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u/vox_K · 10 pointsr/321

Do yourself a favor and get some tablet or liquid concentrate. You always have it on hand when you need fluid, and way cheaper than buying jugs.

I've used these tablets for a few years, and like them: (currently $10 for 25 tablets = $0.40 per gallon) Typically the one tablet per gal works just fine, but I add an extra one in during love bug season.

Or this liquid, which I might try the next time I see it come back in stock from Amazon: (typically $10 for 13 gal worth of concentrate = $0.75 per gallon)

Edit: Seen as this is turning out to be popular - REMEMBER TO USE AMAZON SMILE. For those that don't know, Amazon lets you pick a charity to receive a (tiny) piece of your purchase price. Once you pick your charity, as long as you're signed in, it's automatic when you use the address (if it's set up, they'll usually prompt you in case you came in through another route.) Check it out here - and do a little good with no effort!

u/Nadieestaaqui · 3 pointsr/321

From the shore, I've caught redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead, puffers (don't eat these), and catfish mostly. People claim that the river is too dirty to eat from, but I've never had an issue, everything I've brought home has been very tasty.

Be careful with the cats, they've got truly nasty dorsal (top of the back) and pectoral (side) spines that can easily stab through a shoe if you're in the habit of stepping on them to get the hook out. I had one pierce a sneaker that way, though it missed my foot - thankfully, as I've also heard they have a mild venom.

Don't stick your thumb in a fish's mouth to pick it up. Leave that for freshwater fishing. Pretty much everything you pull out of the river has big teeth, and will cut your thumb to shreds. Get yourself a fish grip, pretty much anywhere that sells tackle.

Shrimp are native in the river, so live and dead shrimp work well as bait. I've even used pre-cooked shrimp from the grocery store with success. Sometimes you can find little crabs under piers, these make excellent bait as well. Barnacles work really well on sheepshead, if you can get scrape them off a pylon or something similar. If you're into lures, the Bone White Spook Jr has been my best performer by far.

I have a $40 Walmart rod/reel combo. It's not my primary setup, but works just fine. I've even used it at the beach, but not for anything too big. Put some decent line on the reel, and you'll be fine.

If you ever decide to get off the shore, consider using a kayak. Less expense and headache than a boat, and in my opinion, just as much fun.

u/passengerpigeon2 · 2 pointsr/321

I've faced this same problem recently. The new federally mandated gas cans are awful. Cumbersome and exhausting to use and easy to break. In search of a better solution I stumbled upon this.

The takeaway from it is for 2.5 gallon you have to settle but no spill brand is the least awful.

However metal jerry cans are exempt. They are better made, being more durable and far more ergonomic. You can stack them and abuse them but they will certainly last for years. The only downsides is that they are expensive and often do not come with a spout. Amazon wants $80 each.

My advice and request for you is to try ebay and report back. They often have similar looking metal gerry cans for a quarter the price. For example these were in the first three results:

If true it would be the best deal on a decent quality gas can, but I am unfamiliar with ebay and don't really trust it. So I'd love to hear back if anyone is willing to get one.

u/LeetleShawShaw · 2 pointsr/321

Yeah, the big bag of stuff looks like what you'd use to treat a whole yard.

I get the white jug of bait that says on the container that it's good for applying directly to the nests. If you have more than a dozen ant mounds on your property, you may have to treat the whole yard with a spreader like this one:

Or just nuke 'em from orbit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

u/iwtwyad · 2 pointsr/321

I installed this antenna outside on both my house (downtown Melbourne) and my mother's (northwest Melbourne). It works great and I get a shit-ton of channels (most of them are crap).

WESH 2 is the hardest to get, so I used a site like this one to figure out what degrees the WESH tower was from my location and used a compass to point the antenna straight at it. Everything else comes in good as well.

u/BALLERYEAH321 · 1 pointr/321

You seem like the kind of guy that would love using one of these to get fit;

u/TheContrarian2 · 5 pointsr/321

Oh, you mention old beach conditions. Do yourself a favor and buy this book…

It is a collection of stories about Florida from the late 1700s on. They are reprints from old magazines like Harper's and the New Yorker. It describes Brevard County beaches in the late 1800s. Many times fisherman would be over on the beach fishing or flipping turtles for food and they would be chased into the water by bears. That story cracking up. Apparently, bears is to be so common here that they were a nuisance. Also, the Indians described the Indian River Lagoon as being so thick with fish that you could walk across their backs to get to the other bank. It sounds like it would've been really cool place.

u/samplebitch · 1 pointr/321

Here's what the echo stuff is:

>Echo expands the coverage of a traditional in-home wireless router by adding wireless access points in areas where Wi-Fi reception is poor. All a customer needs is a nearby Bright House cable connection. The new service isn’t a traditional wireless repeater. Echo relies on a wired connection between the access point and your cable modem/router using Bright House’s existing coaxial cable inside your home. The result is faster, more reliable Wi-Fi.

I had this problem but solved it with these, which work over your electrical lines - and then hooked up a second wireless router to that to help with wifi on that side of the house.

u/TrifectaLoser · 1 pointr/321

I'm in Port St John. I get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, WBS (and more) from a simple indoor, flat antenna. The one in my "den" (smallest bedroom) isn't even on a window, just hung from the ceiling. The ceiling has a plant hook, and I got a cheap swivel on a hook from amazon to clip to the antenna. The swivel makes it easy to angle the antenna. I paired it with an Channel Master OTA DVR, and I can record shows.

Two tips: (1) hang the antenna, don't lay it flat near the TV, and (2) roll up and zip tie the unused cable from the antenna to the TV input. For some reason, leaving it loose degrades the signal.


Swivel hanging clips:

Edit: Also, I just notice you said you had an "amplified" antenna. If you are within 50 miles of the station, you do not want an amplified antenna. They don't just amplify the signal, but also noise and distortion. Try turning the amplification off (If you can), and rescan for channels.

Also, near a window is good, but having the antenna higher is more important.

u/SimplyStellar · 2 pointsr/321

That is a different model, the Standard, than I am selling, the Advanced.

$679 new or $629 refurbished

u/yoyoyoballs · 3 pointsr/321

I live in melbourne, i get everything but channel 2 and i have this antenna in the attic:

McDuory Digital HDTV Outdoor...

u/MoQtheWitty · 0 pointsr/321

How does that even make sense? If it's a hive-mind terror group, then why are they 'constantly killing each other in gang violence'? You should probably stop doing drugs, turn off infowars for a few minutes, and maybe buy some books on how actual terror organizations have been formed and operate.

You can get older editions pretty cheap these days: