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u/Thallassa · 2 pointsr/SampleSize

Ooh, backpacks. Your questions were terrible, but I left a lot of feedback in the open section. As a small woman with a large laptop finding the perfect backpack is impossible, so I'm always happy to see new options. My current one is holding out very well so I won't be in the market for a long time... unless someone comes out with the absolute perfect one and I happen to see it.

ETA: The submission is timing out. Too much text maybe.

This is what I typed:

  • Sized for women
  • Large (fits 17" laptop)
  • lots of space for books, clothes, etc. either in a separate compartment or with the laptop
  • separate ipad/phone pouch
    -no stupid pen/pencil pouches. My pens never fit in those individual-pen-sized ones. I'd rather have them loose in a small pouch.
  • Secure waterbottle pouch that fits fullsize (think nalgene) bottle, ideally one on each side or centered for weight balance
  • at least one separate smaller pouch (for collecting ID/credit cards, plane tickets, etc, and one for food).
  • when all that's said and done, a relatively sleek look, solid black or other "adult" colors, not looking like something a middle schooler would wear. (Also I'm not that into the hipster leather stuff).

    My current backpack is the e-bag slim professional and while it hits almost all the tick boxes the interior storage is a bit small - there's more padding for the laptop than is really needed, and so you can barely fit books/clothes in there at all. The water bottle pouch is also too small for a nalgene, although it fits a regular store-bought bottle. Also, the straps are a bit far apart for a woman's shoulders, but if you need it to fit a 17" laptop what can you do?

    Price is a consideration but I would be willing to pay around $200-250 for a backpack that hit all the tickmarks once my current one needs replacing.
u/Silver_kitty · 11 pointsr/SampleSize

You should get one, they are awesome. I replaced my old shower head with a removable handheld one when I had surgery on my pelvic bone and needed to use a shower chair since my doctor told me I wasn't allowed to stand in the bathtub for about two months (if I fell in the bathtub during that time I'd have literally broken my butt). The initial plan was to put it back after, but I discovered that handheld showers are amazing.

Take the handheld shower down to clean the walls in the shower (rinsing your grout cleaner or whatever off the tiled walls). Hold the handheld shower so the cold water doesn't hit you when you first turn on the shower head instead of having to get in to the shower once it's already on. Use the handheld shower to better direct water flow to thoroughly rinse your groin area.

They're $20-$40 and totally a game changer and you don't realize how much better things could be until you have one. (Edit: I have this one by Delta for $25)

u/DoubleFelix · 3 pointsr/SampleSize

Why are the T/A charts stacked on top of each other? This makes it look like 20% of people prefer average tits, but 10% prefer large asses instead. Also, one of them is upside down which makes it even more confusing.

I also don't know what's going on with the blue-orange bars even though I think you tried to explain it.

Generally I find your graph very confusing. You may wish to read Creating More Effective Graphs, a textbook I rather like that we used in school.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/SampleSize

Also, if anyone has trouble understanding the thought process behind Feminism or explaining it to others there's a super short and sweet book called We Should All Be Feminists based off of a TEDtalk of the same author (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie).

It's the size of your hand, large font, and about 52 pages long.

Here's the TED Talk

u/joot78 · 1 pointr/SampleSize

I did take it! :)

P.S. My favorite NK defector(s) book is Nothing to Envy - if you read just one, go with that!

u/deprivedchild · 1 pointr/SampleSize

So true on the toy story syndrome. I'm actually getting another plush sometime soon, this dude once I save up enough for him after school expenses and whatnot. Thing is my arms are already full every night, so I'll be rotating them out of my arms every night. Someones' going on night watch every night.

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/SampleSize

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

here's something that looks kinda remotely in the same ballpark on Amazon


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/shadowdude777 · 1 pointr/SampleSize

The Trackman is okay but it doesn't have any kind of scrolling mechanism. I really like my Kensington Orbit. 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. It's very convenient.

u/CarlosFromPhilly · 0 pointsr/SampleSize

>Check more casual sites. Eg, here's something that looks kinda remotely in the same ballpark on Amazon - "Havaianas Women's Top Tiras Sandal Flip Flop".

Lol you linked to a foam flip flop with plastic straps. I'm talking about leather sandals with heels. "Kinda in the same ballpark" 😂 right, dude.

They intersect. The fact that I posted a leather sandal and you responded with "definitely a flip flop" means you don't know what you're talking about, or that I'm correct in stating that there is intersect.

Regardless it's moot because the poll is now about arguing over semantics.

u/warpefelt · 1 pointr/SampleSize

The types are from Richard Bartle's work in Designing Virtual Worlds. I agree that some of the functions are either overlapping or hard to differentiate. There may be a need for a new typology.

u/Clintronic · 1 pointr/SampleSize

There are a few different products that just try and keep your beverage warm like this mug. Our proposal will bring the beverage to a boil, which USB powered devices lack the power to achieve.

u/Mikesapien · 2 pointsr/SampleSize

A person is not born "either male or female."

First, there's biological sex. According to Fausto-Sterling (2000), roughly 1.7% of all live births are intersex. Other estimates put the figure somewhere between 1-2%. Intersex conditions are conditions in which a human body cannot be classified as distinctly male or distinctly female. There are numerous variables that factor into this, and it isn't well understood yet. Some intersex conditions include hormonal insensitivities, or chromosomal mutations, such as XXY, XYX, XYY, or XXX instead of the standard XX (female) or XY (male).

Second, there's gender, which your second question specifically asks about. One may identify as any variety of genderqueer, such as two-spirits, genderfluid, bigender, trigender, pangender, agender, "third" gender / "other" gender, gender-neutral, gender-ambiguous, transgender, etc. Likewise, one may be born into one sex (or intersex), but identify as another gender, as is often the case when surgeons "assign" intersex children.

The assumption that a person is "either male or female" is called gender binarism, and it's exclusive, antiquated, and presumptuous.

u/OneWhoGeneralises · 2 pointsr/SampleSize

I'd hazard a guess that /u/dragontology probably has a Trackman Wheel (which is a bit of a precursor to the current M570) and just refers to it as a "Trackman". Either that, or /u/dragontology was sold an M570 and told that it's called a Trackman, because the M570 really fits the description that they have given.

u/quietly_bi_guy · 1 pointr/SampleSize

Do these or these remind you of your dad? I mean, I agree that tighty whiteys are usually a bad decision, but if you're not very fat briefs can be sexy as hell.

u/ACoderGirl · 3 pointsr/SampleSize

The reason those places call them "sandals" is because flip flops are sandals! But "flip-flop" is such an informal sounding thing and you picked fancy sites.

Check more casual sites. Eg, here's something that looks kinda remotely in the same ballpark on Amazon - "Havaianas Women's Top Tiras Sandal Flip Flop".

They're called flip flops because the lack of support around the heel makes the sole flop around (and sound awful, haha). They only intersect in the sense that the set of all flip flops is a subset of the set of all sandals (which is a totally valid intersection, but also implies that all flip flops are sandals). As an aside, perhaps the strawpoll should have made the mathematical relationship something like F ⊂ S and S ⊄ F.

u/eosha · 4 pointsr/SampleSize

This sort of crap? Absolutely cringeworthy.

A well-made piece by a reputable bladesmith? Depends on the crowd, but fine by me. Of course, it costs more than 100x as much as a made-in-Pakistan sword-shaped object.

I'm a big medieval dork, but I won't display any sword or other weapon in my house unless I know the craftsman personally.