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u/EddieViscosity · 5 pointsr/MuayThai

Amazon has Fairtex for $62.20 with prime shipping at the moment while the Top King comes up to 85 with shipping from Thailand

Yes, I am in the US.

u/YoungLeonidas · 4 pointsr/MuayThai
u/HighestHand · 2 pointsr/martialarts

I own about 3 pairs of these "cloth shin guards" and they really don't offer much protection. These shin guards are for light contact sparring like taekwondo or karate where they tell you to not go hard. If you throw it hard and hit someone's bones, you'll feel it. If you want to throw hard kicks, just get the full shin guards like TKB, Twins, Fairtex, etc.

As for the sizing for the cloth ones, S, M, L all are the same length and the difference is how much wider they are. I'm 6'0" 150 lbs, and I can wear a small all the way to a large. If you want to be safe, get a large since it should be quite snug once you wash and dry them.

Additional advice:
They usually aren't branded,and even if they are, don't get it branded because it's such a crap shinguard that you shouldn't spend 20 more dollars just because it has the words VENUM or something on them.

Generic (Pro Force):


u/lightningofpuppets · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

I can sincerely attest to the quality and value of these boxing gloves .

I’ve used these shin guards a couple of times and they’re fine.

As for hand wraps, I bought them at my gym, as the ones I’d bought were not long enough (140). Make sure your hand wraps are long enough and you’ll be fine.

u/HPPTC · 2 pointsr/bjj

For MMA sparring, I strongly strongly prefer slip-on soft fabric shinguards rather than traditional kickboxing belt/loop or velcro attaching shinguards. I used these for most of my career:

There's a downside of course in that they're not going to offer as much protection as actual kickboxing/MT shin guards. So both you and your training partners are going to feel your checked leg kicks a bit more, especially if it turns out that you're actually Marlon Moraes posting under a burner account.

But they stay on so much better while grappling and require so much less adjusting that I think it's worth it. Also you can just chuck them in the washing machine instead of spraying and wiping them down like regular shinguards.

u/Roscoe_Merriweather · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

I figure someone is going to ask about my experience with the equipment that I started out with. Keep in mind I don't have much frame of reference, so I can't compare my gear with anything from Twins, Top King, Fairtex, etc...

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves ($48) - These have been my only pair of gloves, and I've been running them a about 4 hours a week. I like that they're longer than some of the other gloves I looked at, which seems to keep my wrists aligned with my fists, and keeps everything supported. The only wear that I've noticed is that a few days ago, I found a small tear in the lining of one of my gloves. I think these gloves are great for someone new to MT, and especially for someone that isn't training a lot. I'm happy with these gloves, and I think they'll last me a year (especially if I pick up a pair of bag gloves). I'm religious about spraying disinfectant on my gear and drying it out between uses, so that may be a factor)

Venum "Kontact" Shin and Instep Guards ($29) - The elastic is still tight after 5 months, and the foam is contouring to my shin nicely. These seem to do thejob, although two days ago I took a hit from an elbow or a knee, and the impact seemed to have penetrated through the foam. My shin feels a little brutalized, so my opinions might be changing about these things. At some point I want to upgrade to the Top King shin guards.

Shock Doctor Gel Nano Convertible Mouthguard ($14) - The guard seems a little bulky. It covers the top teeth, but partially forms to portions of your bottom teeth, so it seems to keep the jaw stable. I still have all my teeth, so that's good.

Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps , 180-inch ($7) - I initially bought super cheap, shorter, cotton, Everlast handwraps that were garbage. When I started sweating the Everlast wraps loosened up, and didn't seem to do the trick. My Ringside wraps are awesome. I now have two pairs, and I think I'll sneak a few more into my Amazon basket, the next time my wife wants me to order _____ for the home (certain colors of wraps are an Amazon add-on item, where you need to spend $25 to get free shipping)

(I also recently bought some MT shorts from amazon. I like them well enough, and they're a huge improvement over working out in standard workout shorts. My only problem is that these shorts don't exhibit a competitive level of flair and are completely deficient in dragons and tassels.)

u/EireFight · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

I've had both the padded "sleeve" type of shinguard and the solid types with straps.

I really like they are good value and great protection.

Again the Thai brands like Top King and Twins have the best shinguards but may be too expensive if your only starting off.

u/hiscout · 2 pointsr/martialarts

I have Venum products (their elite series) and they're all very good at impact-reduction.

If you're stretched on budget, their challenger series headgear is not bad, good all-around protection, but if you can spring for the Elite series, do so.



Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with their MMA styled gloves, but given the quality of the rest of their gear, I would imagine they would be good.

My sparring partner (boxing/muay thai) has Hayabusa gear, and says it is just as good, if not better. Hayabusa, however, is more pricey on most of their gear.

u/Dictator_Tot · 1 pointr/martialarts
u/R0kies · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Okay so i kind of narrowed it to

  1. Contender Fight Sports MMA Grappling Shin Guards (like those)

  2. danger professional (mehhh?)

  3. Venum MMA (looks great but pricey)

  4. Fairtex neoprene (considering those, 60€ shipping included, dunno about fit tho)



    Any thoughts?



u/barkev · 1 pointr/MuayThai

I dont know about the ones you are talking about, but I got these on Amazon and they are holding up extremely well. And they're really affordable.



u/viosinger · 1 pointr/MuayThai

I have [these](Top King Muay Thai Shin Pads TKSGP GL Shin Guards Pro Genuine Leather (Solid Black, Medium) , I think you'll like them, especially for thinner legs. Extra protection on the front, thinner & better fit on sides.

u/Cainhelm · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Those thin ones work for some people at my gym. If you find that they're too thin for you, you can also try the shin guards with the velcro that loops around (instead of 2 separate velcro straps), as you may be able to tighten them more. This is the type of strap I'm talking about.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your calf will get worked and grow from throwing kicks, knees, etc. in Muay Thai, so you might grow into them eventually.

u/NicSwan98 · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards -these are what I have, I like them a lot , and a few other guys at my gym have them as well. 61 USD on amazon.

u/wakeytom · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Late on this but to be honest I wouldn't go with the sports direct ones. Hopefully your budget stretches to these which I like: also I am sure some will disagree but for cheap shins I think as a beginner cotton work well and I used these for my first year and still do now at times

u/GrandmasterM · 1 pointr/kravmaga

I think they're great shin guards and very comfortable. They don't have the slipping issue because they go over your leg almost like a sock, but because of this there's no way to wear shoes at the same time. They aren't very similar to what I've seen others use in class, which have more of a hard shell. These are moreso pads.

u/jazi00 · 1 pointr/martialarts

i was thinking of something like this

like a hybrid sock/bulkier shin guard. Hayabusa looks good, but damn its expensive.

u/Jonny-2-Shoes · 1 pointr/martialarts

Something like these will do:

You don't need heavy gloves for a bag. It's just to give some cushion for your knuckles so that you don't hurt them when you hit full force.