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u/FelixMa · 36 pointsr/malefashionadvice

My hair

It's towards the end of the day so the wax is wearing out a little bit. Generally I use V05 Extreme Style Matt Clay and Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach Matt Salt Spray. The clay isn't the greatest, there's definitely superior products out there, but for a student on a budget it does just the job. I also use a little bit of hairspray but as long as its a matt finish I'm not too bothered about brand.

Styling from out of the shower;

  • get the thick of the water out of my hair by towel drying

  • once its more damp than wet spray several squirts of sea salt spray in hair

  • use a hair dryer on a low power setting to finish off the drying process

  • get a bit of clay out and rub it all over my hands then proceed to run them through my hair in a ruffling motion

  • once there's enough product in there/a good coverage, use fingertips to ruffle the top to give it a bit of volume

  • when styling the fringe, bring it all down so its all on the forehead, then grab the hair in a scrunching motion and repeat until the hair has a natural looking curl to it

  • give a light dusting of hair spray to hold it in place for that little bit longer
u/uiucmike · 16 pointsr/UIUC

wow thx <3 <3 <3

But honestly, literally anyone can be attractive. If that's a major roadblock for you to improve your social skills, do soemthing about it; give yourself a makeover! Following is subjective, I guess, but..

Get a good haircut. 90% of the time, that just means "short on the sides, longer on top". LookAfter on green is really good. You could probably just be like "yo hook me up" and they can give you something trendy. Put this in your hair. Shower in the morning, and blowdry it instead of letting it air dry.

Revamp your wardrobe. Get tighter clothes. A pair of these will get you far. If you can button them without causing lots of physical pain to yourself, they aren't too tight (and they will stretch). Try to avoid washing jeans in the washing machine. If you do, air dry them. If your jeans fit well, chances are they won't after you run them through the dryer.

Stay away from gym shoes. A pair of black and a pair of white vans will take you a long way.

Stay away from overusing graphic tees. Grey is a great colour that looks good on everyone. Black and other dark colours are good too. Sweatshirts usually look p good as long as they are a tight fit. Henleys are easy and lit too.

Stay away from cargo shorts. Tight, coloured, mid-thigh shorts are "in" and look better. Looser but still short & thin neutral-coloured shorts are ez too. Especially for spring/summer.

Most of the stuff from Express, H&M, Zara, sometimes A&F, etc. is good.

Qt, bold briefs/boxer briefs from calvin klein, aussiebum, etc. are lit too. People won't often see them, obviously, but it's an easy confidence boost.

Don't discount the importance of being confident. Milo Yiannopoulos isn't actually that attractive, but he is 110% confident, so he tricks you into adding like 4 points. Fix your posture. Sit up straight, stand up straight w/ your shoulders back. Your body will feel better, and you will come off much more confident. Body language is important. The same is true about smiling more, etc.

Take care of your teeth. Crest Whitestrips can save your life if you are a soda/coffee drinker. Floss twice a day, maybe get a tongue brush.

Keep your body hair under control with one of these and a decent razer. Another thing that people only will see if you wear like a real deep v-neck or unbuttoned Henley or when you are sexing, but a confidence booster nonetheless.

Keep your hygiene up to par. Shower often, wash thoroughly (a loofah or washcloth is a good investment) with some kind of good-smelling body wash, wear deodorant, and get some kind of cologne that isn't axe (one of the < $30 ones from Amazon is fine). Also, idk why straight boys often don't wash their butthole, but wash your butthole.

Take care of your skin. This will save your life. If you have acne and that doesn't work well enough, invest in a proactiv subscription or something. You will look and feel much better. Don't be afraid of concealer to cover up some particularly egregious blemishes. Idk anything about makeup brands, but something like this (except that matches your skin tone) is great because it doubles as a mild acne treatment. This (or any spray product with Salicylic acid) will help immensely if you have body acne.

Get in shape. You will look and feel better! You sound like you don't have much time to go to the gym, which is fine. Muscly, skinny and toned, or super skinny are all "trendy" looks. Just avoid dad bod. Skinny can be achieved just through diet and optionally doing body weight exercises at home (crunches, pushups, etc.) or getting a pair of weights. Most importantly, make sure the fit of your clothes matches your body. All of those 3 benefit from snug fits. Dad bod "benefits" from a looser fit, but that's because your clothes are trying to hide your body shape rather than accentuate it, hence why it isn't ideal.

Before interviews/career/fairs/going on a date/whatever other important event, max all this out. Aside from looking good, you will feel good, and you will have a much easier time being confident. When talking to recruiters, especially during the interview, I find that when you feel good about yourself, nerves dissipate hardcore to the point where even when you are stuck, you don't really get that sinking feeling in your stomach. Smile and nod a lot, sell yourself with your strong, confident energy. If you seem like a fun person to work with (and look at), that can make up for a lot of your "faults".

I got all of my interviews that I got at the Expo this year wearing shorts and flip-flops (went during lunch break at work, so didn't have time to change). Just be a chill, happy, and humble dude/dudette, but own the fact that you feel good about yourself. Ppl dig that, especially when a lot of kids are in the same situation you are (ie. don't feel attractive or comfortable talking to people, or their whole life is just academics).

Edit: Oops also do your eyebrows and keep your facial hair in check.

u/irregularheartbeat · 14 pointsr/malegrooming

First, you've got a good head of hair my man! You've got the foundation for a barber to do their thing!

My suggestion is a typical one found here, but you could rock pretty much any cut where its short on the sides & longer and styled on top. Here are a few photos for inspiration:

Side Part Comb Over

Fade with Sweep Back

Relaxed Brushed Over

It might just be the pictures you posted, but it doesn't look like you use any product in your hair. I would buy some product and test out different styles.

Here are a couple products (low to medium price range):

American Crew Forming Cream

Bed Head Matte Separation Wax

My personal favourite Fatboy

Hope this helps! You can always try /r/malehairadvice as well! Good luck!

u/UntrueFacts · 8 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've sworn by Aveda for Men Grooming Clay for 5 years now. I have thinner hair though. My dad uses it as well and he has full hair, so I imagine it may work well for your needs.

u/MrBojangles24 · 7 pointsr/malefashionadvice

You can get fat boy off Amazon that has a good hold that has a matte finish.

Kevin Murphy also has good products that are more expensive but feel very clean in your hair.

What helped me eliminate break outs was using a blow dryer to completely dry my hair then start putting product in the back and working my way to the front. This way product around the forehead will be minimal but still enough to get the hold you want, and the product won’t mix with any extra water and clog your pores.

u/Yufu · 6 pointsr/malehairadvice
u/snuffl3upagus · 5 pointsr/malehairadvice

hmu with some brands u recommend, bc i use this rn and its not the greatest hold

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

"Misfit, Misfit! Help! This afternoon I was making myself a bowl of ice cream (mint! My favorite flavor!) The phone rang, so I set down my bowel to go get the phone in the living room. By the time I came back, my bowl was almost empty with nothing but a puddle in it's place! I need your help to solve this mystery!"

[Item 1] ( [Item 2] (

u/thomaspaine · 3 pointsr/malefashion

clay at the part and in front to keep my hair straight (the front is actually a little curly/wavy, blow drying helps a lot with this).

To give it extra hold and shine on top either gel or if I want it to look greasier american crew.

u/KaramelKatze · 3 pointsr/femalehairadvice

When I had a pixie cut I used this. Or this.

I have extremely thick hair and this usually worked. Hope that helps! :)

u/bonjouramigos · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Matte clay and hair spray, bruh. I really like this one: L'oreal 5 Clay Strong Hold Matt Clay for Men, 1.7 Ounce

u/TVops · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Aveda Grooming Clay.
It's $27 on Amazon, they actually had it at the salon for $22. I still find that extremely expensive, but I'll use it till I run out then find something cheaper.

u/whoturnedmyswagoff · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

For the hair, check out a clay product. I use this stuff daily and it's got all the style with none of the gel-slicked look.

u/Droppin_Bombs · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Honestly you might just be using too much. You don't need more than a dime sized amount. Maybe even less looking at the length of your hair.

If that's still not helping, I would suggest trying a new product. Just because 90% of this sub suggests American Crew fiber, doesn't mean you're going to love it. I really like Kevin Murphy's Rough Rider. It's VERY matte and has VERY good hold. The only catch is that it's expensive. But a high end salon will likely have it. I don't use this anymore now that my hair is longer. But I used to get it for $27 from a salon by my office in northern MA.

If you can't find it for a solid price but still really want to try it, DM me and I'll hook you up.

u/chowmein86 · 2 pointsr/FrugalMaleFashionCDN

I've tried Reuzel Blue, Rocky Mountain Matte Finish, and Suavecito Matte. All three products went on easy and held up for most of the workday, but I was never truly satisfied. When I finished my last container of Suavecito Matte, I came across this brand called Tame The Beast, it's a little thicker, and you need to emulsify the product in your hands. While using the product, little goes a long way with this product, and the hold lasts all day, and I can continue to "style" my hair without re-applying the product. My only issue with the product is that it's not easy to wash out like most products. Your shampoo will fail to suds up the first shampoo, so another shampoo and rinse are needed if you want to clean it all out.

To provide a little bit of context about my hair, I have thick hair that I side part, but once the length grows, it can be hard to control with product. Here's the link.


Edit: You get 3.4oz for $15.50 if you apply the $2.00 coupon.

u/OregonGent · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Here is what i use for my hair. I really like it in comparison to American Crew products.

I have short hair that is really fine so this stuff helps me get rid of the poof. As well the matte finish, apposed to the gloss, gives my hair a more natural look imo.

u/sn1pestarz · 2 pointsr/malehairadvice

Yeah might get an inch off the top, and will get a 1 back and sides probably and ask her to fade it for me. I use this stuff, think it's sold in my local boots or sainsburies mate.

u/ApolloBollo · 2 pointsr/FancyFollicles

You also have the perfect texture for it. The "typical asian hair" that you hate is perfection!! It is straight and you have a lot of it - you won't have to be terrified of getting caught in a rain storm and having your hair rise up off your head! Also, you can pull off the mini-faux hawk! AND if I might recommend my savior during the pixie period? It is Kevin Murphy's "Night Rider" - it is a bit expensive, but you get a lot and the amount you need (literally no more than a nickel sized amount) makes the stuff last FOREVER!!

P.S. - PLLLLEEEAASSSEEE let us see the final look when you get it cut =)

u/twothirdsaxis · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I have a similar hairstyle, though it's more pushed to the side than straight back. I like to mess with my hair a lot, so I like using re-moldable craft clay, which doesn't break up like a pomade or paste. I've tried a few, and I currently use Sebastian craft clay. It doesn't look wet or greasy, and it holds my thick, crazy italian hair pretty well. I've been using it for 3 years now, and I haven't been able to find anything better (though that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist).

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/amazondealsus

Price History

  • NO GUNK Matte Lava Clay 100% Natural Hair Styling Clay   ^PureLink
    ReviewMeta: ★★★★✮ 4.5/5 from 3 valid reviews
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]

    Put those prices in Checkmate.
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u/aCOWtant · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

An undercut faded to a two on the sides below the ear-line all around, leave the front long and the top ~3 inches. Squared up neckline, & clean up the beard so that it's about half an inch all-around.

But if you show them the picture for 10 seconds, they'll cut you up right. Explaining the front-treatment without a photo could be difficult. Don't go to a shitty barbershop, I always tell people it's like a t-shirt you have to wear for 4-6 weeks. Yelp is your friend.

How to keep the look up: condition more and shampoo less (I shampoo once a week) to keep some of the grease in. I use this stuff. Let your hair dry for 15-20 mins after a shower, but comb-over while wet, then spread a tiny bit of the puddy thinly across your digits, run them under a lil water, and boom: natural-messy style that holds.

Source: Have had similar hairstyle for about a year now... I taper the back, don't go as tight on the sides, and have a better beard ;-)

u/psynautic · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

i've used this to get a similar effect.

u/hooknew · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I'm a big fan of osmo matte clay extreme

In addition I like to add VO5 Clay

and some hair spray if necessary. I find the osmo is initially very stiff but working it through your hair maintains the hairs stiffness and volume which you can reduce by playing with it until, it's the right combination.

The VO5 matte gives it a nice finish.

u/Rhythmist · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I am not sure if I have Asian hair or not. I think I do though. It's really fucking straight and it's really thick. It just sticks up. I've been using Kevin Murphy's Night Rider for the last few years and am pretty damn happy with it. I would recommend it

u/zackry00 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I've tried all three of these. I'd say, if I had to choose, I like Claymation the best, but it's certainly not my favorite matte hair product.

Original was way to sticky when applying it and got really tacky when I ran it through my hair. Quicksand was a bit too dry to apply , but did have good hold. Claymation seemed to apply better, but the hold wasn't what I wanted.

So as a followup, I have two products the I lean towards. The Kevin Murphy - Night Rider, which has great hold, but when you emulsify it in your hands it seems to get a bit clumpy. And my absolute favorite is the Mister Pompadour Beeswax Paste which spreads really well and has great hold for my style, which is typically a looser style.

u/T-blane · 1 pointr/curlyhair

I was getting touched up for a modeling gig and the hair stylist used this to set down my baby hairs. It worked wonderfully and I've been meaning to get it for myself, the tub will last forever. Technically for men I think but works nicely on baby hairs.

u/Bhole_Aficionado · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I have this haircut.

Don’t forget, this hair in the photo is probably worked over by a professional; It’s not just one product and boom it’s done. It probably took him at least 15-20 minutes.

Sulfate-Free conditioning cleanser and conditioner

Light-weight hair oil. One small pump goes a long way and helps with fly-aways.

Blow dry with medium heat high fan with a diffuser to dry, shape, and add volume.

Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Matte Clay. Only apply to your fingers, not your palms and work through hair using just your fingers. Not a lot, literally a dime sized ball for that much hair. Maybe less.

Blow dry with medium heat high fan again to re-shape and add back volume you lost during styling. It also warms the clay to make it spread out more evenly. If you use too much product in the step above it will get heavy and droopy. Same goes for the hair oil. You can always add more.

Matte Texture Hairspray. Kevin Murphy makes a good one. It’s in a baby blue spray can.

Might seem like a lot of money, but with hair this short, these full size products last 2-3 months at least.

You can also get travel sizes to keep upfront cost down.

Edit: Also, with a fade that high and tight, he probably gets his hair cut at least every other week.

u/descouragevit · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Good white tees for <$50?
Does anyone have experience with this product? Thoughts?

u/mrdouglasfresh · 1 pointr/poppunkers
u/OmarTheTerror · 1 pointr/Psoriasis

I use Smooth Viking. It doesn't get in my scalp, so no issues.

For the clay itself, it's super thick and hard to work in, so i usually open a new pack and put some water in there for a day or two, and then start using it.

u/Torandarell · 1 pointr/AskUK

I’ve had good results with this stuff.

You don’t need much at all.

u/Domino80 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I would try and stay away from hairspray. There are way better products to use to keep your hair in place.

I just purchased Kevin Murphy Matte Texture Paste. I rub some in my hand to get it warm and then work it into the roots of my hair only. Helps build some volume.

u/Cobertt · 1 pointr/malegrooming

I use this and it keeps my hair in place all day. Ive got quite a bit longer hair then you but I started using it when my hair was short and it held well.

u/shawnas26 · 1 pointr/actuallesbians

I use this in small doses and then add some hair spray. I like this stuff because it holds decently and doesn't darken my blond hair a lot. Plus, it's cheap and easy to find.

u/IHSV1855 · 1 pointr/AskMen

Shower and shampoo with Mitch by Paul Mitchell Double Hitter Shampoo. Quickly buff with a towel to an almost-dry state because my hair dries ridiculously fast. Apply a decent amount of Mitch by Paul Mitchell Reformer Styling Cream, spread evenly across my fingertips, to all facets of the top of my hair so it's well coated, then to the sides and back in just one direction. From there, I brush down the sides and back then sculpt the top with my hands and both things from this brush set from Conair. My sculpting gives me the result of a strong part with a lot of volume brushed sideways in the front and tapering down to flat moving backwards, so it's flattest at the crown of my head.

As far as haircut schedule, I get a trim every 10-14 days and get the same thing every time, a #8 to #5 fade on the back and sides cut high on my neck and over my ears, and a scissor cut on the top to about 1 3/4 inches in length.

By the time all of this is done, it looks like this, except with a stronger part and a bit more volume in the front.

u/dom_kennedy · 1 pointr/malefashion

I use product but nothing special, currently using this one.

u/bippidyboppidy · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Probably a clay since that's what my barber gave me. I got rough rider but also liked this

u/PiantGenis · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

A text explaination wouldn't be effective, look up how to blow dry men's hair on the YouTube. There are tons of great videos for what to do and, what not to do.

For the sauce, everyone's hair is different. One of my favorites that I don't hear mentioned too often is big sexy hair "frenzy"
You can get it locally at a variety of places too, Walmart, some grocery stores, Walgreens, ulta, etc.

u/RipTideRunner · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

This is currently on my shelf:

Ive had for about 6 months now and the results have been pretty consistent. The finish is totally matte, so if you want any shimmer you'll have to add something extra. I also live in Florida where the humidity really weighs on my hair. I'm still happy with how this stuff works.

Ive also used this about 2 times. Seems to work in much the same way.

Really, though, I think itd be pretty hard to go wrong with one of these. I think the formula is relatively the same across products. Just a note, this stuff is NOT water soluble, so if you're doing NoPoo or something, you may have issues.

Best of luck!

u/HighSynergy · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice


I didn't get volume with my hair until I started putting mousse in my damp head it before I blowdry. I use this one currently because you can get it anywhere around me and I saw a Youtube tutorial where he used it too. I'm sure anything similar will do. You could even use light pomades or waxes, as long as they don't weigh down your hair and make it clumpy before you start blowdrying.

Then I blowdry it in the opposite way it naturally falls down. From there I use a high hold clay. Anything high hold with do, most likely. I like the Kevin Murphy because its tough, gritty, and I can run my hands through it to remould it throughout the day if I need to.

u/Joe_Beaumont · 1 pointr/goodyearwelt

I much prefer Paul Mitchel Reformer to the comparable American product. Hold seems stronger and it's less shiny.

u/Spam4119 · 1 pointr/malehairadvice

I am still new to this... but I have been having some good luck with [Night Rider] (

Put it in when your hair is still really wet from a shower... I find that I usually need to get my fingers wet and wet my hair even more after I have started adding it in. Again, still new and only use a little amount (it seems to go a long way), but I think it leads to good things.

u/BurtSandalman · 1 pointr/Hair

Well, I'm a guy with short hair, but my hair will stay in place all day even with wind and I use This Grooming Clay and Crew Fiber

When I had long hair, I used BTZ Matte Clay , put a little on my finer tips and just went to town on my hair.

u/seans_better_account · 0 pointsr/malehairadvice

non-shine clay

Edit: like this

u/tute666 · -3 pointsr/argentina

8 usd un shampu grande. Es barato.


el de 950 esta 20 usd en amazon.

Y ni hablemos de la diferencia de carga tributaria


EDIT: a pesar de mi error de no ver el 2x1. Mi punto sigue siendo valido. El costo de shampu es virtualmente igual al de argentina. Y en argentina la carga impositiva es altisima comparativamente.