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u/302149 · 12 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Agree with the fleece lined tights. I get too cold in thinner tights, so these are basically the only tights I own. These ones from Amazon are my favorite.

u/Poolwater316 · 8 pointsr/twinpeaks
u/PrayPhorPhos · 5 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns
u/DistortionPuddle · 5 pointsr/proED

Super cheap Amazon buy. I will say, though, that they slouch way more than I prefer. I‘ve been knotting the garter part so they don’t end up around my knees. Too much stretch.

u/llama_delrey · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I bought these random ones off amazon. I've worn them a couple times, and they're nice and warm!

u/Lunaven · 5 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

these haven't failed me yet!

u/dazeymayhem · 5 pointsr/Drag

Check on Amazon. I got these a while back, but I'm sure they have others.

u/Allisinwonderland24 · 5 pointsr/drunk
u/Irequireobedience · 5 pointsr/LingerieGW

Both are just some items I found on Amazon. So much direct to consumer items on Amazon. Keeps the prices really low.

Edit: Found the links The top
The stockings

u/greenhearted · 5 pointsr/PlusSize

These may not be exactly what you are seeking but I love them and they are true to size, a bit big even when I ordered the 3-4X. I am 5’6” around 250.

u/GenderOobleck · 3 pointsr/feminineboys

The specific product link is no longer available, but I can suggest the following options in no particular order:

AM Landen Elegant Extra Long and Wide Women's White Cotton Thigh High Socks Over Knee Socks

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands - Prevent Thigh Chafing - Dolce Black, Size C
(The official ones work best for me. Knockoffs I've tried either roll more or were missing anti-slip)

Hanes Women's Plus Size Curves Sheer Lace Thigh High, black, 3X/4X

Dreamgirl Women's Plus-Size Silicone Lace Top Thigh-High, Black, Queen Size

u/AlaskanFeesh · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

These Vero Monte tights have held up well for me! I've owned them for 2 months now, bought on the recommendation from another lady on this sub. I wash them in a delicates mesh bag and hang to dry and I've had no issues with pilling or pulling/tearing yet (and I am pretty rough with my tights).

u/whoevencares69420 · 3 pointsr/crossdressing
u/pygoscelis · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Thanks! They're from amazon!

u/hybridvenice · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

So I have these OTK socks. The material is thick so not good if you want to layer with pants. But it makes you feel sexy to pair with a skirt or to lounge around at home with panties and a shirt :) I ordered a size up so that they would reach the upper thighs and if they're too long, I can bunch them around my feet/tuck into my shoes. The band at the top is rather thick so it seems to stay in place pretty well. Haven't tried wearing them with rainboots, but I bet they'd look freaking adorable!

Knee high socks always reach up to under the knee, which is frustrating b/c the pictures indicate otherwise!

Might just be me, but I don't think many women wear headbands lol! For makeup, you could try going to /r/MakeupAddiction and look for advice!

These are the gloves I'm talking about. There's the knit glove and then this faux-fur lining. On the harshest days, I'll use this since they block out cold air. I also have cashmere fingerless gloves from Club Monaco from a few years ago and it wasn't too pricey b/c there wasn't much material. On super cold days, it's not warm enough, but it's usually good enough b/c it is cashmere after all. I think this kind of glove would be great for you since it does look slimming and hey! Long fingers are beautiful!

Side note: How you cut your fingernails affects how long and dainty your fingers look. Ever since I started clipping them into an almond shape, my fingers have looked so delicate. Youtube vid on how to file nails into almond shape. Example of acrylic almond nails. Even though my nails are shorter than in both examples and always natural, the almond shape definitely helps the look.

Oh! By padded, I meant push-up! Also, with all those layers and the extra winter fat, the push-up bra helps aesthetically too lol

I like using a stainless steel insulated water bottle since I can keep really hot liquids and not burn my hands.

u/space-feel · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have these socks in black. They don't give me any muffin-top thigh action, but they stay up really well! I have pretty muscular thighs, and these thigh-highs are by far the most flattering I've tried. The material is pretty thick too which is nice. They're not pricey either, highly recommended!

u/newaddress1997 · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

Oh yeah, for sure then! Maybe sweater dresses with thermal tights and whatever type of boots you like (uggs, riding, combats, actual snow boots) could be a cute winter outfit?

Also I don't know how you feel about your current winter gear, but I live in boston (cold and windy but not like Alberta) and I like to go with an infinity scarf that I can pull over my nose and mouth when walking in the wind (but otherwise looks like a cute accessory). Also cute winter hats :)

u/thankyou_sir · 2 pointsr/onmww

Not at all :) Amazon

u/K_H-_- · 2 pointsr/halloween

I just cut all the potentially identifiable crap out of that link:

(only this bit is needed to identify a product by amazon. The rest gives you eg. your search parameters. I have no clue what identifiers are in the last bit, and can't read it. Others might be able to, and amazon certainly can.)

u/swRacc · 1 pointr/girlschool

Suspender stockings/pantyhose.
I have these

they're amazingly sexy.

u/LikelyACat · 1 pointr/LingerieGW
u/missguided-dreamer · 1 pointr/homestuck
u/PohjolasDaughter · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

Hi, I've been using these for about a year now. They're fairly durable and wash easy. They ride down sometimes but it's usually after I've worn them for a long time.

Women's Thigh High Stockings...

u/t3norvox · 1 pointr/Drag

Buy these and glue stones and nails to them.
Persephone - Sheer Seamless Nylon Lycra Evening Gloves - Opera Length (Nude)

u/Lovveen · 1 pointr/TallGirls

Hey, so I'm 5'11 and these tights work so well. they go all the way up to the top of my boobs. they're that long. They stretch and they are comfortable and they've held up for a long time. Ive had both for a year now and almost no tears.

CozyWow Women's Hollow Out Fishnet Sheer Patterned Pantyhose Tights 6 Pairs

akiido High Waist Tights Fishnet Stockings Thigh High Stockings Pantyhose

u/BestGreekGoddess · 1 pointr/dykesgonewild

I got em from amazon!!

tights!!! TGD Womens Black Fishnet Lace Tights Suspender Pantyhose Stretchy Thigh-High Stockings-Style0159

u/sinsationalblonde · 1 pointr/LingerieGW

I can’t find the exact ones but here is another set. I think we ordered these too😉

6 Pairs Women Suspender Pantyhose Stockings Halloween Fishnet Tights Stretchy High Stockings for Dress up Favors (Set 1)

u/khymekhyme · 1 pointr/PlusSize

This is the same company

Frenchic Seamless Sexy Fishnet Lace Stocking Tights Extended Sizes (Pack of 6) (3X/4X, 1005.)

u/GreatPartyMusic · 0 pointsr/supremeclothing