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u/txmed · 2 pointsr/Cordcutting

Might have more luck in some other forums which are more active like /r/corcutters

However, in my mind it comes down to:

Roku vs Fire TV vs Apple TV vs XBOX360 vs Chromecast vs an Android Box vs Computer connected to television

I'm pretty sure Netgear's NeoTV and Western Digital's WDTV don't have native Showtime Anytime apps. Plus those are dying quickly, their market share is something abysmal. Future support and app development is going to pale in comparison to your options above.

I'm not aware of any smart televisions, except maybe the new ones launching with Roku as a back OS, that have native Showtime Anytime apps.

Getting Showtime Anytime onto say a Ouya or Raspberry Pi running XBMC seems like it would be difficult if not nigh impossible.

So that leaves us with the list above. It's in order of preference. But working backwards:

  • Computer: You could just connect a laptop or another box to your television via HDMI and then use a wireless mouse/keyboard and either just pull up a browser everytime you wanted to watch Showtime or create a complex setup with a media center software like XBMC. Although to watch Showtime Anytime within XBMC you're still going to have a create a setup where the media center software essentially launches a browser. I'm not a big fan of this if the primary goal is to get Showtime Anytime onto your television. It's not simple
  • Android Box: I've never used an Android box but they don't save you a lot of money and they don't run apps native to your television. I can think of situations where they might be interesting but I don't think watching Showtime Anytime through the android tablet app is one of them. Still, it would be functional.
  • Chromecast: I really like my Chromecast. I primarily use it for tabcasting sports from my computer as plenty of legit sports apps like FoxSportsGo and NBC Live Extra and the Pac 12 Network lack native apps for any box and lack Chromecast support natively. Showtime Anytime also lacks native Chromecast support, although you have to figure it will come eventually. Tabcasting from my computer has always worked great for me. What has not worked great for me is screencasting from my Nexus 7 tablet. I don't know why that is - whether its a function of the Nexus 7 or its a function of my network (although tabcasting works great) or its a function of the apps I've tried it with (they've been the sports apps listed above, I've never tried it with Showtime Anytime). So, screencasting Showtime Anytime from your Note3 would be an option and perhaps you'd have more success with it but I can't highly recommend it since I've only had poor experiences with it (choppy, lagging, dropping the cast often).
  • XBOX: If you've already got an XBOX 360 lying around then there's your solution. Sign up for Gold (although I think I read you might not even need that nowadays) and watch Showtime Anytime natively on your game system. I'm not sure I'd run out to buy a used one for that reason but hey, plenty of people have game systems sitting around not doing a lot.
  • Apple TV: All I can say is I like my Roku box a whole lot more than my old ATV2. But Apple TV literally just got Showtime Anytime as a channel, so it would satisfy that need nicely. I would say in long term regards ATV is falling behind Roku and Chromecast. Despite Apple's size, the ATV is routinely nowadays getting channels later than Roku or Chromecast (just look at how long it took to get Showtime Anytime). Its channel selection, as compared to the Roku, is also worse. Unless you own a lot of digital iTunes content (movies, tv shows, music) I think there are better boxes.
  • Fire TV: I never used a Fire TV but it has plenty of proponents. It's got good reviews, a good and growing channel selection, cool things you can do with it rooted and, most importantly, Showtime Anytime. It might be a great option.
  • Roku: It only tops Fire TV since I have one and enjoy and I've never used a Fire TV. It has a native Showtime Anytime channel which works great for me.

    That's my vote.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Cordcutting

That's quite possible. I don't understand how anyone could ever be confused by computers. Using the terminal to move files from your server to your HTPC (Though there's no need to, just stream from the server) is so easy.

Of course setting it up can be complicated, it's definitely not plug and play. I thought about stating a business on the side setting up HTPCs for people, but I doubt I wanna deal with support.

I think I have mine set up pretty well, my girlfriend knows exactly how to use it. Windows 7, WMC auto-boots (not that the computer is ever off) Logitech K400 is my remote. Hulu, netflix, yahoo plugins on WMC.. super simple.

I'd also like to say that that keyboard is amazing. Small, not too small. The left click button ( wish it had right too) on the upper left lets you use trackpad with right thumb, click with left thumb. I'd recommend it to anyone with a htpc.

u/theskepticalheretic · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

Laptop probably won't do, due to limited drive hookup slots. I'd probably go with a prebuilt, and whether you buy it loaded with drives or not is really your call. For ease of installation, they're a bit more money but the drive-included models aren't super expensive.

Here are a few models I've used in your price range with great performance.

  • The Synology DS214se $140-400 depending on disk load out.

  • The Western Digital 4-12TB My Cloud $210 (4TB model)-$549 (12 TB model)

  • Then there's the highest ranked amongst cord cutters: The QNAP TS-251 From $300 (diskless, 1 GB RAM) - $1050 (8TB 4 GB RAM).

    For your budget, the QNAP might be a little pricey. If I were in your situation, it would depend on how familiar I was with NAS devices. If you know some stuff, the Synology is a great device. If you know nothing, the Western Digital is the most user friendly. All the included links are for Amazon. You may find them cheaper in a general search.
u/Kichigai · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

Here's what you need to do: ask why you need Lifetime and Oxygen? What is it that you watch that you absolutely need? Many shows, like Project Runway: Under The Gunn and Best Ink are available on Amazon Instant Video.

It might sound counter-intuitive to start spending money after cancelling cable, but let's say you spend $70/mo on just cable alone (not including Internet): you could buy two seasons of TV a month and still save money. That's 24 seasons of TV, and since a lot of shows are available on Hulu and back catalogs on Netflix (or free on Amazon via Prime) you'd really only need to buy new seasons of shows, so that's twenty four shows you could follow. You would be a day or two behind "live," but if you watch your shows On Demand, you're already used to being that far behind.

u/08830 · 2 pointsr/Cordcutting

I think that would work. I'm not familiar with that brand but it has good reviews. Mohu also makes good antennas but it's a bit more expensive.

u/fatmalakas · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

could you link me an example? I would really appreciate it. I was considering something like a 15-20$ antenna that I've seen in other threads

would something like this work:

u/Puritan_Robot · 2 pointsr/Cordcutting

You can buy a digital tuner for the older TVs.

Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW130STB HDTV Digital Converter Box with Recording and Media Player Function

What type of antenna? Roof mounted is far superior to the popular wall mounted antennas.

u/daveedo_bandito · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

This is the answer right here. I did this for my in-laws (they have a cabin in a remote area with no internet). It works perfectly for them. I also would recommend investing in a FLIRC Universal Remote Receiver if you can afford it. It will allow her to use her old remote to control Kodi. No need to use a keyboard or learn a new remote.

u/CuvisTheConqueror · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

Most universal remotes will not work with a Fire Stick, as they work via IR signals and Fire Sticks do not have IR receivers. You would need something that can connect to the Fire Stick via Bluetooth, such as the Harmony Hub (which can be pricey, especially if you plan to buy 3).

If you want to go cheaper, something like this should work with the Fire Stick, but I haven't used it so I can't speak to its quality or ease of use.

u/virica · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

You are probably going to end up wanting to get an adapter that goes from HDMI to RCA or whatever your TV takes and using a more modern device that can do hulu live until then.

Make sure that they are HDCP compliant or you will get some issues with the DRM when trying to watch content on hulu/netflix.

example of an HDCP compliant converter, mentions HDCP compliancy on the description and apple TV support(chromecast support is the same) other items will mention that they dont support streaming sticks/they are not compliant

Chromecast supports the all new hulu experience, live hulu, and is your cheapest option right now I think.

u/SgtMac02 · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

> If you use romex (3 conductor house wiring)

Yes! That's the stuff. So, theoretically, I could leave it completely intact and simply connect all 3 wires at the end where it has to connect to the balun?

Yes, I was referring to the WRDW station

I'm just using a standard 75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer and a bunch of wire (or coathanger for the basic one I tried first). Are you implying that there is something wrong with the one I have or that there are different types? What should I be using instead of this one?

And I'll note that I'm still confused by the fact that my box says it's receiving a signal on that channel, but not showing me anything, and not picking it up on the autoscan.

u/dabears22 · 5 pointsr/Cordcutting

Get an HD Antenna and you'll be able to get CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC. They're $15-$20 on Amazon.

u/adh247 · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

I would try going with a little bit bigger antenna if you are far from a metropolitan are. And for the price, you cant lose. Along these lines:

u/ClintSlunt · 1 pointr/Cordcutting

In my experience, consumer devices that "support" certain third-party services never do a good job, and the update cycle is dismal -- if it happens at all.

Sometimes the basics are the best. I bought an FM transmitter and I can distribute any line-level-out sound around the house to any FM radio.

I cannot control the music remotely, but if I wanted that, I'd just use my phone as a source and take it from room to room moving it from docking station to docking station.