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u/oojacoboo · 89 pointsr/digitalnomad

Been traveling with this rig for over 7 months and across 4 continents.

This photo was taken in a co-working space in Lima Peru. I much prefer working out of co-working spaces as opposed to wherever I’m staying (mostly Airbnb’s) - productivity/work first, adventure and travel come second.

Happy to answer any questions. Cheers!

Edit: Here is a list of all the components since everyone is wanting to know.

u/failedassumption · 47 pointsr/synthesizers

I've wanted a Juno 106 ever since I tried one out a few years ago. It was faulty, but still fun, this one is perfect, so even more fun! After purchasing it I realised that I would no longer have space for my Boog and my Minilogue, so I looked everywhere for stands. I tried the Adam Hall laptop stands and the Pyle PLPTS25, but they didn't fit below the Juno. Then, I found the RockJam laptop stands, and they're just perfect. You can assemble them in so many ways to match your needs: with or without table clamps, with or without width extenders (two increments), supports facing inward or outward (changes width), different heights, etc. And they're really cheap as well, so I can safely recommend them. The only downside is that you need to buy some protectors between the stand and the synth if you really want to avoid scratching (not a huge issue for me).


Edit: added links to the stands mentioned

u/TTRSkidlz · 26 pointsr/synthesizers

I'm not seeing a lot you can do, but taking up the slack on the wires would help. I use twist-ties and velcro straps to bunch up the excess wire.

Putting some of it on stands would let you tuck wires underneath too. I have my keystep on a laptop stand for example.

u/adamelit3 · 25 pointsr/ableton

It's really just a complex collection of chewed gum and fishing wire

u/AnomalyNexus · 13 pointsr/Accounting

Couple of random thoughts on this from my side:

  • Get a wireless mouse & keyboard off Amazon - costs like 25 USD or whatever. People I know refuse to spend their own'd rather suffer 8 hours a day to save 25 bucks???

  • Get a laptop stand - the idea is to push the screen as far up as possible. I got this one.. Emphasis on height - as close to eye level

  • If you have a second screen go to the printing room and grab some reams of paper. Use those to prop up the screen till it's at the right height

  • Connect laptop via cable. Not a huge difference in speed but over years that accumulates

  • If it's a hot desk office try to claim a desk. I had a plant and a stuffed animal on mine which helped convey the "its a hot desk but not really" message.
u/data-punk · 12 pointsr/digitalnomad

Not OP, but its this one.
Add some of these and a couple of these for a half-decent mobile station.

u/Tyrant-i · 8 pointsr/macsetups
u/zeoliet · 8 pointsr/minimalism

I have a pretty similar setup to you, I just use a stand for my laptop. There is a cord container under the desk to keep things tidy there.

It looks like you've got wireless headphones/keyboard/mouse so you're ahead of me there, but for anybody who might not... I have a USB hub stuck onto the monitor mount, right below where it connects to the desk. One of the wires coming from the left of the laptop goes up with the monitors cables, across the monitor arm, and then runs down along the monitor mount to this hub.

My mouse and keyboard cables run to behind the desk, into the cable container, and then into that USB. My headset has a hook under the desk and it connects to the same USB hub.

[Edit] My laptop has a cool logo on it, but it's upside down and facing the wall. It would look better if the logo faced out, but this orientation points all the laptop's vents up and out. I have zero issues with overheating - I monitored it closely for the first several weeks I had it. This is the stand I have.

u/Cogged · 8 pointsr/Velo

I'll bite.

  • How do you select your workouts? Do you use premade workouts or create your own?

    Trainerroad devotee here as well. I'm following their plans most of the time, which using their new robust calendar feature is a pleasure. That said, I've learned to stay flexible and roll with the punches for any plan. Things happen, you're human; don't get hung up when a session is cut short or missed for whatever reason life throws at you.

  • What trainer/rollers setup do you have? What sensors/powermeters do you use?

    Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with a Vittoria Trainer Tire. Along with Garmin magnetless speed (rear wheel) and cadence sensors, I use TR's Virtual Power to train against. Before each session, I pump my rear tire to 100psi and crank the trainer resistance knob exactly 4.25 turns to "ensure" the accuracy of Virtual Power. It's not perfect, but it's damn consistent (as they tout). I'll be adding Kurt Kinetic's InRide 3 sensor very soon to further remove variability.

    Why 4.25 turns, you might ask? I've (unscientifically) "aligned" Virtual Power to my power meter (which stays on my race bike because I'm lazy) by testing various resistance levels against what my Garmin was reading from the power meter. This is very individual. Take that number with a grain of salt.

  • What software/app do you use to control the trainer or track workouts?

    I use Trainerroad's desktop app to train against, always in minimized mode while watching some sort of streaming entertainment. I then use Trainerroad's site for all my tracking needs. And Strava, because Strava.

    The above sensors, and a HRM, are paired via Ant+ (though the speed and cadence use BLE as well) because I've not had any luck with BLE sensor response time - very laggy. I use a USB extension cable to an Ant+ receiver stick (Garmin and Suunto both excellent) to get the signal to the app.

  • How do you regulate your temperature?

    I train indoors...but outdoors. Most of the year (April–November), I train in my 1950's detached garage, which has absolutely no consideration for insulation. It's lovely on the front and backside of seasons, but hot as anything in the summer. I've got a large 20-some inch utility fan on the floor in front blowing full-speed at my core and face. During the dead of the northeastern winter, I move the setup indoors in my basement, the fan then on low since the temp is around 55-60.

    Always a single 500ml bottle for every ride. Two if doing anything over 60 min and in the summer.

    A sweat rag helps too, but if you get a big ass fan positioned right, it's not necessary.

  • What do you wear while indoor training?

    Just a stripped down version of what I wear on the road: socks, bibs, sleeveless base layer and gloves. If I'm in said garage under 50°, I'll probably put knee warmers on and begin with a vest or lighter gilet before removing it once warmed up.

  • What other accessories or entertainment do you use?

    A laptop stand for my laptop, and a riser block to level out the front of the bike while on the trainer. For entertainment, I swap mostly between whatever I'm binging on Netflix and cycling related YouTube channels. For sessions of serious intensity, nothing beats race footage.
u/MenWhoStareatGoatse_ · 8 pointsr/ableton

All that gear and no monitors?

Pro tip: Since you have your Push sitting past the keyboard, you can use a laptop stand to prop it up so it's easier to see and use. I got this one for 20 bucks and it fits pretty much perfectly

edit - just noticed someone else suggested something similar. Seriously though, it makes a world of difference if the Push isn't gonna be right in front of you on the table

u/stordoff · 7 pointsr/unitedkingdom

I've always just ordered on Amazon. Pretty much irreplaceable for cleaning old game cartridges.

u/maxpericulosus · 7 pointsr/mac

I have a Rain Design mTower and love it.

u/lasted_GRU · 7 pointsr/Alienware

I use this one. I like and it's sturdy. I have the 15 r3.

u/Explodicide · 6 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers
u/jjspacecat10 · 6 pointsr/Debate

Its called a table tote. I have one too. Very useful. You can get lay appeal if you ask your opponents if they would like to borrow it.

u/w3agle · 6 pointsr/hardware

Happy to!
Loctek Gas Spring Dual LCD Arm Desk Monitor Mounts Fits 10"-27" Monitors

I also got this mount for my laptop on one of the arms:
AmazonBasics Notebook Arm Mount Tray

And here's how it looks all set up:

u/pinacolata_ · 5 pointsr/mac

Does $500 include the monitor, keyboard and mouse?

For mounting your MacBook Pro properly to desk, you have 3 real options depending on if you want to be able to work from it (unlikely) or just have it closed in clamshell mode and use an external keyboard and mouse to mount vertically to save desk space.
Option 1: Rain Design mStand (comes in Silver and Space Grey) $40. I use this personally when I have my MBP set up next to my 5K iMac and 27" Thunderbolt Display.
Option 2: Twelve South BookArc (comes in Silver and Space Grey) $50 - for use in clamshell mode only
Option 3: General vertical laptop stand (I have it in Silver, unsure how well their space grey matches) - $20. Cheap, minimalist, but does the job. Clamshell mode only.

Next is an external keyboard, I'm going to stick with an Apple aesthetic for this recommendation and not any gamery mechanical ones. Depending on if you want a numeric keypad or not, there's either Apple's Magic Keyboard 2 or a Satechi wireless one with a numeric keypad. I don't think Apple's Magic Keyboard 2 with Numeric Keypad is worth an extra $70 over the Satechi.
Option 1: Satechi Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (comes in all colours) $80.
Option 2: Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (without numeric keypad - White only) $99.

For mice, I'd avoid Apple's Magic Mouse like the plague because words can not describe how bad it is to use.
I'd recommend mouse that you can also use with just your MBP while on the go, not heavy, big mice that only really belong on the desktop at home. No mouse really stands out to me apart from this one, honestly.
Logitech MX Anywhere 2s (unfortunately they stopped making them in white) $50. Can connect via bluetooth so no dongles.

For monitors, at this price range you won't have a neat 1 cable display and power solution like you'd get from a 23.7" 4K LG UltraFine display for example or HDR10, or Retina. 1440p 27" displays are a bit out of this price range, but I'd personally sacrifice pixel density and get a 1080p display anyways so I still have a 27" display.
Option 1: HP 27es 1080p 27" bezel-less IPS display (Silver) $219.
Option 2: ASUS VZ239H-W 1080p 23" bezel-less IPS display (Silver) $139.

Then you need cables to connect your MBP to the display (the keyboards and mice are bluetooth). If you only have 2 TB3 ports, you may want to buy a multiport adaptor or else you will have 0 free ports with my solution (as you need the other port for power).
USB-C to HDMI cable (Black) $12.6. I have it to connect my MBP to my 4K TV and it works flawlessly.
If you need a multiport adaptor, I'd recommend this Satechi one (comes in all colours) - $60

Total price as configured (BookArc + Satechi Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Keypad + MX Anywhere 2s + HP 27es + USB-C to HDMI cable) = $412. If you need a mulitport adaptor and don't have one already, it'll be $472.

u/sortex · 5 pointsr/uktrees

Isopropyl alcohol is a good cleaning agent to use. Just recently bought this - linky link.
Works great.

u/djvirgen · 5 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

I use one of these laptop stands:

It's pretty nice, works well to hold up the MS-20 Mini, or can also hold a Novation Circuit, Elektron Analog Heat or Elektron Digitakt. Ironically, it does not work well for holding my laptop, because my laptop has a curved bottom that causes it to slide over the little lip.

u/Crvend4c · 5 pointsr/Battletops

I'd suggest putting the laptop on a stand similar to this so you have more room for the mouse.

u/KantLockeMeIn · 5 pointsr/networking

My teammates laugh at me, but I carry a table and chair in my backpack because sitting on the floor is uncomfortable and balancing a laptop on your hand is a pain. I use a walkstool tripod seat and this bad boy for my laptop:

I have a big backpack and fit my laptop, 100G test set + otdr, walkstool, table, bag of fiber and loopback plugs, klein padded toolbag with various tools, optical power meter + vfl, fiber cleaners, ptouch label maker, extension cord, C14->NEMA 5-15 adapter. And still have a little room for my noise cancelling headphones, a snack, and a drink that I'm not supposed to have in the colo (shh!).

My back suffers, but it fits.

u/peacenchemicals · 5 pointsr/CrappyDesign

Not the person you replied to, but I have one that works great.

Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser: Portable with Mouse Pad Fully Ergonomic Mount Ultrabook MacBook Gaming Notebook Light Weight Aluminum Black Bed Tray Desk Book Fans Up to 17 inches

I thought the fan would be cheesy but it actually helps my MacBook Pro a lot while playing wow lol

u/avramce · 5 pointsr/gamecollecting

Only other things I'd suggest are:

  • Helping hands
  • Adjustable light source/snake
  • Notebook stand

    Helping hands is great for small board work, or any scenario you need to hold a floating component on board when you tack it in.

    The light source and be plugged into a USB battery brick, and placed where ever you need it, helpful for tight spaces when you are leaning over the board, especially if you only have a ceiling lamp.

    There are probably cheaper versions of this, but generally works great as an all purpose table. Perfect for lifting the board up to your face, rather than hunching over for tiny repairs.
u/DoctorOddfellow · 5 pointsr/writing

In general, sitting for hours on end isn't healthy for you. Several things make a difference:

  1. Get an ergonomically sound chair. It will set you back several hundred dollars (at least), but if you spend a lot of time in it, your body will thank you for it.

  2. Get a fitness device (FitBit, Apple Watch, whatever) that can remind you to move every n minutes or hours. There are desktop apps that do this as well. Make sure you get up and move around when it tells you to.

  3. Get a standing desk or standing desk add-on. Varidesk makes devices that sit on your desktop and can raise or lower your whole workstation. A full-on standing desk or a Varidesk attachment, can run into the hundreds of dollars, but, if you just use a laptop, you can get something like this for $35 or $40 bucks, and it can do the trick cheaply.

  4. As others have said, exercise!
u/DPSnacks · 5 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I popped in here being sure this would exist, and seeing all these people come close but not answer your question inspired me to do some digging.

Here's the closest thing I found. I'm confident you'll be able to bend that into whatever position you need, and it doesn't have the problem of the Pyle stand with raised parts on the legs.

u/ljreyl · 5 pointsr/MSILaptops

No need for a cooling pad, just get a small laptop stand.

Steklo MacBook Pro Stand - X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand for 12 13 15 17 inch - Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk Portable Foldable Compact Universal Computer Cooling MacBook Stand (New Version 2019)

This alone dropped temps 3-5c and I highly recommend it.

u/_kittenslave_ · 5 pointsr/MSILaptops

Most places I've seen people say coolers are just a bunch of bs and don't even work, and can even interfere with the air intake. You're better off getting something like this, so the laptop is some distance off the table with a mesh bottom, so better airflow.

The issue is the fact laptops don't usually have much clearance off the desk, so there is mnimial airflow. Raising it just an inch even, works wonders.

u/nunonow · 5 pointsr/ableton

This one works pretty well and is also height adjustable

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

u/OverQualifried · 5 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Just found this and purchased it. Looks like the same idea but for much cheaper.

Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Laptop Stand

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/uwo

I have a pinched cervical nerve from a car accident and cannot work at all in the library cubicles... I feel your pain, I was in agony after an exam in NSB 145 earlier this term. As this other person suggested, working from home is definitely the way to go if possible w/ a chair that you can raise/lower to your liking. I also recently purchased a lap desk at home that I find comfortable as well (I prop myself up in bed w/ a few pillows behind my back and under my knees).

This is also amazing ( if you are working on your computer for long periods.

u/TherealHendrix · 4 pointsr/GamingLaptops

This is the one I got for my 15in Y740. I really like it, and it improved by CPU temps by 5-10 compared to keeping it on a flat desk.

u/SpicerJones · 4 pointsr/Alienware

Portable stand -

Backpack -

Laptop coolers are junk - just get a solid stand.

Had my 13 for 2 weeks - absolutely love it.

u/DeafPapa · 4 pointsr/oculus

My mobile setup is as follows:

MSI GT73VR- nvidia 1070 – Samsung 960 pro’s – 32 gigabyte memory – processor under volted using Throttle top 850 to reduce heat.

Laptop stand for airflow-

Powered USB-c hub-

Display port to HDMI adapter (saves wear/tear on HDMI port) -

Extension cables 15' headset and 3rd sensor-

Active HDMI repeater for headset-

Facial replacement-

Some items picked up over time. While at times I think a tower system would be great…. This allows me the flexibility to setup at other locations in / outside the home and still have normal laptop while not in VR.

u/jamieblakebeats · 4 pointsr/ableton

Thanks for watching! It’s a stand from Amazon Stand

u/sChlickers · 4 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

check that one out

Here is my setup

u/CarolynDesign · 4 pointsr/secretsanta

I wouldn't feel too bad about it. It's not the most personal gift in the world, but you weren't given a ton of information to work with. In the future, maybe send messages to ask about other interests and likes; you can even tell your giftee that you're good at fashion/costume design, and would he be interested in something like an -insert item you're able and willing to make here-?

For this year, the only other thing you might consider is sending a card or a note on redditgifts his way, suggesting some things he might like to buy with the Amazon giftcard, and that you weren't sure which one he'd find most useful in his life.

Here are some things you might suggest:

A waterproof bluetooth speaker

A laptop stand to prevent overheating when pulling long hours producing music

A cool looking USB hub, because he probably needs a lot of USB ports to do all that.

A sound recording pen, so that if he thinks of a good rap on the fly, he can record it and jot it down at the same time.

Or just a nice fountain pen, great for graphic designers.

Then, you've made some suggestions for what you think he'd like, but if he'd rather use it for something else, the ball is in his court.

u/GeneralAtrox · 4 pointsr/Alienware

I am using, as I type this, the [AmazonBasics Ventilated Laptop Stand] ( Its very simple, very light and I saw a 10 degree difference vs having it on my lap.

I have the 15 R3 with a 1070 & 7820HK.

I don't recommend any stands with fans as the air intake on the bottom of my laptop takes air in. So the fans pushing air away might suffocate your laptop even more.

u/-Cheule- · 4 pointsr/mac

“Yes” wow, my cup runneth over with information. OP, I don’t know which he used (but looking at it closely it looks kind of basic in a bad way). I recommend this one by twelve south. I have one. Pretty expensive for what it is, but great quality, super rigid, and holds the MacBook securely without any possibility of scratching it.

Another caveat: running your laptop closed like this can present thermal issues if you do a lot of intense cpu tasks. The fan system works fine, but the laptop also radiates heat through the keyboard which is now closed.

u/NoSoup4Yu · 4 pointsr/MatebookXPro

I own or have owned all the ones I linked below. I don't use my laptop as a desktop so it's not connected to any of my monitors. The reason I bought the stands is to house the laptop when not in used or when I connect it to my TV.

  1. iQunix Vertical Laptop Stand: This laptop stand works well. The rubber padding is pretty thick so I didn't worry too much about possibly scratching it, especially around the opening edges. Also, the design of this stand allows good airflow if you want to have the fan vent pointing down.
  2. Twelve South BookArc: This stand is probably one of the nicest stand I owned. It's everything above plus the leg slot that allows you to run your cable under if needed. If you're looking for a stand to display your laptop, I say this would be it. Also, because of the extra rubber padding around the opening of the stand, you can slide the laptop in with ease.
  3. Jarlink Vertical Stand: This here is a decent stand that I liked because it's pretty minimal. It's smaller than the other two and has a nice weight to it. It's also adjustable so it should work with most laptops. However, it's kind of a PIA to adjust the thing to the right fitting if you have OCD like me. Oh, there are no slots on the bottom so ventilation isn't great depending on how you use it.
  4. Seenda Vertical Stand: This is the stand that I use the most when I'm not using my desktop. It's adjustable to fit most laptop sizes and can be used as a height stand for a more comfortable typing position (I use the height stand a lot). It also has a 2nd slot where I place my iPad (this was a huge plus for me). There are no slots on the bottom so ventilation isn't great depending on how you use it. The biggest con to this stand is that there are no rubber padding around the top edges of the opening. So when you slide your laptop in, you want to be a little careful.

u/enginerd_EE · 4 pointsr/macsetups


u/Eric_Banternar · 3 pointsr/macsetups

The stand is a Kensington Easy Riser.
Keeps the MacBook cool and also means I can level up the screen heights

Link on Amazon UK, I'm sure they are easily available on US Amazon too.

u/Kaapaala · 3 pointsr/france

La même chose m'est arrivée après trop de travail sur PC portable. Je suis développeur, donc amené à passer beaucoup de temps d'affilée sur un PC. Niveau ergonomie, les laptops sont une aberration sans nom, en particulier le pad. La plupart des bons conseils ont déjà été donnés. Je te propose une liste des pratiques que j'ai mises en place, après lecture de pas mal de ressources sur le sujet:

  • Achat d'un écran pour ton PC. ça ne coûte pas grand chose et ton confort visuel sera amélioré grandement. Il faut que tes yeux soient pile en face du haut de l'écran. Mets quelque chose sous l'écran s'il est trop bas
  • Achat d'un clavier. Je n'ai pas de clavier ergonomique mais ça peut être utile. Quoiqu'il en soit, ne mets pas les petits clapets dessous, c'est vraiment contre indiqué pour les poignets. Ton clavier doit être plat. J'ai un Logitech K120 depuis au moins cinq ans qui avait du me couter dix euros donc tu ne vas pas te ruiner.
  • Achat d'une souris. Je ne sais pas si c'est un effet placebo, mais j'ai l'impression d'être mieux depuis que je suis passé à une souris verticale. J'ai pris celle-là sur Amazon, pas chère et efficace à mon sens:
    J'avais un repose poignet, j'ai l'impression qu'il faisait plus de mal que de bien avec cette souris. Après recherche, les avis sur le sujet sont vraiment contrastés: d'après certains ils aident vraiment, pour d'autres ils empirent la situation... je n'ai pas trouvé de source fiable.
  • La posture de travail: point critique. Il faut que tu sois sur un fauteuil de bureau qui te permette d'être à la bonne hauteur (cf recommandation sur l'écran plus haut) mais aussi et surtout qui te permette d'avoir un angle droit entre ton accoudoir et la souris. J'insiste, mais c'est vraiment crucial. Si tu te retrouves à avoir le bras incliné, pas droit entre la souris et ton accoudoir tout effort est vain.

    Dernier point: si tu ne veux pas acheter d'écran, c'est possible. Tu peux aussi prendre un support pour PC portable comme ceci:

    Si tu peux faire une pause de PC pour te soulager, fais-le. ça ne te sera que bénéfique. Et bon courage.

    A l'heure actuelle, il m'arrive encore d'avoir des douleurs mais elles ont bien diminué depuis que je suis les conseils que j'ai donnés dans mon post.
u/llegacy · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Looks to me like the mstand from rain design

u/Sowatee · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Use this for the laptop. Try to find a tray to keep your desk organized (and dresser).

None of your posters are framed. They're cheap from walmart or you can find them on Amazon.

I'd go for a different blanket than the one you currently have. A light color like gray to contrast with the bed you have.

Ninja edit: Stick a small plant on your dresser.

u/airjutsu · 3 pointsr/macsetups

Laptop stand

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

u/SiI3nt · 3 pointsr/macsetups

I used to use the mStand by Rain Design. It has a spot underneath it, you can store just about anything that will fit underneath.

TwelveSouth makes one too:

u/i_lick_my_knuckles · 3 pointsr/uktrees

Something like this?

u/3dwinn · 3 pointsr/uktrees

You can get 99.9% on Amazon, and they sell all kinds if you were looking specifically for 90%. Most of them have free shipping too.

u/yotter · 3 pointsr/vaporents

You can buy iso in the UK in Maplins, but it's much cheaper to order online on Amazon

u/rubenrails · 3 pointsr/synthesizers

Get one of these. Super cheap and they do wonders for this kinda setup.

u/allannon · 3 pointsr/AskBattlestations

Like /u/brimnac says, clean your desk; there's a lot of what looks basically like junk on there. Get that off, and you'd have more room.

Once you do that, put the xbox on it's side, and the laptop should go on top of that just fine; if hot air from the console is a concern, put something like this to hold the laptop away from the xbox a bit.

u/-endjamin- · 3 pointsr/synthesizers

All the top row stands are this one. I cut up some styrofoam and taped it to the stand in order to loft the Boog above the Keystep.

u/IgwanaRob · 3 pointsr/minipainting

I bought one of these for using away from my hobby bench:

It has spot for a small water cup, I used some spare foam to turn the phone holder into a paintbrush holder, and it collapses in on itself for transport/storage.

There's also this one specific to Humbrol stuff, but can easily be used for other brands:

It's nice because it has spots for 2 cups, brushes, paints, and even a cutting mat.

Otherwise, any lap desk or tray table would be fine, especially if he's just starting out. Get an "artbin satchel" (or something similar from amazon or a local art store) to store everything else in when not in use.

Another thing to think about is this:

This will let him use and store the paint he's working with without drying out, and also allows them to be stored for several weeks - it's easy to clean and reuse (just follow the included instruction for setting it up).

u/kake14 · 3 pointsr/macsetups

The monitor is connected through this Thunderbolt to HDMI cord. I know any MacBooks with a thunderbolt port will output video, but I know that some older models don't output sound. So I'd look into that before you do this if you have an older computer, unless you don't care about sound of course. The only other thing thats plugged into the computer is the charger since Apple requires you to have it connected when using clamshell mode.

The dock is the Rain Design mTower. You don't really need it, but it is really cumbersome to have it just lying on your desk without it.

All in all, I love this setup and I definitely recommend it for you!

u/AXISMGT · 3 pointsr/macsetups

Nice! Oh and a laptop stand wouldn't hurt since it will:

  1. add a bit of real estate to the desk.
  2. prevent back strain from looking down.

    3 options:
  3. VESA laptop mount
    Mount-It! Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand with Full Motion Height Adjustable Holder, Articulating Vented Cooling Platform, Fits Up to 17 Inch Computers, Clamp Mounting, 22 Lb Capacity Black (MI-3352LT)

  4. simple laptop stand
    Mount-It! Monitor Stand, Ergonomic Desktop Riser for Laptop, Notebook and Computer Screens, Vented Design With Adjustable Angle (MI-7230B), Black

  5. old textbooks (oddly, the most expensive option :)
u/Twix2247 · 3 pointsr/Alienware

I did the same to mine, minus the USB fan. Just lifted it off the desk a little, helps a ton with cooling. I recommend this to help cool it: Steklo Pro Stand -...

u/Shaomoki · 3 pointsr/hometheater

This is what I use to ventilate my ps4. It raises it off the surface, while also pointing the vents up and away from the ground.

Steklo Laptop Stand!

u/AvecRecords · 3 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder Desk Stand

Works perfectly!

u/Uk-trucks-trades · 3 pointsr/CasualUK

this laptop stand from amazon.
its got a little stopper on the bottom to stop your laptop from sliding off, but it gets in the way of typing at times.

u/RespondsToCaffeine · 3 pointsr/Mcat

Book stacking is an okay alternative.

Keep in mind that investing to prevent neck issues early will be more cost-effective (my PCP's words, not mine) than taking care of your issues later on. We're going to be studying for a long time through med-school and onward, so it would probably be worthwhile to purchase a laptop stand and take care of yourself now.

I could recommend the following laptop stands, I have them both and they're pretty reasonably priced:

  1. Portable Laptop stand (I like this guy because it's really portable, so it's convenient to take on-the-go to the library/cafes)

  2. AmazonBasics Laptop Stand (this guy is great for home use, can be used for books as well)

    At any rate, whatever you end up doing I hope your neck pain resolves!
u/skurdnee · 3 pointsr/synthesizers

I have a few of these, they work well for the money. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

u/Hollowed_Be_Thy_Name · 3 pointsr/wacom

I bought the Amazon Basics stand, which I haven't seen mentioned around here. It works great and was really cheap.

u/millenia3d · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Just this one:

I'd have bought the official Mobilestudio Pro stand from Wacom but the fuckers don't sell any of the official accessories for it yet despite releasing the device back in November. Classic Wacom >__>

u/jhynds79 · 3 pointsr/ableton

I'm currently using this one . works really well and budget friendly. have just ordered a wooden one from for it as well (mostly to try as it will fit my other synths too)

u/SurfaceDockGuy · 3 pointsr/Surface


We manufacture a Surface-specific drop-in docking VESA-arm solution. You can check it out here:

For a laptop, you can get a generic stand like this:

Both attach to industry standard VESA monitor mount arms. We recommend the Loctek and Vivo brands to our customers.



u/LamboForWork · 3 pointsr/digitalnomad

I was going to do the sexy just laptop set up that you guys have here but I noticed it was uncomfortable and my neck started hurting so I got this which adds a little bulk but can still one bag.

  1. Roost stand
  2. goldtouch travel keyboard
  3. logi trackball for when desk space is limited
  4. Additional monitor and monitor holder

u/no_real_dinner · 3 pointsr/hardwareswap
u/Vizkos · 3 pointsr/mac

How much did it cost?

I personally have this and like the look of it:

I have the 360 model, which lets me swivel it around. A bit pricey, but quality.

u/jgallant1990 · 3 pointsr/macsetups

Like your poster :)

Personally, I’d spend a small amount of money on an external monitor and keyboard and use your Mac as your secondary display. But that’s just me, and I don’t wanna be negative.

If you’re ever looking for a MacBook stand to raise it to monitor height I can recommend the Nexstand - it’s good value, has something like 4 or 5 height settings and also folds up for portability.

u/BrokenCompass07 · 3 pointsr/vipkid

I have this: Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable... It keeps my laptop camera at eye level. It folds up for compact storage between classes.

u/carsonae99 · 3 pointsr/betterbattlestations

Looks great, buy this $20 laptop dock for a more organized setup!

u/slara · 2 pointsr/thinkpad

Kensingon SmartFit Easy Riser for my Thinkpad and Just Mobile HeadStand for the headpones

u/spaghettin · 2 pointsr/webdev
u/flappiest_flapjacks · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Thanks! I'm planning on getting some sleeved cables soon. The stand is the Rain Design mStand.

u/soundman1024 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

That's why you put it on one of these jokers.

u/ctilsie242 · 2 pointsr/mac

My bad. This is what I meant to have linked.

u/anexxus · 2 pointsr/macsetups

Looks like a Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand. I've had one for a few years, no complaints.

To answer u/shotgunpulse's question, I use it for when I want to use my MacBook as a second monitor. I don't type on it.

u/eqwoody · 2 pointsr/Alienware

Have you had a reason to need a cooling pad? Mine with the 970m has been just fine in any gaming I've done. I do use this stand though to prop it up for gaming.

u/tech-ninja · 2 pointsr/cscareerquestions

Recently I saw a related thread in /r/battlestations.

For me is all about comfort, nevertheless to say that invest in your equipment you will use 8 hours a day, 5 days a week pays off.

The basics are:

  • A comfortable chair. Herman Miller are the most famous. Tip: go to some place where you can actually try them and see which fit for you. I did, and the aeron is the fit for me, but I've heard the embody is good too.
  • An adjustable height desktop.
  • A good sound system. I have a Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth that sounds good and a headset when I need more focus. Somehow having the headset makes me distract less.
  • A good keyboad. I like the apple wireless keyboard, but the mechanicals one are famous too. /r/MechanicalKeyboards/
  • A comfortable mouse. I've heard Logitech Performance Mouse MX is a good one. Personally I use the magic trackpad.
  • An external monitor. If you are an apple guy, you can use the Apple Thunderbolt Display or if you want the most classic approach, buy two good monitors and mount them in an adjustable base. Get your monitors in a good height is a headache without this bases.
  • Put your lap in a stand.

    Go for the wireless stuff. Wireless keyboard, mouse, speakers, headset and printer.
    You should get something like this :)
u/AngelusRC · 2 pointsr/macsetups

its the Rain Laptop stand. Works great!

u/sergeydgr8 · 2 pointsr/macsetups

It's the Rain Design mStand. I recommend it, it's really solid.

u/wanderingbilby · 2 pointsr/applehelp

I suggest a stand to deal with heat management and positioning - if she's going to use the main display the Rain Design stand looks very nice; if she's going to close the display and use only an external one a vertical dock like this is pretty nice.

Whatever you do, make sure cable management takes the tension off of those small connectors - especially mini displayport and power. Also, a powered USB hub may be useful if she's going to plug in anything besides keyboard and mouse.

u/alf3311 · 2 pointsr/mac

An extra charger or two is always my first accessory purchase. I like to leave one at my desk, one in my backpack, etc.

If you work at a desk frequently you might look into an external mouse/keyboard and/or a stand to lift the screen up. That makes the whole setup much more comfortable in my opinion.

u/post_break · 2 pointsr/mac

I picked up one of these over the weekend and while I thought it was a gimmick found it to be pretty badass. I can put my external drives underneath it and use my Macbook Pro as a second monitor without it looking dumb.

$50 for a piece of bent aluminum may seem outlandish but for a fanboy it's just right.

u/therealdookie · 2 pointsr/LaptopOnDesk

I live by this stand

u/josephrooks · 2 pointsr/zelda

No problem! I got this one - the 240GB variant. Any smaller and it would've been too much work to keep junk off of it in the long run, and I didn't want to pay more than that at the time, or I would've gone bigger. The 240 was the right price for me at the time.

I also got this hard drive caddy that goes into the optical bay so I could move my stock hard drive to where my DVD drive was.

Then I symlinked some of the larger folders in my User folder to folders on that second drive. This article from Matt Gemmell helped me figure that part out.

Then for good measure I put it on a Rain Design mStand and got a detached keyboard, mouse, and a powered USB hub to make it easy to disconnect it and run out the door.

u/heroinb0b · 2 pointsr/macsetups
u/startled-giraffe · 2 pointsr/uktrees

I used amazon.

u/greyjackal · 2 pointsr/Edinburgh

Another Amazon purchaser here. Only took 2 days. 1 litre for 7 and a bit quid

u/Hainbach · 2 pointsr/synthesizers

I use cheap laptop stands for my SH02 and the Ciat-Lonbarde rig. Works well, though that is all played by touch, softly or sequenced externally, so I don't hammer the keys. Might be too much sway then. These are the ones:

u/onlytwosubscriptions · 2 pointsr/DJSetups

It's just a simple Pyle laptop stand . It only cost like $22. It's really sturdy but a bit of a pain to take a part and reassemble if you're a mobile DJ like me.

u/PostmatesMalone · 2 pointsr/synthesizers

I use this laptop stand when I need a second row.

It fits a Digitakt perfectly. Anything smaller and you’ll need a book or board to bridge the gap. It also makes my SH-101 look like it’s floating.

u/RodmanSan · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

It is a laptop stand which i modified with clamps underneath so i can remove them when sitting behind the desk to make music :

u/zodd06 · 2 pointsr/Alienware

maybe look for something like this. this one only holds 8 lbs. though.

u/BananafestDestiny · 2 pointsr/DJSetups

Nice setup! I can’t tell how tall that table is, but you should look into getting a riser/stand for your laptop. They are cheap and will help your back and neck during long sessions vs. craning over your laptop. This one on Amazon is solid and only $24:

u/simianstyle · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

The mixcube is great 2nd opinion when working on mixdowns. It's not necessarily the best sounding speaker, but gives a pretty clear picture how things sound in mono (and whether you need to adjust certain track levels based on that). The riser stand is a cheap laptop stand I got off of amazon:
Pyle Pro DJ Laptop stand

u/Zoombini09 · 2 pointsr/synthesizers

Looking for a stand to put my Minilogue on with my 49-key MIDI controller underneath. Just for home use on my desktop, so my first thought was one of those cheapo steel laptop stands. Concern there is that I'll have 8 inches of Minilogue hanging off the sides, which worries me with my dumbass cat jumping around near it. I guess I could buy two and put em side by side?

Any other ideas?

u/mr_william · 2 pointsr/modular

Back before I moved and had to shove most of my gear in storage, I had a couple of these on my desk for laptops and other synths when space was at a premium

u/Intellz · 2 pointsr/DJs

I bought this to help raise the controller on the table so I can stand and not have to stretch my arms down.

Depends on the controller but you may have to use something else. I have a baby DDJ-SB3

u/moistpeanut123 · 2 pointsr/synthesizers
u/zb0t1 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

This one, good for the price:

u/Megatron_McLargeHuge · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

An alternate idea is to get an adjustable stand like this and use whatever seating you can find. This one can be used as a standing desk (on a table), to sit on a couch, or to put over your lap while sitting up in bed. It also works with a low camping chair, the kind where you're six inches off the ground.

u/holyhesus · 2 pointsr/razer

I purchased this
for my Razer Blade 2014 after extensive research.


  1. adjustable fans to fit under razer blade cooling vents

    2)it is aesthetically pleasing

    3)not too loud


    1)the magentic lid slides off fairly easily so best to be used on a desk

    2)Haven't been using it lately since after my initial heating issue I haven't had too much of a problem with the blade getting too hot.

    However this is me just thinking out loud, with the fans blowing into the vents I feel like it defeats to purpose. When I get home I think I can flip the fans inside of the cooling pad so it pulls the air out more efficiently. I can hear my fans on my laptop ramping up more often because the cooling pad blows the hot air back in... since the fans on the cooling pad are adjustable (I believe there are magnets on out the intake and the outake side) this should be an simple fix.

    Also I was recently given this. I use this more often than my cooling pad cause if you are a lazy bum like me you can adjust this as you lay in bed and play video games.

    Welcome to the club!

u/debateisagame · 2 pointsr/policydebate

you can definitely use your phone as a timer in most events, although there are other timers available if you want to clout chase (although, i hear that using phones instead of timers is the hot new thing in pf, so be wary). Because the classic 12 button timer that most camps/tournaments gave out has been discontinued, there is really only one option left for good, durable and effective timers:

as for stands, get one. once again, clout chasing, but also they are pretty useful. obviously an investment, but it was definitely worth it (i've had mine for just short of 5 years, still works)

u/mastiii · 2 pointsr/digitalnomad

I have this which can fit into a bag. Packed down the dimensions are 13.5" x 10.5" x 2". It's important to note that it can be a standing desk only if you set it on top of another table. You could angle it by making the back legs longer than the front legs and adding a lip for your computer.

This also looks like a neat option. It packs down to 18.8" x 10.4" x 1.5". Again, you'd need to set it on a table for it to become a standing desk.

u/IamKyleBizzle · 2 pointsr/PLC

I have a version of this model.

Its neither the sturdiest nor the quickest to setup but I like it because it fits in my laptop bag and travels easy.

u/gltovar · 2 pointsr/razer

this might be overkill for the stealth but for the last 2 years i've used this one for my blade. It comes with a bunch different sized rubber pieces to keep the laptop in place. I had 2 use a combination of 2 different sets to get the proper blade thickness, but i do believe they have mac book air pieces so it might fit the stealth.

u/ThePoseidon1 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

It’s this thing and it keeps my MacBook cooled down also

u/latlongway · 2 pointsr/Surface

Pwr Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser: Portable with Mouse Pad Fully Ergonomic Mount Ultrabook Macbook Notebook Light Weight Aluminum Black Bed Tray Desk Book Fans Up to 17"

It has fans which I don't use or need. As a stand, it works well.

u/Universal-Cereal-Bus · 2 pointsr/sydney

Sure, i got this one from Amazon.

u/AxiomCrasher · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Yeah man it's just a simple desk mount from Amazon!
Mount-It! Laptop Notebook Desk...

u/Krimmykrim · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

It's kind of a pricey laptop mount but it allows a full swivel that you can arch in every direction with height adjustment so you can place your laptop in just about any position you could possible want. It's just clamped onto the desk with two tightening pressure bolts and it is on there so secure, you could tug on it with all your strength and it wouldn't come off unless you unscrew it.

u/Beethoven_Opus13 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Here's the link

Setup was easy, the arm rotates on 2 axes, but it's not telescopic. Works for me. It comes with a tool that supposedly locks the arm in place, though I'm still able to move it up and down. Other than that, I'm pretty happy.

u/reznaur · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

It’s a Samson LTS50 laptop stand. My only complaint is it has a tiny lip at the top edge which makes keeps the Push from laying perfectly flat. I’ve considered dremeling it off or something but I’m pretty sure the end result would just be worse than living with it. Otherwise it’s fantastic.

Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand

u/From_The_Treetop · 2 pointsr/Zwift
u/nickglowsindark · 2 pointsr/PLC

I've never been able to find a chair that I could operate comfortably out of, but I use one of these laptop stands whenever I know I'm going to be plugged in for more than a couple minutes:

It looks like that specific one is probably hard to come by now, but it's a pretty common piece of equipment- what you'll want to search for is, amusingly, portable DJ equipment.

u/DataBar · 2 pointsr/GamingLaptops


It's cheap, can't get more airflow than that unless you want fans built into your prop, which you have to plug in. This thing folds up.

u/WellsMck · 2 pointsr/Alienware

AW stuff is cool, but I prefer Logitech over anything else. Their products are backed by great warranties, and their products have a pretty good lifespan. Every logitech product I've ever owned is still alive and kicking. The G810 is pretty sweet, and with Aurora software can do some pretty cool stuff. My friend has one of their wireless mice and it's really nice. He can always add the powerplay powermat so he never has to charge it.

When I used my AW 13r3 as my primary desktop setup (before I built another PC) I always used one of those portable metal laptop stands so that it would have as much room to breath as possible.

u/BananaRambamba1276 · 2 pointsr/MSILaptops

This is exactly what I got:

Gives you the perfect amount of clearance for the fans to breath and it travels really well.

Edit: I actually saw that someone else here picked this up for their laptop and said it was great

u/sayswai · 2 pointsr/razer

Awesome, I also use a laptop stand ( specifically) with the Blade!

Intelxtu, which is what I use for undervolting, also tracks temps so you can utlize that. Speedfan would also work too.

u/aquaphire · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Steklo - X-Stand for MacBook and PC Laptop, Aluminium Adjustable/Portable, Cooling Universal Stand for size 12"-17" Screen

u/jnrandall · 2 pointsr/Alienware

Hey. I just purchased the exact config from the Dell outlet as a certified and refurbished last week. I don’t have the thermal issues like your device but my temps did cross 84C and I was concerned. The avg temps are in the mid 70s during Tom Clancys The Division gameplay. This is the most resource intensive game I have at this point. Someone here recommended that I raise the laptop in the air. Well I purchased the Steklo - X-Stand Now gameplay temps are peaking in the mid to upper 70s and averages around 68-72C. After you blow out the dust, try raising the back up and see if that helps. Good luck.

u/fuelhandler · 2 pointsr/Alienware

Yup. The stand is an aluminum “X” with 4 points of contact (2 at the bottom edge, and 2 at the back corners. Basically “floating” an inch and a half off the desk at the back.

u/FrostyTheAce · 2 pointsr/ableton

Alright, so I just got my laptop (GS65-RTX 2060), and I've already unboxed it.


Before I begin, I want to recommend these 2 peripherals: A laptop sleeve; and A laptop stand .Both of them are perfect for this beast.


I had a lot of doubts about this laptop, before getting it, and I was still over the fence. But now that I have it in my hands, and am an owner, I know that this is the one for me. I am absolutely blown away by it. I saw it and used it in a store a few times, but having your own personal device, and really gelling with it, is something else!


Right off the bat, the build quality is really solid. I know people complain about creaking and fragility, but my model is extremely solid. The screen is so buttery smooth, and the colors are extremely vibrant. The keyboard feels a little awkward at first, but once you get used to it, it's extremely satisfying. The touchpad, is extremely silky, and it's large area is very useful.


I know the speakers have gotten a lot of flak, but I like them a lot. They are loud and very clear. They won't bring the house down, but I don't need them to anyways.


If you want me to run any tests let me know :)

u/Adelfuntz · 2 pointsr/razer

It's not the most beautiful, but I have been using this when traveling and have zero complaints! I have a larger ones as well that are permanent fixtures at my home and office desks.

In terms of ones to keep at your desks, I concur with the aluminum Satechi or Rain stand suggestions. At home, I use the Razer Chroma stand mainly as it has a built-in USB hub for my keyboard and mouse.

u/99K9s · 2 pointsr/Lenovo

Doesn't get too much hotter than that, it just throttles more often.

Use Throttlestop. Xtu is not as reliable. It is known to not apply settings from time to time. I caught it doing this a number of times.

Lenovo has the fans locked up for now.

Lifting up the laptop for better airflow helps some. Anything lifting the back will help.

Some temp spiking here and there shouldn't adversely effect the performance or the lifespan of the laptop.

u/scobility · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

This is the one in the pic, but the angle is a bit low for my liking, and that monitor riser has 6.25" in clearance, so I just got this and like it much more.

u/fritocloud · 2 pointsr/GamingLaptops

Something like this?

u/arashinoko · 2 pointsr/maschine

The (computer) monitor in the center is definitely better than having it off to one side. If you don’t use the (computer) keyboard much, it shouldn’t be a problem.

As for Maschine, you want it to be as comfortable to use as possible. I recommend putting it on this Amazon Basics laptop stand:

It’s cheap, but doesn’t feel cheap. It’s all metal and has decent rubber feet, and it doesn’t wobble or slide around at all when I’m banging on the pads or pushing buttons. The viewing angle is adjustable. One of the settings near the max angle (between about 30–35°) is pretty much perfect. The screens are very easy to read and I can use all the controls without arm fatigue. It makes a big difference not having to hunch over it to see what you’re doing, and if you’re mostly focused on the Maschine displays, you don’t have to look over at your monitor that much.

I think if you add that stand and get some speaker stands for your monitors, this setup should work pretty well.

u/archie_dota · 2 pointsr/Battletops

Thanks! It's an AmazonBasics one:

Been pretty happy with it!

u/sijomaGer · 2 pointsr/Alienware

i use this, very cool and basic. also sturdy.

u/hodlhodl33 · 2 pointsr/AskBattlestations

Laptops get warm that is fine and even if the fans turn on don't get too worried over it. That's what they are there for. If it is getting hot and the fans are on more often than not, try raising your laptop so there is more ventilation under it.

u/anjuna127 · 2 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

this, for your Push, which is sitting so nice & so central. thank me later.

u/TrapWolf · 2 pointsr/Workspaces

Omfg I completely forgot about raising the laptop. It's literally a g a m e c h a n g e r. I got the AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand and then a wireless keyboard. However, I saw that OP was on a budget so I can recommend an adjustable laptop stand like this or this.

u/FiveWoodWilson · 2 pointsr/ableton

I have a Push 2, 88 key wighted piano midi keyboard, Moog Grandmother, 2i2, Cheap Mic and some instruments. Also a mouse and (qwerty) keyboard. A gaming mouse helps a lot for mixing and fine tuning. Id say get a cheap second hdmi monitor and have your studio monitors positioned so you can look at the monitor and hear perfect, then use the laptop as a second monitor to keep plugins/files open. Id recommend this stand for your push. (linked below) I had some other gear and got rid of it, really I just need the push, mouse, and (qwerty) keyboard.

u/helloxhello · 2 pointsr/vipkid

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder Desk Stand

u/spasticsquirrel · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

Get a good chair and make sure your computer is at eye level. If you use a laptop on a desk you need one of [these] (

Also your mouse and keyboard should be below the desk.
Look into ergonomics.

u/ACCGirl · 2 pointsr/Accounting

I use this adjustable stand from Amazon, as well as an external keyboard and wireless mouse. If I don't use it, my neck really starts to hurt after a few days from looking down so much. I don't know how everyone else stands it (no pun intended).

When the client has crappy chairs, I bring a lumbar support cushion or a small pillow to help.

u/hellothisisbs123 · 2 pointsr/razer

so under neath my desktop on the left is just a keyboard box i have left over so dust doesnt get sucked in from the carpet so i have it raised above it. the stand is off of amazon basics i believe its this one

u/PerpetualNoobie · 2 pointsr/cycling

I just built one out of 1.5" and 2" PVC pipe for about $60. The majority of it is 1.5" but I wanted the height to be adjustable so the lower sections of the legs are 2" that the 1.5" legs of the top portion slide into.

I mounted an AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand to the two top crossbars which added another $20 to the cost, but you could definitely come up with a less expensive home-brew solution to this part. (I used a $5 cookie baking sheet while I was waiting for delivery of the laptop stand).

This is not glued together permanently yet as I am going to add some pieces to mount a small (~32") TV and Blu-ray player, but it is solid as it is. Been using it for a couple of weeks now.

u/video_descriptionbot · 2 pointsr/collegeinfogeek

Title | How to Create a Study Space in Your Room
Description | Studying in your room can be a challenge, since there are usually a ton of distractions within arms' reach. Today my roommate Martin and I go over his solution for creating an isolated, distraction-free study area in his room. The College Info Geek Podcast: Gear Links: Shoji screen: Laptop stand: - cheaper version: Keyboard tray: Tablet stand: Moleskine no...
Length | 0:06:06


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u/cuckoosnestflybyteam · 2 pointsr/ableton
u/frosty374 · 2 pointsr/Battletops

I like where you are heading. Could really take it to the next level with alaptop stand a dual monitor mount

u/iBlasian3GS · 2 pointsr/Battletops

No dock, just a laptop stand from Amazon. Used a standard thunderbolt to vga adapter to run the first and a usb to vga to run the second.

u/Hunt_Ops · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I very rarely use the laptop keyboard, I choose to use a mount arm and tray over leaving the lid closed so that I would not completely lose the function of the touch bar while also utilizing it as a 4th screen.

This laptop tray though:

u/beyonddc · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Haha, I wish too.

Tall mount is Vivo STAND-V001T

Main mount for 35" ultrawide is IMtKotW heavy duty mount

Side mount for 28" monitor and my laptop is IMtKotW dual mount with Amazon Basics VESA laptop tray

u/LinFTW · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I did some Googling and it looks like there are a good number of companies that make vesa adapters (looks like the single piece ones are the best such as this: so it will work with that tablet, or you could do something like this: which is made for a laptop, though I could see the portion of the tray that holds it in place being annoying. I saw this as well: which seemed really cool but more work to implement. The vesa adapter definitely seems like easiest thing to do if she never moves it from her desk, otherwise the easel seems like the way to go.

u/AtHeartEngineer · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I have a few variants of [these]( Dual Monitor Stand Up Desk Mount Extra Tall 39" Pole / Fully Adjustable Stand for up to 27" Screens (STAND-V012) On the left, which my give headset is resting on the top of, is for the top 4k monitor, and the left 1080p vertical monitor. It only comes with 1 set of arms, so I took the arms off another similar monitor stand and the top set of arms is my camera and the 4k monitor, then the second set of arms is only for my left monitor. The ultra wide is sitting on the desk, and the right 1080p monitor is on a desk mounted swivel arm stand that used to have just my 4k on it until I got the ultra wide and moved everything around. My mixer is actually sitting on one of those monitor mounts, but flipped upside down and mounted under my desk, and it's resting on a laptop to vesa mount.

WALI Universal Single LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount Fit One Screen VESA up to 27”, 15.4 lbs. Weight Capacity (GSM001), Black

AmazonBasics Notebook Arm Mount Tray

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable Fits Two Screens up to 27", 22 lbs per Arm Capacity, C-Clamp Base /Grommet Base (WL-M002).

u/ToxYixs · 2 pointsr/Battletops

I would say whatever you can afford, typically you can get a 24inch 1080 60hz for a decent price around 100 bucks. If you game a ton then I would go for a 144hz monitor, but for cheapest and soonest 1080p 60hz is good! I have a laptop and have seen people use a laptop mount to put a monitor side by side with laptop. Here and a cheap monitor link here (look at amazon reviews to see images of it in use) Also a mouse and keyboard would also be needed for an external monitor since you wont be using laptop one anymore

u/CaptainMegaJuice · 2 pointsr/wacom

You could use something like this.

u/Cupcakehorrrors · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

No, that'd be fine for your desk though. Something like a salt lamp, a table lamp with a base and shade in neutral colors like this, or maybe something like this? I think if you got the last one in black it would help balance the all the black on the other side of the room.

If you keep your desk, I think you need a taller shelf unit/bookcase for your printer and stuff. If you don't, I'd get a longer desk that can hold the printer on top and keep the wooden cubes underneath. Ikea has tons of cheap table top and leg options. I really like this chair from them and I think the yellow/beige with a black/white base would good in your space. A stand for your macbook would also give you more desk space.
I second the potted plants, some smaller ones for the window sill, and something above the bed. I think your ac doesn't look entirely awful, but the filter probably needs a good dusting.

Overall, this is a huge improvement. Nice job!

u/Amator · 2 pointsr/onebag

> Working on that laptop doesn’t help either BTW

Dude, get a Roost stand. I'm three years older than you and making this switch eliminated my neck and back pain from being hunched over at cafes and airports.

u/diggitydata · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Here you go. I like it a lot!

u/GodDamnDirtyLiberal · 2 pointsr/macsetups

Looks like this. I have this one though and it's really nice, for being so much cheaper. I was surprised how sturdy it is.

u/CFGX · 2 pointsr/Dell

I use mine closed all the time. I'm sure there's probably a 1 or 2 degree difference just from passive thermal behavior, but the exhaust vent is not obstructed and I get good temperatures with less of an undervolt than what you're doing right now. I don't use any intake fans either as I've never found them to be of much use in 20 years of laptops.

The thing about package power being limited isn't true either, I have mine on a stand that was originally for my old Macbook and it pulls full power just fine.

u/EveryoneLovesKevin · 2 pointsr/MatebookXPro
  1. Check out the screen shot and you will see my different values in yellow. Those were all the changes I made permanent in Intel XTU. You will need to play with your own settings. Start by undervolting -75mv and run a load test. There are loads of Youtube videos that show you how to do this.
  2. They make the bottom case hotter. If the laptop is sitting on a cooler, then the top case is actually cooler than before because heat is getting removed from the case more efficiently. If not on a cooler, then it is a bit warmer, but not uncomfortable.
  3. The hardest part of this operation is getting the bottom case off without damaging the clips. Cutting and placing the pads is pretty straightforward - Easier than repasting. I have Kryonaut, but ended up not repasting the GPU/CPU as it did not seem to need it.
  4. I have a couple of stands for my different work areas. My favorite stand is not made anymore: Zalman NC-1000. It cost $60 over 15 years ago (and it is still going with the same fans). It is quiet and has a comfortable angle to type on. They have newer versions of that, but they don't have the same quality as the old ones. I also have an mRain stand It is great for getting the laptop up to eye level and freeing up desk space, but not handy to type on. You have to figure out what stand makes sense for your use-case.
u/Fall_Of_Dorian_Gray · 2 pointsr/premed

If you're using a laptop, you might also consider a stand. putting your laptop on your desk strains your back and neck. It's not a cure all but being over 6', I felt a significant difference.

I'm using this one now ( Might be a cheaper alternative to getting a new chair.

u/1mike12 · 2 pointsr/digitalnomad

it's a clone of a roost laptop stand

it was cheaper than the legit thing and honestly, its just molded plastic, didn't think there'd be that many differences from name brand.

also this is what it looks like when it's all in my bag

u/beyondsemantics · 2 pointsr/macsetups

It's the Twelve South Bookarc. A bit pricy, but allows the laptop to draw air through the hinge.

u/ivpadim · 2 pointsr/Dell

The laptop stand works great with the xps 13 9380, I got it from
Twelve South Bookarc for MacBook, Space Grey | Space-Saving Vertical Desktop Stand for Apple Notebooks

u/KevinTheTree · 2 pointsr/Battletops
u/grizzlyblake91 · 2 pointsr/Surface

The stand that the SP4 is in is this stand from Amazon. I really like how sturdy it is, and it wasn't expensive.

The other stand is this basic tablet stand from Amazon that I use for my iPad mini, which I take to school and work and take all my class notes on that.

u/_JLD · 1 pointr/Battletops

This one by Kensington, but I've recently started using this Nexstand because it allows for more adjustment.

u/InterReflection · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

I used this laptop stand for years before I got a full gaming rig. It basically halfs the distance form the front edge of your laptop to the bottom of the screen And it raises the screen up a good amount. Might be worth looking into

u/ADCBot · 1 pointr/battlestations

Here A little expensive but the thing feels sturdy. Don't expect to type on this thing, it will wobble a little.

u/1amBulletproof · 1 pointr/macsetups

tldr: 4k at 31.5 (i.e. 32") is useable, which I wouldn't necessarily say for smaller sizes, like 27".

I've actually bounced around many monitors, none of which are even close to perfect imo. I'm always looking for a glossy, high-resolution, gigantic display at a low price. This seiki hits 3/4 but has an matte finish I don't love. Also, the design is average (very limited adjustability and thicker bezel by today's standard). I've owned the dell p2715q previously which also had a matte finish AND was too small to use @ 4k easily. It had a better design, though. Previous to that, I had 2x Dell s2415H which had a beautiful design and glossy finish but were low resolution and fairly expensive for what they were. I've owned other similar monitor setups, but this is my favorite so far. I vastly prefer 1 high resolution monitor rather than multiple lower-resolution monitors. I have also exchanged my (excellent) rain Design mStand for a Twelve South BookArc since I prefer using just 1 monitor.

The short version is I'd like a 5k 32+ inch monitor which is glossy and does not cost all of the money. I figured Apple would make something like that soon and instead they're making a 27" version through LG which costs $999. While priced right for the market, it's just too small to use at higher resolutions and I don't have enough money, nor would I prefer, having multiple monitors at that price.

This Seiki 32" is simply the best compromise for me, at the moment.

u/TheJiggie · 1 pointr/macbookpro

More clarity, It will be built around...

  • 15" MBP Retina
  • Two Dell Monitors
  • Standard USB peripheral setup
  • Laptop Stand

    I also have all the peripherals, audio and other misc. items I plug in so the dock/port replicator would make life easier.
u/Typomancer · 1 pointr/malelivingspace
u/cybereclipse · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have a rain design mstand

and a Apple wireless keyboard. Both look brand new. I bought them for my macbook setup right before I ended up building my desktop so they don't have much use. I can do $65 for both. PM me.

u/falsettoclergy · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

It's actually just my laptop stand.

Not super stable, but works well for recording. I'd be afraid to use it live.

u/hbhargava · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

It's the RainDesign mStand. The height is fixed but I like how it's all one piece of aluminum that doesn't flex too much when I type.

u/keystone6 · 1 pointr/battlestations

Most likely this Rain mStand

I have one at work and love it. Incredibly sturdy.

u/KillaKAMO · 1 pointr/mac

I'd highly recommend this aluminum laptop stand, it acts as a secondary heatsink for the entire base of the laptop.

u/carb0nxl · 1 pointr/macsetups

the rain design mstand which is a gorgeous stand on its own. It has the cutout for cable management and the stand doesn't move, and just feels sturdy. I love how it has a deep cutout in the front so you can easily lift the lid of the macbook

u/EMISLIFE · 1 pointr/technology

Does anyone know of a foldable MacBook stand like the one in the link below? I like to have my screen elevated but it's kind of a pain to lug this thing back and forth from school.


Thank you al!


u/markdunphy · 1 pointr/wow

This is the most reasonable answer. I have the same laptop as OP and yes, it gets hot and the fans are constantly on, but it shouldn't be a problem as that just means it's working correctly to dispel the heat. I use this lapdesk when I'm playing on the couch and the mStand at my desk. Both do a decent enough job, though you will definitely still hear the fans a bit. With the lapdesk, at least you won't get burned.

u/frausting · 1 pointr/GradSchool

The [Rain Design laptop stand ](http://Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand,... is what I went for. No regrets!

So well made. My setup is my MBP 13” on the stand with a 27” 5k monitor and I couldn’t be happier.

u/CydeWeys · 1 pointr/shittykickstarters

Sure, but who cares about custom messages on a laptop stand? It's still not going to look good. Something like this laptop stand looks way better and is even cheaper.

u/pablomoca · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Rain mStand

I've used this for 8 years now and it's sturdy as a rock. Pricey but like I said it lasts.

u/Jarrrp · 1 pointr/apple

Available via Amazon, for anyone in the UK. Manufacturer website has $61 shipping to the UK.

u/banjerr · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

I have this one

There is an amazon stand that is very similar for about half the price. I like it. Raises the laptop stand to be at a good height with my other monitors, adds a bit of storage space underneath and acts as a heat sink as well.

u/crazytechno · 1 pointr/apple

Definitely not a good idea to run the computer with the lid closed for long periods of time. The problem is the ventilation. The heat has nowhere to go when the lid is closed so the fans are going to run overtime to try and compensate. Maybe invest in something like this to get the computer out of the way.

u/t_bakez · 1 pointr/DIY

Great work! Do yourself a favor and get a laptop stand (I have the Rain mStand one for my MacBook). It will complete the dual monitor setup!!

Edit: product name. Can be found here

u/macmiles · 1 pointr/battlestations

I apologize, should've posted this earlier:

Desk: Ikea Gerton (with no stain, 220 & 320 sanding, and 3 coats of clear satin poly)

Monitor: Dell U2715H

Laptop: MacBook Pro 2014

PC: Custom built with NZXT 220 Case (not really the focus of the battlestation so I wont go into the specs)

Laptop Stand: mStand

Lamp: LE Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Keyboard: The cheap but fully capable Anker Ultra Compact Wireless Keyboard

Mouse: Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Wallpaper: By the talented Justin Maller

Poster: Only one of the greatest number 10s, Mesut Ozil, playing for THE greatest football club, Arsenal (Can't find a link to the poster though)

u/motorik · 1 pointr/ableton

I've had good luck with one of these: ... not particularly cheap, however.

u/rakedbdrop · 1 pointr/battlestations

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver (Patented)

u/Cxameron · 1 pointr/macsetups

Heres my full setup:

u/beley · 1 pointr/thinkpad

It’s a Rain Design laptop stand. Until very recently I was a Mac guy. :) There’s a generic amazon version too that’s the same height and a little cheaper.

I like the angle and height it puts the laptop next to the monitor and like that the space under it is usable as well.

u/CloneClasher · 1 pointr/macsetups

I'm in high school as well and I'm planning to do something like this but I don't want to buy stuff I don't necessary need. Basically the idea to have the Mac on a stand while next to the monitor (which is on a stand as well) is connected to it. There are also speakers, and I'll be using an old keyboard that I have (usb) as well as a bluetooth mouse.

So far this is what I'm thinking:

Laptop stand:

USB Hub:

Basic speakers:

HDMI Cable:

Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter:

And finally, the monitor:

I haven't decided nor found a good stand for the monitor so if anyone can help that'd be great. Also, anybody else can comment, I was just seeing if this was buying too much or is there an easier way. I have a nrMBP mid 2012 13'' for reference.

u/bitchesintokyo · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/spasticbutthole · 1 pointr/setups

Those msi laptops love breathing room.
I have this stand

It has a hole in the back for cable management and is made of aluminum so it acts like a heat sink and gives your fans room to breath on either side of the laptop.

u/hockeycentre11 · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/DaftTC · 1 pointr/thinkpad

I always use isopropyl alcohol for removing gunk from stuff.

u/TheAlmightyD · 1 pointr/uktrees
u/Thecowkingdom · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

You can get Isopropyl instead of meths on amazon

I go with dental tablets and some lukewarm water and then let it dry over night, bit gentler.

u/roguekiller23231 · 1 pointr/pcgamingtechsupport

No, don't use contact cleaner!

You can get isopropyle alcohol on Amazon pretty cheap. A 500ml bottle for £6 or 1 litre for £7 both with free delivery.

u/Princecoyote · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Seems to make sense to me. You might want to clean for dust. Some people swear by laptop cooling pads with fans on them, some say they do very little. You could also go for a laptop stand that raises the laptop for better air flow underneath.

u/cz101 · 1 pointr/synthesizers

I lift my smaller synths up on these computer stands. They're reasonably solid and let me sneak other equipment underneath.

u/FreelanceGynecologst · 1 pointr/synthesizers

not sure if you're looking for something that can hold all three at once or not, but I use this stand. it holds one item at varying heights and is fairly solid. to give you an idea of what it can support, I've used them for cdjs, mixers (a behringer 4000 and a Mackie pro12), an mpc 1000, a 13" MacBook pro, and now currently a dsi mopho x4.

u/pre55ure · 1 pointr/synthesizers

Unfortunately there isn't really anything out there that solves this problem. (I wish Jaspers would make a tabletop stand).

The most obvious solution is to replace part of the desk with a jaspers stand, or a double/triple tier keyboard stand.

Like you mentioned in your post, it is possible to use two (or more) of those laptop/dj stands placed next to each other to support a larger keyboard. I have used these and they are pretty stable Laptop stand

You can buy/build a shelf and use something like Ikea "Capita" legs to create a second tier. And use the Ikea "Brada" laptop things to angle stuff better.

You could try to convert more of your equipment into rack mountable format (though this is obviously not always a viable solution)

u/producedbycastle · 1 pointr/trapproduction
u/wrobbinz · 1 pointr/laptops

Hah, forgot to link. Cheers! I know it's a "dj" stand, but works great for just a desk.

u/pigmartian · 1 pointr/synthesizers

For my lower tier I use Bräda laptop stands from Ikea. For my upper tier I support a three foot long shelf from Home Depot on a pair of these laptop stands:

I use Velcro to keep things from sliding around

What's nice is that the two tiers have the same angle.

u/rodentdp · 1 pointr/synthesizers

I have a couple of these in my studio:

I'm also a big fan of using vertical space. To that end, I have a few of these to angle gear, and a couple of these to elevate things above the desk. At work now, but I'll see if I can add some pics later.

u/djshiva · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations

The TB-03 is on one of these:

The Bass Station is on a combination of a metal folding baking rack that I got at Target years ago and can no longer find, with one of these on top:

Look for folding baking racks at your local store that would have those sort of things. ;)

u/willardwisheswell · 1 pointr/battlestations

Thanks. It's made by Pyle and is actually a DJ laptop stand. Bought it on Amazon for less than $30.

u/drkhead · 1 pointr/Beatmatch

this is the one I got. Actually feels very sturdy actually and I have it raised a bit.

u/NiallSeamistWay · 1 pointr/anime

I'm a working college student and I decided to finally treat myself a little for a better workstation on a budget of ~$200. This is the wallpaper I used.

Total cost of the items I've recently bought on Offerup and Amazon:

u/mornview · 1 pointr/makinghiphop

Anyone here use a laptop stand with their setup? I'm talking about something like this:

I'm currently using a Trigger Finger Pro, which I love, but it is rather large, and I often use it to control many other devices (drum modules, synths, etc.) in addition to having it hooked up to my laptop. And this is all occuring in the relatively small space I have reserved for making music. So if I could get the laptop up over the TFP I'd save a ton of space (I barely need to refer to the laptop anyways).

I'm thinking I'll just custom build a stand, but I'm just curious to see what other people are doing.

u/Duganalexzander · 1 pointr/minipainting

So I found something like this which, while not what is pictured, seems rather adjustable.

Edit: Amazon Link

u/XxAExX · 1 pointr/livesound

Sure it was specific for an M7? I'm sure a lot of laptop tables will fit over the fader bank.

u/gnopgnip · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Do you use this in bed? Are you at a desk but you just move the laptop around? Im not really sure why you are getting a laptop vs a desktop with a wireless keyboard and ergonomic monitor arm.

u/Flag_Route · 1 pointr/Alienware

I have the A6 in black. I also use the mouse pad attachment

Don't buy the k6 because the k6 is spray painted instead of being anodized

Edit: also be careful because you could end up never getting out of your bed...

u/R4tm4n · 1 pointr/Posture

You give me hope. I just began Starting Strength (mark rippetoe) program last week. Going to get a laptop stand to improve computer posture, and find a stretch routine. Thanks for your feedback Dutch!

Btw, you've been working on your posture too, eh ?

u/McFlyco9 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It's a portable laptop tray. I used the existing holes to bolt down a wooden surface (shelf) and then drilled holes to be able to bolt down the joystick and throttle.

u/incubus512 · 1 pointr/PLC

I have been using one of these for 6 years. It works well.

u/MVSAS · 1 pointr/Debate It'll get to you pretty quick. It got to me in like 3 days

u/Asanokyo · 1 pointr/macsetups

The dock itself doesn't add any ports, but since I already had a hub that was a no issue for me. The dock itself is amazingly sturdy as hell. When I drop my rMBP into it, they almost feel like one piece of equipment. The builtin ports helped to keep my usual mess of cables contained better than I had before with my last dock.

Needless to say, I'm very satisfied with it. I was a little hesitant to get it a first because of the price. But I think it was worth it.

u/bge0 · 1 pointr/razer


Thank you, was actually looking to buy this exact stand!

u/phobos2deimos · 1 pointr/computing

Like this? This one's not mac-specific. Any laptop that's .93" thin should fit.

u/mikeyro · 1 pointr/Alienware

Close, mine has a built-in cooling fan though.

u/I_made_fetch_happen · 1 pointr/Accounting


These are the kind that I usually see in the audit room. Seem to work fine. Not trying to be difficult, just think it’s difficult to sell people on $50 for cardboard when there are other similarly priced options.

u/wizardsfucking · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations

thanks! it's a laptop stand i found on amazon called a pwr+. it gets quite a bit taller than that

u/verveinloveland · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I went with a sager np8651 insted of the msi, but I went with this to use it on the couch or in bed, love it so far

u/Cowabunco · 1 pointr/laptops

I bought this adjustable stand and it worked pretty well for me: it takes awhile to try out the different positions and get a stable (ish) comfortable setup, but it was perfect for me to use the laptop on the couch with the screen close so I didn't have to use my glasses. There are a ton of similar models, this one was one of the cheapest with good reviews at the time I bought.

Unfortunately the keyboard is at kind of an awkward angle when the screen is high enough for me to look at - I got a wireless mouse and that helped like 80%, I would have hooked up a keyboard if it was just a little more awkward, but it was tolerable for me.

It's pretty handy because it will fold down to almost nothing, and I bought a bigger laptop bag and it fits right in.

u/Orangematz · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

You are correct, that won't fit your laptop. (That specific cooling pad only supports 15" notebooks.)

How does something like this look? Or do you want it on your lap? I just thought this would be more convenient.

u/Lamez · 1 pointr/Battletops


I have that as well. I think I attached my monitor to the wrong arm. Did you attach the monitor to the short arm, or the longer one with two elbows?

u/zolar_czakl · 1 pointr/synthesizers

I've got a small space with similar gear. I just got this same shelf, and also got one of these: Mount-It! Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand with Full Motion Height Adjustable Holder, Articulating (MI-3352LT)

u/Plainzwalker · 1 pointr/AskBattlestations

Not wall mount but would work:

Mount-It! Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand with Full Motion Height Adjustable Holder, Articulating Vented Cooling Platform, Fits Up to 17 Inch Computers, Clamp Mounting, 22 Lb Capacity Black (MI-3352LT)

u/lumpiestspoon3 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I'm using this laptop stand, so there is limited airflow to the sides, and the bottom is completely flat against the stand.

u/A_doots_doots · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations

I splurged on this stand but I love how easy it is to adjust in a pinch (no more tightening as tight as you can).

For vocals I prefer the round weighted base cuz it’s easier to avoid tripping on. But I got a boom attachment for reach (can’t find the link sorry!)

I haven’t taken the plunge to actually bring a full keyboard onstage, but I have two of these - great for my Bass Station and Octatrack, and unobtrusive on a stage.

I put other gear on this keyboard stand, which is nice because the height and length are both adjustable, and it collapses quite easily.

At home I have a Pyle Z-stand, but I haven’t even thought about putting it in my car since I got it - kinda intimidated by the packing implications tbh :)

u/BarryAteBerries · 1 pointr/networking

Samson SALTS50 LTS50 Laptop Stand

I use this next to my bike when I cycle inside during winter. It works well.

u/thekrel · 1 pointr/PLC

I use this one. Adjustable and solid.

u/joshlarsen2 · 1 pointr/battlestations

This one I found on Amazon ! It folds up really small for taking it in my backpack. I actually use it upside down so the whole laptop is lifted up a bit rather than just the back.

u/rinamy · 1 pointr/ipad

You could try a laptop cooling pad/stand instead of a tablet holder. Those are meant to hold heavier devices that people type on so I'm assuming they will hold up fine. There are several models on Amazon that have adjustable heights.

Just as an example (caveat: I have not used this)

I use a lightweight portable stand currently:

The arms can be adjusted in angle / locked in / lengthened to facilitate working in portrait mode as well. However, it's at a fixed height (1.5"?) so not height adjustable.

Nonetheless, I'm looking for a case/folio with a built-in adjustable flip stand a la Surface Pro (no such luck yet, at least not with the same level of sturdiness) so that I don't have to carry a separate stand with me.

u/Pallas · 1 pointr/Alienware

That's an interesting looking passive cooling stand. Some of the reviewers mentioned, however, that the tabs on either side that keep the laptop from sliding off the front of the stand protrude above the typing surface of their laptop, making it uncomfortable to rest their hands for typing. The pictures of the unit seem to bear this complaint out to me.

I don't know if that's something that bothers you or not, but for anyone else looking for passive cooling, I have for many years used a stand I bought for my first Mac computer. I have used it with 3 Macs, 2 Razer Blades, and now my new Alienware 15 R3.

It needs to sit on top of something else like a laptop tray or laptop desk if you're going to actually use it on your lap, as it could not sit directly on your lap. I use a thick pillow-style tray to set it on, which raises the whole laptop above my lap enough to allow me to sit in a recliner and comfortably type and game on my laptop for hours at a time.

The advantage of the laptop stand I use is that it is extremely minimalistic, constructed of strong, attractive and adjustable aluminum rods, and it contracts and folds to a tiny size for easy packing into your laptop backpack or briefcase for travel and portability.

Search the web or Amazon for "Steklo X-Stand Universal Cooling Stand" if this sounds interesting.

( U.S. Amazon site link: )

I should also mention one other advantage I commonly find for this stand: If you use an external USB drive (not a flash stick, but a drive that requires a USB cord), you can place the drive enclosure itself underneath the laptop and out of the way, since the stand allows for a lot of open space underneath the PC itself. For actual lap-based use this is ideal, since it keeps the USB drive enclosure tucked away and not dangling off the side of the PC somewhere.

u/Noltz · 1 pointr/Alienware

I use this, its lowered my temps by over 5-8 celsius and has a ergonomic posture.

u/bahzerk · 1 pointr/razer

About the same as mine. I was able to undervolt the CPU a bit to bring down temps, and I dropped the maximum processor state to 95%. The undervolt took off about 5c, and the 5% reduction in CPU speed (can't tell any difference, gaming or audio production) drops to about 77-80c under load.

The things that help the most is cool ambient temperatures (the room) and lifting the laptop up a bit so the fans can pull air in easier. Don't use a laptop "cooling pad" with fans because the fans on the bottom are intake, so blowing air into them creates negative pressure and could make it run hotter and the fans work harder. When gaming or doing something that pushes the system hard i use...

At my desk I use this with external keyboard/mouse (best thermal results)

And on the go (if gaming):

u/worldstarPanda · 1 pointr/Battletops

Its this nifty collapsible quad-pod? type thing. 25 bucks from amazon.

u/voicedrifter · 1 pointr/ableton

I just picked this up a couple weeks ago for my Push 2. It fits perfectly, is sturdy, and is highly adjustable to different angles. Would definitely recommend.

u/Borg_10501 · 1 pointr/intel

Put your laptop on a ventilated stand like this one.

I don't know if it'll fix your problem, but it'll definitely give your laptop some breathing room. Don't bother with cooling pads as the fans on them are pretty wimpy. You might also want to look at disabling turbo boost (if possible) if you can get away with doing that without taking a big hit in performance.

u/bay-to-the-apple · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I got my Cooler Master U3 Plus today and it looks like it the angle isn't too bad for typing. Somehow I got it for $30 new from Amazon (price is now $40).

So you can pay $20 for something like the Amazon Basics Adjustable Laptop stand

Or pay $30-35 for the Cooler Master Pro U3 (non-adjustable) and have fans+potential for modding.

u/jpk17041 · 1 pointr/nfl

This is what I use at work

I use it as a secondary monitor, though

u/cruel_delusion · 1 pointr/civ

I spent $16 for one of these and it actually helped a lot. It's worth a shot.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder Desk Stand.

u/senorhorhay · 1 pointr/Alienware

I had an r4, bought it second hand with bad thermal issues. I put it in the shop to get the fans cleaned, fans oiled, cpu re-thermal pasted and then bought a laptop stand (like this

This worked absolute wonders, I would recommend putting it in the shop to do the above, I’ve made about 7 PCs and consider myself pc savey- but it’s a long process - it even took the pc shop 3 hours to do, only charged me the agreed hour though.

u/istandabove · 1 pointr/Alienware

Have you tried one of these

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

u/1984nomore · 1 pointr/battlestations
Grab a laptop stand for your computer. It’ll help your neck by keeping your monitors on the same level and it will look great!

u/ExaltFibs24 · 1 pointr/computers

Not much. I am a writer and I use laptop for writing. I am thought of buying a laptop pad to improve the posture while sitting on a recliner, for that is this a good choice?

u/MandomSama · 1 pointr/indonesia

Nggak mesti cooling pad, pokoknya ada clearance gap antara fan sama alasnya. Sesuatu yang kayak gini. Nggak mesti se-extreme itu juga sih, 1-3cm clearance juga udah lebih dari cukup.

Kalo emang laptopnya kepanasan banget, coba bersihin fannya, ganti thermal pastenya.

Masih kepanasan, coba undervolt CPU nya, 0.05V juga udah cukup.

Masih kepanasan juga? Lembiru (lempar ganti baru).

E: salah link. Mestinya yg ini, yg alas laptopnya ventilated, atau kalo nemu yg complete void gpp.

u/KingofGamesYami · 1 pointr/battlestations

The laptop stand is an [AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand] ( with a custom built wooden riser underneath.

The dock is the D3100 but honestly isn't that great. I got to use a TB 16 during my internship this summer and it was far better.

I'm currently running [email protected] Hz (lower) and [email protected] (upper) from HDMI and DisplayPort respectively.

Edit: FWIW the docking station I want is this one: Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Dock with Charging Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019 2018 2017 and Specific Windows Laptops (Supports DisplayPort or HDMI up to 4K 60, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio, 5 USB 3.0 Ports). It's just a little too expensive to justify.

u/ram-rom · 1 pointr/DIY_tech

What kind of laptop? Wheres the fan? things like this help. if the laptop has fans or vents on the bottom. Allowing it jet air out from it. But as some have pointed out. Laptops are designed to be compact computers. They are not made for quiet / cool devices.

u/SacraficeMyGoat · 1 pointr/techsupport

It looks like it isn't getting enough airflow sitting level. I'd recommend keeping it propped up. If you're up to it, you can repaste the thermal compound and I'm sure you'll see a significant boost in thermals.

Edit: Or maybe consider purchasing something like this

u/yoga72015 · 1 pointr/Lenovo

It definitely gets very hot and I wouldn't want to work with it on my lap, it's more of a desk-device. If you want a lap desk check Amazon Basics, they have some good ones at a decent price, this one for example.

u/Jer1ch0 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Do they really not help that much? The basic stand I am currently using is linked below but I still notice that when gaming that laptop occasionally runs a bit hot and one of the reasons I want to look into a cooling stands to potentially prevent any heat related damage since Final Fantasy 14 is a bit more intensive then Magic Arena or any of the other games I play on my laptop.


u/dracoflar · 1 pointr/macsetups

Honestly anything will work as long as it’s on an angle, I can see your on a budget so I chose the lower price but decent quality items. Though I personally would get the silver laptop stand as it’s much higher quality

u/arkhira · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I would recommend to get a laptop stand to prop up your laptop like a monitor then use an external keyboard and mouse with a wrist rest.

  1. Laptop stand:
  2. Keyboard:
  3. Mouse:
  4. Wrist rest:

    I use that wrist rest at my IT job and at home. Its probably the best I have ever used.
u/sleepyradio182 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Clean the desk up. Just spend 30-45 mins organizing everything. Maybe look into a monitor stand? Not sure what your budget is but:
AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

u/N1NJAREB0RN · 1 pointr/Alienware

I just bought the Amazon Basics laptop stand.

Works well for me.

u/ruintheenjoyment · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Amazon Basics has an adjustable laptop "pad" that I find is much better at cooling than the average usb fan pad despite lacking fans.

u/Drakox · 1 pointr/subnautica

You should focus on the Graphics and Chipset drivers mainly, of course updating all te drivers once a year is always a good practice.


And as for the desk I can recomend you any of this 3 computer stands:


「Stand 1」 I use this one at home, it's a bit bulky, but it lets more air flow into the machine, you can even get a fan to blow some air into the bottom of the machine for better cooling.


「Stand 2」 I use this one at work, since it's al aluminium it helps to disperse the heat and I use no extra fan because my office has AC


「Stand 3」 I don't own this one, but it has a fan already built in and a USB hub wo you could use it as a docking station for your machine.

u/Jprovence01 · 1 pointr/Alienware

I got the shelves and brackets at Lowe’s and the laptop stand from amazon. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

u/JCent105 · 1 pointr/Surface

Chiropractor here, you have the right idea with sitting up right as much as you can. However, placing the Surface at lap height and looking down is what is causing the neck pain. The posture you have described is what is being called "Text Neck" ( As you flex your neck forward you increase the pressure on the components of you spine, the more you flex the greater the pressure.

Now I know you may prefer to sit while drawing? (Note: I have no artistic ability, so I'm guessing here) Sitting may be most comfortable but standing will also be beneficial as it helps maintain the strength and endurance of the spinal muscles (with correct posture)( Also note sitting properly can maintain these muscles as well, again, with proper posture. (

A little anatomy for you: As you look downward you are actively flexing your superficial neck flexors, the most obvious being the sternocleidomastoid, or SCM. ( This also causes the muscles at the base of your skull to shorten, which can lead to headaches. ( Using the "Top Gun" or "Pilot Posture" this will help to lengthen the sub-occipital mucles (muscles at base of skull) and strengthen the deep neck flexors. (

If you made it this far, I hope you have learned something. My suggestion would be, aside from posture would be to look into something that will bring the surface up closer to eye level to prevent stress on your neck. This may help ( Next would be to do chin tuck exercises to maintain strength in those deep neck flexors, this exercise will help. (

Forgive me as formatting and hyper linking is not in my skill set. I hope this help you!

Edit: Spelling

u/MohnishMohnish · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow you're awesome!
I'm gonna organize this list from most wanted to least wanted :D

  1. Bluetooth headphones! this was reviewed by unbox therapy and apparently it's really god so I wanna try it out :D

  2. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand Who doesn't need a laptop stand eh? i hate burning my lap while I'm using my laptop!

    3.PNY Turbo 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive A 3.0 usb is hard to find for such a price! and the storage space makes it so much better :D

  3. Shoes are nice to have right?

    5: Baby groot! Because I loveeeeeee groot

    thanks for doing this :)

u/estabienpati · 1 pointr/buildapc

Hi! That is a pretty cool stand! I currently use this at my office and at my home to allow for ventilation on my laptop. I will consider getting a better stand.

In regards to the CPU Thermal Paste. I have changed the thermal paste on some 5 or 6 CPUs with no issue, but those were desktops, this would be the first time I do it on a laptop. That is why I'm asking for recommendations.

u/Thirteenera · 1 pointr/pcgaming

/u/X2C- Laptops need to be portable, so they cram everything as close together as possible. They still need to dissipate heat though - but its harder to do that in smaller space.

In larger desktop PCs you have room for good, large fan setups. This allows them to spin slower/quieter, as well as being able to handle higher temps easier. There's also plenty of airflow etc. This isn't the same for laptops.

Even top-tier laptops will be noisy when their fans are on - and the fans will be on as soon as anything remotely demanding starts up.

If the noise doesnt bother you, then you're fine, just keep playing. what i DO recommend though is that you get a few apps like CoreTemp and GPU-Z, which would allow you to keep an eye out on your CPU and GPU temperatures. This way you can see whether your cooling is enough, or if your PC is slowly overheating.

If you do notice that even despite heavy fans your temps are too high (90ish on CPU, for example), then i recommend looking at "Laptop cooling pads". These can be either passive (i.e. a giant metal heatsink you place under your laptop) or active (a "box with fans" that you plug into USB, and it helps cool the bottom side of your laptop), and provide your laptop with that extra bit of cooling it might need.

u/cinfulmusic · 1 pointr/edmproduction
u/Trip_2 · 1 pointr/computers

I have one of these and it does help

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

u/freediagram · 1 pointr/surfacebook

For anyone trying to find something similar, after trying multiple stands, I finally found the stand provided by Amazon basics. It's great and the price is very good.

u/csk_FP1 · 1 pointr/Surface

Very basic/cheap solution, but I used this with my SurfaceBook quite a bit.

u/saccademusic · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations

This! Super simple and cheap, and it's sturdy. No complaints so far

u/HeavyHuckleberry · 1 pointr/macbookpro

Yea, it is a pretty cheap one, my MBP2011 was the same and it was much quiter when it did...

u/JudgementalPrick · 1 pointr/ableton

They look great. I use a metal laptop stand that you can adjust the tilt on, it's very nice but has no wrist rest.

u/bran_donger · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

What laptop is this? Even my XPS 15 (not a gaming laptop) doesn't get annoyingly hot or loud under gaming load. I have it propped up on an Amazon Basics Laptop Stand but that's more for ergonomics than for cooling purposes (I play with a separate keyboard and mouse).

u/schultzche · 1 pointr/croatia
u/oSovereign · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents
u/LaughingCheeze · 1 pointr/Battletops

So I know this is a little bit old but, is the laptop on the monitor arm?

EDIT: Ok, let me guess, is it the Amazon Basics Notebook Arm Mount Tray?

That's so awesome, I've never seen those before, I may end up using this in my setup!

u/flux42 · 1 pointr/battlestations

It's this monitor arm with this notebook tray. It works pretty well. :) Just make sure your room/desk etc. has enough clearance. The setup does require some space behind the desk unless you want the monitors sticking all the way in front of your face.

u/toeguns · 1 pointr/macsetups

I've got this (AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand) and this (AmazonBasics Notebook Arm Mount Tray).

EDIT: Added the item descriptions for posterity.

u/californyeahyeahyeah · 1 pointr/pcmods

You could get a monitor mount + laptop tray and get a desktop podium/lectern for a separate mouse and keyboard.

If you get a dual monitor mount you can fab up a keyboard/mouse tray to use on the second monitor mount. Idk how sturdy it would be in actual use, though. I know Ergotron mounts allow you to tighten up the spring tension.

(laptop tray only - attaches to a monitor mount: )

(You could buy this for mouse/keyboard, but I don't think the monitor mount would function with the laptop mount. )

u/cac2573 · 1 pointr/macsetups

This is what I used.

u/jpete24 · 1 pointr/MSILaptops

It’s just a monitor arm from amazon and a laptop stand that you attach via the VESA connection.

AmazonBasics Notebook Laptop...

Similar to this- NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-27''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs) Computer Monitor Stand F80

u/ThatMathsyBardguy · 1 pointr/buildapc

I had a similar issue (well, nothing broke I just wanted to use my new monitor) so I got a stand a bit like this one . If you set your power settings not to sleep when you shut the lid, then just plug in a keyboard and mouse, you've got yourself a fairly sleek looking faux-desktop

u/samkendrick5 · 1 pointr/battlestations

I would recommend something like this for the macbook

u/kansurr · 1 pointr/MSILaptops
u/Tooch10 · 1 pointr/macbookpro

I have this dock, it's fairly overpriced for what it is but I like it. I was originally considering a used Henge dock but they weren't available for my 2018 when I was looking.

On my desk my MBP faces backwards; it's flat against one side of my desk which is cubes (IKEA Kallax/Linnmon combo), and the bottom/vents face out. I also have it upside down so that no part of any vent is blocked. That means that my ports and dongle are up the air instead of on the desk but it has good airflow. I'm happy with this dock and haven't thought about the Henge docks until now.

u/GavinMcG · 1 pointr/writing

You don't need RAM to run one or two applications. Honestly, a laptop with specs from 1998 would probably be fine. Or better, since it would keep you from having too many distractions open.

Instead, focus on the keyboard. Or buy whatever cheap laptop you like along with a laptop stand and an ergonomic keyboard.

(I have both of those and recommend them.)

u/rbcannonball · 1 pointr/nyc
u/lol_admins_are_dumb · 1 pointr/DJs

I've got the Rain Design mStand that apple sells and it's absolutely fantastic, the most sturdy and rugged stand I've ever used. My work supplies those Amazon knockoffs but they're not very well balanced at all.

It doesn't fold down or anything but I'd take sturdy and rugged over ultra-portable any day.

For my permanent DJ booth at home I made a cheap one out of Ikea LACK shelf with 4 CAPITA legs

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/appleswap

Remember: Friends & Family/Gift payments, Venmo, gift cards, Zelle and cryptocurrency are non-refundable and offer NO BUYER PROTECTION. - If as a buyer, you choose to pay through the "Friends and Family" option, or agree to send Gift Cards, Venmo, or cryptocurrency as payment, please understand that you will not be able to open a claim should something go wrong in the transaction.

Title: [USA-TX][H]Caldigit TS3+ dock, mStand, Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 all in Space Grey [W]Paypal

Username: /u/nizmoz


I have a 6 month old Caldigit TS3 plus dock, mStand, Apple magic keyboard and trackpad forsale. Sold my MBP and looking to sell these now. All are in excellent / new like condition. Price includes shipping and insurance.


Caldigit: $275
mStand: $30
Magic Keyboard: $120
Magic Trackpad: $120



Rest of pictures: Stations?product_id=170




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u/fiveguy · 1 pointr/AskProgramming

My laptop is on a stand so the screen is at eye level. Use a bt keyboard and mouse

I used to just put the laptop on of a stack of books, but upgraded recently to these:

u/Gabrielsandbakk · 1 pointr/battlestations

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Space Gray (Patented)

So happy with it!

u/FastRedPonyCar · 1 pointr/buildapc

I setup the owner of my company with this. He needed something portable to bring in each day (works from home at night) so I got him a surface book, the docking station and a 27" 1440p HP screen.

He keeps the dock on his desk with the monitor and his kb/m/speakers/printer and ethernet connected to the dock.

He brings the SB in, sets it on this stand next to his desk and plugs in the dock and everything just automatically starts working.

It was the first time he'd ever seen anything like that so he was super impressed with how seamless it all worked.

u/SprawlRunner · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Rain Design mStand!

I absolutely love it, and it perfectly matches the space-gray macbook.

u/MedicusTexensis · 1 pointr/macbook

A friend told me to get this and now I won’t use my laptop without it. Makes using a computer for those longer work sessions really comfortable.


u/Randall-Coding · 1 pointr/digitalnomad

wow that is significantly more expensive than I would have thought. I guess I'll check out the knockoffs then :) like this one

u/ak501lx · 1 pointr/Lenovo

From my experience, a laptop stand is good enough to reduce CPU and GPU temps by around 5 degrees celsius each.

I use the nexstand seen here:

A big bonus is that the nexstand is very portable. It's a copy of the higher quality and sturdier Roost stand, but when I emailed Roost they said their stand was too small to fit the Y740.

u/stubble · 1 pointr/Posture

If you're hunched in normal use then get your monitor(s) raised to force yourself upright. Three packs of printer paper under a monitor is about right for a a tallish person.

If you're using a laptop then consider getting a nexstand or similar to get it raised. You can use this in a standing position easily too.

Sit on a Swiss Ball if you want to keep your core active while working...

u/InOPWeTrust · 1 pointr/macsetups

This one is probably my favorite! It's a bit expensive, but there are cheaper options.

u/Sdiaz610 · 1 pointr/macbookpro

It’s on a vertical stand

Twelve South Bookarc for MacBook...

Great for small spaces .

u/dark_arcader · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Get a laptop stand like this,

Or get a monitor wall mount arm. They also make arms for laptops and tablets. Stow away when not in use. As a man with not enough desk, these items were a game changer.

u/Loveschocolate1978 · 1 pointr/functionalprint

Surprisingly, as ridiculous as it sounds, I think that the single slotted vertical laptop stand would hold it. I bought both styles of the stand (by accident), single and double, and they are pretty heavy because they are made of machined... steel (?) or a heavy-ish metal. With the single stand, it would be in the middle and well balanced so it would be less likely to tip over. I would personally probably buy two single slotted stands and place one on each end of the server case for extra stability. I know that it sounds crazy, but after holding the product in my own hands and trying it for a few months, I think that it really could work.

And no, I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I just think that this product is good.

u/DrogonNulled · 1 pointr/Alienware

I don't have an 17 R4 but for my 15R3 i bought this one:
-It saves a lot of space
-You get way better temps
-The only problem for me is when it comes to power on the laptop again, i have to disconnect all the cables (because i don't want to drag them while lifting the laptop), lift it, open the lid, turn it on, close the lid again, fit it on the stand and plug all the cables again

u/ImAwareImAWolf · 1 pointr/battlestations


|Item|Detail|Amount Paid (Pre Tax)|
|Laptop|Inspiron 13 7000; [email protected], 16GB 2400MHz RAM, 512 GB M.2 PCI-E NVMe SSD|$940.79|
|Monitors|2 of Samsung IT LC27F398FWNXZA Samsung C27F398 27-Inch Curved Monitor (Super Slim Design)|$435.98|
|Keyboard|Corsair CH-9101021-NA Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, Backlit LED|$103.99|
|Mouse|VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click, Breathing Backlit, 2 Programmable Side Buttons, 2400 DPI, Ergonomic Grips, 7-Button Design- Red|$19.99|
|Dock|Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD/4K Triple Display Docking Station (D3100)|$108|
|Laptop Stand|Vertical Laptop Stand [Adjustable Size], OMOTON Desktop Aluminum MacBook Stand with Adjustable Dock Size, Fits All MacBook, Surface, Chromebook and Gaming Laptops (up to 17.3 inch), Silver|$25.99|
|UPS|APC UPS 600VA Battery Backup & Surge Protector with USB Charging Port, APC UPS BackUPS (BE600M1)|$54.99|
|Headphones|COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone - Black|$62.99|
|Back LED|Megulla Color Bias Lighting for TV and Monitor - Small (39inch), RF Remote and Dimmer -USB LED Backlight RGB Adhesive Strips for HDTV, Desktop Monitors and More -2Pack|$19.99|
|Webcam|Logitech C270 Widescreen HD Webcam and 3 MP designed for HD Video Calling and Recording|$21.99|
|Wireless Phone Charger|Seneo Wireless Charger, Qi Certified Wireless Charging Stand Compatible iPhone Xs MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus, 10W Galaxy Note 9/S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8, 5W All Qi-Enabled Phones(No AC Adapter)|$19.99|
|Flag|Official United States Flag, Flown over U.S. Capitol Building in 2008 (Thanks, Chuck Schumer!)|$0.00|
|Backup Harddrive|WD 2TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBS4B0020BBK-WESN|$79.99|


u/magnumstrikerX · 1 pointr/Workspaces

The laptop stand is from Omoton. As for the coffee cat, it's Pusheen enjoying coffee on a book from Barnes and Noble

u/karsaidavid · 1 pointr/Lenovo

You could try something like this:

Buy one or make your own which would be similar.
If you put it in the stand with the back of it looking towards the ceiling then you should be fine in terms of cooling.
The y740 basically sucks air from the bottom and blows it out on the sides so you should be find with the lid closed as well.

u/Mr_NewYear · 1 pointr/razer

Iirc its this. Planning to get one.

Hey OP, i have a question about that stand. How are the laptops temps with or without the stand? Im conviced laptop coolers are just gimicks and stands that lift the back area on all laptops are better.

u/BiblicalGodlike · 1 pointr/MusicBattlestations
u/Conflicted_Batman · 1 pointr/eGPU