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Mechanix Wear - Original Work Gloves (Large, Black)
Thermal plastic rubber (tpr) hook and loop cuffs for easy on and offSmooth surface thumb and index finger point of contact for exceptional dexterityFingertip pattern reduces seams and enhances finger tip sensitivity
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9 Reddit comments about Mechanix Wear - Original Work Gloves (Large, Black):

u/shamarctic · 7 pointsr/Wrangler

OK dont worry you guys. I've got this. First things first, you're going to need to open up a credit card with a high limit. $30k should do to start.

  • Rubber Floor Mats. I got the Mopar ones. I might suggest Weathertech instead. If you have the unlimited, you can get mats for the back was well. I cannot find any mats for the back of my two door :(
  • Have a dog? Plan on running with the roof off? Want to prevent them from falling out? Safari Straps have your back.
  • Off Roading? I suggest some tire deflators to air down conveniently, and a portable air compressor to air back up.
  • Grab Handles are great. Here's one example, but I recommend shopping around. Theres a lot of different styles, find what you like.
  • Hi Lift Jack & Base. You'll quickly find off road that the stock jack will not get you out of a lot of situations. The base is helpful on soft surfaces (wet dirt, sand, etc).
  • Change your own damn oil! It's easy. No jack required just shimmy under there. Make sure to get an oil catcher big enough for your motor. 6-8 QTS if I recall correctly.
  • Buy a shovel. Invaluable off road
  • Recovery Strap & learn how to use it properly.
  • Mechanics Gloves. Again very helpful around the jeep.

    That should get you off to a good start. Eventually you might think about replacing the bumpers, adding a tire carrier, lifting the jeep, getting bigger wheels, adding a winch, adding a roof rack.
u/MeadeNJ · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I've always used Mechanix gloves:

Good, general use gloves - it comes down to personal preference, but I like the finger coverage especially for pulling the gravel into the buckets or hauling the logs around

u/DustAndSound · 2 pointsr/SquaredCircle

Not sure about those guys, but Sting wore Mechanix gloves during his WCW run as crow sting

u/fourknotsnowhere · 1 pointr/scooters

ive found that your traditional bulky winter golves and be a hassle for small controls on your panel so i go with a pair of these

decent wind/water/cut protection

u/CloffWrangler · 1 pointr/boostedboards

I use some Mechanix gloves. They’re light enough that I can still use the remote with them. They’re not the greatest when it starts to get down to like under 30° but they’re better than nothing.


u/The-Canadian-Jester · 1 pointr/airsoft

I setup a little photoshoot for you guys, the only thing bad is that I didn't have a decent camera on me today. Anyways, here is my new night parka setup. This is a pretty cheap loadout to replicate so if you want to look to see if you can replicate it, go ahead! Here is my loadout to what follows:

u/Vindowviper · -7 pointsr/gundeals

*Edit, Me Dumb, didn't recognize OP's was for a double pack, it would help if I read...

And $19.48 at Amazon, with Free shipping if you have prime, or $35+ order = Free shipping

This is for a Large, its cheaper for medium or small, and $0.50 more for X-Large ($19.98)