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u/reygunz5636 · 3 pointsr/StartingStrength

Alright. I do think you could get better extension throughout your back, but I don't think your back is horrible. You're combining steps 3 and 4 by trying to set your knees to the bar and extend your back simultaneously. Start doing the steps almost robotically. I recommend a 10% reset to allow for recovery and give you a weight to focus on technique.
I wouldn't worry about feeling too much. Although, I do think most men should learn how a proper deadlift setup should feel. At the bottom, its not comfortable.
You cannot do a deadlift without using your back. Your back benefits most from this lift. That being said, its important to focus on pushing the floor away from you, rather than pulling the up to your waist. You can usually tell a lifter is pulling rather than pushing because the back will go into flexion.

I know you said you've delved into a lot of material, but I think it is helpful to review as some things don't stick the first few times.

5 step deadlift:

A further explanation of step 4:

Are you doing chin-ups and deadlifts every workout? That is a common programming mistake and is too much volume for novices. This could be why you are so sore and/or it could be your nutrition. How many pounds a week are you gaining and what is your daily protein intake?

Spend your money in this priority.

  1. a coaching session if there is a SS coach near you:
  2. some proper shoes like these ones:
  3. a belt that is 4" (or a 3" if you are really short) all the way around that is 10-13 mm thick. leather. single prong. these are great belts that will last you forever:
u/Annabel398 · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

Is everyone here overlooking that OP is in his mid-40s? OP, here's a SS coaching mantra that I've taken to heart:

It's easier to slow down your LP and keep going, than it is to stall and have to reset.

So I'm going to disagree with the crowd and say: go with the smaller jumps. Who cares if someone else went 6 or 8 or 12 or 40 weeks before reducing their jumps? Your progress is your progress.

You should of course consult The First Three Questions (rest periods, jumps, and food+sleep). Note that the answer to question 2 incorporates the principle cited above. Also, you should check out The Barbell Prescription. Great reading for us "seasoned" folk.

u/flibbidygibbit · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

Flatter isn't the answer. Not-squishy is.

I used to lift in running shoes. It was okay until I approached body weight. Then it's basically like liquefaction in an earthquake, but in reverse: any movement in the upper body was magnified down below. I would have rolled an ankle.

I'm currently using Vans slip on skate shoes. They're okay right now, I seem to have "enough" ankle mobility.

But the folks at /r/weightlifting and /r/weightroom say that if you're performing squats, deadlifts, cleans, and snatches with any kind of frequency, the specialty weightlifting shoes are a must.

They're not flat. There's a heel raise, anywhere from 1/2" to 1-1/2" depending on brand and model. The heel raise uses a very solid outsole that doesn't squish.

The crossfit shoes are certainly better than running shoes, but they're more expensive than Adidas's "entry level" weightlifting shoe.

I've been watching the price on amazon, they tend to be anywhere from $66 to $89.

u/NoCanDoSlurmz · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

Here is a slower, but more in depth discussion on the hook grip. I like it a bit better.

I've also been planning on picking up a pair of fat grips to use during OHP and other exercises. They don't mess up your form or anything, but they definitely work the forearms out more.

u/WmScottHambrick · 5 pointsr/StartingStrength

Biceps tendinitis is horrific.

i see nothing wrong with your grip take care to not pull down on the bar when you ascend. Slow the descent a bit. Keep the knees out and apart.

Bench Press: Dig your feet in. The heels are coming off the ground. That's a no no. flat feet. Narrowing your grip a bit may help the tendinitis.

Are you doing chins?

Unfortunately tendinitis is a fact of life for us strength athletes. Take the ibuprofen, eat 250 grams of prtein every day and stay with it.

Consider using DMSO as well. Here's the one I love.

you can crush up an aspirin and rub it in the affected area with the dmso and the dmso will carry it right through your skin. It is a trans-dermal solvent AND a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

Good luck sir. I have the same issue myself.

u/AugieSchwer · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

I recommend purchasing and reading the SS book ( and following the program as prescribed. It has loads of other info about barbell training besides just the details of the program. Practical Programming is good, but I wouldn't recommend it for a novice.

If you just started the novice program and are already missing lifts, then did you start the program with too much weight?

Do you want to share your numbers, your age, and body weight?

The SS forums are a great place to ask questions too, but you're gonna get ripped to shreds if you say you're doing the program, but haven't read the book. :P

u/Soloraj511 · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

I've found the inov8 fastlift to be an excellent squat shoe. Light, strong and stable.

u/wang-bang · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

You need to squat deeper.

Also look over your shoes. Your legs wobbled a lot. I cant see the shoes but it seems like what happens when you have runners shoes on. I've seen it before.

Also you need to move the squat rack away from the wall a little and then look over the book to get the eye gaze right.

After that you only have to think about taking a deep breath at the top, and making sure you push your chest out. Its a very bad idea to flex your spine when lifting. It should be in the same position at the top as the bottom. The only thing that moves is your hips and knees.

Once you've fixed all that then I cant really tell from this angle but make sure your knees dont go over your toes. It could just be a trick of the mind from the strange angle but it seems like your knees are going over.

The book is 12 bucks on kindle. Buy it if you dont have it.

video on hip drive eye gaze:

u/barbellsandbacon · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

"...would it be beneficial for him to do 5x5? any advice is great, but please don't say that he should start barbell training..." Huh? 5x5 is barbell training. But you're right, you can't force him to do anything.


Send him a copy of [The Barbell Prescription](, and point him in the direction of the [Greysteel YouTube Channel]( for starters.

u/misses_nesbit · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

If shipping time is a priority, this is a great value and amazon prime 2-day shipping. Solid leather with suede stitch. The reason I actually chose this was because of my short torso and difficulty finding a good 3" belt. This works well for both my squats and deadlifts.

Leather Weightlifting Belt Single Prong for Men and Women - 3" Wide X 10mm Thick - Medium

u/Zazulus_Bert · 3 pointsr/StartingStrength

>Menelaus is LITERALLY a cuck tho.

That's fair, although this guy is a 'race realist' per his posts on the SS forums.

I would agree with all the rest of your post, except the bit about LP. At least, I'm pretty sure I've seen SSLP mentioned on the site for a long time.

I am completely in agreement with this:

>Anyway I'm just buttmad because they've completely neglected all the Ancient Near Eastern shit.

Been trying to wade through this for a while. Can't seem to find the time to do so. Sure as shit not going to graduate to reading cuneiform though after I do it though, haha.

u/theoldthatisstrong · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

Training 30-40 minutes every morning IS progress. Be encouraging over whatever he is doing and allow the habit to take hold. Once it's in place, it will be easier to nudge it a bit, just a little at a time. Barbells are great, but they're not the only effective training modality. With space and time constraints, I'd suggest kettlebell training as the next step, when he's ready: Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

u/alpha_bravado · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

So go with Adidas with the heel?

What about this:
Advanced Dip Belt - Dip Pullup Squat Multifunction Versatile Weight Lifting Belt … (Large)


u/collincam1 · 3 pointsr/StartingStrength

I appreciate the feedback! I’m about 3 months into LP and it’s getting hard.

This is what the straps are; just have to pick the length based on your height/depth of squat and what you’re hanging them from.

Keeper (02616 12' x 2" Lift Sling

u/foutan · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

Any website recommendations? I think rip recommends 3" belts. Is that right?

Edit: I think I'll go with this one. Unless you guys know of one cheaper.

u/TheAnusOfSauron · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

I bought some pull up bands from Amazon that have really helped me increase my rep count. I think it assists 100lbs, but you can remove bands to decrease the amount of assist it gives you.

This one.

u/RunSlightBanana · 3 pointsr/StartingStrength

>So go with Adidas with the heel?

Adidas, Nike, or a different brand you like. But you should go with a weight lifting shoe with a heel.

>What about this: Advanced Dip Belt - Dip Pullup Squat Multifunction Versatile Weight Lifting Belt … (Large)

I would not get this. Nylon belts aren't a good idea heavy lifts as they can come undone.

u/t0mf · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

I bought these and couldn't be happier with them. They don't come in pairs so you have to buy two. They are well worth the price, instantly stopped my knees from buckling in on the ascent.

u/gifnoc · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

Invest in sq shoes and belt first.
Don't get chucks!
Saw these recommended by some ss coaches and are ~100$

Don't worry about wraps and sleeves yet. Save on them and maybe get than 100$ belt instead.

> As for my knees, they suffer from many years of poor care. I ignored pain in them and just kept pushing myself without proper rest.

Come on you are 16 you don't talk like a 60 year old. You will do just fine.

u/loseweightfast85 · 1 pointr/StartingStrength

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