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Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace)
Search Inside Yourself The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success Happiness and World Peace
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15 Reddit comments about Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace):

u/PingPing88 · 15 pointsr/pics

Maybe you'll get something nice when it comes. I got a book on how to improve myself and a foreign CD with 3 songs on it. The only thing I own that has a CD drive is my Xbox. That CD is never going to feel the tickle of a laser reading its soul.


For reference, these are what I got...

u/Jaja1990 · 7 pointsr/Meditation

Search Inside Yourself is probably the best book for beginners.

u/AmaDaden · 6 pointsr/compsci

There are several different pieces of advice you'll get when you ask this, you'll basically need to take all of them to some degree. There is no magic bullet, and you'll never be done.

  • Hate your own code. Based on your post this one is going well! This is important because it'll drive you to do things to improve, like ask /r/compsci for advice. You can always do better, but don't underrate yourself too much. There are TONS of horrible programmers out there who would NEVER bother to even look at a site like this, never mind ask a question here.

  • Mind your tools; both digital and physical. The goal here is make it easy to do awesome work. For digital tools learn about your IDE, repository, OS, and any other tool you use a lot. Don't go nuts, just learn enough to make work as easy as possible. For your physical tools make sure you have a desk and chair that's not gonna kill your back. Also think about 2 or 3 monitors and upgrading your PC with more RAM and a SSD. You would be surprised how much a fast PC and better interfaces can improve your productivity.

  • Read documentation. It will teach you all the nice tips and tricks most people don't know about or you don't properly understand. It's dry and painful but having a deep understanding of your language and tools is incredibly valuable. Just be warned, the deeper the documentation goes in to the details the more dry and painful it is.

  • Read books about programming wisdom. Every book I see here is a good candidate for this. The difference between these and documentation is that the documentation will focus on stuff you can't learn without being told about it, while these can be learned through practice and thought but it's much better to just get the idea by reading what someone else learned. These books are amazing shortcuts to good style and maintainable code but they are useless unless they help to show you something you're ready for. It's best to reread and skim these as you progress.

  • Practice. Pick something, ANYTHING and work on it. Even if it's something that will never be used it'll help you practice what you've been reading up on. Without practice you'll just slowly forget what anything you've learned.

  • Get a better job. /u/alienangel2 is right. I just got a job at a company that actually cares about making good software. I've learned more in the past few months then I learned during YEARS at other places. My best advice for this is to aim for large companies that are doing well and depend on the software you'll be working on. Consulting companies and small companies both tend to lack the time, resources, and motivation to keep their code well written. Remember to ask the place you're interviewing for if they do any of the cool things you've been reading about. Interview them while they interview you. Lastly don't settle for a job if it will not challenge you, NO MATTER HOW WELL IT PAYS (unless you can't survive on that salary, that's way different).

  • Physical exercise. Surprised? There's lots of research on this and you can read lots about it if you search around, but the short answer is that a bit of exercise will help you think faster and focus better.

  • Exercise your mind. Ok, this may sound even weirder then the last one but if the research is right you can expect to hear more about this as time goes on. Science has found that meditation actually works really well to improve just about everything you do. I recommend Search inside yourself, It was written by a Googler and comes at mediation with self improvement based on the latest research.
u/ithinkchaos · 4 pointsr/Meditation

I literally wrote this comment yesterday that you might want to check out...

But basically, I think you should really check out Meng Tan - he was one of the first software engineers at google (something like employee #100!), but he got out of that and basically went full time into teaching mindfulness. He wrote a book that I think is really worth a read and gave a talk about said book.

Anyways, I think that's a good place for you to find some answers...hopefully. Cheers!

u/60secs · 3 pointsr/ZenHabits

Thanks for the list. I also recommend Search inside yourself. It explores meditation, emotional awareness, mindfulness, attention and unlearning. It's from a Google employee who created their mindfulness program.

u/galleyest · 3 pointsr/OCD

We go through the same thing. I worry that I have a deadly disease all. the. time.

But recently I've found meditation/mindfulness and allowing myself to allow the thoughts to exist without feeding them helps. Its not fool-proof (yet) but its helping a little.

Don't wish cancer on yourself.

Also, enjoy the fact that magical thinking doesn't actually affect the outside world. You can do 1,000,000 compulsions to turn a pink rose blue, but it will still be pink.

I know I haven't quiet figured out how to safely ignore all of my thoughts, but I'm getting there. I'm certainly better than when I was a kid.

Check this book out for some great tips:

It gets better.

Break a leg!

u/lSl · 2 pointsr/Mindfulness

Check out Search Inside Yourself by Chade Meng Tan. He was a Google engineer that went full time into running a mindfulness program at Google. It's one of my favorite books on mindfulness because it's super practical, and it includes a lot of great stuff on workplace mindfulness (and lots of great stuff on outside the workplace mindfulness). I remember a few sections on how he taught managers mindfulness and how it benefited everyone involved.

u/ItsYaBoey · 1 pointr/ADHD

To avoid getting yelled at you can improve. -attention -attention
-organizing and finishing tasks if basic apps and calendars dont work

If youre at a stage where depression prevents you from progressing try convincing your mom to take you to therapy or be more open about your feelings with her or someone around you.

In addition a book that my psychiatrist suggested to give you tips for a lot of things to improve your mental state and productiveness

u/n-dee · 1 pointr/Stoicism

Hello, I had similar thoughts. I started my stoic journey at the beginning of this year with reading the Daily Stoic and writing the related journal. But I'm meditating since 3 years on a regular basis.

To me, the aspect of stoicism to always live in the present moment was already familiar. Before I discovered meditation I often felt anxious, uncertain and unfocused. This became better and better over time. I can't imagine a life without it anymore.

I'm not sure if it is feasible to quieten your mind by reading books and try to apply it logically into your daily life. It's hard to fight thinking with thinking. I believe that meditation or other kinds or mindfulness practices helps a lot to achieve a calm and present mind.

When I started meditation I was not particularly religous or spiritual. I discovered it through the book Search Inside Yourself which explains meditation for rational thinking beings. This totally changed my life.

Later I discovered Headspace, which became my favorite mediation app. I use it daily for almost 2 years now. Headspace provides guided, semi-guided and unguided meditations which focus on different aspects of life.

Currently I'm meditating every morning for about 15-30 min before I start journaling.

u/DiscoStu44x · 1 pointr/Mindfulness

I'm about half way through this, pretty solid so far. It teaches you mindfulness techniques that is taught at Google.

Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace)

u/DoesNotMatterAnymore · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

This is more related to confidence:

From Search Inside Yourself.

> Earlier in the self-awareness chapter, we talked about how self-confidence can arise from deep understanding of our failure mode and recovery mode. In my engineer’s mind, I think of skillfulness in self-regulation as an upgrade to my recovery mechanism.

>By knowing exactly how a system recovers after failure, I can be confident in it even when it fails because I know the conditions in which the system can come back quickly enough that failure is inconsequential. If, in addition to that, I can upgrade the recovery mechanisms such that it can recover much faster and more cleanly (that is, causing fewer problems), then I can have even more confidence in it and can subject it to even more interesting and challenging environments. We can think of the practices in this chapter as upgrading our recovery mode.

u/Man-IamHungry · 1 pointr/relationship_advice

At first I thought, maybe he’s in shock & hasn’t snapped out of it yet, but the more I read he just sounds like an asshole.

You need to put together a support system & stay organized. Reach out to anyone & everyone for help. Do not be shy about it, now isn’t the time to tip-toe or hesitate.

  1. Get organized. Buy a giant calendar & dedicate it to only your stuff. Aside from appointments, use it to track your medications & symptoms. Keep a notebook to jot down questions to ask your doctors & also to summarize what was discussed in your appt.

    Some cancer planners I got:
  • Cancer101 The best bang for your buck at $25 & they send an extra section regarding the type of cancer you have. It also includes an accordion folder to help keep track of paperwork which is great.
  • ReadyForRecovery Much pricier at $50, but it looks nicer & I like the way they organized it.
  • CanPlan Cancer Planner I bought the inserts for $18.95, but there’s a printable PDF option for $9.95. There was a lot of depressing information at the beginning of this pack which turned me off, but there’s a daily tracker section that is nicely organized & a positivity section that was cool to include.

  1. Audio record your appointments! A lot of information can get tossed around when speaking with a doctor & you might find things going in one ear & out the other. Use a voice memo app just in case.

  2. Get a therapist. I don’t know what kind of insurance you have, but ask if they will cover sessions. If not, ask if they know of any free options.

  3. Find a local cancer resource center. The one I’ve been to offers support groups, social workers, reiki therapy, nutrition classes, art classes, wigs, books, etc... all FREE. Plus they can help you access other resources like financial assistance, rideshare programs, etc.

  4. Find drivers. Who do you know that would be willing? There are also free ride services for cancer patients. Usually it’s for within a certain distance, but it’s better than nothing.

  5. Meal prep. Make a few soups/stews/etc & freeze them for the days when you have zero energy to cook. We probably had 20 adult servings to start & it was a lifesaver. Ask someone to help you cook (or if they can do it) so you’ll never run out.

  6. Stay hydrated. Drink a LOT of water all day long, especially on chemo days. It could help reduce symptoms from the meds. Find a pharmacy that sells Drip Drop & add a pack to your water on treatment/follow-up days.

  7. Food. Tell your doctor you’d like to see a nutritionist. Avoid processed sugar as much as you can & try to incorporate the following: +cruciferous vegetables +dark purple food +orange food +zinc (?). I can’t remember that last one but I feel like it was zinc. Get the good stuff too, now’s your chance to hit up the farmer’s markets, etc. If you have a sweet tooth stock up on healthier alternatives. I found a company called ‘Modern Popsicle’ that has zero added sugar. They were the only ones in my store that actually were only made with “real fruit” as advertised.

  8. Aim for ‘okay’ days. On occasion you’re going to feel pretty damn good & find yourself cleaning the whole house, chasing your kids around, meeting up with friends, or whatever. DON’T give in to this momentary burst of energy! It will absolutely kick you in the ass afterwards & it will take you so much longer to recover. It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything, just keep it reasonable. You don’t want low days or high days, you want ‘okay’ days.

  9. Meditate. Mind over matter dude. I still struggle with this one, but I’ve seen it be really helpful in this situation. I recommend “Mindfulness” by Mark Williams & Danny Penman & “Search Inside Yourself” by Chade-Meng Tan.

  10. Fuck cancer.

  11. Fuck your husband’s shitty attitude.
u/random-answer · 1 pointr/selfhelp

it's the question that drives us. (The Matrix) - What do you want to achieve with your post and your video's?
I partially agree with what you write but most of all fail to see the part in which you ask your question.

I get the impression that you are seeking and think that you might be interested in the book from Meng-tan (a google engineer). The title is search inside yourself. It's available on Amazon for as little as 13:59 (link)

and also for free as a pdf from here:

About the Author, he's a really cool guy from Singapore !

Some other sources.
Here is a far out book,
You become what you think about most of the time.

Bob proctor:
I think that his model of the mind is really good.
Book: You were born rich.

Richard Bandler:
Bob Proctor talks about programing the mind, Richard Bandler is the 1st man to study when your interested in that.
Book: frogs into princesses & how to make a great life.

Best of luck & let me know if you find this information usefull to you.

u/ElvarP · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Try to keep it interesting I reccomend practising these muscles for 5 seconds every day. Focus on one muscle.

You have multiple muscles in youre brain, The muscles im specialising in at the moment is the attention muscle - I used the book Search inside yourself> path to achivieing success, happiness and world peace. You also have a decision making muscle which you can practice with hard and decisive decision, every decision can be hard and decision no matter how small of an impact it has on your life. This muscle has helped me the most on my journey through starting a company and taking on music as my next goal. My psychiatrist also told me that that you can practice memory, with your memory muscle, just like you practice muscle memory

Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace):