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u/bigbadmax 路 1 pointr/mechanics

Oh nice yeah I live in New Hampshire and I don鈥檛 think it gets this hot ever 馃槂

What about something like

AutofitPro Custom Fit Dashboard Black Center Console Cover Dash Mat Protector Sunshield Cover for 2019 2020 Toyota RAV4

What kind of car is it? I see a lot for like $25...

u/SpaceIguana 路 3 pointsr/mechanics

You should be fine with a Harbor Freight tool box. To be honest you can also buy tools and other things from there as well with out much worry. Just don't buy anything from them that will get heavy use under stress. Small tools like screw drivers, allen/hex keys, and grip tools like pliers aren't too bad from them. Just remember that they do deal in cheap tools so don't be surprised when some of them break. The below tools are suggestions and the links are examples for reference only.

u/mossyboy6 路 2 pointsr/mechanics

Ahh, heating issues, sometimes very easy, sometimes the most difficult thing to do on a car.
There are many things that can cause your heater to not work.

Firstly, most heater issues are caused by low coolant or trapped air in the system so fill it to the rim and burp it. If its low, its going somewhere, so find it.

Next, its often the heater valve, the mixers, wiring or vac lines. (I doubt your car has vacuum controlled conditioning system though)

But, if you have narrowed it down to the core its self, first thing to do is to try to blow it out by bringing your engine to redline a few times on the highway. (First thing to do for most issues on a car, "A redline a day keeps the mechanic away") If that doesn't change anything, then its time for a flush. Set the car heat to high, unhook the core inlet and outlet hoses on the engine, then flush and backflush it a few times with a garden hose. If you have low flow, you can pour CLR in the hoses and let it sit for a few hours then flush it again.

If it hasn't had one recently, now is definitely a good time for a full coolant flush too.

Helpful tools I would recommend for the job:

Airlift ~$80 (Very helpful for burping a system)

Coolant System Pressure Tester ~$150 (Helpful for finding leaks and testing the cap)

Refractometer ~$50 (A very helpful tool, especially if you live in a cold climate. It measures the freezing point of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and measures battery acid state)

As far as recycling the coolant, in some counties you can pour it down the drain when properly diluted, but most of the time you have to bring it in to a recycling center.

Good luck! If you have any further questions, ill be around.

u/tomogchi 路 2 pointsr/mechanics

This is your friend on vehicles with rust. There's a few variants of this, but this is on the the better more available ones, that isn't stupid expensive

u/nabeel_co 路 0 pointsr/mechanics

Are you SURE it's not a blown headgasket? Sometimes it's really hard to tell and the only symptom is airbubbles in the cooling system.

It might be worth waiting for the car to cool down, getting a combustion leak test kit, and sampling the gasses in the rad when the car is running but cold.

Something like this:

u/kMaiSmith 路 2 pointsr/mechanics

If you're looking for detailed removal and installation instructions, i'd grab the Haynes Manual, it should have somewhat detailed instructions. If you're feeling adventurous you could probably do it without any reference material, just remove the plastic engine cover and follow the tube to all of the places it terminates and try to pull it out (shouldn't have to tug too hard). After you have it out, do the opposite with the new tube. Make sure to take pictures before removing the hose so you know what it should look like when it's done.

Out of curiosity, what's wrong with the tube that's causing you to replace it?

u/Zatoichi392 路 3 pointsr/mechanics

Sunex makes a nice little bit set that comes with a driver and extension in a slick little case. usually find them on the truck or...


Edit: Autocorrect!

u/smashface3080 路 2 pointsr/mechanics

I got a 02 ss. I removed the dog bone mounts in front of the engine. Put it in neutral used this tool Much easier.

u/jive-ass-turkey 路 2 pointsr/mechanics

[That stuff just so happens to be on sale (-$3) at Amazon right now for $11.99 shipped w Prime. FYI.]( via @amazon)

u/Ordinate1 路 1 pointr/mechanics

Auto Repair For Dummies.

Or, search Amazon for "car repair book," and you'll get a couple of hundred results.

u/Zugzub 路 1 pointr/mechanics

I doubt 190 ft pounds of torque will take out 10 year old suspension bolts. Your better of spending the extra 100 in the DeWalt

Plus buy spending a few more bucks on an accessory

>Eligible Qualifying Purchase for DEWALT's Power Tool Accessory Promotion. When you purchase this DEWALT power tool, you can receive an extra 20% off select DEWALT power tool accessories when both products are shipped and sold by Discount applied at checkout. Learn more

That saves you 30 bucks

u/smittyjones 路 1 pointr/mechanics

I have these Irwin left handed bit/extractor set. I generally end up using them for all kinds of holes, even when it's not a bolt or I'm not trying to extract it, they just seem to cut really well, especially at the price point. I think lowes or home depot carries them too.

u/BillNyeDeGrasseTyson 路 2 pointsr/mechanics

Almost certainly an aftermarket car alarm shock sensor.

Similar to this:

The trim pots are there to adjust sensitivity.

u/mtlee442 路 1 pointr/mechanics

Ive been running this balljoint press for 5 years now, no problems. Used it on 3500 Rams, F250s, etc... I do lubricate the threads when I use it though.

This front end set is worth it's weight in gold, had it 8 years, broke the two jaw puller trying to unload a torsion bar - so don't do that.

Any puller from OTC is going to be quality. In fact, anything from OTC will not dissapoint. That's why you see so much of it rebranded to blue point or matco