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u/glarglarglarg · 34 pointsr/evilbuildings

I recently read a book from the architecture library where I work on Torre David that provided great analysis on how the vertical community came to be, etc. I highly recommend it.

Torre David: Informal Vertical Communities

It’s kind of expensive, but if one can track it down through their library, I highly recommend it.

u/vladtaltos · 3 pointsr/evilbuildings

Yeah, I think that's probably what he was talking about though it's been a good 40+ years since he told me about it. This is the guy that had told me about it, he had an engineering background as well.

u/bellum_pax · 248 pointsr/evilbuildings

It was set to reopen in a limited capacity, with the expectation that it would be further renovated later. LSU, the school responsible for the facilities, convinced FEMA that the building ought to be a total write off and was effectively useless... despite being nearly ready for a limited reopening. For whatever reason FEMA complied, granting LSU a significant larger payout that they otherwise would have received, essentially funding building the current LSU downtown medical buildings. And Big Charity sits in the center of the downtown area now, vacant and unused

Edit: Here’s a documentary around the issue. It’s somewhat biased against LSU, but is generally reputable and make a decent enough case

u/vvelaxtrumm · 1 pointr/evilbuildings

David Monteyne's Fallout Shelter: Designing for Civil Defense in the Cold War

Jeebus Cripes.

This book is amazing. Thanks for the info!

u/labitch00006 · 1 pointr/evilbuildings

For an eye opening expose regarding how air carriers play dice with your life on a daily basis, this book (forward by Captain Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger see:

Lots of tips on how to pick your carrier and make the safest flying choices possible.

u/harderknox · 2 pointsr/evilbuildings

I like to think this building makes a cameo in Influx by Daniel Suarez.

u/ZaneHannanAU · 21 pointsr/evilbuildings


The tldr is: old book on totalitarianism.

u/YugoReventlov · 7 pointsr/evilbuildings

I just read Operation Paperclip and this building fits right into the story.

u/yonreadsthis · 1 pointr/evilbuildings

I just purchased his book Tale from the Loop--marvelous stuff. And, there's a sequel Things from the Flood--I will be sending for that, too!

u/Blubrdblizzrd · 8 pointsr/evilbuildings

And/Or the Sarmatians. I learned about them years ago from a book called Island of Ghosts and drew the comparison right when I saw the Dothraki in GoT

Edit: boy, looks like I really touched some butts with this benign proposition. Sorry to all the Khan descended redditors who are offended that perhaps I thought some cool fictional civilization isn't 100% based on a single real historical civilization. You guys really showed me the error of my ignorant ways. I guess I'll have to think twice next time I make an obvious comparison to a fictional thing. Silly me.

u/3-10 · -1 pointsr/evilbuildings

Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America

Zinn was a liar who was willing to lie to help deflect the evils of Communism.

u/ExquisitExamplE · 0 pointsr/evilbuildings

> face up to your ignorant biases and change them

You know, I'd advise you the same.

>This is a masterful, almost line-by-line demolition/refutation of a mass-market-popular book on Stalin and the Soviet Union. The refutations are joined with replacing the lies, distortions and errors (with the "errors" inescapably of sheer, wanton negligence, since they are so repeated) with what actually happened as documented reliably in the scholarship of others.

>The author, Grover Furr, beginning most prominently with an earlier book Kruschev Lied, refuting the litany of lies told by Nikita Kruschev in his "secret speech", decided enough was enough and has embarked on a second career beside being an accomplished medieval historian of systematically repudiating the vast cannon of accepted Anglo/US historical narrative of the USSR.

>What is interesting is how thoroughly dishonest the book that is being refuted is. Major assertions of the author of the book being examined are either shown to be without documentation of any kind, "documented" by distorting or mischaracterizing the source cited, or in innumerable instances when the author of the book Furr is refuting actually does cite a source in support of an assertion he makes, the cited authors themselves have provided no evidence or no sources or the source they cited has not provided any evidence.

>In addition, often there is nothing on the subject on the page or pages cited, whereas in the cited source where the topic is addressed at all, it is contradictory to the assertion made by the refuted author! Mind-boggling.

>The western narratives on agricultural collectivization by the Soviet Union, the "Holomodor", the pact with Nazi Germany, "The Great Terror", the Katyn Forest massacre to name a few are all thoroughly debunked. Determine what historians have criticized Blood Lies and know they are condoning historical malpractice and malfeasance on an a massive scale practiced in a thoroughgoing way.

Even more amusing was, looking at Carr's wiki, we find this illuminating tidbit-

>Furr has also received some negative attention from a number of American conservative media outlets. David Horowitz listed him as one of the "101 most dangerous academics in America", and criticizes him for believing that "it was morally wrong for the United States to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union".

It's all pretty much right there. So who're you pulling for in the 2020 presidential race? I'm sure you can guess my preferred candidate.

u/YodasHutOnDagobah · 3 pointsr/evilbuildings

How you defined it

> Nazism= fascism, ethnostate, genocide of anybody who is deemed “untermensch” including Jews, mentally ill, socialists, communists, gypsies, homosexuals. Authoritarianism.

>Communism = all production shared between an equal social class with no private ownership.

Boy oh boy. You’re a lost cause. I’ll send you some thing to read so you can get some enlightenment on what you think was simply an approach to “all production shared between an equal social class with no private ownership.”

Read that and tell me if there weren’t massive amounts of innocents destroyed in the quest for equality. Jews, Latvians, Koreans, Japanese, repatriated poles, gypsies, the list goes on. The groups destroyed in the quest of equality are endless. You are horribly misinformed.

Edit: let me ask you this, were the millions killed and incarcerated any less innocent than the Jews killed under Hitler?