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Bahco 5-Inch 474-125-0.80 Cabinet Scraper
Overall length of 5-InchCabinet scraperSpecifically for carpentry workBlade of cold rolled, hardened and tempered chrome nickel steelWhite plastic edge protector
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6 Reddit comments about Bahco 5-Inch 474-125-0.80 Cabinet Scraper:

u/abnormal_human · 14 pointsr/woodworking

I recommend going slow with hand tools. Buy them one or two at a time, and then learn to use, sharpen, and care for those before buying more. This will help you get the best stuff for you while spending as little as possible. Let your projects guide your tool purchases.

Amazon isn't a great place to buy hand tools. Most people shop at either Lee Valley, Lie-Nielsen, or eBay for planes, chisels, saws, rasps, etc. That said, there's a surprising amount of stuff you'll need that's not the tools themselves. Personally, I wouldn't want to saddle myself with an inferior tool just to use a gift certificate.

Anyways. Stuff you SHOULD buy on amazon:

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u/aaronblohowiak · 6 pointsr/woodworking

a scraper is a nice, niche tool that he would probably enjoy having -- or enjoy having another if he already has one.

similarly, one can never have enough marking tools (though bringing a knife to the office might be a no-no depending on your office culture):

u/mattmillr · 2 pointsr/woodworking

I use this one and have been pleased so far:

Make sure and pick up a burnisher and (if you don't have one) a file so you can sharpen it.

u/CSharpSauce · 2 pointsr/DIY

It looks nice!
A quick tip, if you need to smooth some difficult to plane wood (grain changing directions) a card scraper is awesome. I've scraped some funky grain with one of these, and it works great everytime. They cost about $10. Though, you'll need a burnisher too (about $20) to get it sharp (it dulls very quickly)

u/leroy_sunset · 1 pointr/woodworking

Not planning on floating them, they will be stapled at an angle in the groove just like regular wood floors every foot or so. Not planning on gluing at all, although I may do something in the seams, haven't decided yet. Only the first course will be affixed with adhesive and face nails.

I have a pile of it right here to test with :D

Honestly, I've used a plane maybe twice in my life and I don't own one, nor a card scraper. I'd need solid suggestions on what to buy (Amazon links?) and it can't be more than $50. Maybe a few youtube video links as well on how to use/sharpen. The scraper I'm looking at is this Bahco.