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Noctua NT-H1 3.5g, Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste (3.5g)
Renowned premium-grade thermal compound for optimal heat-transfer from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink; more than 150 awards and recommendationsEasy to apply (no need to spread before heatsink installation) and easy to clean with dry paper towel or tissue (no cleaning alcohol required)Trusted Noctua quality with excellent long-term stability: recommended storage time up to 3 years, recommended usage time on the CPU up to 5 years3.5g pack for around 3-20 applications (depending on CPU size, e.g. ~3 applications for TR4, ~20 for LGA1151)Not electrically conductive and non-corroding thermal grease: no risk of short-circuits and safe to use with all types of heatsinks
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40 Reddit comments about Noctua NT-H1 3.5g, Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste (3.5g):

u/AmericanGeezus · 17 pointsr/talesfromtechsupport
u/Fatbody69 · 5 pointsr/lgv20

Everything is relatively inexpensive and simple to do so take your time, re-watch the V20 breakdown video a few times and be gentle!

Also I've read the application of a new coat of thermal paste helps with screen burn in. I'm not sure how true this is but I'll keep on eye out for it. I don't have screen burn in issues like some (always running comfort view on medium setting and a blue blocker at night) so fingers crossed. Hope this help guys.

Mine is from October 2016.

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound - Retail

u/wishywashywonka · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

What does your stats sheet say for Noctua NT-H1 ?

u/letscountrox · 3 pointsr/techsupport

Well Apple does this thing with their products where they sacrifice adequate cooling for aesthetics. They rather sell products that look really good but thermal throttle when trying to do anything challenging in cool ambient temps, or throttle doing anything in warm/hot ambient temps. This one kid in one of my courses this past semester had a Macbook pro that he would sometimes edit his highlight clips [he played football (soccer here in the states) I think] and it would throttle almost immediately when editing/compressing the video.

Anyway, here's what you can do:

Your cheapest option is to buy a cooling pad with fans on it to get more air-flow where it is needed. Although Macbooks do not have air-intake on the bottom, it should help at least a little bit.

Your second option is more expensive than buying a cooling pad but would be the most effective as well as the most difficult to do. This would be taking it apart and reapplying the thermal interface material as well as thoroughly cleaning the heat-sink and fan of all dust and debris. You'd need to buy tools necessary to get the job done (I'd recommend the iFixit pro tech toolkit, it is one of the best investments I've ever made) and some good thermal paste like Noctua NT-H1. Here is a step by step guide to do so

Third option is the most expensive, which is to buy a new laptop. Preferably not a macbook as Apple still does not provide adequate cooling on their devices for warmer climates, although modern CPUs are much more efficient now so it might work fine.

u/TStrait21 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I can't think of a way for a heatsink to "go bad." It sounds like it's thermally throttling, probably due to dust. If you take it apart, clean out the dust with canned air, and replace the thermal paste (here is some good thermal paste) it will probably be fine.

u/goldzatfig · 2 pointsr/buildapc
u/-SUBW00FER- · 2 pointsr/Dell

Its pretty easy but you need thermal paste if you take off the heat sink to repaste it also GET THE RIGHT TOOLS. If you dont have the right tools you can strip the screws and they are pretty soft. I was told T5 Torx was used on the laptop but T4 torx works better for the XPS 15. I used this and this thermal paste.

With an undervolt I got a 6 degree drop and with thermal paste it went down another 7-8 degrees. Pretty much went from 86-90 degrees down to 75ish degrees.

Also use +70% Alcohol for cleaning the heatsink and die.

I suggest you look up some videos before attempting.

u/LittleBerry1230 · 2 pointsr/Alienware

I disable the speedstep tech in bios and got a much better temp, but the clockspeed got locked at 2.89GHz for the cpu. I bought ARCTIC MX-4 and Noctua NT-H1, just really hoping this is worth it since i don't want to break any of those pins or rip those cables.

u/Joong · 2 pointsr/Dell

This is a better thermal compound for a lower price:

u/fredrichnietze · 2 pointsr/techsupport

the factory thermal paste sucks and its been drying out for 5 years. wether it is the problem or not you should reapply it. also while you are opening it up you can remove some of the dust making the cooling system more effective and helping rule out thermals.

"expensive" thermal paste cost like 10$.


i like

u/GiveMeNews · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Artic Silver 5 is a pretty old compound. You can get better for around the same price.

I would recommend either:

u/SinisterHumanoid · 2 pointsr/PS3

I prefer Noctua over Arctic. Had better temps by 2°-3° when I did temp tests on a old PC that ran hot as hell.

Maybe they're on par now since I did it like two years ago but.

u/DeathKoil · 2 pointsr/buildapc

That's correct, most TIMs are non-conductive. Most silicon gasket pastes are also non-conductive. The silicon I linked to in my original comment is non-conductive, and my preferred thermal paste, Noctua NT-H1, is also Not Electrically Conductive.

u/ChefLinguini · 2 pointsr/buildapc

This Noctua thermal compound is good. They're a well regarded brand and the paste is non-conductive. It also doesn't require a long curing time, unlike Arctic Silver 5. Also, I think it's a few degrees cooler than Arctic!

u/kankaswag · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

might as well spend a few more dollars and buy some good shit since you only really do this once, might as well do it right i used that and my cpu temperatures dropped by 10 degrees at full load compared to the shit hp used before

u/DarkLordJack · 1 pointr/buildapc

A better paste than what he linked.

u/Graphics_Nerd · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/IKilroywashere · 1 pointr/PS4

Well there are your pre cut pads

and your thermal grease


and here is your teardown guide



Don't bother with compressed air cans cause they do jack shit. If nobody cleaned it before since launch most likely heatsink has a nice dust cake at the back

u/ThaneofJudgement · 1 pointr/buildapc

Quality of paste can make a difference, but any paste should work "good enough" to keep you from overheating. Some paste just get lower temps then others. I was only asking because some paste work better when they are applied in a this lair across the CPU chip. Most paste want the pea-sized dot method though. If you are buying new paste, I personally recommend Noctuna NT-H1. You use the pea sized dot method with this. It spreads easy and gets great temps. Its not metal based either which I am not a fan of.

Now for your problem at hand. You reapplied the cooler and you are able to boot now but you are getting a CPU Fan Speed Error? are your fans on the radiator spinning at all?

u/yeetmaster_420 · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

Get a Hyper 212 EVO for the CPU cooler as well as a Noctua thermal paste for the CPU. The GPU is no problem, it can handle itself. Both GPU have dual fans.

u/sweet_story_bro · 1 pointr/flashlight

You may also want thermal paste for below the emitter board. Call me paranoid, but I always clean and replace the paste when changing emitters. Noctua NT-H1 is my go-to for flashlights and PC components. It has great performance to price ratio.

u/MK_Terry · 1 pointr/computer

Depending on the slots still open on your computer you might be able to add a few more fans to the case which will help a bit to an extent.

I assume that's not the stock fan setup, but you could always look into putting a higher efficiency thermal paste on it to squeeze out a bit of extra heat reduction.

This might be a good choice if you go that route, supposedly it can reduce your temps by 2 degrees by itself through better thermal conduction.

u/dragonbud20 · 1 pointr/overclocking

did you have the same problems with the stock cooler? or did you not try it? if you never did you may want to try setting everything to stock then putting that on with the pre-applied thermal paste and checking whether it hits the same temps; it's not the best solution but it could help isolate the problem.

if you need new paste I like to use Noctua's paste

u/B1narypwny · 1 pointr/buildapc

Cheaper on Amazon

u/MattFraks · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I take it you need thermal paste advice?
I used This Noctua NT-H1 it is literally the best up there with Arctic MX-4/MX-5

u/OptimusPr3m · 1 pointr/buildapc
u/Chopper0130 · 1 pointr/radeon

75 is acceptable in heavy gaming. It’s nothing to get worried over. If you want to lower the temps I suggest using Trixx from sapphire , msi afterburner or OC Guru II from gigabyte and use one of them to set custom fan curves.
Also what case are you using and how is your airflow. Ideally you would want atleast 2 fans in the front pulling in fresh air and a fan at the rear pushing hot air out and 1 at the top also exhausting hot air if your case allows for that.

If your really limited for fans you could always get a fan that goes into an unused pci slot close to your card and that will also help pull hot air away from the card.

Your other option is to pull your card and replace the thermal paste with a good quality paste such as the 2 I’ve linked to here. here’s an instructional video on how to do that.

And I would recommend

noctua nt-h 1

Or Arctic Silver MX-4

The Wattman message pops up when there’s an issue with either your card crashing or if windows or explorer crash.

u/Grasshopper_Weeb · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

The stuff that comes with the CPU/CPU cooler should be fine, but if you want better thermals, I'd recommend going with this.

u/aggie4life · 1 pointr/overclocking

Would this work as well, i can get prime shipping
Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound

u/mypencilbroke · 1 pointr/Amd

Noctua NT-H1 and Arctic MX-4 haven't failed me yet over the past couple of years. They work well and are relatively cheap.

u/kiwiandapple · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

I'm very sorry I took my time to post everything. It took me a lot of time and well.. luck wasn't on my side either! But here it is /u/Sepheros, you've had a taste of this before. But I did change it around a little bit. I also will have to say, that I am going to add a few more small parts into the list tomorrow. Just tools that I forgot about.

I.. lost most of my work because my app derped out. This app keeps my text that I type saved.
I was at around 31.000 characters typed out and "almost" done.. I copy, paste about 13.000 characters from my saved files that I post in most of my suggestions.. but still. I was very mad.

So I had to re-make everything again.. So sorry for that, I should've typed it in a text file and simply save it there. Sigh! Oh well. (I did this now!)


I will provide you with my standard list of videos to help you understand why I suggest these parts.
I also give out a couple of great guides to help you build the PC. I'll also provide a couple extra videos to explain and help you with the full custom watercooling setup.
I then also provide a lot of great software that I use when I overclock the PC.

And finally, I will provide you with my rationale of all the parts. I'll split this up in 2 parts, the PC hardware & peripherals and the watercooling parts.


PCPartPicker part list

CPU | Intel Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor | $380.11 @ B&H
CPU Cooler | Cooler Master Hyper T4 70.0 CFM Rifle Bearing CPU Cooler | $23.19 @ Amazon
Thermal Compound| Noctua NT-H1| $7.64 @ Amazon
Motherboard | MSI X99S SLI Krait ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard | $239.99 @ Newegg
Memory | Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory | $68.99 @ Adorama
Storage | A-Data Premier SP550 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $57.99 @ Amazon
Storage | Samsung 950 PRO 256GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive | $181.99 @ B&H
Storage | Seagate 4TB 3.5" 5900RPM Internal Hard Drive | $134.49 @ Mac Mall
Video Card | Asus GeForce GTX 970 4GB STRIX Video Card (2-Way SLI) | $318.99 @ Amazon
Video Card | Asus GeForce GTX 970 4GB STRIX Video Card (2-Way SLI) | $318.99 @ Amazon
Case | Phanteks Enthoo Primo White ATX Full Tower Case | Purchased For $0.00
Case Fan | 6 x Cougar Dual-X 73.2 CFM 140mm Fan | $100.44 @ Amazon
Cables| Noctua NA-SEC1 | $8.00 @ Amazon
Cables| SilverStone CPF01 | $4.39 @ Amazon
Power Supply | Corsair RMx 850W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $129.99 @ Amazon
Cables| CableMod C-Series RMi, RMx Cable Kit - Black/Green| $100.00 @ PerformancePCs
Monitor | Asus PB258Q 60Hz 25.0" Monitor | $338.88 @ Amazon
Watercooling| EK CPU Waterblock - Star Wars "Jedi Order" | $83.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| 2 x EK-FC970 GTX Strix - Acetal Nickel | $249.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| 2 x EK-FC970 GTX Strix Backplate - Nickel | $88.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 280mm | $92.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 420mm | $87.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| PrimoChill CTR™ Compression Tube Reservoir System Phase 2 - 240mm Green | $60.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| Swiftech MCP655 G1/4 Threaded Special Edition 12 VDC D5 Pump With Speed Controller | $94.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| 10 x PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Tubing - 3/8in. ID X 5/8in. OD - Atomic UV Green Limited Edition | $25.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| 2 x Monsoon 45° Rotary Angle Fitting - 5/8" - Green + White Accent Disk | $22.28 @ PerformancePCs
"| 2 x Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings, 3/8" x 5/8" Six Pack - White | $72.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| 2 x Monsoon 90° Rotary Angle Fitting - 5/8" - Green + White Accent Disk | $22.28 @ PerformancePCs
"| EK-FC Terminal Triple Parallel - Acetal | $28.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| Alphacool 2-way Ball Valve | $10.00 @ PerformancePCs
"| XSPC G1/4" Male to Male Rotary Fitting | $4.00 @ PerformancePCs
Watercooling| Alphacool 16/10 Compression Fitting G1/4 | $7.00 @ PerformancePCs
| Prices include shipping, taxes and discounts |
| Total | $3358.96
| Generated by Kiwiandapple |

u/nerdydodger · 1 pointr/buildapc

If it's holding steady at 78C, that's a bit high but well within reason.

Prime95 will cause your temps to ramp very quickly. My cpu (a 7600k with a small tower cooler in an ITX case) ramps from 40 to 75 in about 3 seconds, and goes back down again when i turn off Prime95.

If it makes your feel better, go ahead an buy some aftermarket paste (I'm a fan of Noctua's) , which will help shave things down a few degrees. The default paste on a lot of coolers isn't the best, or is too much/too little. And as I mentioned, make sure you removed the plastic film from the paste pad if it came with it.

u/IsabellaQY · 1 pointr/buildapc

The mini card is up to you but there's no problem with the dual fan gigabyte. just preference.

You already have a z270 mobo so there's no real point in not going kabylake (7700k) for only 20 dollars more with the increase in power. - 5 bucks for thermal paste on sale right now. you can probably find even cheaper if you looked on /r/buildapcsales and just looked around in general

u/CitrusChrome · -1 pointsr/PS4

Both are non-conductive and both are not very good. If you can spring for Grizzly Kryonaut , get it as it's the best on the market right now. If you want to spend a little less for more compound, the tried and true NT-H1 is great. These are also both non-conductive.

u/ScottySF · -3 pointsr/buildapc

Given how cheap thermal paste is and how much of a performance impact it can have, it's a no-brainer to me to buy the best you can get. This is some of the best thermal paste around:

It might improve your CPU temps by as much as 5C. That's pretty staggering for a <$10 investment.