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u/meatwaddancin · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

Don't mean to be rude but gotta check: Make sure you're plugging it into the correct Ethernet port on your Google Wifi, you can only use one of them for internet IN. Also, can you try a different ethernet cable?

Not a Cox customer but just throwing out idea, if they have any type of like landing page that pops up with terms to accept or anything similar, you'll need to plug in a computer to your puck's ethernet and accept those before setting up the modem.

You might look into buying a cheap USB to Ethernet dongle or dock, just to have around for situations like this or for when travelling.

That said, I'm pretty sure Cox is just a standard cable provider right? Like Xfinity?

If they don't have the said splash page you have to agree to before use, then maybe you aren't supposed to be using the puck's default DHCP setting? Or something similar?

Again, picking up one of these will help you narrow down the issue because you can try just seeing if your Surface can get internet directly from the modem (make sure to always unplug the modem from power before switching devices) and you can also see if there is a ToS you have to agree to or something.

  1. Does connecting your Surface directly to your modem work?
  2. Does connecting your Surface through the Wifi puck work before you set up the Wi-Fi?
u/onastyinc · 2 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

orbi is a beast on speed, but googles app is better. The app has some downsides, like when the cloud barfed a reset a bunch of our units.

I have my onhub/GW in wired gigabit backhaul mode and it outperms pretty much everything. if i didn't have gigabit backhaul I would have kept orbi.

Another option since you're already using MoCA. Check out these actiontec bonded MoCA adapters you can use that to backhaul GW and potentially get the best of both worlds.

u/bartturner · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

I now use cheap gigabit switches. I tend to use whatever I can find on sale.

So for the remote ones I get 5 port ones that are made out of metal and get for $20 - $25 each on sale.

Down the basement and in the computer room I use 24 port switches that were more expensive but not home and do NOT remember the brand.

But I look at switches as a commodity and brand means little. Kind of the polar opposite for mesh.

The five porters look like

But I do NOT believe they are actually Netgear. But this does look exactly like them.

I usually buy a couple when I find them on sale and keep extras in the closet so we have when needed. BF is the best time to stock up for the year.

u/cmilkosk · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

Yeah, I was thinking about doing the same. There’s a cheap Netgear managed switch that looks like it would do the trick, but for the same reason as you mentioned, I won’t be able to trace what device it’s coming from.

Do you do anything else to help trace activity and log the urls or domains visited by device? I don’t know if a WiFi sniffing solution is overkill/overcomplicated.

u/ewleonardspock · 22 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

Wow, literally every comment in here so far is wrong...

Yes, OP, you can use the coax in your house for networking. What you’re looking for are MoCA adapters. I use them for backhaul between my pucks and they’re just as fast as Ethernet.

The only situation where they won’t work is if you have Satellite TV. DVB-T and MoCA don’t get along. If you have cable TV, though, you’ll be fine.

u/bcantana · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

In my case, I have the main AT&T Modem plugged into my OnHub (or GWifi puck in your case) to one of these:

This switch feeds all the machines in my office.

I also have another one connected to the farthest OnHub (in your case GWifi puck) in my bonus room to connect my Smart 4K TV, my XBox 360 S, PS3, etc.

Unfortunately I don't have the pre-wired "hardware points" to leverage the ethernet backhaul, but it still will let me get 250/300mbps speeds just via the mesh network to anything connected to the switch in the bonus room.

u/sandman200 · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

Yes, assuming your are sure it’s not the cable.

Anker USB 3.0 Portable Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps

u/binarychunk · 3 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

/u/ewleonardspock is correct the Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet is perfect.

Also found this tool to be helpful sorting out wacky coax lines in a rented home:
Klein Tools VDV501-825 Cable Tester

u/UsernamesAreHard26 · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

Yeah. Just make sure it's an unmanaged switch. I use this and I haven't had any issues.

TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch | Ethernet Splitter | Plug-and-Play | Traffic Optimization | Unmanaged (TL-SG1008D)

u/nberardi · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

If your Apple devices are working well. And the extenders failed. You could just replace them with different extenders.

If ones connected to Ethernet failed you could just buy another router and set it up with the same WiFi password. Which is all that Apple did. Note you can do with with the Google WiFi pucks by putting them in bridge mode.

Also the Airports are pretty plentiful on eBay. It might be easier to just pick them up. And put off the migration.

Between the external houses and the main house. If they are all connected to the same electrical grid you can look into Ethernet over power line adapters to hardwire in the devices to get better performance than multi-hop WiFi extenders.

u/Subpoena_Coladas · 2 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

I've been using this one (as well as a smaller 4 port version) and has handled my gigabit service well.

u/lemskroob · 3 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

If you want to hardwire multiple devices to the puck, you just need a simple gigabit switch. Cheap, under $20. like this one.

Its basically like a USB Hub, if you remember those.

u/steppingstone01 · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

This is it.

Check this out at
TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch | Ethernet Splitter | Plug-and-Play | Traffic Optimization | Unmanaged (TL-SG1008D)

u/milan616 · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

I'm using this guy right here, inexpensive and well reviewed with a little room for expansion for you.

u/jam905 · 9 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

That's been the price on Amazon for some time. The price at BestBuy is just $1 more.

Costco has a much better deal ($299) for a 4-pack on a price per unit/puck basis, but it is members-only.

u/tonywork88 · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

I got mine on Amazon. I assume most retailers have switched to only carry the Nest Wifi. eBay probably has them too.

Google WiFi system, 1-Pack - Router replacement for whole home coverage - NLS-1304-25

u/clocks212 · 4 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

Please just buy one of these for $18 and avoid the hassle

My system is

Modem -> Google Wifi -> switch - > (multiple computers/tv/game systems) -> switch -> (more computers) -> Google Wifi puck #2

And this works great

u/simplyclueless · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

One common option is something like this:

Power, ethernet, video, and any other low voltage wires are passed behind the TV into the wall, and then can come out at floor level behind furniture or similar.

u/xrv1ck · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

If you’re only considering to use two mesh points total, Amazon is selling two Nest Wifi routers for $300 USD. That should be able to cover as much ground as the 1st gen with 3 points but also get you that 4x4 MIMU across your whole home with Ethernet backhaul.

Just another option.

Google Nest WiFi - 4x4 AC2200 Wi-Fi Mesh System with 4400 Sq ft Coverage (Router 2-Pack)

u/Shillz09 · 2 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

Order a cheap outlet w/ timer. Maybe $10 - $20. Plug your router into that.
Currently $8

u/poc9k · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

The 8 port is on sale for $16 when you click the little coupon thing. Might just grab one for the heck of it.

u/speedyg0nz · 2 pointsr/GoogleWiFi

Hmm, all I used was this.

Command Picture Hanging Strips, Medium, Black, 4-Pairs (17201BLK-ES)

u/iChopPryde · 1 pointr/GoogleWiFi

Would this one work?

Edit: that was the wrong link here’s the right one: