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u/EPIC-8970 · 1 pointr/hognosesnakes

Of course, take good care of husbandry, once you do you’ll feel more at peace lol. Take it from me, I was in a panic because my thermostat was coming late and it was getting too hot below the substrate. Feels good now to have a thermostat handling things for me.

Here’s the links to what I have, good luck:

u/squishybloo · 1 pointr/hognosesnakes

You absolutely MUST regulate your temperature with a thermostat/rheostat. They are very cheap, buy one right now. You put the thermometer probe on the bottom of the inside of the enclosure, and set it to the proper temp of ~90F.

I would advise moving your hognose out of the 20 gallon tank - it's far too big for a baby - and moving it into a plastic bin instead. They hold heat much better to keep the ambient around ~80F, as well. Something closer to this will work much better for your snake while it's young and less than ~12" long. You will want to punch holes in it for air flow. I'd also suggest changing to 2-3" of aspen bedding, since hognoses like to burrow and walnut will not hold burrows.

u/Rayeangel · 2 pointsr/hognosesnakes

I bought a couple of those animal disposable heater packs for my babies because of hurricane season. This is in their first aid kit for me.

Multi-purpose jumbo 72-hour Uniheat Heat Pack for Cold Weather Shipping Plants, Live Insects, Reptiles, Tropical Fish and other temperature sensitive products. Protect products from cold weather. 5 PK

u/OctopusTheOwl · 2 pointsr/hognosesnakes

40C is way too hot (max is 35C), but you still need the hot side to be at least 32C. If you're using a heat bulb, definitely get a lower wattage bulb, a dome fixture with a dimmer, or an actual light dimmer like this one so you can control the heat output. When you say the surface, do you mean the surface all the way down to the glass of the surface of the substrate? If so, what's the substrate?

u/Seanslaught · 2 pointsr/hognosesnakes

Exo Terra sells a heat lamp and mount
7 inch lamp housing
The lamp housing supports up to a 150w bulb
And you might want to regulate it with a rheostat
Checking temps regularly with a temp gun

Or you can use a thermostat with the probe on the hot side to regulate the CHE, but I've heard of snakes moving them causing temps to drop or climb, depending.

u/poppin_pomegranate · 2 pointsr/hognosesnakes

To add to this, I would recommend non-adhesive frosted window film to cover instead of tape. I used this on my fish aquariums in the past, so it should work for your enclosure though I can't say from experience if it does (currently living vicariously through all of you since the fiance is iffy about reptiles). No harm in trying!