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Steklo Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Computer Riser, Ergonomic Foldable Portable Notebook Holder for Desk, Compatible 12 13 15 16 17 inch Mac MacBook Pro Air, Dell, HP, Lenovo PC Laptops X-Stand
✅ BEST LAPTOP STAND - Are You Looking for Foldable Stand that keeps your Laptop Cool and at the Perfect Height? You Found it! Works great with Laptop and MacBook screen size 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 inch. This Laptop Riser giving you Ergonomic positions hands and better posture and less back/neck stiffness. (NEWEST VERSION)✅ MACBOOK PRO STAND - Keep your laptop from sliding off and Easy to assemble. Ergonomic Laptop Stand can be Fold into One piece with Weight 5.8 oz -- Size 6.3 inch when folded. Fully Compact Size and Lightweight to be put in your Laptop Bag and carry around together with your MacBook Pro or Air✅ KEEPS YOUR LAPTOP COOL - Ventilated Laptop Stand increases Air flow to help keep your Notebook cooler and prevent from overheating and crashes. High quality Aluminum MacBook Pro Stand provides solid stability and efficient laptop cooling. Perfect MacBook Pro stand for desk work, home, school, office or travel✅ PERFECT HEIGHT AND ANGLE - Easy Adjustable for your Laptop size. Sand-blasted and metallic silver anodized finish matches Apple MacBook Pro and Air. Compatible with all laptops up to 17 inch, including MacBook Laptop, Microsoft Surface, Chrome, Chromebook, Dell XPS, HP, Alienware, Notebook laptop, tablet etc✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Hassle-free Purchase 100% MONEY BACK If you are not satisfied with the performance of MacBook Stand simply contact us. Steklo is USA based company. We are friendly Customer Support Experts. All our products very well made with Premium Quality Aluminium Material that looks great
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25 Reddit comments about Steklo Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Computer Riser, Ergonomic Foldable Portable Notebook Holder for Desk, Compatible 12 13 15 16 17 inch Mac MacBook Pro Air, Dell, HP, Lenovo PC Laptops X-Stand:

u/ljreyl · 5 pointsr/MSILaptops

No need for a cooling pad, just get a small laptop stand.

Steklo MacBook Pro Stand - X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand for 12 13 15 17 inch - Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk Portable Foldable Compact Universal Computer Cooling MacBook Stand (New Version 2019)

This alone dropped temps 3-5c and I highly recommend it.

u/DeafPapa · 4 pointsr/oculus

My mobile setup is as follows:

MSI GT73VR- nvidia 1070 – Samsung 960 pro’s – 32 gigabyte memory – processor under volted using Throttle top 850 to reduce heat.

Laptop stand for airflow-

Powered USB-c hub-

Display port to HDMI adapter (saves wear/tear on HDMI port) -

Extension cables 15' headset and 3rd sensor-

Active HDMI repeater for headset-

Facial replacement-

Some items picked up over time. While at times I think a tower system would be great…. This allows me the flexibility to setup at other locations in / outside the home and still have normal laptop while not in VR.

u/SpicerJones · 4 pointsr/Alienware

Portable stand -

Backpack -

Laptop coolers are junk - just get a solid stand.

Had my 13 for 2 weeks - absolutely love it.

u/TherealHendrix · 4 pointsr/GamingLaptops

This is the one I got for my 15in Y740. I really like it, and it improved by CPU temps by 5-10 compared to keeping it on a flat desk.

u/Shaomoki · 3 pointsr/hometheater

This is what I use to ventilate my ps4. It raises it off the surface, while also pointing the vents up and away from the ground.

Steklo Laptop Stand!

u/Twix2247 · 3 pointsr/Alienware

I did the same to mine, minus the USB fan. Just lifted it off the desk a little, helps a ton with cooling. I recommend this to help cool it: Steklo Pro Stand -...

u/scobility · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

This is the one in the pic, but the angle is a bit low for my liking, and that monitor riser has 6.25" in clearance, so I just got this and like it much more.

u/99K9s · 2 pointsr/GamingLaptops

I really like a good stand instead. It's going to give about the same performance as a cooling pad. It won't break down. It travels easily. It won't use up a USB port or hurt battery life.

u/Adelfuntz · 2 pointsr/razer

It's not the most beautiful, but I have been using this when traveling and have zero complaints! I have a larger ones as well that are permanent fixtures at my home and office desks.

In terms of ones to keep at your desks, I concur with the aluminum Satechi or Rain stand suggestions. At home, I use the Razer Chroma stand mainly as it has a built-in USB hub for my keyboard and mouse.

u/FrostyTheAce · 2 pointsr/ableton

Alright, so I just got my laptop (GS65-RTX 2060), and I've already unboxed it.


Before I begin, I want to recommend these 2 peripherals: A laptop sleeve; and A laptop stand .Both of them are perfect for this beast.


I had a lot of doubts about this laptop, before getting it, and I was still over the fence. But now that I have it in my hands, and am an owner, I know that this is the one for me. I am absolutely blown away by it. I saw it and used it in a store a few times, but having your own personal device, and really gelling with it, is something else!


Right off the bat, the build quality is really solid. I know people complain about creaking and fragility, but my model is extremely solid. The screen is so buttery smooth, and the colors are extremely vibrant. The keyboard feels a little awkward at first, but once you get used to it, it's extremely satisfying. The touchpad, is extremely silky, and it's large area is very useful.


I know the speakers have gotten a lot of flak, but I like them a lot. They are loud and very clear. They won't bring the house down, but I don't need them to anyways.


If you want me to run any tests let me know :)

u/fuelhandler · 2 pointsr/Alienware

I use this:

Temps on my m15 are 78~83 degrees on the stand when stress testing with Intel Extreme Tuning (stock paste, and no undervolting.)

u/jnrandall · 2 pointsr/Alienware

Hey. I just purchased the exact config from the Dell outlet as a certified and refurbished last week. I don’t have the thermal issues like your device but my temps did cross 84C and I was concerned. The avg temps are in the mid 70s during Tom Clancys The Division gameplay. This is the most resource intensive game I have at this point. Someone here recommended that I raise the laptop in the air. Well I purchased the Steklo - X-Stand Now gameplay temps are peaking in the mid to upper 70s and averages around 68-72C. After you blow out the dust, try raising the back up and see if that helps. Good luck.

u/aquaphire · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Steklo - X-Stand for MacBook and PC Laptop, Aluminium Adjustable/Portable, Cooling Universal Stand for size 12"-17" Screen

u/sayswai · 2 pointsr/razer

Awesome, I also use a laptop stand ( specifically) with the Blade!

Intelxtu, which is what I use for undervolting, also tracks temps so you can utlize that. Speedfan would also work too.

u/BananaRambamba1276 · 2 pointsr/MSILaptops

This is exactly what I got:

Gives you the perfect amount of clearance for the fans to breath and it travels really well.

Edit: I actually saw that someone else here picked this up for their laptop and said it was great

u/WellsMck · 2 pointsr/Alienware

AW stuff is cool, but I prefer Logitech over anything else. Their products are backed by great warranties, and their products have a pretty good lifespan. Every logitech product I've ever owned is still alive and kicking. The G810 is pretty sweet, and with Aurora software can do some pretty cool stuff. My friend has one of their wireless mice and it's really nice. He can always add the powerplay powermat so he never has to charge it.

When I used my AW 13r3 as my primary desktop setup (before I built another PC) I always used one of those portable metal laptop stands so that it would have as much room to breath as possible.

u/DataBar · 2 pointsr/GamingLaptops

I was just coming back here to respond with some Clevo resellers now that I'm at my PC, but /u/koimatsu did all the hard work.

I second his/her recommndation 100%. If your budget is $1000, that's definitely workable. You'll get the most for your money if you're not paying for a brand, like Dell or MSI or whatever. Clevo/Sager/Evoc cut a lot of the bullshit out, and you can get a reseller to put liquid metal / thermal pads in ther for your without voiding your warranty.

This stand is cheap and provides great air flow, you should get something like this for no matter any laptop you go with.

And with $1000, I'd recommend putting all that money into the CPU and GPU, since you can't really upgrade those. Don't worry about the storage or RAM and just upgrade those later. Plus RAM and storage have gotten very cheap. You could mow lawns for a weekend and afford to upgrade those.

Just make sure the laptop you go with has the capacity for more RAM and storage. You'd want one that can take 16GB (2 x 8 @ 2666MHz) minimum (32GB capacity is better, but unless you're doing programming or something you probably don't need to worry too much) some day when you can afford it. Dual channel memory is always better, but in the case where you're going to be upgrading, you should opt for 1x8GB and add the second stick later, so you're only buying one 8GB RAM instead of 2 to upgrade.

So yeah, get the best CPU and GPU you can, you'll be stuck with whatever decision you make. Everything else on the laptop is replaceable, even the screen.

u/worldstarPanda · 1 pointr/Battletops

Its this nifty collapsible quad-pod? type thing. 25 bucks from amazon.

u/bahzerk · 1 pointr/razer

About the same as mine. I was able to undervolt the CPU a bit to bring down temps, and I dropped the maximum processor state to 95%. The undervolt took off about 5c, and the 5% reduction in CPU speed (can't tell any difference, gaming or audio production) drops to about 77-80c under load.

The things that help the most is cool ambient temperatures (the room) and lifting the laptop up a bit so the fans can pull air in easier. Don't use a laptop "cooling pad" with fans because the fans on the bottom are intake, so blowing air into them creates negative pressure and could make it run hotter and the fans work harder. When gaming or doing something that pushes the system hard i use...

At my desk I use this with external keyboard/mouse (best thermal results)

And on the go (if gaming):

u/Noltz · 1 pointr/Alienware

I use this, its lowered my temps by over 5-8 celsius and has a ergonomic posture.

u/Pallas · 1 pointr/Alienware

That's an interesting looking passive cooling stand. Some of the reviewers mentioned, however, that the tabs on either side that keep the laptop from sliding off the front of the stand protrude above the typing surface of their laptop, making it uncomfortable to rest their hands for typing. The pictures of the unit seem to bear this complaint out to me.

I don't know if that's something that bothers you or not, but for anyone else looking for passive cooling, I have for many years used a stand I bought for my first Mac computer. I have used it with 3 Macs, 2 Razer Blades, and now my new Alienware 15 R3.

It needs to sit on top of something else like a laptop tray or laptop desk if you're going to actually use it on your lap, as it could not sit directly on your lap. I use a thick pillow-style tray to set it on, which raises the whole laptop above my lap enough to allow me to sit in a recliner and comfortably type and game on my laptop for hours at a time.

The advantage of the laptop stand I use is that it is extremely minimalistic, constructed of strong, attractive and adjustable aluminum rods, and it contracts and folds to a tiny size for easy packing into your laptop backpack or briefcase for travel and portability.

Search the web or Amazon for "Steklo X-Stand Universal Cooling Stand" if this sounds interesting.

( U.S. Amazon site link: )

I should also mention one other advantage I commonly find for this stand: If you use an external USB drive (not a flash stick, but a drive that requires a USB cord), you can place the drive enclosure itself underneath the laptop and out of the way, since the stand allows for a lot of open space underneath the PC itself. For actual lap-based use this is ideal, since it keeps the USB drive enclosure tucked away and not dangling off the side of the PC somewhere.

u/rinamy · 1 pointr/ipad

You could try a laptop cooling pad/stand instead of a tablet holder. Those are meant to hold heavier devices that people type on so I'm assuming they will hold up fine. There are several models on Amazon that have adjustable heights.

Just as an example (caveat: I have not used this)

I use a lightweight portable stand currently:

The arms can be adjusted in angle / locked in / lengthened to facilitate working in portrait mode as well. However, it's at a fixed height (1.5"?) so not height adjustable.

Nonetheless, I'm looking for a case/folio with a built-in adjustable flip stand a la Surface Pro (no such luck yet, at least not with the same level of sturdiness) so that I don't have to carry a separate stand with me.

u/joshlarsen2 · 1 pointr/battlestations

This one I found on Amazon ! It folds up really small for taking it in my backpack. I actually use it upside down so the whole laptop is lifted up a bit rather than just the back.