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u/passg1 · 10 pointsr/Goruck

Hey guys!
This is my 34L GR2, EDC and Travel bag, and I LOVE everything about it.

I used 1 set of these as compression straps. They are very sturdy and work perfect with the GR2's additional MOLLE row evenly distributing the pulling force. My bag was pretty full and with these straps I managed to compress it nicely with an aesthetically pleasing look.

I made the cord net with this 1/8" shock cord, this zipper pull and this cord stopper. I ended using this shock cord net a lot to hold my hoodie or my jacket. Highly recommended, and these cord stoppers and zipper pulls are the sturdier ones I could find, they grip on the cord really hard.

And finally my favorite patch so far! :).

u/cdevilbiss · 2 pointsr/Goruck

I bought a pair of these (round, standard-barbell) 20# plates when I thought I was going to do my next event in my GR1, but I bought a Rucker 2.0 based on the assumption (based on posted measurements) that one will fit in the plate pocket.

My Rucker is out for delivery right now, so I should get it tonight. If you don't hear otherwise by tomorrow, you can assume I got the plate into the pocket. :)

Edit: the bag arrived, and the 20lb plate above just barely fits the opening at the top, and then sinks to the bottom of the pocket, which is good enough for me. (If I want it up another inch or two, I can yoga block it.) Hope this helps!

u/dschultzie · 4 pointsr/Goruck

Skywalker505 knows his straps. However that is the MINI OP/Tech S.O.S Strap. I also use that same strap on my Tom Bihn Pilot and it fits perfectly. The Tom Bihn Absolute Strap is too big IMO for smaller bags and I also don't like the give in the strap when using it with a loaded Aeronaut 45 either. I've switched to carrying the Aeronaut only in backpack mode unless I'm boarding or checking into a hotel. I thought I would retire my Aeronaut 45 when my GR2 40L arrived but I think I'll keep both. I have become a GoRuck fan but Tom Bihn bags have served me well for MANY years and for MANY trips. Both are quality bag manufacturers and each piece has a different set of Pros and Cons. The one perfect bag has yet to be invented IMO. Here is a link to the mini:

u/nocoolnamesleft · 1 pointr/Goruck

A potpourri of questions.

  • What are your favorite books or reading material for getting your mind right? FWIW these are three of my favorites:
  • What did you learn during the big events you wished you knew beforehand?
  • What's your favorite little hack or trick?
  • If selection is a 10. How would you rate HCL? Heavy?
  • My favorite question: Why do you do it?

u/Pastor_Zatx · 1 pointr/Goruck

You have a bunch of different options available. What I typically do is take 2 inch industrial grade adhesive velcro ( and apply it where I want it. Then you can get all kinds of velcro attachable items to stick on it. If you want molle you can get panels like this one or this one

Lots and lots of choices.

You could also glue in a molle panel with this or just get a needle and thread and sew it in. It's not that hard and you'll learn some important skills that can save you a lot of money!

u/quinncuatro · 10 pointsr/Goruck

The move seems to be Mechanix gloves.

I've been using these to great success.

u/kaosf · 2 pointsr/Goruck

I have lashed all sorts of crap to my GR2 - usually I use a carabiner in the top handle and either bungees or paracord in the MOLLE, but for a more convenient solution, maybe look at something like the [5.11 Tier System](

Maybe you could use a MOLLE pouch on the bottom to hold the lower section of the bow, and find a way to secure it to the top using the handle somehow.

u/Firerain · 1 pointr/Goruck

UPDATE: So I ended up getting an elastic ruck cover off amazon with a cinch strap clip on it to hold it tight to the bag. Took it up to 100mph with no issues. I’m looking into getting some DWR but for now this seems to work fine.

I picked the medium size for my 26L GR1. Fits perfectly

u/grackula · 2 pointsr/Goruck

i found two of these climbing runners to come in very handy for carrying shit a lot easier:

also, be sure to bring a foot med kit just in case.

i prefer 2 pair of socks but I like changing socks if given the opportunity.

u/minikin · 3 pointsr/Goruck

I attached a Molle waist belt to a Rush 24 and it has worked out great. I believe it has the same attachment points as the 12.

This is the one I use:

u/swimkid07 · 5 pointsr/Goruck

I got this one. Worked perfectly for the Star Course with my Pixel 2. It does say doesn't fit the 6 plus, but I don't know the iPhone dimensions to know if the 8 would fit or not.

u/mr_dillinga · 1 pointr/Goruck

That would be great - thanks. I just checked this link but it appears to be meant to attach to existing molle to give you a velcro panel for patches. Your other link looks like a copy/paste of the first one. Do you actually have molle with a velco back? Closest thing I can find is this which I could cut down to size:

u/mwaldron · 1 pointr/Goruck

I bought size small, and it fits my 26L GR1 pretty well. Plus it's cheap so who cares what happens to it...

u/tylerdanielson · 3 pointsr/Goruck

I used KYDEX V Sheet - 0.118" Thick, Black, 12" x 24" Nominal, and cut it to size with a dremmel. Paid $16 for mine (currently $8 w/ FS) and it worked great.

EDIT: I noticed that the above link doesn't bring you right to the sheet I used. Make sure you change from 8x8 to "0.118" Thick, Black, 12" x 24" Nominal"

u/heim28340405 · 4 pointsr/Goruck

Condor Tech Sheath Plus

Works perfectly on my GR1 strap with a Pixel 3 in a case.

Probably wouldn't work for a phone much bigger, though.

u/mordecaidrake · 5 pointsr/Goruck

You could strap Something like this to the outside of the ruck. The official GoRuck bottle holder really only works with 32oz Nalgenes, so this one is more flexible.

u/twahlin · 2 pointsr/Goruck

Haha - I did feel a little weird purchasing from them, because I'm really not rucking that hard :)

Rather just trying to carry a bunch of stuff around a live out of a backpack.

I've seen some other folks purchase a kydex sheet, trace the current frame sheet, then cut it down.

u/Aouellet · 2 pointsr/Goruck

As a word to the wise, be careful if using a dremel, especially with thicker stuff ( I used .128" Kydex). Cutting wheels like to pull away and spew melted material and dust. The stuff isn't exactly compliant, which is why they use it for cutting boards.

I simply traced out the material off an existing frame sheet and cut it on a scroll saw. Then cleaned edges with a file. You can find a link to .118" Kydex from Amazon here. I got some in .128" from a material supply place. The thicker it is, the more rigid you'll get.

u/BiscuitCominInHot · 3 pointsr/Goruck

Just ordered two! If James says to do, don't think. Haha!
Assorted colors?! Hopefully pink or purple.

u/mrbill · 1 pointr/Goruck

I've always ordered this off Amazon. $14.20 each when in stock for Prime shipping.

KYDEX V Sheet - 0.118" Thick, Black, 12” x 24” Nominal

The .093 might be easier to work with, if/when it's ever in stock.

u/slingstone · 6 pointsr/Goruck

Mechanix FastFit Gloves. The velcro wrist strap on the regular Mechanix just gets clogged with mud/grass too easily.

u/BackRoadRucker · 1 pointr/Goruck

I just received this 15# plate from Amazon for $30.

The dimensions for the 30# expert plate are 9" x 11.5" x 1.38"

The dimensions for the plate on Amazon are 9" x 5.7" x 1.35"

I'd rather pay $60 than $95.

u/w0uld · 3 pointsr/Goruck

I use these straps on the molle of my GR2. They work well.

u/perryw · 1 pointr/Goruck

The sheets they come with are a different type of plastic and just more flexible by nature, so the thickness isn't a good comparison.

Maybe ask these guys if they can get you a bigger piece? I think that's even thicker than what I got on Amazon (.118"). Seems expensive though.

If you haven't read, getting that Kydex sheet in to a GR2 is going to be really tough.

u/BilgeRat37 · 1 pointr/Goruck

IMO this is better - easy to fill at the hotel - but takes way more room...and only 20 lbs. But sometimes it's hard to find 30 lbs of sand when you are on a business trip....

u/skywalker505 · 8 pointsr/Goruck

I think the GR water bottle holder is just too large and bulky. I have been using this for a few years: It's light, sturdy, will adjust to easily hold the 32 oz. Nalgene bottle (which I carry), and folds almost flat when not in use.

Recently, I purchased this one, just to check it out: Same idea, different materials. It can hold up to a 64 oz. bottle, but I have not tried that as I don't use anything over 32 oz.

u/fakeredditor · 1 pointr/Goruck

Maxpedition EDC Organizer. You'll need an accessory to attach the pouch to the molle though. They have their "TacTies" or you can explore other options.

FYI the older version of the EDC has integrated molle connection straps. Mine is at least 8-10 years old. I have no idea when they switched to the new style that requires the accessory connectors.

u/pohhhh · 3 pointsr/Goruck

for me, I just used a sharp utility knife and bending and it would break along the scored line.

u/MalamuteHeart · 1 pointr/Goruck

I'm using a surplus MOLLE assault pack, and a water bag. Total of $55. This setup works just fine.


...ok, and a $5 bottle of Rit dark blue dye, because the ACU made me feel like a "tacti-cool" tool.

u/feijoada808 · 1 pointr/Goruck


When I used a GR1 for EDC I had this pouch mounted inside for more organization. I didn't need a pouch to be 500D or 1000D and was looking for something with multiple zippers / quick access. Kept my office keys in the front mesh zippered pocket and other misc. stuff in the main compartment. Sadly the pouch does not come with included straps so you will have to buy MALICE/ speed clips separately. I used standard zip ties since I knew I was not going to hold too much weight in the pouch and it worked out fine.

u/FuzzyRucks · 1 pointr/Goruck

If you want more footcare knowledge than you even knew existed in the world, check out the book Fixing Your Feet. It's the resource for fixing foot problems. There is way more knowledge in that book than you can put to use intially...but, as you read it, bits and pieces will click(i.e. 'so, that's how I could have prevented losing my toenails!). you'll also be glad to have it as a resource when you run into new problems in the future

u/Myrmidon99 · 3 pointsr/Goruck

You're likely to have your shoes or boots submerged at some point during any GORUCK event, but especially so as the events get longer. Blisters are pretty normal for long marches or hikes or whatever, but they become more likely if your feet are wet.

You want to try and reduce friction so blisters are less likely. This means having your shoes or boots appropriately tight, but not too tight. It might mean wearing a liner sock to help keep sand or dirt or whatever away from where it can cause problems. It might mean using Trail Toes or something like Body Glide that can help keep things moving smoothly.

During a 12ish-hour event, if it takes you 6 or 8 hours to get a blister, then you can just suffer through the last 4 or 6 hours or whatever. It might be painful and it might get worse but it's less likely to stop you completely. If you get the same blister at hour 6 or 8 of a 24ish-hour event, then you're looking at 16+ hours of trying to carry heavy loads with blisters on your feet. That's a lot more time for things to get a lot worse, and it may not be manageable by the end.

There are other considerations, too. Carrying a heavy load over long distances will put extra pressure on the soles of your feet and may cause some pain if you haven't trained properly and toughened up those muscles and tendons. If you haven't trimmed your toenails, you might end up with a very painful stabbing with each step, particularly when your feet swell. Being on your feet that long will make your feet swell at least a little, and if there's water hanging around your shoes/boots, that can make swelling worse.

To avoid this, you want to have a couple pairs of dry socks to change into (at appropriate times; don't do it right before cadre gets you wet again). During a break, you can take your shoes off to let them and your feet air out. You can lie down and elevate your feet (put them on your ruck or whatever) to help the swelling go down a bit. The goal should be to avoid all those problems before they occur. If your feet are wet but you don't have blisters yet, you should still dry your feet off.

GORUCK has a good primer on taking care of your feet. Mark Webb has a good one on his site. I haven't read it but have heard this book meant for ultrarunners has lots of good information.

If you want to see how ugly it can get you can Google "foot maceration."