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u/jopu91 · 3 pointsr/SexToys

Answering as best I can...

  1. this model is made for bulb only insertion but the wand can be used with both ends with different sizes and tapered.

  2. well it depends. Some people really like the feeling of being stretched, some like the length, and some like both. For beginners, getting used to penetration is probably the hold up and it's probably best to start out smaller than bigger. The prostate is only a few inches in, so length isn't so important for prostate massaging but you probably need to explore to find what you like best.

  3. any time is the right time! Starting in the shower might be best since people tend to be able to relax in a warm shower. I like occasionally using plugs during masturbation, but will sometimes insert while having sex. It feels nice and the thrusting of hips gives off a pleasurable feel. The shower also helps with cleanliness until you get used to how clean is clean enough. Personally, plugs seem to me more of the leave in and feel stretched for penetration or to feel filled experience while dildos or aneros-like toys for prostate stimulation.

  4. hmm this is totally up to you to determine what is comfortable and what is not and when you want something bigger. The rules are based on your desire for more and your budget

  5. length is important but not the most important aspect of plugs. I would actually suggest also looking at some dildos as they have this length and if your partner is ever interested, they could be used for pegging. Still the taper and flare of plugs are nice to get used to penetration and the stretched feeling and makes later use of other toys easier. Length can actually be a problem is you are wearing plugs for a while, especially if they end in a sharper point. As you go about moving and shifting, especially any bonding at the waist, you might feel and uncomfortable poke from that point on the insides. I have a cheap metal plug (something like this )that gives me this problem.

    5a) the starter kit looks nice but as another poster mentioned 1-1.25 is kind of small. While I started around 1.5, the gf still doesn't like the insertion of the 1in plug until it's in there. Then it's amazing. Be your own judge of your anatomy. One thing I noticed is that you are looking at steel and silicone toys. Awesome! Don't buy that crappy jelly or plastic toys.

    Definitely read reviews. Metal is awesome for temperature play and for the heft. in a plug this really means you feel like you have to clench at the base-a great feeling and probably helps with practice using those muscles. Silicone is the go to-but silicone can vary greatly in the feel. Even within brands, the silicone can be silky smooth, or feel like firm but bendable plastic, with greatly different feels. I really enjoy tantus and vixen as brands, especially the vixskin line-sooo smooth. Tantus probably has the widest array of silicone plugs, and the Ryder and the abomb are really nice at showing the differences in texture. Remember that silicone line is great unless you are using silicone toys that will be destroyed by silicone lube. Sliquid is a favorite and this one IMO is the best, but I believe contains some silicone. The entire line is freaking good and I usually use the h2o when using silicone toys.

    I actually encourage you to check out a toy shop in your area to feel them in your hands so you get a feeling for what they feel like. While I encourage buying from small businesses, make sure you know the approximate price. I will usually not pay more than 20% more than online prices, and most small businesses fall within this. The people at these businesses are usually very helpful and friendly, but if you don't see a lot of the major brands, and a lot of silicone, then maybe venture elsewhere. When I first started with anal play, and strap on play, my local shop was super helpful. They really listened to what I wanted and gave me an array of options and suggestions. While I love online prices, these spots are great for really getting what you want, and usually support community events.
u/hellenbach · 3 pointsr/SexToys

First off: Sorry about the length of the post. I didn't intend to write a novel, but it ended up that way anyway.

My honest opinion: You have all the best stuff out there that I'm aware of. The Revo 2 is probably the best thing I've ever bought (again, personal opinion), but I'll throw in my two cents on everything else I have.

Stronic Zwei: Definitely different, but the design makes it difficult to keep in. It's pretty large, coming in at about 2" girth at the knot. If you're anything like me, you'll find two or three pulsation settings on it that you like and never use any of the others. The only advantage you'll get here over the Revo 2 is that this thing will pulsate faster than the head on the Revo 2 rotates.

Hitachi: The best vibe I've ever owned. Be cautious of getting fakes, because the market is littered with them. I have an authentic magic wand, and I've owned it for about 4 years now with no problems. It's intense, so much so that I'd recommend you use put some cloth (a towel, or an old shirt, or maybe even a sock) between yourself and the head else you risk hurting yourself. Don't pay 40-50 dollars for a speed controller "designed" for the wand, because they tend to be hit or miss. Go with this instead. I own it, some reviewers even state they only got it for the Hitachi, and better yet, it's about $10. Can't lose there. I wouldn't really recommend the Hummingbird though, it's not that great. You're better off just putting it against your penis - the vibrations are strong enough that it'll massage the whole thing without the sleeve.

Fleshlight/Shower Mount: Shower mount is pretty nifty. I like it. The Lotus texture is pretty great, so if you pick up another sleeve maybe try that or Mini-Lotus. Also, Destroya/Flight Pilot's texture looks very intense, and it's one I'd like to try at some point, so maybe consider that one too.

Pulse/Cobra Libre: I have a Pulse, and it's a nifty toy. The problem is that my penis is very used to the Hitachi, and while the Pulse does have some very deep-penetrating vibrations, even on the highest setting it just doesn't stack up to the Hitachi. I still love the Pulse for its design and the idea of it, but there's a distinct chance that you'll enjoy it much more than I do simply because you don't have a Hitachi. For the Cobra Libre, make sure you pick up the Cobra Libre 2 instead of the original. While I don't have either, the reviews seem to be pretty unanimous that the touch controls on the original were very finicky and the settings would often change on their own or that it would turn on or off by itself. The 2 has the same button controls that the pulsators do. As with the Pulse, I think the Cobra Libre/2 is a really awesome toy from a design aspect, but I don't have one because I worry that the Hitachi has ruined me.

As far as the Leisure and the Billy, I have never used those, so I can't comment. You do own all of my favorite toys (except the Hitachi), though, and honestly since getting the Pure Wand and Revo 2 I've retired almost half of my collection. That aside, though, I hope some of this information will prove useful to you. And sorry about the length of the post.

u/GammaRae53 · 3 pointsr/SexToys

We have tried it and thought it was okay, but I would personally recommend buying some alginate and Dragon Skin silicone.


For about the same price we got a much better toy--and have materials left over for more cloning fun. Dragon Skin is a professional grade silicone that is pretty widely used by both the movie and sex toy industry. You can choose the hardness/softness you want (we went with the 10A as that was what most forums suggested). It can be bought from Smooth-On directly or on amazon, ebay, etc. As for the alginate, we went with this mostly for the price and convenience, but it worked great.


Anything that won't leak (and is large enough to accomodate your anatomy, of course) should work as a container for the mould. We went with a QT cup (cheap and easy), but you can also simply cut the top off of a plastic bottle. Apparently, legos work surprisingly well and are a popular choice, but those little fuckers are too expensive IMO.


This redditor explains the process we followed pretty well and Youtube is full of helpful videos on how to do lifecasting. We actually ended up purchasing some plaster to make the positive mould that could be reused. (Side perk: a plaster mould of a cock sitting the bookshelf also makes for a hilarious conversation piece).


I realize this route sounds much more involved, but we honestly felt that it was much easier and more cost effective. The clone-a-willy kits seem too finnicky and leave little room for error. Having one shot to get it right can take the fun out of it and makes it hard to, er...stay hard (crucial to the process). Getting some wiggle room and ending up with a much higher quality end product was well worth the extra $10 (at least for us). Either way, I wish you the best of luck!

u/fakedyfakefake · 16 pointsr/SexToys

Honestly, I'd say ditch the kit and DIY it.

First, you want some alginate. This is what you will make the mold out of. A kit is going to give you enough for one try and this is where most people have problems (if it sets up too fast you are screwed). The 1-lb bag on Amazon is enough for four or five molds.

Second, you need body-safe silicone. I'd try either this or this. The 20A is going to be softer than the 30a. The two pints that you get from Smooth-on is enough for 3 or 4 replicas. You can also buy just the silicone from Clone A Willy. They claim that is body-safe and you'd get enough silicone for one dildo.

Third, you'd want to get something to make a tube out of to create the mold. A plastic water bottle like a 1L smart water bottle would work fine.

Fourth, you may want a vibrator to insert into the silicone before it cures (if you want a vibrator instead of a dildo). The one that comes in a kit is pretty bad. A Tango would be pretty awesome.

Finally, a good cock ring is indispensable when it comes to keeping your FWB hard through the molding process.

If you are set on a kit, the Clone A Willy kit works OK. The biggest issue I had was that it comes with a big, piece o' junk vibrator to insert into the silicone. If you didn't use the vibrator there wasn't enough silicone to get the job done. When you did insert the vibrator it was almost impossible to keep it from getting to close to an edge, creating a weak spot in the toy. After about three or four uses a small tear developed and it was no longer safe to use. If you do go for the kit, I'd highly recommend that you ditch the vibrator that comes with it and replace it with a Tango. Better vibrations and the thinner profile would work a lot better in this application.

u/notoneofyourfans · 1 pointr/SexToys

The Tenga Flip Orb will not crush your penis. Here's a picture of the "orbs" The best description I can come up with is that the orbs feel like little balls of very stiff gelatin mounted on rubber stalks. As you stroke, the orbs flip and turn and massage your penis. It's absolutely incredible and it does. not. hurt.

As to how masturbation affects vaginal sex? Well I don't see a problem with erectile dysfunction no matter which stroker you choose to buy. The thing that sometimes causes erectile dysfunction as it relates to masturbation, rather, is the use of porn. Some guys get so used to the super heavy stimulation of pornographic images that they struggle to get stimulated enough to gain or maintain an erection with the slow pace of real life sex and how it begins. With porn, you can focus on all your nastiest fetishes and "get right to the good part". In real life, most women aren't going to lick your unwashed ass crack and allow you to slap them in the face with your penis within 10 seconds of your pants being down. And so, therefore some guys struggle with staying hard. My answer to that is to only use erotica and porn sparingly and actually masturbate completely without ANY outside visual stimulus at least 40-50% of the time. So once again, the ball is in your court. Do you like intense sensations and are a cut guy or a guy who wears their glans exposed in their pants. If so, an intense stroker won't be too much. If you still have a foreskin and your glans is really sensitive, then you want to go less intense, more realistic. And even though I reccommend the Mini-Lotus, maybe you want to know what else out there as to Fleshlight fits your "style". If you want to consider other models of Fleshlights I reccomend you use the Advisor. The page has little sliders you push up to "10" or down to "0" where you rate what is most important to you as to characteristics your favorite Fleshlight would have. Play with it and see what happens.

You absolutely want to warm up your stroker if you want the absolutely best experience (at least in my opinion). What I use is an electric heating pad. I roll the stroker in it for about 20 minutes on a medium setting (too high for too long and goodbye penile skin, lol). And you have to buy a good water based lubricant for any of the strokers I reccomended. Anything with any kind of oil or silicone in it will break down a TPR/TPE toy. I'm cheap so I use a lot of lube I mix myself. One bottle of powder mixed with water makes an average of 7 gallons of lube for about $20. I do small 8 ounce batches (1 teaspoon of powder for 4 oz. of water).

u/Lucaloo · 2 pointsr/SexToys


Its a water based lube that comes in a powdered form. You can mix it to any consistency you like so you can experiment and find a thickness that you enjoy. I like mine on the thick stringy side and from my experience the lube has all of the properties that youre looking for! Its also toy safe so you dont have to worry about it harming your toys and it has the added benefit of being easy to clean.

I bought a bottle around a year ago and I still have roughly half of it left. You get a LOT of lube for a great price with this stuff.

u/gray1136 · 3 pointsr/SexToys

For long term plugging, I recommend coconut oil for lube. It doesn’t dry out and I’ve never had a problem with so much absorption that it disappears. I think leakage is more a function of plug geometry and the amount of lube, rather than thickness of the lube. With body temperature, lubes thin out anyway, at least oil based ones do. So initial thickness doesn’t really help prevent leakage in my experience. Just use a film of lube on the plug and maybe a few cc’s using a shooter like this, Also, a normal circular or oval plug should seal the anal canal and leakage should be minimal. Some plugs have grooves or are asymmetric like the Squarepeg Mega Milk’It or Tantus Juice for example, so you should avoid those.

As regards comfort, I think soft silicone is best IME. Check out Oxball’s Ergo plug (my favorite) or Squarepeg’s Egg plugs. The Ergos have thinner necks, so they may be more comfortable for long term use. They also target the prostate better.

u/hungrockhunk · 3 pointsr/SexToys

I agree with /u/redsnappa127 . The materials that make up the clone willy kit are standard life-casting materials. Search for molding alginate on amazon. You can get a pound of alginate for $15 or you get get 4lbs from Smooth-on which is the company that professional body casters use for $32: or from smooth-on:

Then you need a platinum cured silicone which is the more expensive part $38: or

SmoothSil 940 is platinum cured and food safe so it should be safe to make into a dildo.

You just need a molding container and that would be easy to make out of an old water bottle, the 1L smart water bottles would be good as they are decently sized and smooth sided.

u/Comandatuba · 2 pointsr/SexToys

We love the (Hitachi) Original Magic Wand and second the recommendation. We haven't tried the newer Magic Wand plus yet. To keep things clean we pull a condom over the wand's head; just be careful to not bring the condom further down where it might block airflow and cause overheating. Also, recommend pairing with a variable speed controller, such as this one: There may be cheaper listings for a similar/ the same item, and it provides a lot of precision. As one approaches orgasm, it is fun to gradually increase the intensity/rate of vibration.

u/ming3r · 1 pointr/SexToys

I've had this for 2 years and it's pretty nice. Takes a little tooo much time to get in for me but it's pretty great once in.

u/SuperOMan · 7 pointsr/SexToys

Prisms Devi Glass Anal Plug this thing is like legal heroin for me. I can ride it for hours at a time in pure and intense bliss.

Yes, I know it looks like the nJoys cheap bastard brother. I do own the Pure Plug 2.0 XL, however, and it doesn't come close to pleasuring me like the Prisms does.

u/buzzly6 · 7 pointsr/SexToys

As a relaxing part of the pregame ritual, get a mink glove, put the wand inside it, and then proceed with the all over body massage. Then when you're ready to level up, add this and this. Definite winners!

u/rycbaroswin · 2 pointsr/SexToys

I've heard some good things about the second one. The only toys I've ordered off Amazon are
and I can vouch for the effectiveness of both. I've never, ever had a problem with anything I buy from Amazon. But, I only buy items with great reviews and are Prime eligible.

u/gutsac · 7 pointsr/SexToys

J-lube is, pretty much, the go-to lube for fisting and large toys. I use it for the latter both, on my wife. The difference between Astro-Glide and J-lube is astounding.

2 tsp J-lube per 8 oz distilled water (distilled because you don't want all those tap water chemicals in your bum). Mix with whisk, boil in microwave, whisk some more until it's dissolved, let cool. Should be good for a couple weeks. Add a couple ounces of Astro Glide for preservatives and consistency.

u/Lucky0901 · 1 pointr/SexToys

Alright thanks for all your help I'm going to buy the following three things.

The buttplug you like

The prostate massager

And a decent amount of lube

So I'm going to be shipping this to my families house as I'm still 17. Are there going to be giant dildo icons on the packaging?

u/dirtyalt75 · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Saw something online, (Can't for the life of me find it right now, of course) where a person made their own strap on harness out of Nylon straps and buckles. Essentially, they made one of THESE.

They used one of THESE for the ring, and THESE instead of the snaps and some nylon strapping like THIS for the actual harness. They put THESE in the back to get it off and on. Basically the end user decides if it's a thong type, or a jock strap style and attaches one or two straps through the legs. Hope that helps.

u/tbunlco · 1 pointr/SexToys

I recently got this I'm not sure how much of a difference it would be to the one you have but I absolutely love this one.

u/girledstuffed · 2 pointsr/SexToys

I've never tried it personally but you might want to give this a try: J-Lube OB Lubric.Pwd 10Oz

It's a powder that you mix with water to whatever consistency you need. It's original purpose is for cattle exams, so it may work like you need. I've seen it mentioned in BDSM forums.

Do your due diligence on ingredients and possible reactions.

u/On_Too_Much_Adderall · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Satisfyer Pro 2 is my absolute favorite. It's around $40-50 depending on where you get it (I got mine on Amazon for $42) so maybe a bit over your budget but in my opinion it's phenomenal :)

I just looked and it's on sale right now here for $39. Link

u/Jitzgrrl · 1 pointr/SexToys

The Share doesn't harness well because it sits so low, exactly like you described. I personally would skip the Share or the Feeldoe, and just get a regular dildo that's in his preferred size and spend the extra, if there is any, on an Aslan harness (they're worth the money). But if you already have the double-sided stupidity and need something to stabilize it, try this Sportsheet harness (you might need to order O rings in a larger circumference, too...just make sure they're still thin enough that the snaps of the harness can close around them)

u/Lilyhunter1992 · 1 pointr/SexToys

im sorry yes i am curious about both pressure wave stimulators AND vibrators. im tryig to decide which to buy. i have tried the shibari :


and this one :


I liked how strong the shibari was but it wasnt really focused enogh and was hard to stimulate my clit with it. The rabbit vibe only does somethign for me if i have the ears just barely touch my clit, but even then it doesn't seem strong enough...Sorry if any of that's too much info I'm just a little stuck here. Ay suggestions? Do you think a bullet vibe would help?

u/VoyeurOfBliss · 1 pointr/SexToys

The versions that are not as powerful as the original are the fakes. The real ones made by Vibratex are quite heavy and good quality.

I just ordered one for my wife from Healthy and Active on Amazon, and its the real deal at 540g. My photos are actually on the Amazon product page with the reviews.

As always, Prime shipping was fast!

u/Licheborn · 0 pointsr/SexToys

Definitely suggest trying J-Lube. By far my favorite anal lube. Extremely slippery...

It is non-irritating, an obstetrical lubricant, and makes a total of about 6 to 8 gallons of lube (once dissolved in water) for 1 bottle.

u/BlisterBox · 2 pointsr/SexToys

re: the Magic Wand, you're correct that it only has two speeds, and even the "low" setting can be a bit overwhelming for some women. Here's a handy solution to that problem.

As for the smaller vibe, "hands-free" shouldn't be an issue. My gf actually likes that she can control exactly where she places the vibe, how much pressure to use etc. Here's the Ovo vibe I bought her. It's $25 on Amazon -- half the cost of Siri -- and works and looks just as good.

u/iRandomGuy · 1 pointr/SexToys

We have a magic wand, lelo ida, we vibe classic and various others but this is a cheap favorite of ours Shibari Mini Halo 20X Multi-Speed Wireless Power Wand Massager, Purple

Check it out.

u/floppyseconds · 1 pointr/SexToys

J-Lube, which is just the dry material, thus its much cheaper and you can change the viscosity as you like. Use a small bottle with a dispenser. You should then empty and clean the bottle regularly (every month should be ok) as it doesn't contain any anti-bacterial and anti-fungal stuff.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/SexToys

You can also buy the kind of cord you use for dimming lamps, like this one:

I use one with mine and it was a cheap fix for the wand.

u/yeahnotmymainaccount · 1 pointr/SexToys

I have used a regular resistive (lamp cord dimmer $8 Home Depot) for years without any issues. Start it on full power then turn it down. There are other types of dimmers which can maintain the voltage. Search 'types of dimmers'.

There is a controller made for the Hitachi.

It may be an over priced resistive switch. I don't really know. Read about controlling a ceiling fan motor with a dimmer switch. Same issues apply.

u/teddynovakdp · 3 pointsr/SexToys

This is supposed to work ok.

Wand Massager Speed Controller for Hitachi Wand

u/pegged50 · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Not sure what country your are in, whether Amazon is an option. But I got mine from Amazon for $75 here

u/spirituallysexual · 2 pointsr/SexToys

You could use flat nylon webbing, two straps, and use a snap kit to add snaps to the ends. Then make an X, stitch them together at the center, and snap them around a steel or rubber o-ring of your choice, to hold the dildo. You could add strap buckles to make yoga ball size and position adjustable.

For reference, my girlfriend and I have one of these that is constructed similarly:

u/lovetowatchthembounc · 1 pointr/SexToys

Lookie right here. I found the one we have for under $40!
Satisfyer Pro 2: Next Generation

u/pacman503 · 0 pointsr/SexToys

Try shopping around! I've heard they hitachi wands can be found on eBay for under $25. Personally I bought my fiancée a wand on Amazon for roughly $40. It's not hitachi but it is rechargeable and has a lot of power

Also in regards to packaging, always ships in discrete boxes and Amazon will use their typical box. From my experience no package has labeled any sector as such.

Here is the wand we purchased

u/Latin_Kitty · 1 pointr/SexToys

I got one as a gift, it seems to be real but that's up to you to decide. The one you linked is kinda sketchy from the reviews. This is the one I got from the seller "Healthy and Active" which is shipped by Amazon.

Been using it for a month and no problems with it thus far, I wash it after every use, no odd odors or any red flags just yet.

u/ranger8668 · 2 pointsr/SexToys

I bought this one from pinkcherry (not sure if they carry it anymore).

I mainly use it with J lube mixed with coconut oil. It does what it's supposed to. No complaints.

u/Completeandtotalbs2 · 1 pointr/SexToys - This is right at the top of your price range, the reviews speak for themselves. - Lesser quality similar product, uses disposable batteries instead of rechargeable built in. Lower price point similar sensation.

Both toys have many reviews from stating clitoral orgasms in 1-3 minutes, without over sensitizing or desensitizing so the fun doesn’t have to stop at your first orgasm.

u/dvlnsde · 2 pointsr/SexToys

I personally use j-lube but I have also used coconut oil (it does not hurt the silicone at all). J-lube is made with water and will dry out over time, but if you are wearing a plug for any extended time (I have worn mine overnight before) your body will naturally cover it with a mucus that will help it slip out when you are done. I guess if you wanted you could just apply water etc...

Coconut oil lasts a LONG time, but is an oil base... and while I have never found anything that it has had a bad interaction with, I have heard some have. (I have about 30 toys)

u/Javad0g · 1 pointr/SexToys

I completely disagree. As a matter of fact it has been recommended by many others before me all the time due to the high speeds of the 2 speed Hitachi.

This is very similar to what I have seen recommended over and over.

I am sure its not GREAT on the unit, but it beats the HELL out of paying 60 bux for it and leaving it to sit in a nightstand unused.