trader joes.

-Vitamin A: be careful on dosage it can harm your liver. go easy on alcohol while taking it. Accutane is vitamin A on steroids.

-Drink copious amounts of water.

My face cleared up from that. I still get acne, Its hell of alot better though.

I may go back on Accutane.

I also noticed I was breaking out while drinking high amounts of coffee, after some research online some people notice a connection.

u/titaniumbunting · 5 pointsr/intrusivethoughts

I'm sorry you're in a society that requires violence and then fails to manage what happens to people who commit it. I'm also sorry you are or were in a military that seems to be in denial about what it's really there for and fails to manage its soldiers when they come back.

There are other people out there who've gone through this, and didn't come out thinking warm and fuzzy MRT-approved PC thoughts. If you're into reading, there is a pretty well-respected mil-scifi author and Vietnam vet, David Drake, who writes for improperly reintegrated combat vets. He says that this book is his best and the most important for his target audience (you), and it's free:


You may get something out of it.

u/ironheart777 · 11 pointsr/intrusivethoughts

I'm friends with a sex addiction counselor and your issues are far more common than you think. You clearly need a therapist but a good one can easily fix this with only a few years time. It sounds to me like you've got traumatic, shame filled memories of your first sexual experiences and it's causing your thought patterns to become erratic and anxious. Basically with traumatic memories your brain goes into intense, fight or flight mode and you begin to believe terrifying and horrible things to be true despite the fact that they are not. Things like "I'm a monster" when you clearly are not.


What you can do right now is bring out a bunch of notebook paper and free write about your first sexual experiences. No judgement, just write out your thoughts and see where they take you. Allow yourself to fully think through the things you are thinking without judgement. It's scary, but it's clear the real you isn't a bad person, and no matter how frightened you are you must remember that the real person is always in control.


I also think you should immediately begin reading this:


Haven't read it myself but looks good. If you need money let me know and I'll venmo you. Don't wait to have it delivered, you need to download it on kindle and begin reading it right now. Take time off work or any responsibilities, if you can and spend some time meditating and relaxing.

u/paczki · 2 pointsr/intrusivethoughts

There's a book about a guy that did half of that... the book is called Stranger in the Woods.

u/RollRoundInTheToilet · 2 pointsr/intrusivethoughts

They make wireless trackpads now. With a bluetooth dongle you can connect it to your PC. You'll need to set up the drivers on this page, though.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/intrusivethoughts

Your sexuality and turn-ons will make way more sense once you read a book called "Sex at Dawn".

u/mattho78 · 1 pointr/intrusivethoughts

Hi. I am sorry you are going through this. I just read your other post as well. You are having intrusive thoughts. Everybody gets them. They are out of our control. The vast majority of people just brush them off but a few of us mistakenly think they mean something really important and they torture us. Know that you are not alone and that you can get better.

Do you find yourself compulsively doing or thinking things to try to reduce the anxiety or to find proof that these thoughts don't mean anything bad about you as a person?

The following may be of help...

I also highly recommend this book. It's only $10 on kindle and is fantastic...
Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT-Based Guide to Getting Over Frightening, Obsessive, or Disturbing Thoughts