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u/iaalaughlin · 5 pointsr/preppers


Face mask

Glasses (can be swapped if your mask has a face shield)

Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Full Body Gown (These are good because they are fluid proof, according to their manufacturer).

Boiling water works well for sterilization, as long as your equipment can handle it. Also, these can help.

Treatment plan is supportive care for the symptoms (fever of 101.5 or above), headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain).

Quarantine: Plastic sheeting can help, but you need to determine a method of cleansing the area during and after the quarantine, as well as disposal of feces and other fluids. Fire helps.

u/meyowmeow · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

These Night Vision Goggles seem awesome and might feel like xbox come to life?

If he will be driving soon you could always get him an emergency kit for his car or other utility tool that might be helpful.

If he is like a lot of other 15 year olds and is glued to his phone he might like a portable cell phone charger

Another cell phone related OR music related idea would be an app store/itunes gift card for in-game purchases for phone games as well as music

You could also do some nice gaming headphones or perhaps new ear buds or headphones to use with his ipod or phone?

u/M1keHonch0 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

To put it simply, when you paint with an airless sprayer, everything within a 5-10' radius of that gun is going to get overspray on it. So, if you dont mind overspray on your subfloor, then no problemo!
Whenever I spray I use a 3M handimasker tool. It makes taping off the floor and ceiling or whatever else MUCH faster. If you're painting a whole house, def go for the sprayer. And for the love of god, PLEASE put a coat of primer on your new drywall; Paint and primer in one doesnt work for shit on virgin drywall despite what Home Depot will tell you.

u/abductedabdul · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

I like these

I've used these before But i feel like the bottled torks die too quickly once you open them. And i like being able to throw the capsules lol

u/ElHermanoLoco · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

One thing I haven't seen mentioned: You'll need masking materials as well to keep your edges clean around trim, ceilings and doors. I've seen some pros who can do with minimal masking and even by hand, but after trying to do it with minimal masking and fucking up I now mask the hell out of every room we paint. Paying attention during the masking means I could be sloppy with the paint without worrying about getting paint where it can't come off.

If you're going to be painting your whole house, I'd really recommend investing in a masking gun: - We've painted 5 rooms in our house and it was 100% worth the $35.

You'll also need masking paper (the rolls of brown paper you see in the paint aisle at Home Depot) and masking tape (blue tape, and I'd get the good stuff to make sure it sticks solidly and comes off clean). I'd also recommend a few drop cloths, if it's just a one time thing I'd go with the disposable plastic kind to save $$$.

In terms of how to actually do it, as a novice myself I had terrible luck using the masking gun on its own, the edges on our ceiling looked like shit and were super wavy. Now I first go over all the edges with masking tape on its own to get the edge crisp. This will be setting the edge of your paint, so give it some time to get it right. Mask out EVERY SINGLE PLACE where paint will come up against not-paint. It might seem ridiculous, but when you're tired and your roller slips onto the paper on your window, light switch or ceiling you'll be glad you did it. :) Once you have that first pass done, use the masking gun to lay down paper on top of the careful masking tape to extend the edge out.

Also, IMO, the more expensive name brand paint is worth it even if it's 50-100% more. It stands up to scuffs ridiculously well and it takes fewer coats, which ended up saving us some money.

u/Engineer_in_Pearls · 1 pointr/xxfitness

Sqwincher and iXL dou

Sqwincher is what I used to use - can only be ordered online. The cherry flavor is awesome. And I recently found iXL at my local Sam's Club.

u/Akitten84 · 1 pointr/santacruz

I finally broke down and got a kit for my family from amazon, had my eye on it for awhile, since I felt it would be more difficult finding all the individual items, too. $179.99 for a 4 person supply, theres 3 of us. There’s two huge backpacks packed with most of what’s on that list above, with room and pockets to add what you want personally. Amazon I’ve never added a link from the mobile app, not sure if it’ll work.. but if you search for emergency pack or go bag, you’d likely find it. I had rechecked when we were waiting for the power shut off from PG&E but then we never lost power. 🤷🏽‍♀️

u/Petra_Ann · 1 pointr/diabetes

That's what I've been using. I switched to a pod pump myself at the end of July and keep 2 extra infusion sets, the spare pump (its small) an extra insulin reservoir, stickers for my pump to stick on my arm, extra syringe and needle tip, and an insulin pen (decided to stick with pens vs. going to vials just in case I need to do MDI).

This also allows me to carry some candy, my wallet and car keys as well. Overall its been great.