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Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp, 69
Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even, diffused distribution of lightLight bulbs are sold separatelyThis product requires assemblyDust the lamp with a dust clothProduct Dimensions - Height: 69" Base diameter: 10" Shade diameter: 11" Cord length: 6'3"
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7 Reddit comments about Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp, 69", Black:

u/SuNSe7bg · 2 pointsr/battlestations
u/DoggyRocker · 2 pointsr/HomePod

Hi, is this the correct unit I cannot see: Ikea 101.398.79 'NOT' Floor Uplight, Black/White (Height: 175 cm)

u/HighClassPenguin · 1 pointr/Twitch

I definitely want to be serious about streaming but I portioned out a budget, and right now a new webcam isn't on there yet, but thinks for the advice I will check into that. As for the lamp I have this lamp right behind my computer, I might just need to move it forward I think.

u/iamgreenbag · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

I made my stands for my Rift using cheap-assed Ikea floor lamps and a camera mount epoxied on top. 2 lamps make 1 89" stand (cut to length using a cheap pipe cutter), with the 2" camera mount, and 2.5" for the sensors, all coming to 93.5" in total...2.5" from my 8' tall ceiling. The lamps were originally $10 each, but they seem to have gone up. The best part of the stands is that the base is only 10", instead of 2-3 feet square that a tripod takes up. Fits nicely in corners, and also looks nicer than the legs of tripods. They're actually quite fashionable. :P

u/DefyedHD · 1 pointr/battlestations

I have a lamp in the back of my room here with this bulb to change the colours. Behind the monitor on the left I have this one too.

u/deadfire55 · -3 pointsr/news

I've found the old big box retailers to be cheaper, way cheaper in some cases. Here's a lamp from Ikea on Amazon

And the same lamp on Ikea's site

It's less than half the price. For a while Amazon was cheaper but now people have stopped checking other sites and sellers have jacked up the prices.