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SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter (SDSQXVF-128G-GN6MA)
Engineered for the latest Android based smartphones, tablets, action and MIL camerasShoot continuous burst mode, Full HD and 4K Ultra HD video, up to 90MB/s transfer speedBuilt for and tested in harsh conditions; temperature proof, water proof, shock proof, and x ray proofSanDisk Memory Zone App makes it easy to manage your smartphone memory with your media filesDeluxe data recovery software downloadable offer
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18 Reddit comments about SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter (SDSQXVF-128G-GN6MA):

u/dankivorasauradactyl · 8 pointsr/LosAngeles

Rexing V1LG and a 128 microsd card are practically mandatory in this day and age.

u/etacarinae · 2 pointsr/technology

Do you purposefully downvote everyone who replies to you or is it just a reflex?

>How is having to buy two 128gb cards going to be cheaper than buying one bigger card?

1x 256GB = $200
2x 128GB (what I already have) = $125.50

You're not good at this maths stuff are you? Kind of just like you not being good at Reddiquette

u/jello3d · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

Current Sony cameras have a general write speed limit of ~36MB/s, so any card that can sustain that write speed will provide the same experience. If you see the "V30" marking on an SD card (or microSD in a holder) - that will be fast enough to give you the fastest write experience possible on any existing Sony. I use the SanDisk Extreme (non plus or pro) microSD cards (because they also work with my action cams and pop right into my Surface too).

Notes -

  1. Fake SD cards are a problem, they look legit, and come in what looks like legit packaging - so be certain that the SD card you buy is the real deal (search google for how to identify legitimate SD cards).
  2. Test your cards to ensure that the speed advertised is the speed you are getting.
  3. FORMAT your cards, don't just erase the images. The way SD cards work, written bits need to be cleared before being overwritten. SD cards work fastest after a proper format.
  4. Test your cards periodically, they do fail... and sometimes in weird ways.
u/Ugly_Muse · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Amazon has similar 128GB cards here.

Trying to get the same speed still shows slight savings grabbing two of these.

I think paying a premium for having such a large mSD isn't worth it. Better off grabbing smaller 128 (how many games are you realistically going to put on it to begin with?). If that's not enough, maybe an external drive would be a good option anyway.

It's all up to preference, but I won't be grabbing anything bigger than the 128GB for mine.

u/laXfever34 · 2 pointsr/videography

I thought i'd share what I just came up with.

I am moving to Germany at the end of the month for about two years, and I will be doing a LOT of traveling during this time. To preserve memories and share my experiences I decided to upgrade and change around my camera bag. I sold my d3300 and lenses and wanted a setup for something portable and not cumbersome that I can take in any situation without being annoying.

My activities I want to capture:

u/Presenex · 2 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

I ended up buying one of these.

My friend had an extra laying around and only asked 50% of retail.

u/GR33K13 · 1 pointr/theNvidiaShield

I just ordered my tablet yesterday. I ordered it with a 128 gig micro sd extreme. Is that sufficient? I don't know a lot about sd cards, but I assumed it was one of, if not the fastest you could get.

This is the one.

u/I_am_Nic · 1 pointr/sonyactioncam


I used this card.

u/yoti1988 · 1 pointr/GalaxyS7

I'm using a Toshiba class 10 card. I record 1080p @ 60fps straight to my microSD card with no problem at all. You should be fine with any class 10 card.

If you're in the US the best bang for the buck for me would be:

Get this if you want a really fast READ & WRITE speed:

u/FuriousFalcon · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

SanDisk Extreme 128 GB, 90 MB/s transfer speed. I paid right around $60 when I ordered -- it's a little more expensive now.

u/stevetacos · 1 pointr/htcone

If you have specific use questions, like you use the camera a lot or care about sound I can address those too, but I think this should cover most things.


Regarding your build question


The design is still really sharp, the 10 has a bezeled back and then is slightly curved. Not the smooth curved shape on the m8. I still like but it's definitely different. I'm using this case now and it basically feels the same as the m8 did.


I was originally attracted to the m8 because of the build quality, back when the flagship Samsung phones were plastic. The s7/s7 edge are now metal, similar to HTC's flagship line and they were the other phones I explored when updating. Because of this change the only major issues I have with the S7/S7 Edge is Samsung's OS overlay on top of Android (oh also their misplaced 'back' button). I used to use Nexus phones and HTC is probably the closest you can get to barebones Android on Verizon without flashing a rom, which right now you cant do on your own on a Verizon HTC 10. (Note I don't use the stock launcher so blinkfeed is not present).


Anyway..on to what you came for.


Major Changes


  • These include the USB-C charger. I have a ton of micro-usb cables which are now obsolete so you may have to snag a couple extra wires. But more importantly the phone and wall charger it comes with use Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 which takes your battery from empty to full in about 1 hour which is awesome. Battery, as you'd imagine is one of my biggest concerns and this definitely helps with that, but I'll go more into the battery in a minute.


  • Other build based issues include the relocation of the headphone jack from the bottom of the m8 to the top on the 10. When I place my phone in my pocket (front right) it is oriented with the top of the phone facing toward the ground so that I can pull it out with it being right-side up, that's a bit annoying now, but not the end of the world for me.


  • They also moved the power button to the right, just below the volume buttons, this took a little getting used to but I now don't find it uncomfortable and it allows me to take a screen shot with one finger.


  • The fingerprint scanner is a fast easy way to unlock your phone and I've found the scanner/home button to be comfortable.


  • Oh! I amost forgot, one of the most important things for me was expandable storage. The 10 supports up to a 2 TB microSD card which I don't think even exist currently. You can set the SD card such that the phone treats the space as part of the internal drive so now "move to SD" issues are nonexistent. I snagged this 128gb card for about $70 you can find cheaper ones if you're okay with a slower card. I wanted to go with the UHS-1 3 card which has speed enough for 4K video and I figured if it's working as part of the internal system I didn't want it to be slowed down by my choice of SD Card (not sure this is a thing).



    I was nervous with my decision just after I made the purchase. My biggest concern being battery life. The S7 and S7 Edge have been shown to have at least slightly better battery life (the edge even more so) than the HTC 10. It was maybe an hour longer on the S7 and a couple on the Edge, I can find the real numbers if you want.


    But ast forward a little, after using the phone for a couple of weeks I have less concern. Even with playing way too much Pokemon Go it hasn't been a huge issue. I can get the exact numbers if you want but I think While playing Pokemon Go with medium to high brightness and the screen always on it's slightly under 1%/minute. The phone battery really shines with it's incredibly low battery drain while the phone is unused for extended periods of time. It uses only 3-4% total while I'm sleeping.


    My general biggest concern regarding battery life is how I expect it to look a year or two from now. So if it's cutting it close today then a year from now it could be in real trouble. I'm mildly concerned with this still but there are QuickCharge 3.0 battery packs and I'm never too far from an outlet. Unfortunately there isn't data on battery life at the 1 year/2 year mark. FWIW I opted to not trade it in for the $35 restocking fee to switch to the S7 Edge.


    Other issues:

  • The 10 lacks a native music player which was a little annoying. The reason apparently being that they're trying to minimize extra apps and want you to use Play Music and other Google things. I just downloaded a simple player from the play store which even lets me edit song data which I couldn't before so that's cool.


  • The phone also does not come with headphones in the US. Apparently they're decent earbuds. I have other sets I use and over-ear headphones so I wasn't forced to purchase any separately. When you first plug in headphones you have the option of setting up a sound profile for them which was actually pretty nifty setting up the phones output to work with my specific headphones it came out sounding really good.


    If you have any questions I can go into other things. I'm assuming this is way more than you wanted already.



    TL;DR - Go for it. I've been enjoying it so far.

u/maciekish · 1 pointr/djiphantom

I got this one tested myself to 60MB/s (480Mbps) write in Blackmagic Disk Speed Test where DJI claims 4K recording is "only" at 100Mbps. Manual states 128Gb is the max.

u/Matt13n33 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This is a faster card and its cheaper but if you're going digital I would say its worth it, plus it is on sale.

u/idrinkforbadges · 1 pointr/yi4kplus

Your card will work, as it is U3 rated and 64GB. Some people have tested 128GB microSD cards and said it works, but then upgraded their firmware and it stopped working, that they had to go back to a 64GB microSD card. I have a SanDisk Extreme 128GB card that will arrive tomorrow, so I can test it out and report back. This is the card I ordered:

u/emaw_yo · 1 pointr/dji

I've been using a 128 GB one and it's been great. No issues at all and it always has space. I need to remember to dump content often though. If all of you footage is on one card and something happens to it, you're out of luck. Hope that helps!