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u/ghostmcspiritwolf · 19 pointsr/Bushcraft

an 8X10 equinox tarp, $45 shipped:

Wetterlings Forest axe, $110

wide mouth stainless steel water bottle, $16

Mora bushcraft, $50 (includes firesteel)

100 feet of parachute cord, $9

MSR stainless steel pot: $20 (I have one of these, they're fantastic)

leather work gloves, $13

That all adds up to $263.

brand isn't that important, but you can also find the following on Amazon for probably around or under $60-$70 total.

  1. a wool hat and gloves

  2. stormproof matches (look for the NATO approved ones)

  3. water treatment tablets

  4. a space blanket

  5. a basic first aid kit

  6. a sewing kit

  7. a bandana or other cotton scarf (keffiyeh, etc.)

  8. A stainless steel or titanium backpackers spoon or spork (spoon on one end, fork on the other)

    The remaining money, probably about $150, I would put on a gift card to EMS, REI, Cabela's, or some other outdoor goods store where he can get some basic outdoor clothing or fill any remaining gaps with his gear, such as a pack. I generally don't recommend bags over the internet because it's so important that you try one on in person before buying it.
u/zxj4k3xz · 15 pointsr/airsoft

Here are a couple things I'd suggest:

Mechanix M-pact gloves. I use them and they're great. Very comfy and provide very nice padding for your hands. I was shot in the hand maybe 5 times yesterday and they left no marks. Maybe get a different color, though. They come in tan, black, woodland, black and tan, black and red, yellow. Just a bunch of different ones. I'd suggest solid black or tan as they'll go with just about anything.

One Tigris mask. Very comfy, cheap, provides all the important protection (teeth, lips, nose) while still covering your cheeks. Again, try to choose a color he might like. Solid tan, green, or black would go with most load outs.

If he doesn't have eye protection I'd suggest Pyramex I-force or Pyramex V2G-XP. I use and love both. They've taken multiple shots with no dents, scratches, or cracks, and they don't fog.

I wouldn't suggest a pistol holster if he doens't have a pistol. It's just pointless then. Besides, you really should get a holster designed for your pistol. Universal holsters are usable at best.

I wouldn't suggest a vest either. That's something the person has to decide for themselves. They might want a low profile chest rig, or a large vest to provide protection, or maybe they just want a belt to hold things.

You could also get him a Visa pre-paid gift card. I know, it doesn't feel "personal", but I can tell you they're the best gifts I ever get.

Edit: Some of the cheap things on my Krytac:

I weaved Paracord through the rails. Makes it look Oper8r as hell, and it's comfy to hold. Really cheap as well. 50ft is $6 from the store I linked. Planet Paracord also has a lot of other colors.

I also use the Strike Industries keymod handstop kit. It makes a comfortable place to hold your gun, and it's completely customizable. While Black is sold out on AirsoftGI, they still have Coyote Brown, Flat Dark Earth, Grey, and Tan

u/CL_3F · 11 pointsr/preppers

The first thing you should do is get yourself a kitchen scale and start weighing individual items.

>Blades (Leatherman Wave multi-tool, 8" full tang fixed blade knife (KA Bar?), folding knife, portable sharpener, combo hatchet+hammer+crowbar, scissors? folding shovel?

Pick ONE, plus a sharpener*.*

>stainless steel water bottle


>Protection (two high-capacity 9mm handguns… make and model? How much ammunition for 2 weeks?)

Pick *ONE.* (Unless this is you.)

What do you mean ammo for two weeks? If you're moving from firefight to firefight over your 250 miles, you better have a pallet and a forklift. If you're just looking to pack some heat for light defense, maybe 4-8 magazines total. You don't want to engage people, you want to pop a few rounds off in their direction to keep their heads down while you try and leave the area. A firefight is an absolute last resort.

>Titan survivor cord

Gimmick garbage. Get uhmwp (spectra) cord and just get a small spool of fishing line, or a small ice fishing pole. They are more than enough to get a bobber and worm out from shore and drag in some pan fish no matter what time of year it is.


Use a monocular.

>blood clotting granules

Sponges, not granules. Granules applied to a wound need to be debrided and can result in amputation of limbs because they desiccate the wound.

Depending on the time of year, your gear weight is going to vary significantly, particularly if you have to deal with weather that can get subzero. Considering throwing the shit into a sled when the snow flies. It's easier to drag your gear than carry it. Here are instructions for making a pulk sled.

u/Letcherouss · 10 pointsr/onebag

My vote is for 550 cord

u/passg1 · 10 pointsr/Goruck

Hey guys!
This is my 34L GR2, EDC and Travel bag, and I LOVE everything about it.

I used 1 set of these as compression straps. They are very sturdy and work perfect with the GR2's additional MOLLE row evenly distributing the pulling force. My bag was pretty full and with these straps I managed to compress it nicely with an aesthetically pleasing look.

I made the cord net with this 1/8" shock cord, this zipper pull and this cord stopper. I ended using this shock cord net a lot to hold my hoodie or my jacket. Highly recommended, and these cord stoppers and zipper pulls are the sturdier ones I could find, they grip on the cord really hard.

And finally my favorite patch so far! :).

u/some_douche · 8 pointsr/AskReddit

Amazon, $7.49 for green with free Prime shipping.

u/knifebucket · 6 pointsr/motocamping
u/ricarn · 6 pointsr/camping

We live is a sad world where a bot like you is required. Keep on fighting the good fight ClickbaitSpoiler. Bobaghanoush spams reddit with links to Most of which advocate purchasing stuff on Amazon with his affiliate link.

None of these items are what I would call "essential". For the bushcraft/survivalist type may be more of the target audience for this stuff. For the car camper or backpacker this list is a waste of time.

  1. Titan Military Grade 550 Paracord – 100 Feet - Rope of some kind is useful for setting tarps, hanging bear bags and what not. But you can buy the same amount of paracord for half the price.

  2. Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army Model - Spend 20 bucks on this or a buck on a BIC lighter.

  3. Sawyer Mini Water Filter - This is the first thing on the list I would actually buy.

  4. Corona 10″ Folding Saw - Or maybe don't cut down trees.

  5. SOL Emergency Bivy - If the rest of your gear is up to snuff than this is unnecessary. For a backpacker a space blanket is smaller and lighter. If you are a car camper, just use your car as an emergency shelter.

  6. SAS Survival Handbook - Really?

  7. Mora Heavy Duty Companion Knife" - This is a good knife for the price, but unnecessarily large and heavy for a back packer. When I car camp, I bring set of kitchen knives and an axe for splitting (purchased) wood.
u/Yeffug · 4 pointsr/backpacking

Well that can be a long list... here goes though:


Dehydrated food

Cooking utensils (I just bring a small pot/cup and a spork personally)


Sleeping bag

Tent (two pound, two person from Big 5)

550 paracord

2 tarps

Katadyn base camp filter

Sunshade for camping pad




Lighter & matches

Water purifying tablets

I'm sure I'm leaving a few things off, but those are several of the basics

u/NolanRoss · 3 pointsr/CableManagement

It seems like it but,

Lutro0 - $3.75 for 25 feet. So $15 for 100 feet.

Amazon - $8.50 for 100 feet.

I suspect he is is just cutting these into multiple chunks.

That isn't taking in to account the free shipping from amazon, and probably expensive shipping from him.

u/DRHOYIII · 3 pointsr/Fighting


I wouldn't give that tree so many opportunities to turn my ankles.


The shadow opponent you are striking is short. Most opponents would be your size or taller, so jabbing at your own eye level and above is crucial.


Jab constantly and well. Everything comes off of the jab.


If you hold your hands higher than useful in practice (above your temples), they'll be more likely to stay high enough when you get sloppy.


Punching against resistance bands or while holding weights will build hand-speed and power.


Punch through the target, aiming a few inches inside of it.


Wraps or a cheap pair of tight fitting gloves might save hand injuries.


Your clockwise rotation is good practice against orthodox opponents.


The bag should be lowered, and could be anchored to the tree root underneath.


A jab ball could be easily and cheaply added.





u/BigBepis12345 · 3 pointsr/EDCexchange

I'm curious about the pricing too (I also saw it was $120 when you commented). I looked up the cost of the things listed.

  • Gerber Dime green/black - $16.02 new on Amazon
  • Zebra F-701 pen - $7.20 new on Amazon
  • NarwhalCo pens set of 2 - $11.95 new on their site
  • 2.5" ratchet bit extension - about $4~ new on Amazon (counting out the other bits included in that listing)
  • ARES 1/4" micro bit ratchet & mini bits - $14.42 new on Amazon
  • Small length of black Gorilla tape - less than $1 worth of a full 1-pack price new on Amazon
  • Glasses/screen cleaning cloth - comparable to $1.50 new on Amazon from a 6-pack
  • Length of FireCord - less than $1 worth of a full 1 roll price new on Amazon
  • Bic Mini lighter - about $1.39 new on Amazon from a 5-pack
  • Sim card removal tool - about $0.50 new on Amazon from a 10-pack
  • Kingston 32gb microSD card & portable USB reader - $20.94 new on Amazon
  • CountyComm "Industrial Strength Survival Food Grade Tin" large topo design - $3.45 new on their site

    In total that's about $83.37 USD all new prices. Most include free shipping if purchased from Amazon. I did not include possible cost of that leather holster because the post currently does not say the leather holster is included or not.
u/abnmfr · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

This is what I've found to be the best combination of frugal and easy to fabricate. I think I put mine together for less than fifty bucks. It and another woobie (or poncho liner, if you insist) over the top of me have kept me warm down to 43*F.

Here is the shock cord I used.

These are the cord locks I used.

This is the woobie I bought, but if you don't care what color it is, shop around; you can find 'em cheaper.

u/Sterling_____Archer · 3 pointsr/EDC

I originally thought they were silly, but paracord has helped me more than once.

Making your own will save you a few bucks too! The knot is simple, and the clasps are dirt cheap.

u/THORGNASH · 3 pointsr/AmazonTopRated

Paracord Planet Nylon Core 550lb Type III 7 Strand Paracord Made in the U.S.A. Over 200 Colors Available!

This is cheaper paracord on prime also.

u/Metcarfre · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've been putting together a birthday/Christmas gift list...

u/LastSpark7 · 2 pointsr/FTC
u/SonsOfLiberty86 · 2 pointsr/Gunsforsale

Also for those who aren't able to get their hands on the one he's offering, you can easily DIY, and paracord is cheap (like $8 for 100 feet cheap...)

u/heya4000 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love engaging in a variety of outdoor activities, and on more than one occasion I've landed myself in a potentially dangerous/fatal situations that I was only able to resolve thanks to either other people or luck. Usually, in these situations, such as being caught unaware away from my gear during a severe thunderstorm, I had to improvise using what items I had on me. What I would have found incredibly useful during many of these situations would have to be this paracord bracelet You would not believe the amount of uses this thing has, the amount of weight it can hold, and the sheer simplicity of having it on your wrist/ankle. Especially for those times when you think a survival kit is not necessary, having one of these on your wrist is like having half a survival kit there already. For reasons I don't even know myself, I have yet to purchase one of these. So there is my entry. Thanks for reading =)

u/SphinxJ · 2 pointsr/FTC

So we switched all the cables out to the line u/LastSpark7 recommended and all has been going well for our team now. During our last meet, we didn't break a single line. We also noticed another team changed our their cable to steal cable. I like this idea, but I am not sure I want to go that far yet.

UHMWPE Braided Polyethylene Cord

u/yaboivandy · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

The biggest selling point with this was the fact that the paracord was tie dye.

u/life-is-a-hobby · 2 pointsr/EDC

Good quality paracord has multiple smaller cords inside and can be dismantled for multiple uses. This paracord actually has integrated Fishing Line, Waxed-Jute Tinder, and Utility Wire along with the regular cord. You could also replace your shoe laces with paracord and always have it with you.

u/Nephyst · 2 pointsr/begleri

Thanks! I found it on amazon:

I'm still experimenting with size, length, and weight still to see what I like better.

u/ACroff · 2 pointsr/magnetfishing

I use this. It is not the sweet setup many have here but it will get you started. I also tie the rope directly to the magnet instead of using a carabiner as there is only a single point of failure that way. You can watch Youtube videos to get an idea of what to do but I highly recommend just going and giving it a try.

u/reinhart_menken · 2 pointsr/hammockcamping

No problem! :)

Oh and just a few things to add:

Watch some videos on how to set up hammock and tarps. shugmery is an old youtuber who's an entertainer by trade, so he makes fun upbeat videos that aren't boring to watch.

Also in case you forget the knots that you learn to get the tarp to stay in place on the ridgeline (that one line to hang the tarp that goes from tree A to tree B) get these really cheap tarp clips for $5:

You can have the tarp in diamond/triangle formation, two ends secured to the ground (with pegs that come with all tarp purchases for free), and then the two ends that are hanging on the line you can just clip in place with the clips (which uses screws to tighten, not merely by clipping).

Be sure to bring cordage, which I assume you have, if not you can get 50 feet for like $5, or 100 feet for $10:

DO NOT get 25 feet, because they still charge you $5 like for 50 feet, lol.

Sorry to add about $15 to your budget :)

u/Drewshua · 2 pointsr/EDC

Here's the amazon link. Huge color selection, plus many of them have free shipping at $25 worth of it. I bought some a couple years ago, it is definitely quality stuff.

u/Girfex · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need a buddy! I offer up some god damned handy rope. Rope's always useful. Who wants to be my buddy?

u/al_kohalik · 2 pointsr/gopro

i use 550 cord

u/DroolingSlothCarpet · 2 pointsr/cubscouts

We've made some of this:

UST 30 Foot ParaTinder Utility Cord with Heavy Duty Paracord and Flammable Thread Core for Emergency, Hiking, Camping, Backpacking or Outdoor Survival

Tinder inside the cord. The woggle becomes a multi use item.

Don't forget that Scouts should be encouraged to wear their neckerchief with their Activity Uniform shirt. The neckerchief can be a useful tool, not just a dress accoutrement.

u/facedown41 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Favorite one that I instantly always remember is #9 at chuckee cheese. So much fun, so many tickets. Aaah the good ol days. Happy Birthday

u/krkhans · 2 pointsr/ar15

One more question, what paracord did you use? I think I read one of your comments saying it was $10 on Amazon, was it this stuff?

Considering doing a burnt orange version but saw some mixed reviews about the quality of their cord (internal knotting).

u/GrinninGremlin · 2 pointsr/Bushcraft

Titan 620 lb Survivor Cord already contains wire along with a monofilament strand.

u/lockedhusband · 1 pointr/chastity

That was a fun trip back through my amazon orders.

I originally bought it for another purpose, but it works perfectly as a waiststrap.

u/RetardedChimpanzee · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Paracord wristband. Can save you from anything, so I've been told.

u/WordsMyth420 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

or you could just use a carabiner (the thing used for rock climbing)
edit:this ones not for climbing but that is what they were originally for I use one for my keys lol

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/preppers

>Mason string.

This shits on mason's string and paracord. 1/8 diameter cord of the same stuff is good for ~2200 lbs.

u/greedyiguana · 1 pointr/EDC

I've been using this one for about 3 years, it's still going strong

I really like the locking mechanism

u/WiretapStudios · 1 pointr/Survival

You could go with a basic AK style strap, wrap parts of it in paracord, and weave in a compass, hide some thread, safety pins, or really any small items in the weave of it in the non-shoulder areas, etc. You can also weave in a whistle with flint, etc.

u/thagoodlife · 1 pointr/flyfishing

Hey, a little late to the party, and while this is not a comprehensive list, I can tell you that I always end up needing these things

u/gliscameria · 1 pointr/WTF

You can buy a 100 feet of the cord for a few bucks.

Look up how to weave it and you will be even more useful.

u/JoCoLaRedux · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Paracord bracelet

Hero of time

Thanks for the contest!

u/rowdygregg · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Rothco Black 80-mm Locking Carabiner by Rothco

u/Mish106 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Different types are rated for different strengths. For example 550 paracord can hold 550lbs, is about 1/6 of an inch thick, weighs about 7 oz for 100 feet of cord and costs less then ten dollars for that same 100 feet.

It's some pretty useful and nifty string.


u/DevanTheSaxsquatch · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is the coolest stuff ever!
Will be used to make a rope swing in Provo, Canyon!

u/Far-Aim · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Nah I usually just make em for friends. They're incredibly easy to make. I implore you to try it for yourself. Here's a link for 50 feet of the para/550 cord This usually makes 3 or 4 bracelets. And here is a tutorial video on how to make them! Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

u/Neon-Predator · 1 pointr/paracord

The length of it is somewhat deceptive because it's folded in half. It's made of TITAN Survivorcord of the dragonscale variety and the total length is probably around 20 inches when unfolded, including the length of the two Metolius FS mini carabiners. I used the trilobite weave, and I believe it took about 30 feet of cord to make. I'm unsure because I don't know the length of the original hank I used.

I used to have a different one, but I made some design changes on this one that I feel are more effective when using a good, strong weight-rated material like 550 paracord.

Originally I wove around my keyring on one of the ends. This made adding and removing things from my keys somewhat difficult, so I scrapped that idea and just added a second carabiner. I also changed the type of carabiner I used. Originally I had a Nite-Ize one you can get at any Wal-Mart. They're only rated to hold 75 pounds so it seemed relatively pointless to have it attached to such a strong material and not be able to use it in that way, which is why I switched to the aforementioned Metolius.

One other thing I thought of now that I'm using two carabiners: I made it so they're horizontally symmetrical instead of congruent when I fold the lanyard and attach both carabiners to my keys. This idea was inspired by the S-biner, because when you slide a keyring through both clips of the S-biner it makes it impossible to accidentally open the gate and have them slide out. Basically, now my keys are double locked and I don't have to worry about them falling out if I somehow put pressure on one of the gates.

Lastly, instead of burning the tips into the back of the lanyard like I did last time, I decided to tie them into a knot and then burn them into the knot so as to not compromise the strength of the main body.

Am I ever going to need to climb with this? Probably not. But it's nice to have something pretty seriously strong if ever needed. This thing is like a portable ladder rung. I might add some ranger bands just to keep the fold compact, maybe also add some gizmos to the ranger bands on the outside, like a compass or something. I will say that it's a bit bulky but it still fits in my pocket just fine.

u/ozzyt10 · 1 pointr/airsoftmarket

Hey Tech, just a heads up, here on amazon you can get 100' bundles of Rothco paracord for 7.99 with free shipping from Army Universe (in other sellers on the side). You may want to adjust your price, and I may be interested if you do.

u/AlphaEnder · 1 pointr/gopro

For anyone who wants some. I've found some at Costco before too. It enormous amount. Googling forums tell me it was about 1000ft of 550-lb cord for $40. I'm not sure who all needs 1000ft of paracord (perhaps an aspiring dominatrix), but it's a shitton of cord for cheap.

u/pixelpusha · 1 pointr/paracord
u/Whiskey-n-Boots · 1 pointr/paracord

I still saved YOU three steps

u/IronPatriot049 · 1 pointr/paracord

Do not buy paracord of Michaels or Hobby Lobby, there are stupidly expensive.

10 feet for 3.50 is even more ridiculous.

5.49 for 50 foot hanks. 7.99 for 100 foot hanks.

Here is 250 feet total of 10 different colors for 23 bucks including shipping. Including 10 buckles.

And that is all top of the line quality cord.

u/theoriginalnpc · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

Just buy 550 lb paracord and then learn how to tie a monkey's fist knot.

That is what most people do for their Begleri.

u/cadaverco · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I'm sure you can get a great deal on rope on amazon

Here's some great rope you can get in a huge assortment of colors!

u/non-troll_account · 1 pointr/gadgets

Or, for the outdoorsman,

But I really want them to integrate the features of this little fucker.

u/msanteler · 1 pointr/Survival

Yes – always make them yourself and always use these badass buckles:

u/nucleartime · 1 pointr/Nerf

Try what? Stringing a crossbolt with paracord? It will stretch like 1 to 2 mm.

Here's some shock cord though if you want to restring a crossbolt.

Paracord Planet 1/8" Shock Cord in Various Colors - Choose from 10, 25, 50, and 100 Feet, Made in USA

I believe it's the 1/8th stuff that you want, I think I have 3/16th and it gets squished to fit through the slot in the shell, though I suppose you could always widen the slot.

u/calgun03 · 0 pointsr/preppers

Since we all have paracord, I like the Titan SurvivorCord. Paracord + Fishing Line + Snare Wire + Tinder. This is what's in my get home bag. I use standard 550 Paracord for everything else since it's cheaper.

As for snares, just practice with electrical wires since they're cheap, and you can pull them out of old cables at home. So the 30 gauge on the survivorcord is a little thinner than I'd like, but get like 24 gauge copper, and remember to set as many traps as you can. People say 20-30 traps. I've played with 18 gauge, it's ok too, a little too thick and heavy in my opinion.

u/wittlepup · -1 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Life time warranty because para cord is really cheap and they can send you 50 feet before they come close to breaking even.

50' for $7