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Cisco DPC3010 DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem
Compatible with Time Warner Cable, Cox Communication and more!NOT COMPATIBLE WITH COMCASTDesigned to meet DOCSIS 3.0 specifications as well as backward compatibility with existing DOCSIS 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 networks.10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port to connect with router or computer; Form Factor: ExternalDOCSIS 3.0 Certified with speeds capable of up to 343Mbps down and 120Mbps upstream.
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14 Reddit comments about Cisco DPC3010 DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem:

u/Klexicon · 3 pointsr/Lubbock

Buy this one used. Right now there is one for $36 with prime shipping. I got a used one for 29.95, and but so far it works great. It is on the Suddenlink recommended modem list as well.

That is the router I bought, but you really won't need anything like that one if you don't care about WirelessN. Together I paid $130 for the two.

u/opalelement · 2 pointsr/springfieldMO

You can get modems pretty cheap if you anyone needs one; I bought a used Cisco DPC3010 from seller NetBetShop on Amazon, only $12. You connect it, call Mediacom, and ask them to provision your new modem. Their monthly rental charge is ridiculous.

u/Xxxzelda101xxx · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

The fee is $6.99 a month. I bought my modem for $22 off of amazon and have had zero issues.

I use this modem - I bought it used.

I find it funny that it's apparently not compatible with comcast.

u/v-_-v · 2 pointsr/HomeNetworking


If your speeds are lower than 170 and will be lower than that for the years to come, then sure. Else I recommend the model up from that or the Cisco one.



The ERL is what I run and what I recommend over any other device out there, unless it's for a fairly big business.

The PoE version just gives power over ethernet on those 3 ports, it's still gig speeds, no issues there. The advantage of having a PoE router or switch, is that you don't have to deploy those little PoE devices when you have a phone or AP.

In your case, since you will have at max 2 APs, I don't see a reason to spring for the more expensive version, especially because it's $75 more than the standard ERL.

Since you want Vlan capabilities, you will then want a managed switch. I tried out this model from D-Link and it has served me very well.

So for $10 less, you get 8 more ports (technically 7) that you can use for your devices. In this setup, the ERL now also has a free port for a different network or whatever you want to use it for, if anything at all.

This also removes a lot of the LAN traffic from the router, so that it only is asked to do things when they concern routing. Not that the ERL has any lack of muscle, but it's just good network design to separate router and switch functions.



How to pick, easy: what do you need? From your description you don't really need much in terms of an AP. You want to be able to stream music and video on the wifi and that is very easy to do even with the base Unifi.

Even 1080p video requires at max 10 Mb/s of throughput, so the N150 Unifi can stream that to two devices and not hit its wireless cap. If you think you will need more speed, then go for the Pro version, which runs faster (450 on 2.4 and 300 on 5Ghz if I remember correctly). Yes, it's a lot more expensive, so think of what you really need.

I personally don't do much on wireless, I just have a tablet that I use for network stored video and twitch, and it plays both at 1080p just fine. For that reason I just got the base version. Even when friends are over with their devices, I never have any issues of stability, latency or throughput. The range on them is also pretty good.



modem -- router -- switch -- devices (including AP)

I have a few vlans set up so that both wireless guests and wired guests are possible and they do not touch my LAN. It was very easy to set up in the ERL: just create a sub interface with the desired vlan info and subnet on the physical port that connects to your switch, set up your Unifi to have an SSID on said vlan and set your switch to allow said vlan, and you are done.

Actually the switch was the most trouble out of them all, as I come from a Cisco background and they (cisco) have their own terminology, which is the same as other companies, but they mean different things.

Example: "a trunk" in Cisco language means a port that allows multiple vlans through, while everybody else calls port / link aggregation a "trunk". Another is how to actually set up these "trunks" (multi vlan links), where in Cisco you normally specify the link as a "trunk" and then tell it which vlans can go across it, most other manufacturers it's the base behavior if you do not specify a vlan.

It's just all pretty darn confusing when two things are called the same but are very different. If you ever get to that point, let me know, pm me or whatever, and I can give you a hand.


Let me know if you have more questions ;)

u/monopticon · 1 pointr/wichita

I've had this modem for about 5 or so years and never had an issue.

Surboards are generally good but with the speeds you have stop looking at 16x4/32x8. That's so excessive, a huge waste of money, and you just are not going to benefit from it for your service. You need to look at 8x4 like mine which arris does have.

The ones you are looking at cost twice as much as the an 8x4 which won't be "just doing the job". You aren't skimping by getting a cheaper or shittier version. It's made to handle the services you have and more than 3x that.

u/LulzHamburger · 1 pointr/techsupport

I have this modem So I have the blue usb cord that plugs into it but im not sure if its an ethernet to usb adapter per say

u/noctipatronus · 1 pointr/wireless
u/Rustin788 · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

My current Modem is a Cisco DPC3010 and it is something I got from Charter. Speed wise I believe I am getting 60Mbps. I was leaning towards POE because I thought eventually I might like to add in some outdoor cameras.

u/NeptLudi · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

If you move to a new DOCSIS level, yes, but your ISP should be giving you the correct DOCSIS for the service they provide.

I work with some people who have 8x4 modems. I haven't bothered to try one, but they say it boosts their connection beyond what they pay for. However, they aren't compatible with all ISPs, so if you're going to try it make sure the place you buy from has a good return policy.

u/jackerjacks · 1 pointr/NewOrleans

I thought the modem had to be DOCSIS 3.0 compliant, which mine is (Cisco DPC3010 DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem). The router that I bought said nothing about that (TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router). And true, I do get faster speeds after 10pm.

u/Coydmeister · 1 pointr/Diablo

Just recently in game:

I LAN'd at a buddies house recently and I had some issues there as well.



Both new so I'm hoping it's not either of them. And I play CS:GO and LoL online with no problems

u/samandiriel · 0 pointsr/phoenix

I would recommend Cisco over Motorola, given my networking experiences. I just got new service last week and I picked up the DPC3010 from Amazon. It was $25 used from CQ Deals. Any seller will do, so long as the condition is "Very Good" or "Like New" - networking hardware is pretty long lived.

Make sure that whatever you get that it's on Cox's list of compatible equipment.

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/phoenix

I don't plan on renting one, like I said this just gives me 6 more months to get a new modem, and for prices to drop.

And DOCSIS 3.0 are much, much less than $70 already: