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u/Brethon · 6 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

Tactical Barbell II: Conditioning is, for my money, the most important book. It contains the "Base Building" program to get your conditioning kick-started, and is the most unique from other fitness offerings for how it explains to incorporate conditioning alongside strength training.

Tactical Barbell 3rd Edition is the current strength training book. It offers strength training that blends very well with the conditioning protocols in the other book, or used on their own. Most programmes you find for strength have workloads that aren't sustainable for people with active jobs, and this book offers several options for how to grow strength and stay useful at work.

Tactical Barbell: Physical Preparation for Law Enforcement is what I assume to be the third book you reference. It's a very focused book, and I've no experience with it myself.

Everything in the books can be scaled; all the conditioning workouts in TBII come with both easier and harder modifications, exercise clusters have their framework and reasoning explained and allow the reader to select specific exercises (can't do push-ups, then do incline push-ups, etc.), strength training uses percentages of your abilities so how strong you are now is irrelevant, and so on.

u/Brillica · 9 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

There isn't a beginner program per se, as every template is regulated by your current capabilities.

The strength book has templates for 2-, 3-, and 4-day/week lifting so frequency and exercise selection is entirely up to you (the book suggests exercises based off of your goals). All lifting in the strength templates is sub-maximal, whereas 5/3/1 includes maximal lifting on it's 1 days and the AMRAP sets.

The conditioning book lays out basic understanding of the different energy systems in your body and has templates for training them in different priorities. It also has a big collection of conditioning workouts which is worth the price whether you follow one of the supplied templates or not, IMO. This book includes the Base Building template which you may be thinking of as the 'beginner program' but it's purpose is to get your cardiovascular system to a good place for future training, not as an introduction to exercising.

Honestly, I recommend you spend the $15 and buy the Kindle version of both books. Whether you run the workouts or not there's good information to know (just like I don't run Juggernaught 2.0 but the book was money really well spent).

u/AATroop · 2 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

I would follow one of these templates.

All of them are great for strength training, I personally would go with Option 2, but that's just me. Option 1 is great also.

Also, I would get the books and read through them. They're the basis for the program (and they are pretty cheap on Kindle- see sidebar), so they're the gospel in that sense.

Most important thing, with any program, is just eating right and being consistent. Take it slow, don't get injured, and just be in the gym 3x a week and you'll see results.

Edit: Sidebar links are actually broken lol. Here are the links for I and II.

Book I: Strength

Book II: Conditioning

u/p455k3y · 0 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

Read "the essence of physical fitness training"
Bridges the gap between both worlds. Helps you finding your perfect routine respecting your individual talents and limitations (i. e. time).

u/hartfordsucks · 2 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

Yeah, look at the Zulu template example. It has a single lift most days of the week in addition to another workout.

TBII is Tactical Barbell II: Conditioning. It goes in to detail about the other workouts Endurance, High Intensity Conditioning, Strength Endurance) that are talked about in some of the example templates that TBI goes into. Super helpful if you're wanting more than just regular barbell training. I feel like TBII really helps round out and fill in some of the blanks from TBI.

u/furism · 1 pointr/tacticalbarbell

On top of what everyone else said, make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep every day, 8 if possible. Most of the recovery and fat burning actually happen when you sleep, but it takes several hours for the process to even start (after 5 or 6). That's why you can't really "catch up" on sleep (ie: 6 hours sleep + 2 hours nap is not the same thing as 8 hours of sleep, because some processes take 5 to 6 hours to begin and last for 2).

There's a great book that covers all of this in great details, called "Why we sleep" (here). If you want the TL;DR version, the author was a guest on JRE (here).

u/eminiplayer · 4 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

You're in the right place. This sub discusses the Tactical Barbell methodology. You will need to buy these two books.

Tactical Barbell 1

Tactical Barbell 2

Checkout the reviews on Amazon, it's a great program.

u/geidi · 2 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

All good advice in this thread so far. Just to muddy up the waters here's option#3:

Disclaimer: I don't have experience with this particular TB program and it doesn't get discussed here much. Somebody with more knowledge please chime in.

u/cpm67 · 1 pointr/tacticalbarbell

These or something like these

WODFitters Stretch Resistance Pull Up Assist Band with eGuide, #1 Red- 10 to 35 Pounds (1/2 "4.5mm)

u/GalahadEX · 4 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

Volume I

Volume II

Read them, study them, apply what you learn. These two books can carry you through your entire training life.

u/svenjolly13 · 2 pointsr/tacticalbarbell

There's a thing out called "kindle". You can buy electronic books that you can actually read on the computer you're typing on. They're far cheaper than paper books. You can get these magical kindle books for around 5-10bucks a piece.

Here you go:

Look at the heading titled "Digital book" = $6.90.

Let's round up to $7 for you son. $7 + $7 = $14.

If you were actually familiar with the TB content in comparison to other fitness books I don't think you'd be making these dumb trollish comments.

u/krammebamse · 1 pointr/tacticalbarbell

No creatine (yet), just ~1.5 scoops of this which I usually have earlier in the day when I'm hungriest. I take a multivitamin (Vitafusion men) 4-5 days a week, plus 500mg magnesium 3 days a week.

As for rest in between sets, I'd mostly been sticking to 2, sometimes 3 minutes, up to 5 if I feel tired.