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u/Gaffers_Tape · 4 pointsr/Delaware

Thanks for turning me on to this, I have never heard of Liquid Alchemy and I've never tried mead but I will check it out!

Allow me to give you a little feedback - you need to use a lavaliere mic, it will make your audio quality much, much better. Even a $40 lav is better than the on-camera mic. This is a no-name brand but they sound decent and would be a huge improvement over the on-board mic in your camera:

You'd also want an XLR female to 3.5mm adapter (assuming that's what the mic jack on your camera uses.) those are only a couple dollars on Amazon. Also maybe a longer XLR cable for a bit more flexibility.

u/dmcgurgan · 3 pointsr/Delaware

I recommend checking borrowing this from the library.

I am in Wilmington and have been through this three times in the last four years. If you want to grab coffee I will gladly meet up to chat and we can have a good conversation that will leave you inspired and/or feeling less crappy about yourself and your options.

Biggest piece of advice I can give you is give yourself one day to feel sorry for self. After that, pick self up, brush dust off shoulders and go at it again the next day.

Some days you will learn are just not that good. Throw the towel in early that days and get up the next day and go at it again. Hope that helps.

Hope they didn't let you go b/c you're smellyguy23 ;)

u/DoubleHappyDave · 2 pointsr/Delaware

Dover doesn't have local channels, it would have to reach to Philly or Baltimore. I get Philly channels without a hitch in Middletown. I have this mounted outside about 12 feet off the ground. I am sure if I put it on the roof I would get more, but since I already get 3, 6, 10, 12, 17, 29, and many more that I have no interest in I haven't bothered.


u/I_ForgotMyOldAccount · 4 pointsr/Delaware

History of Delaware

This is far more expensive than I paid. I’m sure it’s around for cheaper

u/Ging3rMing3 · 1 pointr/Delaware

Also in Bear.

I have a RCA indoor one setup next to my upstairs TV with a splitter linking it to the adjacent tv downstairs to the family room TV.

Upstairs TV gets 5 channels with CBS being the main one, the downstairs TV picks up about 15 channels with CBS and NBC being the main ones.

This is using the receivers built into the TV's so I'm thinking that might be the issue, could also be the ancient splitter, also the lack of line of site to anything.

The next task for me is to invest in a outdoor unit and then re-purpose the old Direct TV mounting gear to see what I get. Its on the wrong side of the house according to the antenna maps, but it should be better than nothing and might give me something I didnt get before.

u/tech_greek · 1 pointr/Delaware

Honeywell HPA200 or HPA300,


Save yourself money on the OEM filters and carbon, buy these and save money. I've noticed zero difference and my cabinets tend to stay cleaner from dust with these for some reason. The Honeywell carbon filters you have to end up cutting anyway which ruins them and sends dust everywhere.


You can not smell anything when you walk into our house and we have a pack of dogs essentially. This will all but solve your problem.

u/wingkingdom · 4 pointsr/Delaware

Put them in a sharps container, seal it up and throw it out with your regular trash. Or take it to hazardous household waste. DSWA on Lambson Lane collects HHW every Wednesday and the first Saturday of each month.

You can get a huge sharps container on Amazon for cheap.


u/ProperMod · 0 pointsr/Delaware

Buy this book read it, read the chapter in carb cycling and that weight will melt off in 2-3 weeks.

u/passionatereds · 7 pointsr/Delaware

Check out this or other books by this Author for more stories.

u/Cawifre · 3 pointsr/Delaware

You ask for a local provider, but you also mentioned having looked on eBay.

Is there any reason this 2 gallon container from Amazon wouldn't work for you?

u/FrizzleFriend · 8 pointsr/Delaware

The camera was on a star tracker mount that was aligned with the celestial North Pole and moves the camera at the exact speed that the sky moves past.

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2 NS, Set

And the earth is flat!

u/LeYang · 2 pointsr/Delaware

I'll shoot and say about 360? I'll throw in with 3 x HKS 3 Speed Loaders and a Shot Speed Block as well?

Though I will restate, do not use this as a self defense weapon, this is a range toy.

u/lotsoluck · 4 pointsr/Delaware

I just sent in one of the tests, it's a lot cheaper to do it yourself. The previous owner didn't smoke and died of lung cancer, I figured for <$20 it's worth the piece of mind.

u/RiflemanLax · 3 pointsr/Delaware

If you've got no boat, go to the bridge at Woodland while the tide is either going in or out- not slack tide. You can get about a 1/4 bushel in a couple hours with 15 or 20 pots. I would suggest going early though as it gets crowded sometimes. Once the tide is slack, you have to wait. Poor results...

If you have a boat, and MD isn't an option, the creeks around Woodland are good, closer to the river. Try and go to about 7 feet of water (if you can) in this nasty ass heat. The crabs will be lower because there's a good amount of dissolved oxygen the colder the water gets and also because they won't be in water that's too warm. The Appoquinimink is good too.

One thing you need to know if you're in a boat though is that your floats need to be as small as possible. Delaware River tributaries have a NASTY tidal flow compared to MD, and if you have milk bottles for floats, it will pull trap doors shut or drag nets. The cheapest thing to do is to go to Walmart or the dollar store and buy noodle floats. Then cut them down to like 6 inch sections to use as floats. It's ridiculously cheap compared to using store bought floats, they last a long time, and you have less drag.

Happy hunting, and do try and post your results.

u/calexil · 1 pointr/Delaware

:3 , just do the work yourself,

1- buy a docsis3.0 modem from amazon so you don't have to pay the stupid rental fee.

2-tell them you cannot pay anymore than 40-60 bucks a month

3-tell them you want the "blast promotion", and you want it renewed automatically...

4-Tell them if they wont comply you're getting att uverse/verizon and they can suck it...

u/7thAndGreenhill · 2 pointsr/Delaware

I could not agree more. I went to school with a hemophiliac who eventually died from AIDS related complications. His mother wrote a book that details how complicit our government is:

Cry Bloody Murder:: A Tale of Tainted Blood