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Master Lock 8417D Python Keyed Cable Lock, 6 ft Long, Black
Adjustable cable lock is best used as a kayak locking cable, trail camera lock, cooler lock, and to secure other outdoor equipmentPatented cable locks with keys and holds the locking cable tight in any position (6 in. to 6 ft) for a perfect fit; Vinyl coated cable lock threads through places other cables can'tCable lock is constructed of braided steel for strength and flexibility; rust-resistant lock and vinyl-coated cable provide superior weather and scratch resistance6 ft (1.8 m) cable length x 3/16 in. (5 mm) outside diameterOne adjustable Python cable lock comes with two keys
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7 Reddit comments about Master Lock 8417D Python Keyed Cable Lock, 6 ft Long, Black:

u/milphey · 45 pointsr/relationships
u/studdenfadden · 16 pointsr/pcgaming

Those slow down opportunity thieves, some one like a roommate could cut through one in a few minutes with an exacto knife. I drilled 2 halfinch holes in tge bottom of the case and put a large masterlock cable lock through them.

u/Raptor01 · 4 pointsr/NewRiders

If I can see the bike and I'm not worried about someone walking by to steal the helmet, I'll leave it on the bike. If I'm by myself and I'll have space to put the helmet on an empty chair or on a bigger table, I'll bring it inside. Otherwise I'll lock it up.

I used a gun lock like this for a while:

Then I upgraded to this which has the advantage of being able to lock up my jacket as well:

I highly recommend the Python lock. It's not super high security, but it packs up really small and it's super easy to use.

u/lescannon · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

At 3 miles, you could walk that in 45 minutes, so 15-30 minutes to ride each way depending on the hill. Good that you are planning it now, instead of waiting till later. I think the first thing you need is a feasible route. Perhaps you already do, but it is more pleasant to ride without a car behind one. So perhaps you can ride much of it on roads that are less busy and likely have a lower speed limit. Google Maps has a bicycle option so you could see what that suggests. When you get your bike (or if you can borrow one), ride the route early on a weekend morning. Check that there is someplace to lock the bike at/near the school, because you need to securely lock it. The lock deters a thief by making it more difficult, not impossible to take. The more expensive the bike looks, the more formidable the lock should look. If the front wheel has a quick-release skewer, you should secure it so something like or this

I strongly recommend a helmet. They all meet the same standards, so I buy less expensive.

There are lights that help make you visible and those that help you see the road as examples, but not recommendations.

You've thought about rain for your backpack, but you may want to consider for you too, because being soaking wet at school is no fun, rain jacket, rain pants and fenders. I have a pair of these which might be a good choice if you can carry other shoes to wear in school. Even without rain, it will seem colder when you are going downhill in the morning, so I use running gloves (full finger) some winter mornings. You can bundle up toasty warm for the mornings because you don't have to pedal that much, and then carry some of your clothes instead of wearing when you ride home, so I recommend a rack and a couple of bungee cords to help with that.

Since it is a walk-able distance, you should probably leave the water bottle, multi-tool, patch kit and pump at home on school days just to keep it simple and keep from losing those things. It probably makes sense to keep it minimal and cheap while starting out like this. If you get a floor pump with a gauge, you can use it to check the pressure once or twice a week and then learn how to feel the tires to see if they are firm enough. I've not found a mini-pump with a gauge that is universally regarded as reliable, so the pump I take with me has no gauge.

For your commute to school you shouldn't need to fuss with padded biking shorts or spandex shirts or even fingerless gloves. I rode quite a bit when I was your age without any of those. If you are looking at longer rides, then you might want to try some of those (no underwear under the biking shorts) to reduce chafing against the seat and wind resistance from floppy clothing.

u/kake14 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

buy this

Put through jacket sleeve, helmet, handlebars, and lock it.

I don't know, just a thought. Defeats the stealing shit but not the destroying shit part.

u/cmeilleur1337 · 1 pointr/Sudbury

Happened to me in Capreol last year. My Wifes Kayak. We had photos of it and plastered it all over facebook and i believe i posted it here as well. We ended up getting it back because we tracked it down ourselves and turned the heat up. Local law enforcement was a joke when it came to it. It was taken by some rather unsavoury people that have their hands in MANY dealings, which we reported to LEO's and they seemed to not give a shit. When we got it back, it was found in the bushed no more then 200m from their back yard....

As for ways to lock it up a simple cable lock should do. It can be put through the drain hole. Not fool proof, but still an inconvenience to anyone trying to steal it.

u/onlineguy1234 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch wrap it around, pull it snug, bam, switch is locked to the dock.