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Beautiful 6" HD display with over a million pixels (252 ppi / 1280 x 800)Amazon Underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over $20,000 in apps, games and even in-app items are actually free - including extra lives, unlocked levels, unlimited add-on packs and moreEnjoy more than 38 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, Android apps and gamesAvailable in five brilliant color choicesFast quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz for quick app launches and fluid graphicsRear-facing HD camera and front-facing VGA cameraCreate personal profiles, link two Amazon accounts to share books, apps and games, and set device usage limits for kids8 GB or 16 GB storage, with free, unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with your Fire devicesStay connected with fast web browsing, and email and calendar support including Gmail and Outlook
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18 Reddit comments about Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black (Previous Generation - 4th):

u/AudibleKnight · 30 pointsr/kindle

I'm certainly very interested in the Kindle Voyage. I'm upgrading from my slightly damaged, but still useable Kindle Keyboard. So there's certainly some great things that are shiny and so tempting:

  • Flush Screen - Yay! No more dust/crumbs that fall between the screen and bevel!
  • 4 gigs of Storage - Yay! Finally the same size as my Keyboard again!
  • Haptic buttons - Yay! Finally a return to page turn buttons again! The fact that it's haptic is pretty shiny and fancy.
  • 300 ppi - Shiny and fancy screen!
  • Adaptive Light - It'll be a nice and shiny upgrade from my keyboard with the case with the pull-out light in the corner.

    However there are some things which are giving my some concern for pause:

  • Price: $199 for the base model, $219 not to be advertised to.
  • Glass screen: It's certainly premium, however, what about scratches, smudges, cracks etc? This will most likely mean I'll have to get the Official Screen Protector which will cost me $30
  • Case: What are the details on the Origami Case that will set me back $60? Edit: Apparently it's a leather cover that attaches magnetically to the back of the Voyage, and wraps a bit around the side, but not all the way around. The lid flips over the top, and can fold to be a stand. There's also a Non-Leather Origami Case for $45. Edit 2: Here's the link for all the available Kindle Voyage Covers.

    So if I'm looking at all of this together, I'm seeing a $309 price tag for a Wifi, No-offers, with Case and Screen protector? That's certainly giving me cause to pause, especially when the 4gig PW2 is at least $60 cheaper, or even more depending on accessories...

    As much as I want to just jump on it, I think I'm gonna have to be patient and wait until reviews and customer feedback comes out on what's needed, what issues there may be.

    Edit: For those interested in the non-E-Ink, Kindle also announced new Kindle Fire HDX (8.9"), HD 7", HD 6" and HD Kids Edition
u/Happy_Harry · 7 pointsr/Android

The Kindle Fire HD 6 is only $79 right now. Anyone here have any feedback on this?

u/istrebitjel · 3 pointsr/kindlefire

For reference, the Kids Edition is the same hardware as the 8 GB HD 6" + the case/bumper.

No Fire has an SD slot. (Only the very first eInk Kindle had one ;)

I'm not aware of any other Kids models from Amazon to compare to. I'm kinda tempted to get one, but I have an old Kindle Fire that I will let the kids wreck first ...

u/rhubey · 2 pointsr/Assistance
u/jacevedo2580 · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

Fire HD 6, 6" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black

u/OODroid · 2 pointsr/androidtablets

Lol. yes, with girl pockets.. you may as well not have any pockets. There's Fire HD 6 which features blue shade that helps with adjusting the backlight for your eyes when you read at night

u/Nerkson · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

It's hard to say until someone bites the bullet and downloads it on a Tab 3 Lite.

Right now, I'd advise against it. The processor isn't stellar at all and I imagine the game may lag a bit, to say the least. Pure speculation of course, but I can't imagine it working so well.

If you're looking for a cheap tablet to play Hearthstone, one of the best may be the Kindle Fire HD6. It's 99 dollars and handily meets the minimum specifications in many ways.

If you're willing to spend a few more bucks, the HD7 would do even better than the HD6.

u/SteamTradeEleven11 · 2 pointsr/hearthstone
u/Armsc · 2 pointsr/audio

Here is what I would do... get the following:

Mini Shelf System - (pick one linked below) - everything in one small package. Tuner, speakers, ect

  • Sony $200 - this has Bluetooth, aux in, USB, CD and all the goodies you would every want in one small package.

  • Onkyo $210 - same thing as above minus the Bluetooth. It does have more power, ipod/iphone dock, and a sub out in case you wanted to ass a sub to it later down the road.

    Tablet - If it were me I would replace the cracked iPod with a new source. It won't be Apple but if you're only looking for pandora, spodify, and slacker it shouldn't matter. This way the wife gets a new music system and a new tablet. I like the Fire but that's just me.

  • Insignia 7" $65

  • Amazon Fire 6" $100

  • Acer 7" $95.

    Decide if you want to get the tablet or not and if you're going to use BT to connect it. If you do then the Sony is the choice. If you're staying with the iPod then the Onkyo might be the better way to go. However, I think the Bluetooh will come in handy in the future. Either Shelf system and connect to a device with an aux cable so not matter what you pick you can get it to work. You might want to ask the wife which ones she likes better.
u/Ultimate_E · 2 pointsr/androidtablets

if $200 is too over the budget for u then the only other suggestion i can make is an amazon kindle fire hd 6 ($99) or kindle fire hd 8 ($149.99).

Kindle Fire HD 6

Kindle Fire HD 8

u/madduffy · 2 pointsr/Nexus

Kindle Fire Tablets sound perfect for your use case, actually. Good display and not a lot of storage for cheap.

u/aidanxavier · 1 pointr/Advice

I can totally relate to this! I love that you are that considerate and appreciative of your father. I would buy one of these. They are only 99$ and you can load it with free audiobooks, music, board games etc.

If that is not an option or he own something similar than I recommend finding books or book series that you both can read/listen to and so every time you see him you can discuss what has gone on. Hope this helps! Best of luck!

u/agbishop · 1 pointr/kindle

Kindle Fire HD 6? It's $99 right now....

u/agent_of_entropy · 1 pointr/Advice

You'll probably want to start slow and work your way into it. Start with recognizing when you have a few spare minutes to read. Pick up some short story collections that interest you and read a short story when you have a few minutes. Do that more often and work your way up to chapter books - books you can read a chapter at a time. Before you know it you'll be hooked. This works even better if you have an E-Reader/Android/Kindle/Fire device. I recommend the Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet [on sale now: $70/8gb, $90 16gb]. With Amazon Prime (~$100/year) you get free Kindle books, free TV shows and free movies. I can store ~3.5 hours of TV shows on my 16b Fire HD6 (download them at work, watch them at home on my big screen TV). It. Is. Awesome. Oh yeah, free Kindle books too. And check out /r/FreeEbooks/ for more.

u/CeriLKilla · 0 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

What an amazing offer!

My family consists of myself, my hard-working husband, and our two kiddos, Rya, 4, & William Sawyer, turning two Dec. 27.

My husband is an incredibly hard-working person and has outright said how frustrating it is to work so hard and “have nothing to show for it.” We have to get creative in order to have basic necessities covered (returning groceries to buy diapers, entering into the payday-advance-black hole). It’s those “extras” like Christmas presents that are going to be exceptionally hard this season. We can barely afford to eat and keep the lights on.

We've never owned a tablet before and have heard great things about Fire. It would be a gift for everyone and would definitely help with my work (I'm a work-from-home writer).

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

u/markeydarkey2 · -2 pointsr/funny