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We found 28 Reddit comments about The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Method. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Method
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28 Reddit comments about The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Method:

u/MusicandCoffee · 37 pointsr/pics

Hey cannibalking, here's the best thing I can offer; the method that got me to quit, Allen Carr's book 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

I smoked and loved it for 15 years. Then quit for one miserable month in the summer of 2009, then started up again. This spring I decided to quit again, but wanted some help. I did some research, including here on reddit, and found that people seemed to be responding well to this book.

I figured for $10, what's the worst that could happen? Well, it totally worked. I don't want to push it too hard or sound like a know what? If you're seriously wanting to quit, PM where you would like it shipped to and I'll just buy it for you so you'll have it like next week sometime.

u/Drakoneeum · 34 pointsr/funny
u/poptartsinyourface · 23 pointsr/AskReddit

It works for some people, not for others, but Allan Carr's Easy Way book helped me quit. Also check out /r/stopsmoking.

u/SoBoredAtWork · 14 pointsr/trees

Yesterday I celebrated 3 weeks cigarette-free after smoking for over 10 years, almost a pack/day.

OP - these 2 things helped A LOT:

Allen Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking"


Check them out.

Good luck man - you can do it!

u/phidus · 8 pointsr/AskReddit

I did Alan Carr's Easyway. I didn't think reading a book would make it any easier to quit. I had already decided to quit by that point and had even tried a couple of times. That book was what made me able to. It just has you change the way you think about smoking.

u/AdolphEinstien · 7 pointsr/keto

This book helped me and a couple friends quit. It was a year ago last September.

I read his other book on drinking, it's been 11 years :).

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/WTF

Are you suggesting that Alan Carr' book is somehow a bad thing or a hoax? Because I have to tell you - it stopped me cold after smoking for 28 years, 2.5 packs a day. It's also the only "stop smoking" product I have ever seen consistently work for all sorts of people / types of smokers. Plus it's like $8...yeah, sounds like a real dodgy scam to me.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I know, I know..."NICE TRY, MR. CARR!". <puff-puff-puff>

u/liebereddit · 6 pointsr/answers

I was smoking for a good number of years. Tried to quit a good number of times. A friend recommended this book. Totally worked. Actually was pretty easy.

quit smoking the easy way, by Alan Carr

u/oskie333 · 5 pointsr/stopsmoking

Hey, I assume you've been through this sub-reddit, but if you need a boost that actually really works, read Allen Carr's book - The EasyWay to Quit smoking.

Three days in for me - the ideas work. P.S. You're winning, it's not a sacrifice to not smoke. Smoking is the sacrifice, and you sacrifice a million little things to smoke. Every time your body wants to replace the nicotine, just say to yourself, "Being a non-smoker is fucking awesome, and I win." The urge will pass, and it gets easier and easier as the poison gets out of your body, and there is only one real reason to go back to it... which is constantly thinking you will fail - that's the real withdrawal symptom. Take that away, and going without nicotine the first few days is no worse then going without your third cup of coffee for the day - you literally forget about it after a few minutes... unless you keep thinking, "oh' poor me, I am making a sacrifice and I know I'm going to smoke in 3 months at so and so's wedding, so fuck it." Keep thinking like that and you are just torturing yourself. You don't really want it or need it, and it's not even a habit. The only thing you want is to turn off the mild aggravation of withdrawal from the last cigarette you had. Which is a fucking cakewalk - unless you bring your mind in to it and talk yourself back in to one of the biggest lies and confidence scams in history. Rock on.

u/MetacomCreative · 5 pointsr/self

I have just started reading Allen Carr's The Easy Way To Stop Smoking after hearing all of the amazing reviews. So far it seems like a good read, and supposedly it helps you to quit with minimal to no withdrawal symptoms.

One of the points that I really like about it so far, is it tells you to not think about the process as "quitting smoking" because that makes it sound like you are sacrificing something. Instead, you are actually escaping the trap of smoking.

u/dr_fishopolis · 4 pointsr/stopsmoking
u/Samyr · 4 pointsr/AskReddit
u/well_inever · 3 pointsr/Christianity

I'll add to your prayers for you and your family. It sounds like you've really had a rough time.
I quit smoking last January, approaching a year without them soon! It wasn't the end-all help factor, but this book helped.

u/blanketjackson · 3 pointsr/self

Allen Carr has an amazing book that helped me quit my 5 year smoking addiction. I highly recommend it. This book will free you of cigarettes for life.

u/MrKequc · 2 pointsr/trees

The nicotine in that gum, or in inhalers, or in delicious delicious cigarettes is that part you have to get away from. If you are going to chew the gum, or use the inhaler, you might as well just stick to the delicious delicious cigarettes.

You could have saved a lot of money on that gum, by just buying The Easy way to Stop Smoking. Then, you might actually quit instead of continuing to torture yourself with these terrible substitutes for the actual product of delicious delicious cigarettes.

Nicotine is an addictive substance and it's poisonous so just like, either stop putting it into yourself or don't.

u/Slick37c · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Yeah I did. You gotta really experiment with it. Find a flavor you like and realize it's not going to taste as good as a real cigarette. Rather, won't taste like a cigarette. I came to really like the flavors I found better than smoking tobacco. When I did it I switched cold turkey but some people find it easier to switch steadily weaning themselves off it. Proud to say after around 2 months of weening myself down the nicotine levels I finally said fuck it to the e-cig too. Been around 6 months now nary a fuckup.

If you have any questions this is the place to ask:

For those of you reading this comment who want to look into this I'd by far recommend this package to you.

This was my favorite juice by far. The website's a little shitty but their product is outstanding.

Also, I haven't read this book but others absolutely swear by it. Another link for good measure ;)

Good luck and stick to it!!

u/menders · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Buy him this book. Also check out /r/stopsmoking for advice.

u/hotfudgemonday · 2 pointsr/Health

Check out a book called "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking"

Helped me tremendously when I quit 10 and a half years ago.

u/cliveholloway · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I used to smoke and drink, and was addicted to both. I found Easyway a dream when it came to quitting smoking, and useful when quitting drinking.

If you still get the odd twinge, I recommend you read the stop smoking book. His approach is really interesting. Explain the addiction, break it down and then remove it, turning you into a non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker.

u/nscherger · 1 pointr/pics

I'm not sure if this is even going to get read but multiple friends and people I know including myself have quit using THIS

u/countinuityerror12 · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Congrats on quitting! My boyfriend is trying to quit. Someone else on another reddit thread a while back recommended this book.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I read it before giving it to him and thought it was a great book. He's reading it now and finding it very motivating and is pretty much ready to quit. It's all about positive thinking.

Good luck! And congrats on the baby! You will be an amazing mother!

u/c_starfish3 · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

The $4.83 it is on Amazon right now is well worth it. It gets you in the mindset if you are considering to quit smoking


u/haddock420 · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

My advice would be to read Allen Carr's Easy Way. It's a very useful tool for stopping smoking and a lot of the people on this subreddit quit using that book.

It's not a very big book, and if you read it and still want to keep smoking, all you've lost is the time it took you to read the book.

u/GenghisJuan · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Tried the gum and failed, then a friend recommended The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I read that and put down the smokes and never looked back. I smoked for over 15 years.

u/Franks2000inchTV · 1 pointr/stopsmoking

Not to harp on it, but give the book a try. I recommend it only because it worked for me. In fact, it worked so well, I also bought his stop drinking book, which helped me quit drinking and inspired me to start /r/stopdrinking!

It's only ten bucks and maybe a hundred pages of large type, so even if it doesn't work for you, then it's hardly a big loss. The best part is he tells you not to quit until the end of the book, so if you're not quite ready to quit then you don't have to.

Here's an amazon link, or you can download the torrent here.

u/Hayleysaurus · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Alan Carr. I smoked heavily for 5 years and now haven't for 4. I never will again, and I never miss it.

u/mariamus · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Get this book!

Seriously, I read this, and I was an ex-smoker the moment I finished the book. I had very very mild nicotine cravings for the first week, but I barely noticed them. It isn't hard to quit smoking! You just think it is because you've always been told how hard it is and how horrible nicotine-withdrawal is. Truth is that it isn't hard. Read this book!!!
Nicotine patches, gum and cutting down are all stupid because you're still feeding your body nicotine, and a body doesn't get used to less nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive substance, it only makes you crave it more when you're not getting as much as you used to.
This is all stuff that's being explained in the book.

u/deadasdisco · -1 pointsr/AskReddit

go to a bookstore and buy this book. read it front to back in one sitting, paying very close attention to it. you will be cured.
the easy way to stop smoking