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Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal
You can’t kick a$$ if you don’t use your feet! - If they’re good enough to drive a car, you know they can drive your game. - Fire weapons with your feet! - Zoom with your feet! - Cast spells with your feet! - Control movement with your feet! - Scroll with your feet!Four individually-adjustable buttons, two on each pad - Adjust pedal resistance by raising or lowering the flexible pedal. Adjustable in 5 steps. Change the pedal spacing (5 settings) to suit your feetStep onto the cutting edge - IDI (Input Device Intelligence) technology powering the Fragpedal Quad runs on an industry leading 32 bit processor (the STM32 by ST Microelectronics) running at 72 MHz with 8Mb of flash memory support. Enabled by 20X the computing power of other gaming devices, the Fragpedal Quad’s advanced input enhancement features push the bounds of input technology.Maximum Programmability and Intelligence - Program your Fragpedal with any keyboard or mouse action, combination, or sequence. Plus, use IDI Smart Button capabilities to fire different actions on press and release, taps and holds, and more! Then, assign Smart Buttons and macros to your keyboard keys! Build up to 30 configurations, housing each of your control schemes designed for different games, play styles and applications, and switch automatically when you play the game.These pedals will never die! - Unique 100% modular design means every single button or part of the Fregpedal Quad is easily user replaceable. (At most a single screw is needed to remove any part.) All replacement parts available at
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5 Reddit comments about Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal:

u/papamoneyrhymes · 29 pointsr/FortNiteBR

Have you looked into foot pedals for inputs as well?
edit: amazon link, there may be better ones out there with more functionality.

u/_bennieboo · 7 pointsr/FortNiteBR

Hello I have the same exact situation and you. I am missing most of my left forearm and hand. I actually play on pc entirely with an Xbox one controller. It’s a clear mechanical disadvantage but it’s still fun. Also have you tried using foot pedals? I use these ones for League of Legends and they work great. I haven’t figured out a way to incorporate them into fortnight but they can be bound to any key.

u/yankee1310 · 1 pointr/dayz

Thats very nice. I've been looking at this one lately but its a little more pricey.
I like the fact that its expandable. Have you had any issues with yours (conflict wise)? It may be a better fit for my small desk.

u/TehBlackSheep · 1 pointr/Guildwars2

I have heard of players using a foot peddle of sorts to move their character or preform other functions.

For example:

Your friend already has a Razor Naga so I'm fairly sure with a peddle like that and one hand, he'll be more than a capable player.

Good luck!