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u/XJadynX · 4 pointsr/uberdrivers

You get what you pay for. IF you get a cheap knock off then you'll get a cheap knock off and you roll the dice if it'll work well or not. When I got a dash cam I looked at it as an investment. Seeing as not only will this protect me while on the clock BUT it'll also protect me day to day driving.

Records in 1080P at 30 FPS inside AND out. Records up to 5 hours before it will start to loop ( IMHO it's only weakness as if it could support a 128 card it would be so much better at 11 hours or close to a full allowed time of driving ) Other then that it's a GREAT cam with great quality and in truth not many people even notice it. Mine is half hidden behind my Rear view mirror. Best part? It has motion detection. Meaning if anyone comes around your car while you are parked it turns on and records. Trust me it's worth it.

u/ewinterstine · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

Completed my first week with 28 rides and I'm surprised how nice everyone has been so far! I creeped on this sub for a few weeks now for tips/tricks and it has really helped. PAX also really like the interior lights of my car. Some materials I want to share:

Waterless Car Wash - I work in the city and didn't know there was such a thing. I can wash my car in my parking spot or on the street with a little bucket of water.

LED Interior Lights - This is a little flashy, but it was only $10 and I hard wired it into my interior dash so there are 0 wires and I'm not using up my outlet for power. Plus PAX can see if they dropped anything and we're not driving completely in the dark. I can control the brightness and usually have it very dim for some atmospheric lighting

Vaccum - This thing works great and has a very long cord to reach through my entire Jeep. It's not for heavy duty jobs, but vacuuming once a week should do the trick

Phone Holder - The Jeep has circular air ducts so this is a great alternative - if you do not use your CD player. This does cover your CD port and has worked great so far. Since it's in my center dash, PAX can see where I'm going.

Battery Powered Uber Sign - Again, flashy but it draws attention and since it's battery powered I do not have to worry about cords running through my car or dash. I found mine on Ebay.

Water - I have a small compartment to keep ice-packs and small water bottles. With every PAX I pickup I offer a bottle of water. 9/10 say no thanks but everyone is very thankful for the offer.

u/scsibusfault · 5 pointsr/uberdrivers

Having done this, I'll give my 2cents:

  • The LG G-Tab is a capable, cheap device, that has (if you get the right model) both 4G and GPS. You'll NEED both in order to Uber. (or only GPS if you're going to tether it via wifi hotspot to your other phone/dataplan)

  • You'll NEED to keep your phone, because you'll have to text and call people. The tablet won't have a phone plan, so it won't be able to do that. You MIGHT be able to get by using google voice, but most people report they have issues with it (for example, I can't use gVoice for Lyft, because the 2-factor-auth texts don't ever show up.)

  • Providers is going to be up to you. I've found the cheapest way to go here is T-mobile, prepaid, data-only. Costs me like $29/month and I get 6GB of data. Technically it's unlimited, but they throttle it down to 3G speeds after you hit the 6GB cap. I never go over 2GB a month.

  • Mount: NiteIze Steelie. If your tablet is exceptionally heavy, it might be best to get 2 of those and have it use 2 mount points.

    I used to have this setup; one phone and one tablet. I ended up switching to 2 phones only because the tablet started to get a little wonky and I didn't want to deal with it anymore. It's nice, and having a "huge gps" is pretty awesome.
u/Malyki · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

You will qualify everything for up to your size. Uber XL and UberX -- You will know the type of ride it is and you can choose to accept it or not.


" Otherwise I plan to be pretty laid back and take song/music suggestions, offer complimentary bottled water, wifi, charging cables, bring/get their morning coffee, ie. I want my riders to have the best experience possible! "


That wont last long at all. We've all been there and will be gone within a week. Everyone will suggest to keep it simple. A charging cable and Aux is more than enough.


You can do as you please as you wait for a ride. You can hang out in McDonald's, sit on your couch at the beginning of shift waiting for the first ride. You are the boss. Do what you want when you want.


DashCam? Yes Yes Yes! Here is the most recommended dashcam here on this sub.


u/RutD0g · 4 pointsr/uberdrivers

To the op, that sucks. I'm sorry. It's wrong.

But now I hope you and everyone reading this will protect yourself by recording a video of everything that happens in your car!


You don't even have to decide which one.
> The model I believe this driver used (and that I and a bunch of other old-timers in this sub use) has been sold as the Falcon Zero F360, Wicked HD WCD-5801, Black Box M1000, and now the Pyle PLCMDVR52.

> A year ago they were $150, now I see them going for as low as $75 (Pyle). EDIT: that was summer 2016. Prices have gone up again, perhaps because more people a buying them. But there are still some available for $100 as of July 2017.

> Falcon:

> Wicked:

> Black Box:

> Pyle:

> Some include an SD card and some do not, so take that into consideration for price comparison. Specs says it only takes up to 32gb cards, but I put in a 64gb card and formatted it in the camera (apparently that's important) and it worked fine. YMMV.

> This cam is one of those items designed in China and offered for sale under a variety of brands in the US, all of which nobody has heard of. ;)

> Here's a review emphasizing it's technical limitations, but showing it's unique form factor and value for taxi drivers.

> That YouTuber has a great intro guide to dashcams which I found very helpful:

> He's very tech and quality oriented, and as such recommends a $200 premium inside/outside camera, but it doesn't have the rear view mirror form factor, which is a real space saver.

Searching around a bit, here's $85 free shipping, with 16GB SD Card.

u/abowlofcereal · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Seems like this gets asked fairly frequently but here's a quick digest.

If you're on a budget and want interior/exterior coverage. Check this one out.. It is an all-in-one unit.

For about the same price (possibly less) you can buy two of these. Another redditor says they work great.

The Wirecutter did a pretty decent review of dashcams as well and found that beyond a certain point, features are overkill (i.e. "night vision" almost never works as advertised) so spending under $100 is generally advisable.

u/sjsharks323 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

since CA is a 2 party state, its the audio piece that requires the signs. if the cam records audio, legally you are supposed to post a sign saying that. video you dont need the sign bc i believe its considered the same way as if youre being recorded on store security cameras. just like CCTV. if your dashcam has a function to turn audio off, that would be better cause then you wouldn't have to decline rides. even if it doesnt, you could just turn the cam off for that ride if you really wanted it.


note - im not a lawyer, but reading online on multiple legal sites and such, thats the conclusion i came to. might as well get the sign, better safe than sorry and youd be able to use it in court if you needed. make sure the sign has both video and audio mentioned. heres the ones i have


u/disgruntled_upvoter · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

I use the Transcend DP520 and it works great! Also has good night vision. It's a bit pricey, but WELL worth it.

u/rabidstoat · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Not the person who posted, but I got this one that fits in your CD player slot.

It's pretty decent. Holds the phone snug. My one issue is that the way it's designed you need two hands to install it with the phone (or maybe be really super coordinated with large hands), so if I need to pull the phone out while driving, there's no way to put it back.

u/IAmAfter · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

I bought the Transcend DP520 and tried it for the first time last night. Worked way better than expected. I normally tend to drive at night and the video inside and out looked pretty good.

Transcend 32GB Drive Pro 520 Car Video Recorder with Suction Mount (TS32GDP520M)

u/GaloCegodaMadrugada · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

I've tried many, the best is Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Infrared Night Vision Front and Inside Dash Camera, 2.5K 2560x1440P Single Front, 310° Car Camera, 24hr Parking Mode, Motion Sensor, Support 256GB max

u/Sisircc · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

Here’s the link:

Good rating, quality, and reviews. I’ve been doing Uber since 2015, under extreme weather conditions, and works just as great as when I got it.

The problem you’re having is that your stock car usb charger isn’t powerful enough to keep a charge on your phone. This will solve that issue.

u/seinman · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

I highly recommend this mount. I have had it for three years, and prior to that had the original version for five years. Only upgraded because the original didn’t fit the plus size iPhones. This mount is an absolute beast. The suction cup will hold for years at a time on nearly any surface.

u/hugow · 14 pointsr/uberdrivers

Yeah, they should be required for our protection. I've been using the transcend 520, works great inside and out. Has infrared lights for night vision inside - Transcend 520 drive pro

u/cocisroc · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

this is the one 90% of drivers on here have

"scsibusfault" has a nice write up review on it. i have it as well, works good.

u/Crownan · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Lol I think I posted this in wrong thread somewhere (too many tabs open) but anyway:

Koomus makes some good stuff.

The mount you get with the Uber phone (suction cup mount, only fitted for 4 and 4s) is pretty crap imo.

u/edmash · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

This is the one that I got and it’s worth every penny! I love it.

u/fatmanjogging · 5 pointsr/uberdrivers

Do it. I use a Falcon Zero F360. It has two cameras - one facing out, one in, and it fits over your existing rear-view mirror.

I have mine set to record over a loop. If something goes down, I swap out the memory card.

I live and do most of my work in a single-party consent state. However, for when I cross over to another state, I do have stickers in the back seat that say "smile - you're on camera!"

I've never had a pax refuse to be recorded. However, I have had some ask what I do with the footage. I simply tell them, "if something crazy happens, I'll pop the memory card out and hang onto that footage. Otherwise, it all gets deleted." After I explain why I have the camera, passengers are totally down with it. Even the drunkest people understand that it's there for my safety.

u/JSnow789 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

I have this one, Two swivel cams, one can see in the cab, the other the front of the vehicle. Super easy to install. Highly recommend. Be warned though that the instructions are very difficult to understand (unless you read Chinese or Russian).

u/heebee8246 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Medline Emesis Bags, Blue, 24 Count

Absolutely worth the investment. Have on hand and then let them keep it as a momento of the night.

u/ociffer_friendly · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Pyle Rearview Mirror Dual Car Dash Camera Recorder For Security Night Vision HD 1080P (PLCMDVR52)

Picked this one up about 2 weeks ago. It's been working great. But like others have said, night vision on the interior is a lost cause, but at least the audio is covered down. If you're on the fence about what to get, I'd lean this way. About $50 cheaper than the falcon.

u/optimistprime1986 · 0 pointsr/uberdrivers

iPhone user. The fact that the app doesn't rotate bothers me, as I use Uber's nav so that I don't need to jump in and out of the app.

I bought this holder off of Amazon and I love it so far. It's adjustable enough that my phone is very low profile and doesn't block my view. Plus, it's tax deductible as far as I can tell.

u/bukk · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

This is my fav mount ever

Cd slot magnetic I put my magnets inside my otterbox on the back of the phone instead of sticking them and they work just fine I have an iPhone 6 Plus it even held up my iPad mini 3 just fine also in a otterbox defender would be even stronger grip without the otterbox but I've never had it slide off the magnet holder once

You don't have to think about it you just put the phone on the magnet and it holds it id never go back to any other phone mount

Magnet seems to have zero effect I've been using the mount for 2 years

u/Mitsukumi · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Lightdow LD6000 WiFi 1080P HD Sports Action Camera Bundle with DSP:Novatek NT96655 Chip, 2.0-Inch LTPS LCD, 170° Wide Angle Lens and Bonus Battery (Black+WiFi)

u/Vtrossi · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

I've had nothing less than a perfect experience with this one I bought a year ago. Holds the phone tight, and isn't one of those super bulky mounts with all kinds of ratcheting gears and such. Plus, the bottom is completely open for charging/aux.

u/SilverlightPony · 4 pointsr/uberdrivers

The one I found the most recommendations for is the Vantrue N2 Pro. I got one and it's very good. Front-only at up to 1440p or front + interior at up to 1080p each. Loop recording in 1, 2, or 3-minute increments. Infrared LED for night-vision on the interior camera. Configurable sensitivity for the G-force sensor.

Example clip from the front cam on mine:

u/everfordphoto · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Medline Emesis Bags, Blue, 24 Count
Good deal considering the alternative.

u/MadBodhi · 0 pointsr/uberdrivers

I got a real small one like this link

Even smaller ones exist link

u/DaveYanakov · 4 pointsr/uberdrivers

Do not skimp on bags. You will need them someday and $10 gets you enough bags to cover a hundred hours of missed surge times. A $150 cleaning fee is nothing when it keeps you from driving during the weekend traffic or pre-game rushes. I have only gone through 5 of these in 18 months but the one passenger whose aim was off proved their value

u/Damean1 · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

Vantrue N2 Pro. Slightly pricy, but worth every penny.

u/Nigle · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

I have every passenger a barf bag that looks somewhat off. Those cleaning fees aren't worth it.

My 3 year old likes to put them on his arms and pretend he is a robot.

u/keennnyyyy818 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

I bought this camera and a it works great, the quality at night isn't great but gets the job done for $50.

u/Bamafan6566 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

StickerTalk Audio and Video Recording Consent Vinyl Stickers, 1 Sheet of 2 Stickers, 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches Each

u/arrrghhh3 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Transcend 520.

There are cheaper cams for sure, but most don't have the in-car video. I actually bought a more expensive one than this Transcend, but it doesn't do in car video so looking to replace it with this one...

u/plutoX7 · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

Definitely no infants, but if they are old enough for a booster seat get one of these:

It's small and won't take up any trunk space, and compliant with all regulations as far as I know.

u/sykilik101 · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

I take it this is the one you bought?

u/ios_static · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

Depends on the dash of the car. But I use one that you put into your cd slot.

Mpow Car Phone Mount,CD Slot Car Phone Holder Universal Car Cradle Mount with Three-Side Grips and One-Touch Design for iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus/6s/6P/5S, Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8, Google, Huawei etc

u/UnCounted36244 · 3 pointsr/uberdrivers

This one. Works great. There is an adhesive on the suction cup that keeps it firmly on the windshield. It is gummy enough that it is also supposed to be able to affixed to the dashboard, but I have never done this.

Cheaper than the Steelie, no magnet, and it works!

u/schmuber · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

Soft bags require fine motor skills to operate. Try using your barf bag while wearing oven mitts – that's exactly how low motor skills of an average drunk are.

Get the ones /u/UberDuperDrew suggested, or the ones I use. Hard entry ring is the key here. I keep mine unfolded and ready to go within my reach, so I can hand it to the pax in less than one second. So far (knock on wood) haven't missed a single drop. All my cleanups are food, drinks and dirt, not the vomit.

u/larissap112 · 1 pointr/uberdrivers

I just got a Mifold and it's incredibly small, sturdy, washable and awesome. ( If the parent doesn't have a seat for their toddler, I'm golden. It won't work for infants or small toddlers but I doubt there will be many parents/caregivers THAT stupid or negligent.

u/Grokker999 · 2 pointsr/uberdrivers

You can search on "dual USB car charger" on Amazon and find a bunch. This is the one that I would probably buy today:
I put my cables that run from a socket that is in my arm rest and run the cables to the back seat area and stick them in a pocket behind the front passenger seat so they are a little out of the way. No one can just walk away with the charger or cables that way. I think this would be a problem for a lot of drivers though. Asshole PAX will no doubt steal. I have only had to purchase a charger or cables once though since 2015.

u/holierthanthee · 11 pointsr/uberdrivers

I hope others here appreciate your openness about this as well.

>Can I just pull over and tell the pax to get out, and end the ride there?

Yes. Absolutely. Anytime you feel unsafe that's pretty much exactly what you should do.

>Is there even a point in reporting it to Uber (or Lyft)?

Yes, so they won't repeat the behavior with another driver.

>I have some martial arts training but I'm not sure how I'd do if things went badly.

  1. Keep some pepper spray nearby . I keep mine in the door pocket by my left leg. I would actually recommend pepper gel because it does not disperse as much in a vehicle - less chance of you affecting yourself.

  2. Be aware of your pax. Always keep your doors locked until you have visually sized up your pax - especially important at night. If they don't seem right (staggering, holding a red Solo cup, etc ) - just drive away and cancel.

  3. Get the dashcam sooner rather than later and make sure it is one that records the inside as well. Here is the one that I use. Don't try to hide the dashcam - having it there will stop a lot of bad behaviors just by being seen.

  4. Consider not driving late nights and only doing the business / dinner crowd instead.

    Something to consider - If you have bad anxiety issues then Uber may not be the right job for you. You have to deal with a lot of different types of people and enough of them are going to act out badly that this could cause things to go south in so many ways. You might consider trying a different line of work - something less stressful.

u/Shakey_Jake · 0 pointsr/uberdrivers

This will sound like victim blaming but...

  1. Do not let a drink guy sit in your front seat. There is a reason why taxi passengers sit in the back seat (and there use to be a barrier back there).
  2. Get a dash cam. It will be able to record any bad behavior for proof later on. Otherwise you are in a he-said, she-said situation. Remember that taco bell executive that hit that Uber driver? That would have been a non-story without the camera. I recommend this one:
  3. Cameras also have a calming affect on on passengers and often deters bad behavior. If you do not want to pay for a camera, put up signs everywhere that the passengers are being recorded by hidden cameras for their safety. When they ask where the camera is, tell them that it is a hidden camera, and if you told them where it was, then it would no longer hidden.
  4. Report this to the police. Something worse my happen to the next driver.